“An Army of Criminals”

Below are excerpts from a speech given last Thursday before the National Assembly by French Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Mr. Valls emphasized the determination of the French government to bring to justice the terrorists who committed or conspired in the recent Paris massacre. He also discussed the danger of a chemical or biological attack, and the problem posed by hundreds (or thousands) of mujahideen who have traveled to Syria to wage jihad and are now returning to France.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The text of Mr. Valls’ speech is available here (in French).

Video transcript:

0:08   This new war remains a planned war, waged by a
0:12   an army of criminals. What’s new are
0:16   their operational methods: their ways to hit,
0:20   to kill evolve constantly. The macabre imagination
0:24   of those who give orders is limitless.
0:28   Assault rifles, decapitations, human bombs,
0:32   knives, or all at the same time, perpetrated
0:37   by individuals or commandos this time particularly organised
0:41   Today, as I said yesterday, we must exclude nothing,
0:45   and I say this of course with all the necessary
0:49   precautions. But we know, it’s on our minds,
0:53   there may also be the risk of chemical or biological
0:57   weapons.
1:01   A very important amendment was adopted. We intend to supervise very strictly
1:05   (I take this opportunity to repeat this) the return to France
1:09   of those who left to do Jihad. They present, if they come back to France,
1:13   onto our national soil, a very serious security threat. I remind you
1:18   that 966 individuals are reported as having
1:22   gone to Syria or Iraq.
1:26   142 of them are dead. 588 are still
1:30   over there and 247 have left.
1:34   These numbers show the dimension of the threat.
1:38   Some of them regularly make the return trip.
1:42   Some of them regret the Jihad, but it is difficult to measure their
1:46   sincerity. We want to prohibit these French nationals or French residents
1:50   from coming back without being expressly authorised to do so.

5 thoughts on ““An Army of Criminals”

  1. It is rather unwieldy, but necessary now to adopt phrases like “muslim with French passport”, or “muslim residing in France”.
    The loyalty of the Ummah, the world-wide muslim community is INSTRUCTED to lie with Islam over and above any nation state.
    “The muslim nation is one nation to the exclusion of all others”
    (placard in Oxford Street Sharia march http://www.ThinkAfricaPress.com).

  2. An “army of ciminals”? How does that fit?
    An “army”?
    Why, yes. The “Soldiers of Allah” are quasi-military.
    “The mosques are our barracks…. The faithful our soldiers” (old poem recited by Recep Erdogan, now President of Turkey).
    “Battalions” are one of the uses of mosques cited in the Muslim Brotherhood’s “General Strategic Plan”.
    A mosque is “a storage place for arms”, as Sam Solomon explains.
    The army is required to follow its own instruction manual.
    Is it criminal?
    Let us see, now.
    Authorised daughter-killing. Check.
    Authorised murder of non-members. Check.
    Authorised lying. Check.
    Authorised wife-beating. Check.
    Authorised slave-taking. Check.
    Authorised under-age marriage. Check.
    Authorised forced marriage. Check.

    It walks like a duck. It quacks like a duck. It’s a duck.

  3. The French like words. Borders are again open and mosques welcome the teaching of Islam as before. However, the people feel good.

  4. Some figures for you, over 1,200 searches have been carried out by the French since 13th November, 263 weapons have been seized and this figure I am not sure about but 800 people arrested.

    The important thing to note is that while there are many things we see as wrong with the response of France, it is at least better than what was going on before, of course how many of those people will be out and about in France in the near future will be an open question.

    The intention to strip citizenship is real and I think they will do it.

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