Army Reinforcements Sent to Spielfeld

As reported here previously, after Hungary closed its borders to further “refugee” traffic, the Austrian town of Spielfeld (just across the border from Slovenia) became the new hotspot for migrants. Thousands upon thousands of them have backed up in Slovenia, waiting to cross into Austria, with more collecting every day. When they arrive in Spielfeld, they are housed in temporary accommodations until they can be loaded on buses for transshipment to Germany — which is the preferred destination for most of the “refugees”.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating the following article from ORF, the Austrian public broadcaster:

Report of Arguing Officers

The night between Friday and Saturday was one of the more quiet ones in Spielfeld since the mass wave of refugees concentrated on southern Austria. In the face of an impending demonstration of ‘asylum opponents’ and apparent disagreements between police and the armed forces, the mood at weekend’s beginning was nonetheless tense.

According to District Commissioner Manfred Walch, it was expected that circa 800 protesters would gather at the train station in Spielfeld at 13:00, and then march on the B67, Grazer Street, up to the collection point. However, at the beginning of the march there were only 100 people — has more. Actually, the demonstrators wanted to hold three different marches, but Walch approved only one, since he didn’t want to strain the already heavily burdened deployment even more.

Army Reinforces Contingent

The person who requested the gathering was the same one that also co-organized a non-approved march on Austrian National Day. Another woman had also organized a march, but she dropped her plans and decided to link her crowd with the larger demonstration. A third march organizer withdrew his request for approval for a demonstration.

In the meantime the army sent more soldiers to the border crossing. On Friday evening another military company was relocated from Burgenland to Spielfeld. “The 79 soldiers are experienced professional soldiers of the 3rd armored infantry regiment from Lower Austria and the Burgenland”, the Austrian Armed Forces (Bundesheer) said in an announcement on Saturday. With that, 800 of the 1,500 security soldiers are now actively deployed in Spielfeld.

Reports of Internal Conflict

It is said that the mood between the Executive authorities and the soldiers is not at its best. Last weekend the news magazine Profil wrote in a preliminary report that there were intense disagreements and conflicts. Apparently the triggering event for the conflict occurred on Wednesday evening, when the border was temporarily opened for security reasons around 18:00. 3,000 refugees were already pressed against the actual border crossing, and another 1,500 were moving up towards it from Slovenia.

Apparently the police withdrew as the gate was opened. Which left the soldiers alone in the mass of refugees — without protective gear such as security vests. In the subsequent briefing, the police and the army officers clashed vehemently. Differences of opinions were heard, especially about the tactical approach in Spielfeld. The suggestion of the army to use a Pandur-Radpanzer [a link to the Bundesheer homepage with pictures of the Pandur — translator] was vehemently rejected by the police.

“Very Quiet” Night

With respect to the number of refugees [Translator’s note: Throughout the article the word for “refugees” is not used, but rather Schutzsuchende, which translates roughly as “protection seekers”] the situation in Spielfeld was somewhat relaxed. On Saturday there were 80 buses ready and waiting at the collection point to transport the 1,700 waiting refugees and new arrivals onwards. For the coming days, the same number of newcomers was expected as in the past few days, explained the police spokesman Christoph Grill on Saturday. On the Slovenian side of the border the train station in Sentilj had established an additional stopping point for trains.

The night at the collection point in Spielfeld was fairly quiet, according to the police. Among the 1,722 people who had spent the night in one of the five heated tents, there weren’t any reports of violent attacks or rioting. “Of course there is always disturbance and turmoil when buses arrive, but basically everything is running smoothly,” Grill says. The OBB [Austrian Federal Railway] also supplied two extra trains.

Number of Cases of Disease is Increasing

According to the Red Cross there are a minimum of 600 people daily who receive medical treatment: Mostly children, elderly people and pregnant women suffer from the stress their situation brings. “Many have colds or the flu, or have sprains, or small wounds,” says August Bäck from the Red Cross. The arriving refugees are being provided with lunch packets containing bread, tea, water, bananas, apples, and chocolate.

