“They Instinctively Know That Our Laws Are Weak”

The video below features an interview with Rainer Wendt, the head of the German police union. Mr. Wendt has a clear grasp of the of what the current “refugee crisis” means for Germany, and the potentially catastrophic effect that it could have on law enforcement.

I’m surprised that this interview was aired on German television, and I’m even more surprised that Mr. Wendt has been allowed to remain in his position, given his manifestly politically incorrect opinions.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   And now in the studio I am honored to greet the chief of the German police union, Rainer Wendt.
0:04   Herr Wendt, the cabinet has wasted no time passing these new asylum laws; is that enough?
0:09   Well, first, it’s a good sign, and it shows that politicians can react, but
0:14   what I’d like to see is that politicians react in time. Things always have to go up in flames
0:19   before they manage to get anything done.
0:22   All of this should’ve happened at least a year or so ago when we saw the first signs of the chaos.
0:26   What do you mean with go up in flames?
0:30   In our asylum camps all hell broke loose; at the border in southern Germany, and in Bavaria especially,
0:35   it’s hell. Our colleagues down there can’t ever take their boots off anymore.
0:39   But that’s not just since last week or since last month, but all year. Our federal police and
0:44   the Bavarian county police especially, and also from other countries, have for months now been
0:50   heavily overwhelmed, and now politicians are acting like they’re totally surprised, but that can’t be;
0:55   nobody is surprised, and they should’ve reacted a lot sooner.
0:57   We hear of mass brawls in asylum camps, we hear of robberies in grocery stores,
1:04   which is another strain on the police. Are you worried that crime will rise because you are overwhelmed?
1:08   Of course that’s an issue and there are three areas we consider. The first is attacks on asylum camps,
1:15   which is a number that has exploded in recent months now, and there it is our duty to protect these camps.
1:22   And then there’s criminality among the refugees, meaning,
1:26   rapes of women and of children, massive use of violence, criminal activities such as
1:34   exploitation, slavery, we see it all there.
1:37   Those are not just little squabbles because they’re living in cramped spaces; these are
1:41   territorial conflicts, dominance struggles, I mean fanatical religious groups that can’t be separated easily.
1:51   Our private security personnel are completely overwhelmed. We don’t have enough and they are not qualified enough.
1:57   Did you conclude that these refugees for the most part have no respect for the police as a whole?
2:04   No, they respect the police to a point, but they don’t respect our rule of law.
2:07   They instinctively know that our laws are weak and they how that no matter how badly
2:14   they behave, it has absolutely no consequence for their asylum status.
2:16   They pretty much can do whatever they please, and the state barely reacts.
2:21   The judiciary and the political part of the state should make it very clear to these people from the get-go
2:25   that in this country the Shariah does not apply, or any other religion, but
2:29   that here the German rule of law applies, and that we are ready to enforce that.
2:32   This is not about family squabbles; we are talking heavy crime, extreme criminal offenses,
2:37   and we have to show that whoever commits such an act, in essence changes from being persecuted to becoming a persecutor,
2:42   then our rule of law has to react. These people have to be pulled out immediately, and for that reason
2:47   we need to open up the deportation facilities again. That’s where these persons belong, and they don’t have the right
2:53   to await their asylum proceedings in freedom. It is quite possible that they will have to await this while sitting in prison.
3:00   Herr Wendt, I have one last question for you. We hear again and again that we should separate the refugees according
3:07   to their religion and their ethnic background. Do you think that’s a solution?
3:10   No, I believe that is not sufficient. The thought behind this is to a degree a sign of helplessness, by separating them,
3:16   but that’s hardly even possible; even for religious reasons alone it’s difficult.
3:21   Who do you want to separate from whom? The Sunnis from the Shiites, the moderate Salafists from the radical Salafists?
3:29   When they’re in the end all followers of the Muslim belief system, it’s just not possible.
3:35   As far as separating by ethnicity it’s the same thing. When we do that we basically already
3:39   create parallel societies among the refugees; it just wouldn’t work.
3:43   I believe we have to concentrate on protecting those in need of protection,
3:47   such as women, families and children, and especially Christians among these refugees,
3:54   they need special protection from the state.
3:57   And beyond that it has to be made very clear to everybody that lives in these camps,
4:01   here the German rule of law is in effect, and the law has to be enforced, and
4:04   whoever breaks the law, only has the right to imprisonment and deportation left.
4:10   Rainer Wendt, Chief of the German Police Union, thank you for the conversation.

