The Merkel Mantra

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this op-ed by Alexander Wallasch published on Roland Tichy’s site about a recent softball interview with Angela Merkel that aired on the German television network ARD:

The Merkel Mantra
by Alexander Wallasch

Rarely ever was a declaration of bankruptcy wrapped into such a shallow, trivial package. Not one outcry, no indignation, no outrage. No anything. Two German dames chatting away comfortably in a studio, while reality was left at the door. And most of the media is rejoicing.

At any other time, this could have been a nice and neat little chit chat that Merkel and Anne Will delivered on last Wednesday evening’s show. But unfortunately, we have a suitcase full of problems.

The younger of the two dames started the evening with her signature farouche charm, which in days past has at times been irresistible. And Angela Merkel came across as much more relaxed than the seriousness of the situation should have allowed. Mostly because just hours before she superlatively survived her walk to Canossa with Hollande in the halls of the European Parliament without any serious incidents. Apart from the smack down she received from Le Pen, which the French president Hollande vehemently retorted to, with his small arms flailing about; one could be seriously concerned that he might accidentally K.O. the portly German lady sitting next to him. It was an example of micromanaging in German-French relations.

Grand production, weak content

Very relaxed in the Here and Now, the two girls sat across from each other in comfortable big leather lounge chairs at the Berlin ARD studio. Angela still wore the union blue blazer she had on in Brussels, and Anne came in exciting high heels and a dark oscillating pantsuit in a skintight size.

What the world had already said about Merkel last July could easily have been the opener for the show: “not limited emotionally, only verbally.” Already after the first few minutes, the audience was stricken with difficulty remembering that there was on the table nothing less than a landmark turning point, a watershed moment, for Germany. If there were any expectations, they were probably not met. What was Anne Will thinking? In question after question one could feel a peculiar inhibition, which was reminiscent of the hypnotic tableau right before the snake eats the mouse. Only that this time the final bite failed to materialize.

It couldn’t have been pity for the chancellor dame. Probably more of a mutual basic sympathy. But what was Anne Will’s real assignment to begin with? It could have been about nothing less than a simple analysis of the current state of affairs, a critical analysis of root causes and a perceptive contemplation of the problems at hand. About liability, responsibility, obligation and the incapacity to act accordingly. In other words: yesterday, today, tomorrow. Fiddlesticks! It was immediately agreed upon that the collaborative problems surrounding the refugee crisis are ‘forces of nature’ or ‘catastrophes’.

No bite into the problem area

It was a huge mistake. Because right in there was the chance of the the moderator: to first and foremost determine the root causes for the refugee wave, and to secondly unearth the blatantly wrong decisions and the past neglect/dereliction of the German government. What was that about Syria? What about the US engagement in the Middle East? What had German foreign affairs done to stop this catastrophe? Nothing.

And when Berlin did not dare to say or do anything to condemn devastating US military policy, exactly when was it decided to instead play the European card to end the carnage? Never! Already forgotten? The potentates of the Middle East were the much-courted European dialogue partners over many decades. All ties cut, and chaos ensued!

And we arrive at the present time: that would have been the moment of truth. And it came. Perfectly summed up by Focus online in one shattering sentence: “Clueless, not weak.” Pointedly stated: No clue, no plan, but still gaga-content.

In the vast ocean of purposelessness

And then, out of the deepest depths of armchair politics, shot from the stomach into the throat, this little brother of a 9/11-emotion, this feeling of paralysis as we sat there in front of TV screens and watched airplanes slam into buildings and we couldn’t at that moment possibly know what it meant or realize the depth of consequences and the kinds of catastrophes that single act had on the world.

That look at children playing with hand grenades, as if they were little baking moulds. Angela Merkel unreservedly clueless. Freely planless. Contentedly perspective-less. The person socialized in Western Germany at least still has an idea of the notion what it means to integrate millions of mostly Islamic-culture shaped people. The 60’s to the 90’s have left a lasting impression of understanding on the BRD-German. But Merkel cannot possess that same understanding. Merkel cannot possibly have that same understanding based on experience. And it was she, after all, who in 2010 declared that a German multicultural society is doomed to fail.