22 thoughts on “Army Reinforcements Sent to Spielfeld

  1. There is a conspicuous absence of pictures from Ground Zero in Spielfeld.

    I go to the Facebook site ‘Spielfeld Border’, and most of the pictures are ‘uplifting’ and cheerful, or try to evoke a few tears.übergang/274798749287938?fref=ts

    There are no critical posts, what so ever.

    It’s almost as if… people are under some sort of invisible gag order, yes? And as for local Spielfeldians, well, I look around on Facebook, and it appears that there are no new posts coming from residents on Facebook for the past week or so. No postings. Not even what they have for lunch, or baby pictures. So, am I to assume that Spielfeldians are perhaps blocked from Social media and therefore cannot post abhorrent, truth telling pictures from Ground Zero?

    I guess so. I have no other explanation.

    There is such a conspicuously OBVIOUS absence of “nickelsdorfian” pictures coming out of Spielfeld, it only leaves one conclusion.

    • quite possible, since we know about Merkel’s conversation re FB at the UN. Austrian law is stringent too. I always suggest to ppl to have a VK account on stand by for such eventualities.

  2. The hundreds and thousand if not millions of immigrants will just keep on coming.
    It is one of the old stories of nature, “safety in numbers”.

    For the refugees they figure it will not be me, or my child drowned, and look, see I am right, and here I am. It is the natural flow of the world, a few have always been sacrificed.

    Then once resettled in Europe then the numbers will regroup and are again used to politically get there way. Political appeasement, will provide food, houses, social welfare etc.

    Even if a few are returned or stopped it is only momentarily as pressure builds up, that is harnessed to political goals.

    It is all in built into the Western system in that we know the “price of everything but not the value”. We have nothing of value, not our culture or civilization. We have a price that we are prepared to pay, which is eventually a lot more than a pottage of $$. Too late by then, as the real value would have been taken, like “free speech” and your culture is what? worth what? Not worth fighting for.

    I wonder if in our own civilization the seeds of our destruction has flowed through from the judiciary system, First to go was the “death sentence”.
    Sure a real difficult debate, as we see in hind sight that some innocents were executed. Sentences became traded down.
    It then flowed through into war that is ugly enough, but we could “civilize” it, and so the armies with many different reasons began weighing up “rules of engagement” roe and courts will rule on War Crimes. A political set up. Not a discipline through martial law that served military purposes.

    This rules of engagement ties the armies hands, but for the politicians in the current civilian rule, it is that it can be seen they are doing everything they could. Proportional Response, means no weapon that a soldier is equipped with can be used, no bayonet, no bullet. In fact they are not issued with any thing to protect them selves, at the very least, and the “pandur” which was not allowed by the police will be stopped with people lying in front and between the wheels. It would have to be another tank come up from Syria before a tank can be used.

    Yet if the army soldier hurts any one, then woe betide the soldier that can be pointed at and hung out dry in a prison cell. Another way to demoralize the army. Just who really wants to join an army, where they are used as a political sacrifice or as a nose wiping nappy changer, as Col. B. Bunny mentioned. The soldier is there so let him serve and suffer.

    There is a welcome mat out there and it seems to me that the general public believe their government has so much money and so they should help the people with nothing.

    What a waste of education, as they are closing in on the rocks, and we do not know as Churchill did not know, when it was too late to make a comeback, and quite a high price of blood sweat toil and tears, or if you move too soon and even if you win, then loose the support of the populace as the others could bide their time until much more stronger.
    Sure going to be a close run thing.

    • The “death sentence” is a matter of deep conviction on both sides, simpleton. I’m against, if only because an alleged criminal wrongly imprisoned can be released; a prisoner wrongly executed cannot. Without it, the US would be able to extradite more alleged criminals than it currently can.

      • I do take your point Mark H and even tend to agree. It is better that 10 men go free than 1 innocent is hanged.

