The Islamophobia of Miloš Zeman (Again)

We’ve posted a number of pieces in the past featuring the refreshing statements by Czech President Miloš Zeman on the topics of immigration and Islam. The Council of Europe doesn’t find them to be so refreshing, however. From its point of view, the president is a hidebound “Islamophobe” who must learn the error of his ways.

President Zeman isn’t ready to get with the program just yet. According to him, the word “Islamophobia” remains undefined. Gates of Vienna and ICLA couldn’t agree more.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for translating this article from Parlamentní listy:

I wish that they did not cut your head off [while you are] alive. Miloš Zeman answered the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance, which had called him an ‘Islamophobe’.

October 14, 2015

Czech President Miloš Zeman is a big Islamophobe. At least, according to the commission from the Council of Europe which deals with “racism and intolerance”. The president himself addressed the accusation during his visit to the Zlín region. He is apparently surprised, because he has no idea, what it means to be an Islamophobe, nor how the term itself is actually defined.

President Miloš Zeman, while visiting the Zlín region, reacted to the accusation that he is an Islamophobe. He is apparently surprised, because he himself does not know what that “Islamophobia” actually is. “The term Islamophobia has never been properly defined. I speak against Islamic radicalism,” he explained during a visit to the company Kovarna Viva in Zlín.

“So, for the authors of this information, I have just one wish: that somebody will not cut their heads off [while they are] alive,” the President ended his speech.

This was a reaction to the assertion, which was found in a report if a Commission of the Council of Europe. The full name of this [organization] is the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance and, on Wednesday, it released a report sharply critical of Czech politicians.

“ECRI was informed by numerous sources that political expressions of intolerance are not rare features, especially in times near elections. The most common targets are the Roma and immigrants. Lately, however, Muslims have become victims of increased Islamophobia,” is, among other things, written in the report.

As the greatest Islamophobes in the Czech political arena, the report named Tomio Okamura and also President Miloš Zeman. Regarding them, the commission raised its eyebrows over some of their statements, including some older ones. “Even the President himself is considered to be an open holder of anti-Islamic views; in the year 2011, reportedly in an interview with a magazine, he stated that ‘moderate Muslim’ is contradicto in adjecto, or a self-contradiction, in the same way as ‘moderate Nazi’ is a contradicto in adjecto,” is an example of what is written in the report.

“He also declared that Islam is not a religion of peace and much less so of tolerance, but a religion of hatred”, is written in the report. The report was brought to attention in Czech mainly by a non-profit organization Clovek v tisni [People in Need].

Photo (not shown here): President Miloš Zeman and Mayor of the Zlín region, Stanislav Mišák.

On a related note, our Czech correspondent Margita tells us that Bill Warner will be present at a conference on October 27 in the Senate of the Czech Parliament under the auspices of President Zeman. The title is: “Europe, Immigration and Islam”.

Hat tip for the article: Green Infidel.

16 thoughts on “The Islamophobia of Miloš Zeman (Again)

  1. They are smearing him in preparation for getting rid of him. The Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary have little economic power compared to Germany.

    But as wars are won through determination, they may succeed. For the sake of civilization, I hope so. There will be many in their own countries who will betray them – as happened under Communism.

    We have deteriorated severely when someone who proclaims the truth is patronized and slandered yet those lying through their teeth hold the reins of power! This is an abomination!

    • Ultimately moral strength beats economic power. Merkel and the rest of the traitors betraying their own peoples are evil and they will pay for it.

      I watched a video of Merkel and some other people being relentlessly booed by a sea of people who had braved the rain to do it, but they just laughed. They are so out of touch it was excruciating to watch.

      • I believe that is an old video taken in 2012, possibly. The name on a Green election sign is probably a mayoral candidate’s. Merkel was talking at an election rally I surmise.

  2. Proceed with great caution Mein Herkel because just one trip right now could unify the masses for whom you apparently have so much disdain for. Once ‘they’ get going your disorganized Muslim invader rabble will be expecting delivery of serious protection. Maybe that’s why you may need the Turkey military on board with full access. Even hopeless Saudi toady Muslim Obama could join in?

    • She’s in the Ottoman Empire now sucking up to Urgebegone. She wants to fast track the Turk’s accession to the EU.

      This woman is vile. While millions of Muslims are headed Germany’s way, this smug woman capable of casting spells and flying on a broom is looking for ways to get even more to come.

  3. This meme can be highly effective, if the West (us) have the [redacted body parts] to press the issue.
    Just WHAT morally/ethically/legally is meant by that term “Islamophobia”?? Since there is a mounting EU attempt to PROSECUTE parties/people/groups for the ‘crime’ we had better get this matter nailed down ASAP. Since decapitation is unpleasant at the minimum, fear of same does hardly class one as “phobic” by any definition at all. Thus we should be bashing all muzzies everywhere and at every opportunity with a demand for a LEGAL, ENFORCEABLE definition of the term.
    While we are at it, we should add a demand for a LEGAL, ENFORCEABLE translation of their ‘book’ or ‘books’ while we are at it. To English at the very least, and preferably French and German as well as all the recognized EU countries. We could run it right up their collected [redacted orifices] every day in every way.
    The won’t do it, of course, and thus we have ANOTHER club to bash them with.

    Happy bashing.

  4. Islamophobia? I’m still struggling with the absence of any universally recognised definition of Racism.

    • It means love of humanity. Muslims have no concept of God or love of humanity. Go figure.

  5. Islamophobia can only mean fear of islamic racism. Why have a word for it, when one can simply be called anti-racist or tolerant person?

  6. A phobia is defined as an irrational fear.

    Despising islam and being worried about the effects of tens of thousands of illegal muslim immigrants arriving in your country to collect their jizya is hardly irrational.

    The irrational behaviour is the Stockholm Syndrome being shown by the supposed leaders and intellectuals of the West.

  7. Don’t import this Mr Zeman: Seven men have been charged following an investigation into child sexual offences in Bristol.

    The charges follow a series of warrants which were executed at four locations in Bristol and an address in Newport, South Wales, in May.

    The offences we’ve been investigating are alleged to have happened in the Bristol area between 2009 and 2013 against seven girls, who were aged between 12 and 15 at the time.

    Mohammed Dahir Osman AKA Iman, 28
    Abdirahman Galal AKA Ramsey, 25
    Mohammed Ismail Dahir AKA Kamal, 23
    Sakariya Hassan Sheikh AKA Zak, 22
    Abdirashid Abdulahi, AKA Older Abs, 22
    Nasir Ibrahim Mahamoud AKA Ace, 22
    Nuridin Mohamoud, AKA Ahmed, 21

  8. Leaders of eastern Europe seem to be much more sober-minded and far less affected by the idiotic ideology of multiculturalism and ‘tolerance’ than their Western colleagues (who seem to be more fit for a quite life in a cosy mental home than for the stormy world of high politics).

  9. The ECRI complain that Zeman described Islam as “a religion of hatred”.
    Why the complaint?
    “Allah (SWT) tells you to … hate those whom He tells you to hate …
    Therefore you must love the Muslims … and hate the kuffaar … .”
    “As a muslim I must have hatred towards everything which is non-Islam.”
    Anjem Choudary.
    The “excellent pattern” for muslims to show to non-muslims is:
    “between us and you animosity and hatred forever” Koran 60:4.
    The Koran is part of Islamic law.

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