And so we get to a perspective for the future, of which little or nothing was mentioned between the two dames in their comfy leather armchairs. How exactly, please, is the litany of ‘we can do it’ going to give us any inclination what the future holds? No, the most obvious gigantic consequential problems were not talked about at all!

Ah yes, possibly the construction of new Home Improvement markets and new apartment buildings — Merkel even promised some concretes: A de-bureaucratization of building and code regulations — can take place. But sufficient housing is at the very beginning of a long chain of massive integration problems against which the integration expenditures of the past will look like a child’s birthday celebration.

No concern about flooding of skilled labor market

One thing is for certain: there will be no flood of skilled laborers among the newcomers, overflowing the German workforce. Most of them would need those precarious jobs that were available in abundance in the ‘60s but which are virtually non-existent in 21st-century Germany. And even if they still existed, they would have all been moved to minimum-wage-free countries by now anyway.

No, we now have to imagine a horde of millions of people, who will for years from now on depend on welfare. This was the reality that hung over the entire show like an invisible cloak, all the while in the background only Merkel’s selfie was shown with the “snuggling Syrian” (Anne Will).

And what all this will do to societal relations, especially for our future generations, we know all too well. Germany will change. But so completely and so very different from what these oblivious politicians tied so fatally into daily business ever would think possible. Rarely ever was a declaration of bankruptcy wrapped into such a shallow, trivial package. Not one outcry, no indignation, no outrage. No anything.

On the other hand, rarely was there any applause in the audience. It was an almost deafening silence. Yes, even a few tiny few Madam Chancellor tears over her own failure could not have possibly drawn a hurricane of audience approval. There was at least one thing though that this entirely inconceivable dismantling of political incapacitation has shown us: In this moment of truth, this moment of absolute clarity: “We can do it!” is not a statement of confidence, it is a slogan to persevere, a litany, a mantra.

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  1. The Islamic leopard has not changed it’s spots, it is still a leopard, and islam is, as it has always been, still the enemy.

    Unfortunately, many in the west are just too dumb to see it.

  2. “…right in there was the chance of the the moderator: to first and foremost determine the root causes for the refugee wave, and to secondly unearth the blatantly wrong decisions and the past neglect/dereliction of the German government.” Remove the word Germany and replace it with that of any other Western nation and the point still stands.

    Immigration is beneficial…

    What pros and cons did you include in your analysis and which led you to your conclusion?

    Immigration is beneficial…

    • It’s like when that clown in the German government said that there was “no limit” to how many “refugees” the country could take in.

      All I had to ask was “Can I see your math?”

  3. Despite every attempt by the mainstream media to portray Islam as a religion of peace, EVERYONE KNOWS this is not the case. So it is not ignorance. It is that the facts are an obstacle to the ruling ideology and the political elite’s determination, with the help of their Marxist supporters, to concentrate and subsume national powers into a singular EU empire. This is exactly how Soviet Communism operated by painting an entirely false view of reality. So did Hitler. It didn’t fool anyone before and it’s not going to fool anyone now.

    Merkel is digging her own grave PROVIDED the German people shape up and not give us a re-run of the flaccid, vassal mentality they displayed during the Third Reich! There was almost no German resistance movement against Hitler compared with the rest of Europe! That is something they ought to be ashamed of and can now restore their tarnished reputation as champions of the rights of citizens to be consulted before their leaders decide to destroy their society!

    • Interesting what you say about the media. The Daily Mail had a headline story today concerning the downing of Malaysian Flight 17 over the Ukraine. The headline read: ‘Russian missile killed pilots and cut jet in half………….’

      So anyone reading that headline would automatically think Russia was at fault in the downing of that aircraft because it was a Russian missile, but there is no convincing proof from the EU investigation or throughout the article that the airliner was shot down from the rebel side – aka by the media, as ‘Russian backed separatists’. But anyone who has been following that tragedy from day one would also know that the DM, as with other media, deliberately leave out other evidence that would in a court of law have to be included as part of an overall Brief of Evidence against the criminality of those deemed to be responsible.

      The article amounts to little more, and in my humble opinion, as propaganda against Putin by a Western media that is complicit with the Western agenda of trying to bring Russia down, at first by economic means, and as that is now not working, by military means if necessary.