        It is in some western countries where the death penalty was stopped, and where murder is sorted into more finely graded counts. Then if found guilty, sentences of life, then are out in 10-15 years. Sure many do not repeat violent acts, though there are a few who in their life time are able to do this up to 3 -4 times. It means that the general public end up with no respect of the judiciary doing there job.

        Probably an over simplification by me. I do believe that alleged defenders do need a good defense counsel. It has become that no one accepts responsibility for what they have done. Very little remorse, no repentance, unless it helps to gain parole more earlier.

        And I know that laws are needed and to be used, as we risk vigilante tyrannical mob rule. Still I wonder if the pendulum has swung too far, as just what will stop the refugees as they swarm for a better life? They all seem such nice people on TV with great family aspirations, yet are prepared to risk death and danger, in the name of a great hope, which means it is ok to be breaking laws
        What will make them comply with refugee laws? border laws?, passport laws? deportation laws? Benefit laws? free speech laws? rape laws? riot laws?
        Will there be a call on natural law, hypothermia, starvation, survival of the fittest? Where the penalty is often Death; and often lingering?

        • Once upon a time there was a rubber stamp on every judges bench he would use when handing down his sentence that did not warrant a death sentence but penal servitude for life, and that was used more often for those ‘intractable’ criminals such as pedophiles. ‘Never to be released’, was the title of that stamp.

          If convicted felons were locked up for the maximum sentence able to be handed down from the criminal codes – such as 14 years imprisonment with hard labor (from the NSW Crimes Act of 1909 for break, enter and steal from dwelling houses) then the break and enters that are so commonplace today would diminish in number overnight and the prison population dramatically fall away over a period of several years.

          When society fails to adequately punish those who sin against it, then society as we have come to know it is doomed to fail.

        • I hope Norway enjoys the emergence of Breivik in 15+ years or so. They insisted on criminalizing the murderous work of a madman and then ignoring the fact that he’s criminally insane. He needs to be in a hospital where he can never get out.

          I was glad to see Ted Bundy put down; the same with John Allen Muhammad. Neither execuation will bring back any of those young women or (in the latter case) random citizens going about their daily lives, but we never have to worry about either of them emerging again to terrify others. Neither death was “mob rule”. In mob rule the innocent die in far greater numbers than the innocent; when there is no death penalty the numbers of dead innocents rise – especially today when Islam’s righteous ones stalk the halls of liberty… Even in the U.S. where the death penalty exists the legal machinations assure the killers many more decades of life.

          I don’t object to life without parole either but the scum of lawyers and the addled Leftists who are willing to attempt to use their skill to free serial killers is not insignificant.

          [edited to replace a dead link]

          So this one committed suicide? He saved the state the kabuki dance of another long, drawn-out injustice. However the danger is ended, the survivors left behind to mourn their kin are relieved the murderers are gone.

          Has your family ever endured the aftermath of a child murdered? If you have, then you must know that in most cases where execution of the killer by the state is allowed, the killers’ death is welcomed by those who must continue on in the face of living in the same world as the animal who killed their loved one.

          The places that have outlawed execution have, in parallel, become ever more vigilant against their own people’s small violations of the law. Justice is a sick joke.

          Many of those serial rapist priests deserve death in particular since they used the trust of a child to get near enough to victims to make a living hell out of their future. Pedophilia can’t be cured with whatever we have available now. They used to think these violators “aged out” but they just get more skilled at covering their tracks. Until we have a way to heal those children, we need to put out of the way anyone who used them as nothing more than a series of orifices in which to expel their venom.

          Britain does not seem more civilized or a more just place since it repealed the death sentence.

          In America, except for Lefist basket cases like the father of Daniel Pearl, average people who know the killer of their child is dead experience profound relief. Just because Europe eliminated the death sentence does not mean that Europe is thereby more moral, just or any safer. You will soon experience the excesses of Leftist ideas carried to their usual extreme as mass murderers are set free to roam among you.

