The Klepto-Kids of Berlin

Nash Montana has translated an article about the culture-enriching “youths” of Berlin, multiple recidivists who receive virtually no punishment at the hands of the state, and brag about their larcenous exploits.

They are known as klau-kids in German. The translator includes this note about the term:

“Klau-Kids” — I don’t know how to translate that. It would literally mean “Steal-Kids”, or “Thieve Kids”, but I’m sure there are better expressions.

Klauen means swipe, steal, pilfer, lift.

I chose “klepto-kids” because it retains the alliteration. Also, I strongly suspect the Greek word kléptes (thief) is cognate with klauen, which would make it appropriate. But there isn’t really any commonly-used equivalent English idiom.

Maybe we should call them “Light-Fingered Louies”…

The translated article from Bild:

The Police Keep Releasing Them and They Coolly Pose and Brag on the Internet With Their Loot

Klepto-Kids Laughing Down the Police

by Nicole Biewald

Berlin — Thumbs up, sword in hand and a wide grin on his face. Ten criminal investigations of theft and larceny fill the dossier the police maintain on Walid K. (19) from Berlin. But in his photos on the Internet he keeps happily presenting himself with the fruits of his thievery: Smartphones, money, laptops, designer sunglasses.

The police have repeatedly arrested the 19-year-old and his buddies, and they are repeatedly let go again.

The police estimate that there are at least 150 “Klepto-Kids” active in Berlin. According to investigations, they come from Eastern Europe and North Africa, and have zero to multiple passports.

Most of these kids have pending asylum applications, but live without permanent addresses in Berlin. Example: Ismat O.; he claims he’s 16 years old. The Tunisian possesses two passports.

“Quite possibly in neither passports is his real name stated,” says one investigator. He is not registered, and gets caught stealing regularly. At current time there are more than twenty separate open cases against him for theft, robbery, and criminal property damage.

But despite all that, he is not held in custody. Bodo Pfalzgraf (52), the Chief of the German Police Union in Berlin, says: “It is absolutely incomprehensible that criminals like him are not held in pretrial detention.”

Martin Steltner (55), speaker of the Berlin Prosecutor’s office: “From a legal standpoint we need compelling suspicion of a crime having been committed. But exactly that can be difficult to determine with pickpockets.”

In other words, the offender would have to have been observed committing the crime by witnesses, which is hardly ever the case.

Another problem: Police report that judges are simply unwilling to write out warrants for so-called minor offenses like pickpocketing.

Pfalzgraf: “Every judge has pretty much his own reasons for why offenders don’t have to go to pretrial detention.”

None of these crimes bears any influence on an individual offender’s asylum application. “Even delinquents can file citizenship applications that have to be examined.”

Paragraph 53 of the Residency Act in Germany says an offender can only be deported if he is charged with a crime that bears a sentence of a minimum of three years. After that, whether the offender is an adult or a child does not matter.


The first picture in the article with the guy on the couch and sword in hand:

“Already 10 criminal investigations against him, but not a trace of regret: Walid K. (19) posing with a sword and his loot.”

Second picture of two kids giving the finger:

“Two well-known thieves show their loot and the middle-finger. Ismat O. (16, left) has been investigated over 20 times.”

Third picture of kid in blue hoodie:

“Nabil Z. (16) beams into the camera with four smartphones in his hands. He posted this picture of himself on his Facebook page.”

12 thoughts on “The Klepto-Kids of Berlin

  1. Anarcho-tyranny. The state refuses to enforce the criminal law but goads and harasses honest citizens who oppose the political class.

    In the U.S. illegals can be deported (ha) because they are illegal not because they have committed an offense of a certain degree of seriousness. What the illegal hopes is that his crime, if any, is not a crime of “moral turpitude” which is an inexact term signifying more than crimes decent people would refrain from discussing at the dinner table. CoMT will prevent an illegal from ever returning by any legal means, whereas illegals, even those convicted of minor crimes, can hope to apply for entry later from outside the country.

    • The USA doesn’t do things perfectly, but at least they try to do something, and have a surprising degree of success.

      In some other countries, the severity of the crime that you’re allowed to get “away with” without being deported, depends on how long you’ve been crime-free in that country before, i.e., if you have been a resident 10 years and get nailed for shoplifting once, okay, but if you’re into rape after your first month, it’s FREE ONE-WAY TICKET HOME STRAIGHT FROM JAIL!

  2. In Sweden these often unaccompanied bearded ‘children’ claiming to be 14 years of age and assessed with the intellect of the second grade are planned to be placed in classrooms with nine year old girls. We are told by the both the bourgeois ruling parties and the entirety of the wilting seven leaf clover coalition(which BTW will all be meeting tomorrow October 16th with the Sweden Democrats/Sverigedemokraterna (SD)uninvited to the conference yet again) that these ‘precious gems’ are the future of Sweden and are to be considered as all unsustainable illegal immigration which is in violation of both the Dublin and Schengen agreements in Sweden today as an OPPORTUNITY.

    I Sverige är dessa ofta ensamkommande skäggiga ‘barn’ som påstår att de är 14 år gamla och bedömda att ha ett intellekt motsvarande andra klass planerade att bli placerade i klassrum tillsammans med nioåriga flickor. Vi blir tillsagda av både de borgerliga regerande partierna och hela den vissnande sjuklöverns koallition (som förresten alla skall mötas imorgon den 16 oktober med Sverigedemokraterna/SD oinbjudna till konferensen återigen) att dessa ‘små juveler’ är Sveriges framtid och skall ses som all ohållbar illegal invandring som bryter emot både Dublin- och Schengen-överenskommelsen i Sverige idag som ett BRA TILLFÄLLE.

    [ADMIN NOTE: The first paragraph appears to be a translation of the second]

    • Those “precious gems” ARE in fact the future of Sweden, because the ruling class and a majority of Swedes have chosen to make it so. If native (non-immigrant) Swedes wish to make a claim to the future, for themselves and their offspring, they clearly are going to have to fight for it.

  3. This guy is a plain simple thief, a parasite on society. Unfortunately he comes from a culture that glorifies such things.

  4. “In other words, the offender would have to have been observed committing the crime by witnesses, which is hardly ever the case.”

    Could that be another aspect of the “pull factor” of Germany – perhaps even more significant than welfare?

    • Certainly as this kind of activity gets noticed elsewhere, cue for others to decamp and gravitate towards these countries run by complete morons. Consider it as a a free pass from pester/ provoke, leading up to rioting & also murder at the other end of the scale.

      Plus, I would say, even if the ‘migrants’ aren’t criminals to start with, the fact that they aware of those that get away with all kind of anti-social behaviour on the way to Germany, will likely to increase the incidents and severity of them.

  5. I came across the following headline:

    Michael Bay’s Benghazi Movie Could Hit Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

    Marines killed in Benghazi. . . turned to a film? Is this not fit for a court and trial to see the details of what happened?

    Hey America . . . where are you going? No honor no conscience no justice.

    Ah Stalin was bad.

  6. The situation of the “stealing kids” unhampered by any law-enforcement activity reminds me of a talk by the underrated developmental economist genius, Peter Bauer.

    Bauer talked about the law enforcement of underdeveloped countries, and how they emphasize procedure over results. The arresting officer builds up an arrest record with these “kids”, but no prosecutor is willing to undertake the time-consuming task of actually incarcerating or deporting them. Also, the stealing kids are protected by a substantial immigrant community which is well-organized. It is politically risky for a detective or prosecutor to go out on a limb to take effective action.

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