Are We at War?

Nicolaus Fest is an independent German journalist. He was previously employed by the tabloid Bild am Sonntag, but drew negative attention to himself by publicly expressing his Islam-critical opinions. After an editorial disagreement, he eventually left the paper, and now works as a freelance writer.

The following excerpt from a recent post by Nicolaus Fest is taken from the author’s website. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Are we at war? After the attacks in Paris that was the opinion not just of the French president, but also of [German president] Joachim Gauck and of Pope Francis. Disagreement came above all from the German media, according to whom, talk of war was excessive and hysterical. For example, according to Ulrich Kienzle and the ARD correspondent von Haaren [interviewed] on Maischberger, the attack was not a war, but a terrorist attack.

Many journalists’ fear of the idea of war is understandable. First, pacifism is part of the media consensus in this country. While the use of the national military for solely humanitarian purposes seems legitimate, while the public has been lied to for years about the true character of the Afghanistan deployment, the perception that we are at war is as surprising as it is unpleasant, not least for [its impact on] the credibility of the media.

Second, the idea of war suggests that the opponent has more troops than a few mixed-up murderers. Assaults are the modus operandi of small groups like the RAF [Red Army Faction], the Red Brigade and the IRA. War is the battle of thousands.

And the idea of war prompts a third question: With whom are we at war? With manageable units of ISIS, Al Qaida, Boko Haram? Or perhaps much larger communities, like all those who advertise their jubilant support in Muslim networks after every assault? Those like the Turkish fans four days after the attack, who saw off the moment of silence for the victims with shrill whistling.

But — fourth — it is precisely this thought that runs counter to another tenet of the leftist media’s faith — the idea of multicultural Villa Diversity. Here too, the idea of being in quasi-military confrontations with several co-habitants of the house is not helpful. That the killing of more than one hundred persons on foreign territory with military-style weapons could definitely qualify as an act of war — nobody wants to see that. So: simply an assault.

12 thoughts on “Are We at War?

  1. It’s really not a question of who we are at war with? It’s a question of who is at war with us?

    Since its inception Islam has been at war with all other ways of life, as is scripturally defined, unalterably in its religious texts. Muslims are obliged to take over everyone else.

    This is a civilizational war. Its time to accept that fact and deal with it.

  2. The other side has already accepted that we are at war: surprise, undercover, murderous attacks on civilians is a perfectly acceptable tactic.

    In war, you choose your own tactics. Fabius successfully countered Hannibal by avoiding open battle:

    The central idea of war, though, is that the entire focus of a country is on victory, and actions may be taken which would be rejected in peacetime. If France is really at war, the appropriate tactic is to totally stop the infiltration of enemy combatants, and, as the film shows, actual enemy soldiers. Another tactic is to massively deport non-citizens, particularly Turks and Muslims, who are undoubtedly a fifth column.

    What Holland probably means by “war” is more military adventures on foreign soil, and more government control and repression of civil liberties of non-Muslim French citizens. Oh, and “war” also means cutting back on the German-financed government overspending, so disastrous to independent policies of benefit to France as a nation.

  3. Its a religious doctrine being at war,with what we call the free world.
    Its even more dangerous than national socialism,because it promises its rewards in the afterlife.
    Where national socialism gets its power from the masses,this doctrine gets it from every individual.
    What we need to learn is that a free country has his limitations because its free,
    It needs to be protected against elements,that exactly use this freedom to corrode it from within.

  4. Yes, there is war. However only one side is fighting it. Not exactly a fair, real fight is it?

  5. ARE we at war? muslims have known that for 1400 years, it seems we’re just not as bright.
    Not even after the last 30-40 years of continued atrocities, rape of western women and children, murders, bombings and beheadings, will our ‘leaders’ admit that yes, if we value our western civilization at all–we are indeed at war!

    • Our leaders are not leading when they are refusing to do the most fundamental aspect of their job and protect their people and national integrity.

      • We are responsible because we do not voting them out of office and electing real balls of fire who understand there is a huge price to pay for letting Percy make the big decisions. Most of these so called leaders are no more than money and sex addicted perverts.

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