          • @Dymphna

            In the EU, and the UK must follow most of its laws, there is still the death penalty, for insurrection or something related, I believe. It’s in the fine print. I have long since lost the source for this and continue to look for it.

          • ah, how soviet: death for sins against the state but not for killing, torturing or maiming others. The EU is truly a monster machine.

            Small wonder that you had trouble finding it. The EU “Constitution” is deliberately dense and unreadable. The work of authoritarian, despotic bureaucrats.

      • Mark, simpleton is not commenting on ordinary criminals, but Traitors. Treason is the most foul of the criminal enterprise the actions of which must through necessity to set the ultimate deterrent be handed the death sentence. Death to the Traitor is the only guarantor of a country’s political stability when individuals or groups operate to undermine that stability, otherwise, all you will have in the end is a type of pseudo-anarchy where individuals will choose to undermine whomever or whatever they wish to because they know there is no ultimate deterrent to their treachery.

        If you can look back over the past forty odd years to comprehend how the criminal has been advantaged by that type of system it is only a short step to then realize the hidden agenda to de-criminalize criminal actions, more specifically, the insidious action of treachery.

        And similar to the true Socialist who can convince himself that God no longer exists so therefore there is no higher authority to answer to, so whatever he wishes to bring about for his own satisfaction can be undertaken through actions using whatever it takes, including treachery, and without fear of retribution.

        IMHO, the true Socialist is really a criminal just waiting to be caught. That is why many will enter the Collective side of politics knowing they can pursue their criminal activities with little chance of being found out.

        • Yet is so strange that traitors do not visibly have blood on their hands for many deaths, no remorse and no regrets.

          You are right there is “no ultimate deterrent”, and as we see in the Middle East, that per another religion death is often relished by some, seeing death as a good and a bad; martyrdom, execution Many others encourage this concept, that has become deep in their thinking and culture even if they are moderate.

          If they could get their laws into our countries, stonings, amputations, executions, which encourages all the others to believe that law must be enforced.

          Just what law do you want to be enforced, the one weighed up by the western system civilization, via Greek, Roman Judaic philosophy with the careful measure of Jesus’s considerations.
          Or the teachings of Mohammad, based on koran, hadiths and sira.

          During WW2 many rights were waived and adjudicated by the judicary system that knew it was on a “war footing”. The war was to be won by all costs, and great was the sacrifice. In less than 6 years of fierce fighting and whole countries with civilians on a “war footing” won through, and with a positive view to renew the concepts of democracy and western law to build a new peace.
          Only thing as even in nature, the pendulum can swing too far.

          “de-criminalize criminal actions” and then criminalize many others with rules, laws and regulations that have penalties that are draconian in fines and confiscations, that threaten a citizen well beyond their means. A black mail hold to keep basic law abiding citizen in their thrall, with the threat of pauperism. This can be seen in “free speech laws” to take away the argument/debate, to controlling speech through “hate laws”.

          The ones with nothing to lose do not even bother to pay their fines and just thumb their noses to all else, as I mentioned above in an earlier comment, as do also the new immigrants.

          • simpleton. When society treats its criminals as victims rather than the cancer on society that they really are, then criminality becomes a game that even the youngsters like to play.

            I could tell you many stories of how the ‘system’ has been letting down the true peace officer and subsequently, the rest of society for decades now. Suffice it to say though, courts of law, especially at the local level are now swamped with cases and it would not be too dramatic to say that the ‘system’ they have now made is not that far off being completely overwhelmed.

        • Nemesis, your points are well made, but a person wrongly executed cannot be released or compensated. Not sure whether I’m a “true” socialist (what am I doing on Gov?), but based on personal experience, I’ve met many good nonbelievers/secularists, and quite a few “Christians” and other believers I’d cross the street to avoid.

