The Death Throes of a Continent

Below is a synopsis of editorial opinions on the “refugee crisis” and the Islamization of Europe, as compiled and narrated by Czech Independent TV.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


03:40   Israeli experts claim that
03:44   Islam is staring to rule Europe, and that Europe itself is to blame.
03:48   Europe, as we know it, is over. The outlet
03:53   with an article by Max Baustein, taken from the website,
03:57   said: “Judge for yourself how true this is
04:02   in the last week. Europe has lost its will to live as Europe, which can now
04:06   be seen in Museums of History. Unless its leaders don’t stop
04:10   this immigration, we will soon witness the death throes of this continent
04:15   as we know it.” writes the Middle East expert Dr. Kedar,
04:20   whose opinion was sought by Israeli website Ynet in connection with
04:24   recent events in Europe. Last year
04:28   over 7,000 Jews moved to Israel from France, and the main reason for their emigration
04:33   is the growth of Islamic radicalism. The website states that even if
04:37   it may be a bit of demagoguery to unite, under the term Islamic extremism,
04:41   the murder of one soldier in London, the stabbing of another in Paris and
04:46   and the violence in Sweden, it is impossible to ignore the fact that all three cases have something
04:50   in common. Behind all of them are migrants from African, Muslim countries.
04:55   Dr. Libman, who studies the impact of the Muslim minority,
04:59   in Europe, with regard to radical Islam in European countries, also sees
05:03   a clear connection. Undoubtedly unemployment and economic difficulties
05:08   lead to unrest, as it happened in France. Yes, there
05:12   exists a disadvantage compared with regular European
05:16   townsfolk, but this is not just bitterness due to economic situation,
05:21   because unemployment also exists among youth who are not Muslims
05:25   as is true, for example, in Spain. Muslims have
05:30   a fertile ground in mosques, which rile them up. They preach to them
05:34   that they are being deprived of rights, that they do not fit into society and are not wanted
05:39   and that the only solution is a country with an Arab majority. This is the
05:43   starting point of the unrest. According Dr. Libman,
05:47   Sweden is an example of this – where propertyless migrants from poor countries get
05:51   housing, food, and support, but they remain angry at the establishment.
05:55   In other countries, they would not receive the [monetary] support they get there.
06:00   The conditions are much better than in the past, even though it is true that there is a big
06:04   difference between the lower class [and higher classes] – and bitterness and deprivation do exist.
06:08   But the economic conditions are also in the their countries of origin, where they were ruled
06:13   by rich tyrants. In Sweden, where the most powerful class is citizens
06:17   and not tyrants, they theoretically have an equal chance to reach this level,
06:22   with a bit of luck. Some have even succeeded in integrating into local
06:26   and national politics. There is no oppression of Muslims, to the contrary.
06:31   And yet, we still witness these outbursts of violence.
06:35   According Dr. Kedar, it is well known that this process will end with
06:39   the disintegration if the current state of Europe. This all results
06:43   from the current softening of Europe, which Muslims perceive as a weakness,
06:47   as if they were getting Europe into their hands for free. They will not voluntarily integrate;
06:52   whole city sections will maintain the culture that they brought with them. They do not bother with
06:57   language or economics, but stay inside their enclaves. Once a Frenchman of Algerian
07:01   heritage told me that they are not moving from Algeria into France, but that
07:05   they are bringing Algeria into France.
07:09   If they had wanted to integrate into the society as the European representatives had hoped,
07:14   it would not pose a problem.
07:19   But since they want to retain their own identity and to change Europe, it is, of course,
07:23   a big problem. Every year more Muslims than non-Muslims are born in France.
07:28   Japan has no Muslims, because they do not facilitate this. Racism?
07:32   Perhaps. Superiority? Perhaps. They don’t care.
07:36   They want to maintain Japan, and they look down on everyone else, Kedar added.
07:41   According to Libman, the dream of European representatives, especially
07:45   of German Chancellor Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron, is to see the second
07:49   and third generation of immigrants as common citizens and to break down the intentional
07:54   segregation of the Muslim migrant community. In each host country
07:58   there are thousands of mosques, especially in key countries such as Germany and France,
08:02   and the UK. Parents, even those who had assimilated into
08:07   European society, do not forget to send their children to ‘traditional’ schools.
08:11   The affinity between origin and religion is ever-present, and that much more to
08:15   the global Muslim entity, rather than the actual country of origin.
08:19   We can see these trends in their countries of origin: Turkey,
08:23   Egypt – all these places Islam is discussed as something ‘global’.
08:28   And the answer to how long Europe can manage
08:32   this situation, I don’t have a very optimistic answer. He says:
08:36   Since WWII Europe has been very sensitive to anything
08:40   connected with human rights and freedom. On the other hand, it absorbs
08:45   foreigners who are not integrating into society. Europe needs
08:49   a workforce, because the birthrate is so low. But does it need those migrants who
08:54   want to change the religious identity of the continent?
08:58   That is from the author Max Baustein
09:03   and on the webpage of rscz and also
09:07   Ynet, which are the Israeli pages and in English.