      After I checked that story over I then read some of the comments and to my surprise estimate that at least two thirds of the comments I read are critical of the story which then tells me that many, many people are waking up to the lies that we are being fed by government and its lying media.

      I agree that the Germans, when most of them can throw off the fog of MC/PC stupidity, will take up what is now becoming common place throughout Germany, resistance to the New World Order.

      • And I meant to add: From memory, there was some where in the number of 65 attempts on Hitler’s life until his demise. That is not something to be taken lightly. Of course the last attempt cost many army officers and national heroes their own lives, many on the end of meat hooks.

        The movie, Operation Valkyrie, is a very good rendition of those times.

    • It seems that “democracy” through out the Western World, does not believe in debate, discussion, unless it is framed and controlled. Controlled by self/censorship, that uses naming and shaming as a weapon, that abuses tolerance from the ordinary citizen to shape the future for the policies it wants to impose.

      A lot of people whether unwittingly or wanting to become “social justice warriors”, to bring tolerance, peace and human rights for all mankind. To sacrifice all.

      It goes to a “belief of peace”, that anything is better than war.
      It is a price that we take on to look after our populace.
      What is a little bit of robbery? rape? increase taxes, provide room, etc. After all in this current world you can be a “little bit pregnant”, and not suffer child birth.

      A little bit of sharia law is ok, but our western laws will stop crucifixions and be-headings. It will all be figured out in our judiciary system with “all human rights” to be catered for.
      Protecting our people from war at any price.

      Where does that come from?
      Many of the EU leaders and backers received prizes like Merkel happily accepted like from the at the Federal Chancellery.

      The philosophy as espoused by Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove Kalergi,and his book “Practical Idealism”
      which then created “european society Coulden Kalergi” You may have to find on the page to language translation

      Another flow on “pan europea” Again may have to find on the page language translation

      This seems for me to be the philosophy that drives some of the key adherents, such as Merkel, Hollande and commissioners of the EU, so much so that they are blinded and oblivious to the train wreck happening to their own people, in the name of creating a new pan european people.

      So it becomes the undemocratic EU, is a system which courageously solves the problems itself created. just like Communism.
      “We” created the tyrannical system and since day 1 “we the wise governors” have been wrestling with the problems (it’s generated) or changing to another agenda, like the “Hooten Plan” The parallel is uncanny.!

      • Churchill warned about democracy outliving its usefulness. I think you and I could agree that all Western parliaments are running in the same race – we just get to change the riders every so often.

        Interesting too, how the narrative in the U.S. is that America is a ‘Democracy’ – no mention of the Republic that the U.S. is supposed to be.

        I believe Merkel is psychopathic with touches of megalomania as she displays some of the signs of such behaviour – all smiles and good cheer while deliberately destroying those she despises the most – her own people – as she accepts rewards and gifts for doing so from like minded folk believing in her own mind that she is actually doing good for Germany.

        I believe you can boil all those ‘ideals’ down to the common denominator that there must be a final solution for which man kind can all benefit – might have to kill a few million first before the final solution can come about, but hey, what is a few million?

        And that is the kind of thinking that socialism in all its guises eventually gets down to, and while there are folk on the planet who live for an ideal rather than settle for the reality of life on Earth and don’t much care for how they achieve it, then those of us who can see the evil in such thinking will need to be forever vigilant against such people.

        • Democracy has become too far away from the individual who has to pay the price. Always happens when the population gets bigger and the diversity divides up the representatives too.
          It is very rare in a Democracy that any change is done, as the tweedle dee and dum keep on passing the baton.

          I think we have become too far away from our representatives. Plus there are siren calls of money, money for the stadium, swimming pool, or some such complex. Then it is on a magical way how it will all be funded and will forever make a return. That is what you deserve for your city of inhabitants and your country will be bless’t with this wonderful attribute. So that politician sees themselves as a wonderful contributor, never mind where the money comes from.