67 thoughts on ““They Instinctively Know That Our Laws Are Weak”

  1. Mr. Wendt will soon be renounced, will repent and shall be replaced. Then there shall be no more troublesome reports.

    • I don’t agree with your assessment, Jeff E. I think this particular shark has been jumped. Chaos lies ahead for us all. I pity the Germans…

      A paraphrase of the Buddha:

      How should a man act in the midst of this world where each person is clinging to his piece of debris? What’s the proper salutation between people as they pass each other in this flood?

      These are not normal times; they permit the Mr. Wendts of the world to speak. Either that, or he has come to the point of nothing-left-to-lose.

      • Dymphna, don’t need to pity the Germans, us. They/we had enough time and opportunities to realize, what is going to come. There were enough signs, but all of them they ignored. At least most of the Germans acted like the three Chinese monkeys. I got tired trying to tell my fellow Germans about the reality, and finally I lost any hope and left my country, because I knew what will come for sure.

        We have a saying: Wer nicht hört, muß fühlen – Those who don’t listen, must feel. The Germans, and many other Europeans must hit the bottom first, and maybe… hopefully they realize then what’s going on and what’s gonna happen.

    • Mr. Wendt is the head of the German Police Union. His job is to tackle the issues that affect the rank and file police officers that he is in place to protect against unfair treatment by police hierarchy and the government.

      In short, he is doing his job and complaining that police are taking a beating from the invaders who feel free to do what Allah allows them to do.

      He can only be removed by a vote from the rank and file police officers. The government cannot remove him or though, I’ll bet they wish they could!

      • He can still pursue that issue of taking driver’s licences for “hate speech”. It may not even have to go through a court as it sort of becomes semi automatic like fines and accumulation of demerit points.

        Probably on his income and position, does not need to drive, as he whistles up a chauffeured car, or at a pinch some police car could be taxi for him.

    • He looks about retirement age. Maybe his retirement package is secure enough to allow him to speak out.

  2. It’s heartening to hear and see such clarity aired on German television. Like you Baron, I think it is surprising.

    I read that hundreds of thousands of Germans demonstrated in Berlin against the U.S.-EU trade deal. Hundreds of thousands. So obviously large German demonstrations are not unheard of. And even these large demonstrations will not be enough to scuttle the TPP as far as Germany is concerned.

    Now compare these numbers of demonstrators with the anemic numbers we hear about in the anti mass immigration demonstrations. This tells me that the opposition to the mass Muslim immigration still has a long way to go in Germany before it can have any real effect.

    I’m sorry to have to conclude this because it means that by the time the opposition gains traction it may be too late for Germany.

    • Last weeks Pegida demos in Germany …..
      15000 in Dresden
      8000 in Erfurt
      1000 in Leipzig
      3000 at the “human border” demo at Sebnitz
      5000 in Plauen
      1000 in Gorlitz

      • Thanks for the figures.
        The numbers are relatively small, even in Dresden. More’s the pity.

        The German elites and most of the population appear to be in some kind of trance. What they say doesn’t make logical sense.

        In the United States at least we know that the lies of the elite, the political class and lefties are motivated by their self-interests. But in Germany . . . ?

      • Notice how the resistance is all in the former East Germany – which like Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is not taking this lying down.

        So why is the #1 resident of the former East Germany letting all this happen?

        • 2 possibilities, for why the protests are in the East

          1) that in the West, multi-kulti is so wunderbar, that Wessis are universally thrilled. Every single one of them.

          2) in the West, the political correctness is so prevalent, and neo-Commie “anti-fascist” groups like Antifa so strong, that disgruntled Wessis prefer to keep their heads down, rather than voice any dissent.

          Perhaps I’m being a little cynical, but I’ll go with 2).

  3. The fact that the police chief was allowed to speak his mind and aired means a lot of Germans are no longer buying the lies of Merkel and her party. The ugly reality of this Islamic swarm has come home to them.

