A Valid Protest? Or a Waste of Perfectly Good Pork?

You decide.

The following video was recently recorded in The Netherlands at the entrance to the site of a planned asylum center. Many thanks to H. Numan for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:03   I think it’s super! The people are revolting. They make themselves heard.
0:06   Magnificent! Does that have to be in such a horrible way?
0:09   Much more horrible, for all I care. Don’t you think it’s getting out of control with this action?
0:13   No, not at all. When you see [on TV] what’s happing in AZCs [refugee centers],
0:18   this is soft.
0:22   You’re making a statement from citizens to the municipality.
0:26   We no longer tolerate this. That’s it.
0:30   You think this is an action against the AZC? Absolutely certain.
0:34   Otherwise, it wouldn’t happen here. The community is talking about it.
0:38   Yesterday photos on Facebook. And you drive by it [the AZC].
0:41   Children are brought to school [who see it]. My wife, too, she saw it. She told me; I came to see what’s going on.
0:46   Perhaps you have an idea who did it? [grins]
0:51   No, I don’t know. All numbers. [refers to the brand marks]
0:57   You lifted it, you see a number?
1:00   He winks. He winks, it’s okay.
1:04   How do you find those pig heads here, eh … ? Nothing wrong with it.
1:09   I thinks it’s crazy, what’s happening here. A protest against the asylum center to originate here?
1:13   What do you think yourself?
1:16   The alderman ran.
1:20   The policemen told me.
1:23   We Dutch are all, like, s**t, don’t you think those pigs heads is going too far?
1:28   Something’s got to be done…

10 thoughts on “A Valid Protest? Or a Waste of Perfectly Good Pork?

  1. One sometimes can’t help but to have this vision of a WWIII against radical Islam, with pigs leading the charge towards some “pig-headed” radical Islamist armed with a knife, and all of humanity cheering them on (the pigs)…

    Amusingly, there are stories:
    of lard being used to ward off terrorists in Israel, although I have doubts as to whether this is true.

    Now, if only one could convince those who view Jews as the “descendents of apes and pigs” that blowing up a Jew will taint them in this way, it would be a perfect circle!

    I’m all in favour of using religious nuttiness as a way of stopping terrorism!

  2. The sight of dismembered heads brings to mind the Muslim butchers themselves, but I guess some country folk are less squeamish. The heads ought to have been placed outside the homes of the politicians who support the invasion!

      • This shouldn’t be forgotten. The “Muslims on the Move” themselves really don’t have any blame for showing up: they’d be fools to pass up on such an opportunity. They do it because the politicians allow/encourage it.

        Where I *do* blame the “Muslims on the Move” is for not making efforts to integrate AFTER showing up, not for showing up in itself, which is the fault of the politicians.

  3. I understand that an American general in the Philipines used pigs to tame some Islamic beast – good for him.

  4. Having some southern Chinese connections, I’m saddened by the waste of under-appreciated parts of pigs. Heck, even the English have their “Boar’s Head Carol” (since we’re getting into the Christmas season).

    Still, I understand the protesters’ point.

  5. http://i3.cpcache.com/product_zoom/1463810566/angry_muslims_tshirt.jpg?height=250&width=250&padToSquare=true

    A more economical suggestion (although I dont think any expense should be spared to keep islam out of civilised countries):

    Some Imams in Switzerland (or Australia) squealed like porkers when they found a few bacon strips on the door handle of their kasernes (mosque). The story was over at VladTepes who promptly coined the neologism: “porking a mosque” .

    Porking a mosque a day
    keeps the imams away…
    (sorry ;))

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