          Dymphna, I hold no brief for paedophiles, but many have been victims themselves. This is an explanation, not an excuse. They should be pharmacologically neutered, tagged and monitored; any apparent evasion, without a cast-iron alibi, should lead to a literal life sentence.

          The US famously (notoriously?) imprisons more people, for longer, than any other Western democracy; the crime statistics would suggest that this isn’t the solution.

          • Do you believe that those who have brought this trouble to us are innocent of any wrongdoing?

            Those who have done this will cause untold numbers of lives to be snuffed out and such misery to come to whole populations, yet you would side with collective judges who would rather let ten guilty men go free than to hang one innocent man?

            In criminality, particularly felonious criminality, forensics has now reached the stage where the collection of evidence from the scene of a crime is too compelling to be dismissed by thoughts of reasonable doubt (reasonable doubt is the judge’s escape clause) modern forensics has virtually ‘photographed’ the criminal at the time of the crime and is almost irrefutable as proof of the offence.

            Too, those who now participate in our destruction have been recorded doing so in so many ways that any trial in determining their guilt of treacherous behaviour would simply be a formality.

            Knowing that these monsters, these traitors are guilty as charged for their crimes, would you still let them live, bearing in mind that if there can be no ultimate deterrent to treachery and capital crimes, people will keep doing as they please?

  3. Neo-Nazi protests have begun, so that signals civil war as the Politics of Hate ratchets up.

    We have the mind-boggling hatred of Merkel and the EU for their own citizens: the genocidal hatred of the Muslims for everyone not a Muslim: the PC hatred of the Left for the Judeo-Christian heritage which began with that Arch-hater, Marx: the fascist memory of disgruntled Germans at Hitler’s defeat: and now the Army and Police are at odds! All within a few months!

    If this were a movie script, no-one would believe it unless it was in the Horror genre.

    • Are those who object actually neo-Nazis or are they people who object and are so labelled? Here in the U.S. the media often throw that label on anyone who’s not a Leftist.

      • I entirely agree. Hitler has been resurrected for this express purpose! I was trying to work out from the banners I’d seen on another website whether they were neo-Nazis or not.

        Merkel will use that label as justification for incarcerating anyone who opposes her.

          • AntiFa thugs are the new SA. The governments of Europe and Britain employ them as auxilliaries. If one is tagged as a “neo-Nazis,” however, the interior ministers stand on a chair like they have seen a mouse.

            If there are laws against being masked in public – a big if – they are not enforced. Easy identification of AntiFa scum would make criminal prosecution for violence easy, but the governments do not want easy identification.

            But in France you can be criminally prosecuted for saying migrants are like the barbarian invasion of Rome. Laws against such hideous behavior appear as if by magic. We can not have that. No.

            Throw a rock into a PEGIDA rally in the Land of Mozart though and it becomes . . . well, let’s just say it becomes more complicated.

      • Anyone who is a white European and who objects to his or her own ethnic cleansing is now a racist, a neo-Nazi if of German lineage and a ‘far right’ fascist if otherwise, and this repetitious existential drivel is totally totally meaningless in any metaphysical sense,

        It’s but the droning of neo-Marxist Islamofascist desperation as their evil project starts to come apart at the seams, just another example of the deconstructionist meme sliding back into the sewer from which it came and it is immaterial really, just frightened name calling by those moral infants who fear the brutal reality that they are bringing down upon themselves.

        In the end only the children of those of us who are prepared to fight to the death for our culture and heritage will be the real beneficiaries – if we can find our backbones in time to give them that future that is.

        So, man-up the lot of you, tool-up as best you can then close the in-door, open the out-door, fix bayonets and advance.

        And to do that you must first ask of yourselves these questions: “What have I to lose that is not already in the process of being taken from me and mine?Am I really prepared to commit my kids to an endless night of slavery under this ‘New World Order’ and subject them to the endless, feral savagery of its recently resurrected seventh century barbarian enforcers?

        Your call, my call,our call, everyones’ call throughout the West. Make it, or cease to exist.

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