    These people aren’t there to assimilate they are there to colonize and conquer.

    And this is just the beginning of problems, just wait a few more months. It will be much worse.

  4. wow .. sanity. great post, i hope this means a change for germany .
    gonna be dicey. for a people whose nature is conquest since recorded history began, i really don’t see ‘lay down & die for mass immigration’ working ..

    • bob e…

      a people whose nature is conquest since recorded history began

      ONLY Germans? Our native Americans have something to say about that, about the English, the French, the Spanish, the Dutch, the Scotch-Irish…

      Man is by nature a “conqueror”. Some groups – e.g., the Quakers – conquer without using aggression or violence, but they certainly wanted to conquer the land that others, preceding them, had opened up for colonization.

      • ‘conquest’ is an incorrectly used word here. i agree with D
        & willanders. ‘warlike’ was the intended word imagery..

    • We still talk as if the Muslim scourge is in the other guy’s country. Enemy combatants are quite literally EVERYWHERE. Muslim killers are brainwashed to keep moving forward ignoring the weak bleeding infidel sheep who refuse to see that they cannot ignore the laws of life and place proverbial daisies in the jehadi gun barrels and ignore the massing mobs of radicalized Muslims and their converts. War may have been the easier softer way. Have a gay day.

    • “… for a people whose nature is conquest since recorded history…”

      My history books tell me, the biggest colonial powers were England/UK, France, Spain, Portugal… even Belgium had colonies hundreds times bigger than their original territory. And as Dymphna said, ask the North American native people about the time white people entered their continent.

      Tell me now, what colonies had Germany, bob e? A little, a minimum amount of history knowledge is always helpful, before you hack on your keyboard.

      • Namibia and German East Africa are the only two I can think of off the top of my head. But they had something in the Far East, too, I think. Not sure.

        • German Samoa existed up until the allies took it in WWI. A small colony existed there for some time.

          Otherwise most German emigrants went to western nations like America where they became American.

          • The Germans also held the north-east part of New Guinea and the Bismarck Archipelago till 1914.

        • Baron,
          Mr Wendt is chairman of ONE police union,the more conservatively inclined one. And he needs not be ” allowed” as you presume.He is democratically elected by the members of his union.However, he is the only law enforcement representative permanent guest in tv shows.

        • If, when speaking of “German,” you focus on Prussia and exclude Austria you exclude a lot which, when not integral, is rather closely related. The Habsburg claims were as vast as the British if not more so. Not only does it include the Spanish, there’s a Franz Josef land in New Zealand and another somewhere around far northern Russia. That’s pretty far reaching.

          Columbus found “The West” in 1492. “Germany” then was different from our modern notions.

          And, for that matter, you can even make a case for England being “German” (the Scots are sort of doing so right now, today).

          It can help to think “linguistics.” …Whereby a mild-looking old woman is the chieftain for about half of the world and which half is incredibly technical and materially advanced….

          • A claim is one thing, but actual overseas settlement is another. Did Austrians ever settle Franz Josef Land in any significant numbers? The Germans did plant colonies in East and Southwest Africa. They weren’t as large as those established by the Portuguese, Dutch, French, Belgians, and British, and they only existed for a short period before the Treaty of Versailles took them away and assigned them to one or another of the Allied powers. But they were actual colonies.

          • (Big smile.) Well, this can’t be posted below the comment below as there’s no reply button. In answer to it:

            Without doing a lot of checking, apparently there was no settlement in the Russian area, just exploration. (Columbus was also exploring.) The New Zealand area, however, is a tourist area and there is at least one small village close to the glacier there. One might relatively safely assume some descendants may have been left somewhere around there, especially since, if I recall correctly, the Dutch (i.e., Indonesia) also had Habsburg connections. There was really little reason for the Germans to seriously go gathering up distant lands. They were busy gathering up stuff right around home (e.g., Poland), but they did explore and may have left a few people a few places.

            (Don’t anyone feel bad — I had no real idea until a British efriend in New Zealand made sure I knew there was a Franz Josef land and a few other things in New Zealand.)

