We Need a More Accurate Accounting

Here’s a list of the ways in which you must be trained to read the news. Often, I hear the Baron trying to figure out crime stories in order to arrive at the actual facts, not what the media reports.

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Is there a name for the media’s language contortions? Do they speak Orwellian? Media-ese? Fantasy?

Maybe the whole thing is Swiftian — Brobdingnagian in its self-esteem, Lilliputian in its intellect.

Readers are invited to supply their own terminology. Neologisms are welcomed!

12 thoughts on “We Need a More Accurate Accounting

  1. Event Cause Narrative
    Deal Failed Lack of market support Appraiser was incompetent,
    for property value reported to regulatory authorities

  2. It’s verbal deviance: discourse pollution: verbal vomit: oratorical debauchery: pulp fiction: myth-chat: the flatulization of meaning: communication effluvia: word-mincer:
    fake-speak: ejaculatory perversion: lingual forgery.

  3. Franz Kafka would be astonished how “Kafkaesque” the world has become … but after getting acquainted with Orwell and PC/MC plaque of last several decades he would probably say “Oh yeah, what else we should have expected ?” – From our perspective of average Joes it is just sad, sad beyond measure and treasonous to civilization – or rest thereof.

  4. I barely bother with the MSM now. I am sick of their Smears, Omissions, Lies and Distortions, which you notice form a handy acronym: SOLD. You can get equal or better quality writing and coverage now from the alternative sites, which are also more broadminded. I take particular objection to the ‘far right’ smear. We are not ‘far right,’ whatever that actually means; some of us are pretty leftwing, some pretty conservative. All I think are against mass immigration, with the emphasis on the mass.

    Which is why I would propose another acronym to describe parties that oppose open borders: AMI parties. AMI: Anti Mass Immigration, a pithy and accurate description, with connotations of friendliness.

  5. Wonderful! I sent it to lots of people both here in the US and in Israel — we could all use a chuckle, given what a mess the world is in.

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