The Multicult: Love It Or Leave It!

On October 14, District President Dr. Walter Lübcke (CDU, Chancellor Merkel’s party) gave a talk about the “refugees” to local citizens at a school in Lohfelden, in Germany. Dr. Lübcke told his audience that if they didn’t care for the influx of immigrants, it was their right as German citizens to… leave the country!

Yep, that’s the way to solve the “integration” problem: get all the racist Germans out of Germany. Then the Somalis and the Afghans can use their renowned engineering skills to build those top-quality kitchen appliances, not to mention the BMWs, to keep the European economy humming along. Germany will remain exactly the same, except there’ll be burkas instead of dirndls.

I can’t wait to cruise down the Rhine in a dhow, with fellaheen poling it…

Many thanks to Carpe Diem for translating this video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Related: an article about the incident in (in German).

Video transcript:

0:00   Let me finish speaking. I came here despite my damaged voice …
0:04   No. That “poor guy” was obvious.
0:08   You can keep your sympathy.
0:12   I’m proud that we as government, together with the team, with volunteers
0:16   contribute to that, and I thank the students and teachers for what I’ve seen in the newspaper.
0:20   I’ve always supported the school here, so that we pass that on at school
0:24   and bear fruits of having a great school
0:28   and the teaching of values in the churches
0:32   where we say, it’s worth living in our country.
0:36   There one has to take steps for values, and who doesn’t share these values can leave the country at any time if he doesn’t agree.
0:40   This is the freedom of any German.
0:52   Get lost!
0:56   I say explicitly, we have all freedoms.
1:00   And there is a democracy here.
1:04   Democracy?

24 thoughts on “The Multicult: Love It Or Leave It!

  1. Many of the readers here may have seen this, but it may be new to some:

    This is the argument against the “moral” argument for helping the poor migrants in the United States. Surely, someone could may a similar argument for immigration into Germany. Why do we let the multicultis get away with condemning us for our supposed lack of morality?

  2. These leftist Marxist wackos would be the first to jump to the defense of protecting a fragile ecology. Well, cultural ecology is no different! Cultures are fragile creations and can easily be destroyed by invaders. Look at the damage introduced species have done in the waterways where Chinese carp have devoured all the indigenous fish! A culture which promotes slavery, the denigration of women and abhors democracy needs to be rooted out before it can damage the native culture which took centuries to build at the sacrifice of untold deaths. [intemperate recommendation redacted]!

  3. I don’t understand. Why can’t German leaders look to the north and see what is happening in countries such as Norway and Sweden? Or in Great Britain and France? Do they want their women to be raped? WTF!

    • Look north? Germany’s further down the line than most, surely they are reaping the rewards of enrichment to a similar tune.

    • Europe is now Eurostan. Sweden, Belgistan, G.B. France and Norway are much under shiria law now and police won’t protect the citizens being raped, robbed and harassed by Muslims. These leaders are either Muslims themselves or will convert once the killings start or they may be killed anyway as they are no longer needed for the agenda of the control of these countries. I feel bad that leaders and citizens are lacking in critical/logical thinking for many years, and to see Europe fall to Islam and the apathy and cowardice of the people. They sure don’t know their history like when the Moors ruled Spain, the crusades, or the vast Ottoman Empire, etc. Bet they never heard of Charles Martel either. Laura in Alabama usa

      • If soccer matches or football games in particular were banned by infidel governments to allay Muslim insecurities, there would be a sea change The High Imam may claim that it is extremely worrying and concerning for most Muslims to see such a virtual army of infidels. It brings up images of The Crusades. (That was when the Christians interfered with Muslims getting on with their various genocides of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and many others now completely “cleansed” from the face of the earth, in peace.) With no outlet for all that energy guess what? I imagine soon enough the mere presence of Muslims anywhere will serve to unite REAL nations everywhere. EU or what not to do.

        • Anon3-

          The sad fact is that football is one of the few things the Ummah seems to derive pleasure from.

          Teams like Barcelona, Paris St. Germain, and Manchester City that are owned by Muslim entities such as Qatar Airways, Emirates Air, Ethiad, etc. have a fanatical following among the Ummah.

          In Saudi they have an utterly banal commentary program about their local league called “Action Ya Dawry.”

          Here in Algeria there are plenty of local “ultras” hooligan groups and the accompanying graffiti. They love to watch endless clips of him on YouTube even though he turned his back on this country and the RoP long ago…

          • Wow…someone needs more sleep…

            My last sentence was meant to read, “The locals love to watch endless clips of Zinedine Zedane on YouTube, even though he turned his back on this country and actively practicing the RoP long ago…”

  4. why don’t we welcome these German citizens as immigrants to our country? then our products would be the best built. we would have to remind them the cheaters never prosper and hold up VW and the example. I think we would be better off for their talents than a country that doesn’t deserve them.

    • Too many of these Germans are inculcated with the poison of “diversity of peoples and diversity of the individual”.
      To have the EU and countries with no borders.