            One might wonder what the world would be if there had been no Protestant Reformation to help make Germans northern and southern.

          • The Swedes founded the first colony in what is now Delaware, but as far as I know there is no remnant of Swedish architecture or culture. There may some Swedish DNA in the local mix, though.

          • Regarding the statement: “(Big smile.) Well, this can’t be posted below the comment below as there’s no reply button. In answer to it:”

            Make that read: (Big mile) This is in reply to the comment below.

            I thought if there was no reply button, it would not follow the statement.

          • Correction, as it’s still wrong. Should have simply said:

            Make that read: (Big mile) This is in reply to the comment.

  5. Does Germany have any treason laws in it’s constitution.
    if so ,surely Merkel can be impeached ,after the criminally reckless decsision to invite the third world to Europes shores

    • I think it fitting that she be taken to Nuremburg and tried for treason. The Nazis betrayed the German people by leading them down a path that devastated them. She is trying to lead the Germans and the rest of Europe down a path that will devastate them. Maybe permanently. She must be tried and [suffer the severest penalty under the law].

  6. What better way to sort the wheat from the chaff, then these “refugees” showing themselves up for what they really are. Get the christians out of the mix, and lend only them shelter; round the rest up and DEPORT them – for national security sake. I am glad this police officer has introduced that word, Deportation, to the debate, since I’ve heard way too many migrant-apologists prop up the word “integration.”

  7. “I’m surprised that this interview was aired on German television, and I’m even more surprised that Mr. Wendt has been allowed to remain in his position, given his manifestly politically incorrect opinions.”

    Oh there’s plenty of time to sort him out.

    the long march….

  8. Germany is again snowballing towards a failed state as it is neither is willing and able to protect its borders nor is it willing to enforce basic freedoms for those that don’t have left-extremist opinions. Such systemic disfranchisement must lead to disaster.

    An illustrative example here

    In Vienna there is real concern that the SPOe (the social-‘democratic’ party of Austria) will rig the Viennese elections tomorrow Sunday in order to hold onto power and foil the FPOe.

    • This time instead of Germans ridding themselves of Jews, the newly arrived Muslims will rid themselves of Germans. Payback can be rough.

      • How’s that payback? Germans were allied with various moslems during WWII, particularly as the atheistic communists persecuted all religion.

      • You summed up in one sentence Merkel’s genodidal way of thinking, and who are the masters behind her.

      • Why the hate for today’s Germans? How many of those naively welcoming the Muslims are trying desperately to atone for their forebearers’ actions – which people like you will fling in their faces eternally? How many of today’s German youth have been indoctrinated, for decades, into believing their nation and history is innately evil? As far as reaping what is sown, pot meet kettle.

        You want payback? Those Jews in Europe (who have religiously advocated for an open borders, “multicultural” Europe) will certain get theirs, courtesy of their championed Muslims.

        • The Judeophobia that has existed in Europe for a millennium has finally come back to bit them in their posteriors. They still so hate the Jews that they invited their mortal enemies, Muslims to overrun Europe. Problem is Europe hoped the Muslims would go straight for the Jews. Unfortunately, Muslims are Equal-Opportunity-Murderers.

          In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz:

          HA HA!

    • Could you describe what is going on in that Youtube video? I don’t speak German. It looked like two protest groups. Who were the people that were being cleared out by the riot police?

  9. Nongqawuse a prophetess of the Xhosa nation convinced her people to killed all the cattle which was the main source of their wealth and if they did so the gods would replace them with better cattle. The Xhosa people killed between 300 to 400 thousand head of cattle and destroyed their nation. In British Kaffaria the population dropped from 105 thousand to 27 thousand.
    Mad Merkel is the Nongqawuse of Germany. She wants to destroy the German people and replace them with the muslim grifters. The parallels are eerie.
    Here is the link. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nongqawuse

    • This is very interesting, Gerald. The Federal Reserve Bank in the U.S. has encouraged much the same thing as Ms. Nongqawuse. Kill lots of good dollars so that many, many, many new and better dollars will float up the Potomac River.

      It’s such a simple principle I don’t know why people don’t see it more clearly — first, destroy what you have.

      Merkel obeys the voices.

