Destroying the “Tiny Minority” Meme

This oldie-but-goodie video clip dates from June of 2014. Not a syllable wasted.

Here’s the context:

An American University law student asked a question, the answer to which brought down the house at the Benghazi Accountability Coalition hosted by the Heritage Foundation yesterday.

Saba Ahmed, who introduced herself as a law student from American University, asked: “I know that we portray Islam and all Muslims as bad, but there [are] 1.8 billion Muslims followers of Islam. We have 8 million plus Muslim Americans in this country, and I don’t see them represented here [on the Benghazi panel.]

Brigitte Gabriel, head of ACT! for America provided this answer. Her response has long since gone viral, especially among the Left, who despise activists like Gabriel and use their Alinsky devices in an attempt to marginalize her. So far all of their efforts have borne only a bitter fruit they must consume. For more than a quarter of a million people, her message and her groups give them a way to fight back against the government-endorsed p.c. message that Islam is a religion of peace.

Thanks to Bill Keezer for this reminder. And our deep gratitude for his continued support and good counsel.

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  1. Bizarre convergence: I just re-watched this last night. I was meandering through a string of YouTube videos following a #GamerGate thread and happened to see a repost someone had of this MRC video and thought: “This is such a devastating tour de force it’s always worthwhile to review to keep the points Gabriel makes fresh in mind.” It always stirring to watch because of her assuredness and incisive criticism; the repetition of examples hammers home the point: this is brilliant and shows how it’s done.

    CNS News has the text of Gabriel’s full reply at

    Another article by Barbara Boland has some background information of the Muslim woman who asked the question. “It turns out that Ahmed is a ‘family friend’ of Somali-American Mohamed Mohamud, the 19-year-old who in 2010 tried to ignite a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Oregon.” This article can be found at

    • I like Ben Shapiro, but…

      …for many of our readers whose native language isn’t English, a good portion of what he says won’t be intelligble. I have the same complaint re Bill Whittle: if they would both slow down, then their audience would be even larger. Sometimes I am tempted to ask Vlad or the Baron to subtitle the videos because their material is so good.

  2. She is a fearless lion!

    Islam itself is beyond despicable. Here is a video clip on child brides in Yemen. Most of the parliamentarians wanted to raise the age of marriage to 17, but the motion was defeated by the Muslim Brotherhood opposition party because ‘We cannot change what God allows.’ Where are the screaming protests from Western feminists?

    It certainly brings out a murderous desire to kill them on the spot!

    The Muslim Brotherhood is very powerful in Obama’s administration under the Trojan Horse organisation, CAIR.

  3. When I was in grade 9 and studies Politics ( just simple things), enlightenment/ the Age of Reason/ Renaissance, the age of Liberty, . . . etc. I thought of every politician to have been courage, clear-eyed, have the same attitude and determination, noble and honorable, loved his people – – – just like Briggette Gabriel, Clare, Wilders, anne bernhardt, his excellency Mr Benjamin Netanyahu, Hirsi Ali, and Churchil.

    Excellent politicians are like Mr Churchill: He saw through Herr Hitler’s tricks and deceits. If you can’t see and predict the evil intentions – coated in takkiya sugar– you should not be the leader even if you came to power through childplay silly elections, that have become a goal in themselves.

  4. The poor innocent oppressed muslim woman who asked the question (at a meeting devoted to Americans killed in Benghazi) has a history. She announced herself a candidate for election to Congress in Oregon, and has her own complications:

    “Ahmed was featured in local news reports after her family reported her missing. They told police that she had been diagnosed with a mental disorder and had disappeared sometime during the process of checking herself into Providence St. Vincent Medical Center.

    Ahmed said in an interview this week that she had not been diagnosed with a mental disorder and that it stemmed from a dispute with her family. My questions apparently prompted her to write a long blog post describing what happened. It’s a complicated tale that she said involves a potential romantic involvement in Florida, an unfair arrest for stalking in that state and being trapped in the home of another man there who had two wives.

    When she finally returned to Oregon, her family was upset and questioned her honor. “It just got out of hand,” she said, leading to her family trying to check her into a hospital. Instead, she slipped away and drove to California for a respite.”

  5. Back in 2004-6 Muslim women had an opportunity to rise up. They chose not to take it.
    This will not stop until Muslim women stop it.
    The so called “feminists” of the west are useless; actually less than useless as they continue to disregard the plight of Muslim women.

  6. We need much more of this ‘Honesty’ and much less Political Correctness as Brigitte Gabriel has said. I commend her for her brief compilation of facts and delivery. I would like to hear more of her.

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