17 thoughts on “The Death Throes of a Continent

  1. What is being trashed is the concept of a community united by a shared history, language and cultural values. This is ancient and revered tradition is being summarily replaced by the concept of a community comprised of atomized individuals from various historical backgrounds, languages and various political identity groups of feminists, gays, transgenders, ethnic minorities (who REFUSE to give up THEIR national identities) and what you will – make up your own reality.

    Obviously this situation leads to conflict but fortunately we have at our elbows the Shepherd State in the form of our shepherdess Merkel, or shepherd Obama, ready to herd us like sheep into a pen and ENFORCE tolerance, MANAGE our antipathies and CONTROL us until we recognize that we are no more than feudal serfs at their command.

    Until we are prepared to overturn and root out the evil of Marxist PC ideology which has murdered Western culture, our demise is inevitable. I suggest it is a pack of cards and will blow over with a show of force, as will the barbaric stupidity and primitive atavism of Islam, the inane teenage experimentation of ‘choose your own gender’ and all the other bacterial blooms of Post-Modernism.

    The ‘Marxist feminization’ of Western culture has been a disaster!

    • It isn’t just the Marxists who are the problem. In the U.S. at least, there are the libertarians who believe that all people should be able to live wherever they want (and that border controls are “unethical”), and the free-market “conservatives” who believe that economic growth is all that really matters and that it absolutely requires more and more immigration, regardless of the cultural background and habits and attitudes of the immigrants.

  2. Commune dweller Merkel from the Soviet era and Obama from the ISIS here and now. Not a time to be hugging trees.

  3. “Europe needs a workforce, because the birthrate is so low.”
    The solution is simple: Manage industries in a way that fits the needs of people, not the other way (managing people to fit the needs of industries).

    • Inspite if the 50,000,000 plus bought and paid for faithfully departed folk during WW2 Europe nonetheless took care of the rebuilding business without importing 50,000,000 unwilling workers and willing shirkers from deepest darkest Islum. Until the 1960’s.

      • Way back in the dim, dark ages if WW II–the good ‘ol U, S, of A built:
        Over 100 aircraft carriers–manned and ‘planed them, too.
        Built THOUSANDS of warships, including huge battleships, cruisers, and more thousands of transports.
        Over ten THOUSAND each of many different types of aircraft.
        Funded and built (for the USSR) the equivalent of 30-35% of its prewar GDP in food, goods and weaponry.
        Built an army of seven MILLION–whilst feeding much of the world, and FUELING it too.
        Not to mention the “Manhattan Project” that took about 30% of our GDP a the time.

        Our population at the time: 140,000,000. No cellphones or laptops, either.

        Just who says Europe (AND the ‘West’) needs all them A-rab workers, anyway??

        • Yes indeed. Also women were part of the great “we” in WW2. The 1970’s freedumb created a separate “female race” somehow – according to some. How did the first Muslim and his virtually powerless slave wife even get past go?

      • The real power behind this are the banks, they need more money for their balance sheets. Section 04:02 sums it up nicely – Europe is ruined.

    • Whenever I hear the open-borders pseudo-conservatives insist that “our economy needs more immigrants,” I wonder: Isn’t our economy supposed to serve us, the citizens — not the other way around?

  4. How we got here.

    Kenneth Minogue’s “The Servile Mind” details how Western “democracy” has destroyed the moral life in the West, leading us to turn on ourselves and our extraordinary achievements. He notes that whilst we do this, vast numbers of people are desperate to get here and share in what we have created. Published in 2012.

  5. I’ve brought it up before, but I have the strong conviction there is a genetic basis to the apathy, mendacity, and cowardice of the political and wealthy classes.

    The critical factor was the mass killing of modern war technologies, beginning with around World War I. Prior to that, there was wealth and honor and higher chance of survival for the most intelligent, capable, and courageous soldiers.

    Beginning with the killing fields of World War I, the payback for courage and honor was the mass death of the upper class children.

    “Although the great majority of casualties in WW1 were from the working class, the social and political elite were hit disproportionately hard by WW1. Their sons provided the junior officers whose job it was to lead the way over the top and expose themselves to the greatest danger as an example to their men.”

    Who had the highest survivability in the era of mass killing? The intelligent bureaucrats, who know how to keep their heads down and use the bureaucracy to accumulate wealth and power to themselves.

    The real warriors of courage and ability were relegated to the status of working class or lower:

    Is it any wonder, then, that modern Western governments are led by intelligent, but narrow, self-serving, amoral elites whose primary objective is to morass power for themselves?

    The blame can also be attributed to socialism. The masses supported socialist governments, thinking the governments could take the money of the wealthy and spread it around. In fact, socialism centralized power, so total power could be gained simply by exhibiting the right bureaucratic moves. We now have amoral, power-centered bureaucrats heading most or all of the largest, strongest countries in the West.

    • Because after two wars of slaughter in the first half of the 20th century, those who remained saw no reason to have children. They are expensive and time-consuming.

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