          I think all of Merkels inculcation of seeing a new society that will all bravely go together for the perfect future. She truly believes, and more than enough other leaders, bureaucracy are all saying “yes” your clothes look wonderful. “Imagine all the people”.
          The price of how many people to be sacrificed, will be played with like a cat with a mouse, one moment helping the mouse, then cuffing it again to entrap it to silence, but rarely does the mouse escape.
          As you mention, it will be the people she despises, and she will get the rest of her sycophants to line up the word that it is what had to be done and it really was no loss.

          Her opposition are not really landing any hits on her, as that young child did saying “no clothes”.
          Instead the cries about that “drowned child” rose to a crescendo, and all the followers beseechingly crying that we all have to do something.

          Just what points can we hammer at that makes sense? Is it economic? What does hit the wallet of a voter?

          Is it the health system, as some people may have to wait longer for hip replacement. Or some more diseases becoming prevalent.

          Is it the education system, where your child goes to school, that is now struggling to cope, or as government cuts back funding.?
          Can we get the university’s to allow more “free speech” with hearty debate and discussion that will over flow out into the media too.

          Will it be employment? Some will win in the more social work system, if they can cope with the increased stress. How will the equality of rights for immigrants to be employed compete?
          Or is the policy that people in many cases feel an insecurity of job, so are therefore owned by the government.

          Is it security, can the police protect you? What are the chances of you being affected by a crime. What will they do if you make too much civil protest.

          I do realize that there is one important part also, though at the moment I would not give tuppence for the higher echelon of leaders. That is the church. It is a place to meet, to release tension and to consider the right things to be done, and to gather strength. To be “Wise as a Serpent and Harmless as a Dove”
          To be more effective on government, authorities, and the immigrants. A place that is staunch, a place to go to, that can give protection to the ones who want to apostatize. To give effective strength to each other when government pressures come to bear such as on “free speech” or when protests occur, whether from islam or elsewhere.

          It may be one area that ordinary people may be able to take back, as in some senses the church structure is weak. Then working there way up through council parishes and also eventually to make a change higher up. Perhaps a new source of leadership?

          For me I think of Father Zakaria Boutros and how effective some of his speeches, interviews and lectures would be to a congregation, from his understanding of Christianity, and the work he has done exposing islam.

          It must be effective as islam has reputedly put a $50,000,000 bounty on his head.

          What church could deny his testimony of Coptic faith? His knowledge of islam and how to treat muslims.

          • I note that the anti-Pope is getting resistance to his commie agenda from some of his more ‘enlightened’ Cardinals.

            I’ll bet the Globalists are very perturbed by this event!

            Interesting to see where this will end up. Hopefully, the anti-Pope will be deposed and the Vatican can then get back to more normal relations with its ‘flock’ minus the Commie/Globalist agenda.

        • And like Churchill, we must keep throwing things, doing things, as we never know what precise action will start to pry open the can of worms.
          Like doing a bombing raid over Berlin of which reaction by Germany took just enough critical pressure off the RAF, by them changing their focus to bomb Britain’s cities. That allowed the RAF to inflict large causalities on the Luftwaff, so that a seaborne invasion of England could not happen and the focus of Germany’s energy went on to attack Russia.

          It could be in the opposition’s reaction that opens up a chink that we can leverage open more. Gaining more time, skills, tools and for us to bring a change of public opinion.

          Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty— never give in, except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.

          So be strategic, to live and fight more strongly on another day or take take a stand, and yet tactically looking for any advantage to be exploited.
          So in part we must look after ourselves, to guard and build up our strengths, so that we are not disheartened but to be more effective.
          Never give up

          • Excuse pedantry, Simpleton, but following an appeal from Roosevelt, the British and Germans avoided deliberate targeting of civilians until August 1940, when a lone Heinkel 111, separated from its formation, dumped its bombs through cloud and ran for base.
            Unfortunately it was over London, civilians were killed, and the RAF retaliated against Berlin. History is full of SNAFUS… although by then, the Luftwaffe was already suffering unsustainable losses attempting strategic bombing by daylight, and glad to switch to area bombing of cities by night.

            I’ll spare readers the subsequent attempts by the Germans, Brits and Americans to wage war by air power alone.