      Western civilization regressed to the point where primitive nonsense is accepted as normal. Our reliance on magic is now clear. All that is missing is a photo of Merkel waving a dead chicken.

  10. I’m just thanking God that I was wrong about Dr Merkel getting the Nobel Peace Prize. (Next year, perhaps?)

  11. Just like Mexicans are instructed by their own government how to game benefits here in the U.S., the same situation probably exists for the present invaders of Europe. The U.K. is the ultimate goal for these folks as they live better than the native Britishers, and for free.

    England is no longer swinging like that pendulum do.

    • More laws against crimethink appear to be the preferred Cameronian method of improving British morale in the face of this scramble for a piece of the British working man. Western politicians are drawn to such measures like pigs to a clean corner of the sty.

      • And when there is no longer a clean corner of the sty, when the working man lives in poverty because of the support he pays to non workers and, when the infrastructure; schools, hospitals, roads can no longer function and when the majority of the population is on benefits and don’t see a raise in their living standards… Then what?
        In other words when the parasites finally kill the host, what will happen?

  12. What is he really saying.? Just what does he really believe.
    He is calling for reinforcements as the current police are run of their feet. That is why he is saying the politicians should have acted sooner.

    His 1) is to protect the refugee camps and I see he means from Germans protesting, whether by graffiti (hate/free speech) and puts that opposition to the refugee camps are exploding and even his language is “in “flame” atory”

    then 2) the violence, rape, rapes, slavery etc with in refugees
    Note ; only the interviewer that mentions robberies of [German] groceries stores.

    3)Not enough police and what there is not “qualified” enough.

    4) the law to be enforced and so the “judiciary” will have to make the sentences for deportation.
    Oh you mean like revoking driver’s licences as mentioned above in the comments section for Germans speaking freely of some dislikes. Named shamed and hobbled.

    Where does he pick up on about any problems that the local people may have already been troubled with. Just an “inference” as being the first part that they are an equal problem using the words “going up in flames” . For me it draws my mind to a burnt out proposed refugee hall which sort of links with
    “attacks on asylum camps, which is a number that has exploded” and meaning the “nasty” Germans

    He is calling for reinforcements and ” quality ” of their current police and security forces. Will that be extra special EU police force, plus assistance back up from army or NATO? Are the “quality” armoured vechicles?, heavily armed police? Just what is he asking for?

    I see he uses the words “not ‘qualified’ enough” In some ways I do not think he means studied like Nicolai Sennels, or Stephen Coughlin or Robert Spencer.
    Or does he fear that his police force are not indoctrinated enough with “paneuropean union society philosophy” and can see things now for what they really are?

    He mentions “going up in flames” and for me draws my mind to seeing that burnt out hall, requisitioned and to be turned over for the use of refugees. Then using the words, “attacks on asylum camps, which is a number that has exploded in recent months”

    Really police the laws you have already got. If the case is printed up in full in the media or an open website so all and sundry can see how the judges make their rulings, then the rest of the people will know whether the police and judiciary are doing there job.
    Arrest and Prosecute the ones robbing grocery stores and any one else going over the law. How many have you arrested? What did the judge say?
    And by the same complaint about it happening a year ago or more , just how many arrests should they have been doing way back then, or just peddling along very slowly so as to not rock the boat.

    Will your government even allow deportation?
    Will the European Community allow deportation?
    Will the UN allow deportation?
    Change of law?? Change the government but I think the people like him will not want to change the Government.
    No mention of slowing or stopping the flow of migrants.

    Although he knew of the different muslim sects he thought it was good to push together as all were muslims. And same for the different ethnicity’s.
    Reason “When we do that, we basically already create parallel societies among the refugees; it just wouldn’t work”.
    Oh so does that mean he wants them pepper potted through out Germany? Sort of do it better than how the Turks have grouped up?
    Just where does he live? yeah right !
    Has he no experience or knowledge of what has been happening for decades, and the pressure muslim turks have been bring to bear , or is he really ok with it.

    I will grant him that ;- “concentrate on protecting those in need of protection,
    such as women, families and children, and especially Christians among these refugees, they need special protection from the state”.
    Even then, just whose women, family?, whose children ? ? If they are muslims. Even the woman and children can be as strident as the men in certain situations.

