12 thoughts on “A Deliberate Provocation by Erdogan?

  1. The mad dog turks have violated Greek airspace HUNDREDS of time just this year. Any turks planes shot down???


    • Just 7 x this year Russia has violated USA airspace in Alaska for more than 17 secs and we didn’t shoot them down. And I believe it was this year that a mexican dps helicopter was in our airspace and actually chased some our our guys away and USA didn’t do anything. Bottom line Turkey set this up, no way in 17 secs does a military personal warn them 11x, call in for approval, set up & then strike. Thats why the plane landed 4 km unside Syria. It was then his “kinsmen” in Syria that used an American TOW missle that blew up an rescue helicopter searching for their ejected pilots. But that was right before rebels broke the Geneva Convention & shot and killed thE parachuting pilots (who were alive). Then Erdogon said he was protecting his kinsmen inside Syria border at a press conference. So aren’t his troops violating Syrian sovereignty?

  2. Erdogan is a bad actor. He released the first million invaders into the EU, now he’s tipping his hand by trying to force NATO into action. He knows NATO will do nothing in this regard, but it may cause a rift and possibly collapse in Brussels – a perfect scenario for his third act. The third act will be EU wide attacks by the invaders and eventually set up his own caliphate throughout the Middle East, thus restoring the Ottoman Empire.

  3. I think that Trifkovic pretty much nailed it, as I said to my son the real test is if our lightweight leaders such as Cameron, Merkel and Hollande see it in terms of the risk to NATO. I left out Obama deliberately because to be honest while the Obama administration is in power the USA is not an ally in this.

    I find myself in the amazing position of cheering on the Russians continuously, which is rather weird, and I hope they do something underhand and down right nasty to Edrogan in response.

  4. Erdogan is the archetypal sly Oriental despot. He pretends to fight ISIS to keep up appearances, but in fact he plays his own game – destroying Kurdish dreams of independence, helping to topple Assad and thus he actually helps the ISIS.

    I wonder if there remain fools in Europe who consider Turkey “a European nation” and want her to join EU?

  5. Turkey had warned the Russians that it would defend its Turkish population in an area that Syria wants back from Turkey. The Russians were fools. It is clear however that the Russia’s motive is not to destroy ISIS but to prop up Assad, their proxy.

    (I have no love for Turkey at all, especially their continuing genocide of the Kurds.)

  6. To understand this move by Turkey, remember the Marvi Marmara incident. Redo gang has just done to Russia what he did to Israel. The saddest part of all of this is that Merkel is trying to bribe Erdogan with the promise of EU membership in exchange for curbing the numbers setting out on the invasion trail from Turkey. Can you imagine if Turkey were to become a member of the EU? His Merkel totally taken leave of her senses? Does she have any sense?

    • Sorry for the typos. Redo gang should be Erdogan and the last sentence should read, “Has Merkel totally taken leave of her senses?”.

  7. I agree with dimu , putinI is one of the maim causes of the refugee crisis, especially with Merkel ruining Germany. Putin has blundered into the syrian crisis for the wrong motives, propping up assad. He has hardly hit isis, he failed to advise Russian citizens of the dangers posed by isis in the middle east and the tragedy of the sinai air crash was the outcome.

    • Putin is protecting his naval base. His air force is bombing “moderate” opposition forces supported by Western powers; by “moderate” I mean the ones who merely terrorise Christians and destroy their churches, as opposed to beheading the men and sexually enslaving the women like IS.

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