  4. Portly German leader…. do butterflys have wings???

    Portly indeed… FATTY, FATTY 2 x 4 cannot get through a LOGICAL sentence about what is NOW facing her country!
    she is deliberately on the DENSE side and secretly working with the NWO/SOROS/EU/ BRZEZINSKI in order to build that army she needs to invade RUSSIA.

  5. Camerov-Porcius Felatius Capito- just made “Islamophobia” a specific crime in UK.

    • What IF you just HATE or DISAGREE with islam and are NOT “afraid ” of it… you know a phobia???

      HYDROPHOBIA?? fear of water.

      Churchill said something to the effect that islam in a man is worse then RABIES ( hydrophobia) in a dog.

      I wonder how many hairs will be split on this in a court room??

    • from Algemeiner:
      In the wake of Tuesday’s multiple attacks in Jerusalem and Ra’anana, in which three Israelis were killed and dozens wounded, the Israeli defense establishment assessed that they were not perpetrated by “lone wolves,” Israeli website nrg reported later the same day.

      Does anyone feel what the predicament and dilemma the Jews are in?
      Western media and elites are responsible for emboldening muslims and Palestinians everywhere.

      If western elites are trying hard to surrender their countries to islam, how could they have the honor to feel for the Jews?

      • Apparently, the Jews of Israel are being told to arm themselves, which many have done with great gusto.
        That’s not likely to happen anywhere in Western Europe at any time.

        • I’ll bet the Eastern Europeans are doing so.

          Given the numbers of Israelis who’ve served in the military, gun ownership wouldn’t be a problem. They wouldn’t be out “celebrating” by shooting off their weapons as their Darwin-award enemies do.

          • To the contrary, gun ownership is strictly limited in Israel, gun owners are severely restricted in the number of bullets they can buy for their entire life (50), and the Israeli citizen cannot carry weapons unless in an authorized organization such as police, the armed forces, security, or the militia.


            It occurs to me that the strict Israel gun-control laws might actually be a government-mandated jobs program, where plentiful jobs are created for security personnel by preventing the do-it-yourself security precautions by the general population. It actually doesn’t seem to have turned out that badly. At this point, I almost always hire a professional to do even small house repairs, and I almost always feel that the professional quality of the job more than makes up for any extra money I might have spent.

            But, let’s put to rest the notion that Israel has anything even close to the second amendment. It doesn’t.

    • Guy, I may have missed this one. The way I heard it they were still considering it. Presumably that’s the new UN blasphemy law that the OIC has decreed that everybody should sign up to.

  6. I still do not get why Merkel is deliberately sabotaging Germany like this.

    I could see a leftist (Social Democrat or Green) doing this, but this woman came from a country where such leftists repressed her.

    Why adopt their suicidal tendencies?

      • Dymphna, you are very likely right. Her communist past is not disclosed, her alleged theses in physics… nobody ever saw it. It is like Obama’s birth certificate. When I look at her politics, I see a work of an communist agent. I seriously think she is left behind bei der SED. And she is highly psychopathic.

      • In the former East Germany, just about EVERYBODY was an informant, because you were forced to be. If you refused, you died in jail. The Stasi, being a German secret police, was naturally especially efficient at this.

        This does not mean that the informers believed in the regime. When you are basically forced at gunpoint to snitch, you hate the regime more.

    • Maybe the horrors the Germans committed in WWII are finally becoming so well known (after the Net and all the movies) that the German people have unconsciously decided to change their national character so that its nationalism and racial supremacy theories will disappear from history forever. Perhaps they need to punish themselves?

      The problem with this theory is that other western countries–esp. the UK and France and Sweden and many others who were innocent of WWII atrocities are doing the same dhimmi dance.

      So, a better theory might be the Postmodernism mental infection theory, coming through our schools. Like some bizarro mental contagion.

      It is a great dilemma of our times how so many people can do things that hurt their survival. Darwin’s principles in reverse.

      • Yes, it’s not only the Germans, practically all western European countries are infected by the same sickness. However, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Romania, Poland and the Baltics are holding firm, so that is where European culture might persevere while the rest of the continent is being islamized.

  7. This text is from Alexander Wallasch
    not from Roland Tichy!
    Please change the Autorname!

    • Sorry — I changed it in one place, but forgot about the other one! Thanks for pointing it out.

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