    Yes to look after the Christians;- though that will not be easy as at the end of the day as they are used to being dhimmis and so it is very ingrained in their culture as defence mechanisms too, but more of a opportunity to change.

    He makes it sound good using the word sharia law, but I am sure he is meaning; stabbings at the neck, stonings, lashings, amputations and such, and so German law must take precedence.
    What about prayer rooms? islamic plumbing? crosses removed? praying on the street? burkas and niqad, and what imans preach in the mosque?.
    After all we know how Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Gert Wilders and just mentioning about verses from the koran.

    He is opening a gambit using fear and then because you used some fancy words, that may allow the debate to widen, though I am sure you will dump on it with your speech laws. I do not believe you really understand what you are talking about, except to come down hard with increased man power, resources and indoctrination on anything that gets in the way of the multicultural goal,

    This multicultural diversity factor runs deep in this one.
    It does show just how deep this rot has set in, that “diversity of peoples” and unwittingly now moving to “the diversity of the individual” is better and just give us more time, plus some reinforcements more “quality” (indoctrinated/hardware?) with plenty more law and we will get there.

    Then we can in the next 2 generations reach our goal of “diversity of the individual” mixing the breeds into one ” nice gooey mixture” .

    Hey, your knowledge of islam is superficial as the soft-ware is wired into their hard-ware for the past 1400 years.

    Apologies if a bit long and if anything is doubled up. Am I seeing this right?

    • Well said. As you noted, the women and children are no more innocent or desirable than the men. The women are fully involved in honor killings, and they raise the next generation of Muslim men. The children . . . grow up. This is an alien race.

      Same goes for the Christian Arabs. Faith alone does not erase culture, which is a product of genetics. Bringing in a million Arab Christians would destroy Germany just as surely as a million Arab Muslims. Religion is important only in the sense that the Germans have lost theirs, and the Arabs are aggressively marinated in theirs. However, far more important is centuries of cousin marriage and cultural mores. These, again, have very little to do with religion. Demography is destiny.

  13. I am very surprised that he actually used the “M” word, though perhaps being police union, holding the best interest of his officers in mind, he had little choice.

    I believe it is too late for Germany and Sweden. Even if they were to close the border completely, which they won’t, the threat of Islam rebellion, and the inherent nature of a violent religion and culture with the millions of young males now, and their own aging population, peace cannot be maintained.

    All they can do is delay the inevitable by, at most, 10 years.

    Next, they will let 4-8 family members per migrant into the country. This will hasten the 10 year period down to, perhaps 5.

    They will be faced with the massive deportation of humanity, echoing Nazi desire to remove Jews, or they will be forced to cede a portion of their land and grant it to a new “Islamic” country. This would be typical European “diplomacy” in action, and is similar to “creating a Palestinian state” in their own country, just as they try to coerce Israel to.

    Once established, the truth will emerge: the supremacist -victim dichotomy inherent in Islam will then show itself by attacking their “borders” for the need for more room and “their fair share.”

    They seek to impose the “tax” upon the Germans (or Swedes) and will turn their new european islamic nation into a third world nation because of their ideology’s practical outworking.

    “Ishmael is a wild man, and his hand is against every man.”

    Supremacy ideology is at war always, as any success “must” be as a result of fraud, even one Muslim to the other. They do not celebrate the successes of others.

    As this spreads, looking ahead, it will lead to war between two nations; the old Germany and the ceded Islamic sovereign “state”, which the Islamist will do what they have always done: seek allies.

    The end result is in death or slavery.

    They will look back to this period of time and mourn the importation of their own enemies.

  14. A lot of the comments concerning stories such as this one note that ultimately, there might be a bloodbath in expelling the invaders.

    I think this sort of expectation is problematic. My basis for thinking so is the NATO action taken against the Serbs by NATO during the Bosnian and Kosovan wars. Essentially, NATO warplanes bombed the Serbs into submission in a civil war that the non-Muslims were winning.

    In retrospect, this action was as incredible, illogical, and counterproductive as the insistence by some Republicans that the US topple the Assad regime in Syria. It simply makes no sense.