      I would not want them contaminating my country and passing out the same “koolaid”. They only are only nimby (not in my back yard) people and have been quite ok with this ongoing program for years.

      The evidence of this
      1) is the “welcoming people” until they tired of that fad.,
      2) there is no opposition, that should have been ready to topple Merkel or any other of their local government, and officials.
      3) They vast majority are quite happy, and do not understand the consequences, and inconvenience and really believe the higher government will sort it all out with their social welfare systems. Now they want to stop it.

      To just move, to another country, and supposedly work, maybe for some it will work out, but just figure the depth of their socialist spreading ideas and now in another country and not learnt anything.

      Sort it out in your own country, own the problem, force the issue, get out and protest, organize, petition, change the government and EU policies.
      You will have to look at what you sold, freedom, principles, constitution, and what you have bought for yourself in your name for family and country.

      Perhaps the VW issue is just a small sign of your comprising insidious beliefs, as deeper problems are now arising., that threaten the whole of the EU, as if they are not following enough of the Kalergi Coudenhove plans.

      When you have an infection, you isolate, and quarantine it. Then watch and observe so that you may learn from it. You never ask people to come visit you when they are coughing, vomiting and sniffling.

  5. Last night I could not sleep because I was mulling over the stabbing of this Mayor in Cologne, the issue I have was simple, I found myself feeling no outrage at the man who stabbed her, in fact I found myself feeling that he was even some sort of hero and I was thinking through why I felt like that way which shocked me.

    The German government has put a news blackout on any reports that show the immigrants in a negative light.

    The German government is talking about confiscating peoples properties which is against key democratic values, the respect of property rights.

    Germans are being removed from their apartments that they have been in for years to make way for these people.

    At the speech detailed in this post the German government effectively says if you don’t like it then leave to Germans who went to a meeting to talk about the issues in their small community caused by these immigrants.

    A day later someone snaps and attacks one of the people who is part of the government.

    I am a law abiding person with only speeding tickets to my name, which as many know is a way to tax people, I am more informed about the true nature of Islam then most people, so I know what the German government is exposing their people too, but for me to reach this stage is actually scary and what was even more scary was that my wife agreed with my line of thought as did my son.

    Here we go [redacted]…

    • What you can do – and it takes bravery – is not to hide the truth, and pretend to believe what you don’t.

      You don’t need to lose your job and so on, but you do need to retain your sense of self-worth. if someone asks you directly then tell them what you think, in rational tones. Never agree to ‘celebrate’ the destruction of your country.

      I am quite valuable in my workplace, and can tell people to sod off, but for many years have refused to have anything to do with the thought-training involved in inane ‘Diversity and Equality’type workshops. If someone asks me my opinion I tell them straight – don’t like it, not my problem. And with this attitude, and if you can form a rational argument, people will respect you (or never speak to you again – fine).

      Through the long years of the USSR, very many Soviet citizens described the worst thing as the mismatch between what you thought – said – did.

      • I have done the same as you and paid for it with lost friends and family that barely talk to me and you know what, I don’t regret doing it one bit.

        I have read the Quran and many aHadiths, I have read Reliance of the Traveller and know the history of Muhammed, I understand abrogation and see how Islam affects people and can inform people why in as much detail as needed, but in spite of all that I have come to the conclusion that in 2016 when the ISIS attacks kick off in Europe only then will enough people wake up.

  6. The crowd seem a bit hostile with lots of booing ! I thought Germans were all for the flood of immigrants ruining their country !!!

  7. Well thats a new technique in “Ethnic cleansing” inviting native Germans to leave thier country ,to make way for “Fluchtlingers”.
    At least he was polite , i wonder how long that will last.

    • Well, AFAIK his personal adress is well known. If he is not polite anymore, maybe others are also not polite.

  8. The crowd don’t seem at all happy. And this is in Lohfelden, near Kassel. Slap bang in the middle of Germany. In West Germany – not the post-Communist, “xenophobic”, Pegida-friendly East…

    The people are all likely parents, concerned for the future of their kids. Not the refugee-loving Antifa students, concerned for the future of their “street cred”, in the eyes of their equally-clueless fellow students.

    But when the Antifa grow up, get jobs and have kids, we’ll see where they choose to settle… the multi-kulti ghettos like Berlin-Kreuzberg? Or the less-enriched areas in the suburbs? If such areas still exist, by that stage…

    From the clip above though, it seems like Germany’s much-lauded “Willkommenskultur” may already be becoming a thing of the past. A couple of months after it started…

  9. I’m sorry for Germany and most of Europe. The downfall will happen slowly. The immigrants having 5-6-7 children compared to 2 for the citizens. It won’t happen overnight but, it’s all they need. The islamization of Germany and Europe has begun. Coming soon to a city near you in the U.S.A. God bless all of us

  10. This is really a breathtaking message: leave your country – where your ancestors lived for God knows how many centuries – to make place for migrants. The cheek of some people!

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