    My expectation in European countries, any serious indigenous response to the crime and aggression of the invaders will be met by the local police, the national military, and if necessary, by the military of other European countries. In other words, resistance to the invaders will seldom be a local matter.

    If necessary, the EU may call for US military support to suppress local resistance, which under the Obama administration, may well be forthcoming. Once the EU develops its supra-national military capability, it will suppress all nationalist movements, including indigenous resistance to suicidal government policies.

    • When NATO was bombing Serbia, U.S. authorities (e.g. Albright) were saying it was great for international relations that we were siding with Muslims against Christians. It seems they expected the whole Islamic world to respond with gratitude. There are still people who say: “The Albanian Muslims really love Americans because of what we did!” And how long will that last?

      The same mindset was behind the bizarre notion from the State Department that we needed to bring more Muslims into the country after 9/11, the better to “understand” them (i.e. figure out how we need to change to please Muslims).

      • The notion didn’t originate with State. It was compassionate George W who started the “religion of peace” garbage. He had a prime opportunity to shut off immigration and overhaul our refugee policy, and instead doubled down. Globalism and its fruits.

        • The Bush ‘family’ is owned lock stock and barrel by Arab money? It must be dreadfully difficult trying literally to keep holding hands and doing the fairly for cash under and over the wire with those Christisn loving Saudi democrats?

    • RonaldB, it can only make sense if you accept the ‘Big Picture’ of an agenda toward One World Government through the unelected United Nations.

      Serbia was bombed because it was upsetting that agenda.

      Russia is now the Western World’s pariah because it is destroying part of that agenda in Syria.

      Both Russia and China are aware of that one world government agenda and want no part of it. They will continue to be the stumbling blocks to that agenda while ever they refuse to participate in bringing about such world totalitarianism – not because they object to that concept, but because it would place their own governments under such restrictions.

      So, as the third world moves in to our countries, those who are able to either flee to other safer areas or emigrate to where Islam is not so dominant will do so, but in the end everyone of us, excepting the West’s hierarchies, will be affected by mass immigration and will either accept the consequences of having a religion (Islam) forced down their throats or take up arms to fight the agenda.

      Russia and China are watching the slow destruction of the West and are awaiting the future results – as any clear thinking adversary not affected by MC/PC laws and UN Diktats would.

      But for us we must remain alert for as they say, forewarned is forearmed and those who are now awake to that agenda have the advantage over those who do not and also of those who think we do not know what their game is.

      There will come a time when you will need to seek out like minded people to form your own resistance.

  15. We in the West are waking up – minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day but will it be enough of us in time to save ourselves and a future for our children?
    How many of us are prepared to “Put it to the touch, to win or lose it all” (Montrose)?
    I, like you, am nothing more than a man and often less so all that I can do is but try.
    How you?

    • The question is will the German people wake up in time or will they simply enjoy their socialist belly rub as their throats are being slit by Muslim hordes?

      When I look at the PEGIDA protest numbers I’m horrified. They are small, and in the Western part of Germany, basically a joke.

      Maybe in a couple of months it will be different.

    • Seneca III,

      I believe the Globalists still view us as far too weak to mount an effective resistance. However, it is obvious they are accelerating their agenda because they view us as a growing threat to their plan.

      I see some hope, although I personally do not hold out that as any great possibility, that the political process may be reversed – but then that will only cause the Agenda to be placed on hold or hidden away for another more opportune time.

      Would be better to grab it by the throat so that all could see the Agenda and to what would have come of them if it prevailed, then let it slither quietly into the night for a future time to enact its agenda.

  16. Mark Steyn is right. “The future belongs to those who show up for it.” Demographics is destiny.

  17. Our Laws are not WEAK, they were written by Christians for Christians who have
    the inner self Government of Christ. This hoard is an INFECTION seeking a host
    to spread, multiply and destroy.
    This is simply Cloward and Piven, Islam style.
    Once again our laws are not weak, they are UNENFORCED.

  18. This interview is a good sign. The man speaks directly and truthfully.

    His power comes from the fact that he is actually dealing with the problem. If they shut him up, what will they do next?

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