Marine Le Pen on Trial

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, went on trial yesterday on charges of inciting racial hatred. Ms. Le Pen is alleged to have committed the offense when she compared the mass street prayers of Muslims in France to the Nazi occupation. If convicted, she faces a fine of up to €45,000 and up to a year in prison.

Below are excerpts from some of the interviews Marine Le Pen gave yesterday. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript (times based on the two separate original clips)

  [Clip 1]
00:10   …respect for the law…
00:14   of secularism…I am absolutely confident.
00:18   I am totally in my role of responsible politician,
00:22   having denounced this violation of the law
00:26   of secularism, of the authority of the state.
00:30   I came to tell the court that I have committed
00:35   absolutely none of the offences I am accused of by the group
00:39   of heavily state-sponsored associations, hunters of premiums in the service
00:43   of the Powers That Be. Thank you, Madame.
00:55   I have come to defend the right to criticise the
00:59   behaviours which are simultaneously illegal, contrary to
01:03   secularism, contrary to the values of the French Republic,
01:07   and I am unhappy to be forced to
01:12   have to do it before a court.
01:44   Freedom of speech I AM MARINE
  [Clip 2]
00:08   Of course it’s unpleasant. I am a honest woman, I am a political leader
00:12   I am the President of the First Party of France, I represent millions of
00:16   French people. To be dragged like this before a correctional tribunal
00:20   by richly subsidised
00:24   associations who are, I repeat, the armed
00:28   wing of the system, yes, it’s unpleasant and
00:32   it’s even shameful.

27 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen on Trial

  1. When she is president she can return the favor by arresting Hollande and company and throwing them all in jail. Then she can deal with the Muslims.

  2. Thats they way the cultural marxists run. Harassing their political opponents with accusations of ” hate” speech.

    I tell you what’s hate speech.
    Every time a (national) socialist opens his foul mouth to steal my income. John Galt is right. As soon as Madame Le Pen is in control i expect her to put Hollande on trial.

    • The Western World is changing. While noisily celebrating ‘tolerance’, ‘democracy’ and ‘freedom’, it is becoming more and more totalitarian. Political correctness is most effectively used to stifle dissenting opinions and to marginalise people who believe in the ‘wrong things’.

  3. Is it now a legally recognised defence if someone is accused os assault, or even murder, to say that the victim said something that made the perpetrator ‘hate’ them?

    • I get your point. But the emotion of ‘hate’ can only ever be a motivator in any act of criminality. The ‘proof’ of the criminal offence is the action of the crime, not the motivator of the crime.

      I am yet to understand why this simple logic has not been enforced and the non-legal terms, ‘hate speech or hate crime’ dismissed as non-enforceable.

  4. A couple of questions here:

    a) If convicted, would that make her ineligible for office?

    b) If she were to win the Presidency (she is almost certain to make it to the runoff, but I assume the Socialists and Gaullists will rally to Sarkozy, as they did to Chirac), would the French government try some chicanery to avoid giving her power?

  5. Why is hate a crime anyway? Muslims hate us and nobody hauls them up before kangaroo courts.

    • It is presumed that a hate crime can be committed only by a white person against a person of colour, by a man against a woman, by a Christian against a Muslim, by a straight person against a gay person. It does not work the other way round.

      Thus, there is ‘bad’ hatred, which must be punished, and ‘legitimate’ hatred which must be nourished.

  6. The last time I even thought about it, islam wasn’t a race. And, to expose the truth about it surely doesn’t incite hatred, since that is in the mind of the individual receiving the information. The recipient may decide whether to hate or despise or dismiss or demur, or whatever – but that decision rests upon the recipient. If Marine has twisted people’s arms until they cried uncle and were somehow forced by the Le Pen thought waves to hate, then they must be the haters, n’est pas?


  7. “Inciting Racial Hatred”?

    So that’s the charge, eh? Well, that calls for this:

    Inciting whom? Can they haul all of the people who were ostensibly incited, before the court? Will the defense do the smart thing, and haul in an equal number of witnesses who will swear that they weren’t incited to do or “feel” anything? I hope so…

    Further: how is it possible to prove hatred of an entire race of people (notwithstanding the idiocy of the charge, in the first place, which presupposes that Islam is a race) without having to drag the entire “race” of Mozlems before the court?! This is all absurd, on its face, because to prove inciting racial hatred is just as much of an impossibility as proving charges of “Islamophobia” – for to prove an irrational fear is to grant instant qualifications as a psychiatrist to the entire group of persons claiming to be victims of that supposed “Islamophobia”.

    Any thinking person can see – immediately – that this is all a sham.

    Hatred of another person – for whatever reason – cannot be proven, because the source of that supposed hatred lies, of course, solely in the mind of the supposed “hater”.

    It’s all so ridiculous, that it pains me to even broach the subject, in its utter inanity.

    There’s something else at work here. People cannot be this willfully stupid.

    I say it’s the money. Follow the money. Investigate the prosecutor(s) and all of their political cronies.

    Follow the money and the answer will present itself.

      • Well, yes, but I think that’s what I made clear…that nobody can be “this willfully stupid”.

        Greed is, naturally, an evil, along with the other six deadly sins.

        The point is that there’s more behind this prosecution than we are privy to. Occam tells me it’s money and politics that are “driving” this runaway train.

  8. So much for the freedom of expression! Marine Le Pen is on trial for saying something which is at odds with the dominant political ideology. What’s the difference between this and process against political dissidents in the USSR?

    The West has defeated the USSR in the cold war only to become itself a somewhat more glitzy version of the USSR.

  9. A few months ago, just after protests against Air France, Monsieur Hollande said something like: “Social dialogue matters, and when it’s interrupted by violence and disputes take on an unacceptable form, it can have consequences for the image and attractiveness [of the country].”
    Now Mme. Le Pen is being persecuted by dark age courts like that. This looks quite insane and Monsieur Hollande does not seem to care about the image of his country anymore.

  10. Climat change and freedom of speech
    Europe 2015

    And now this weather man Philippe Verdier, on French public TV France 2, who has been”laid off – temporarily or permanently, it isn’t clear – from his job for having written a book entitled Climat Investigation in which he criticizes the business of climate change.”

  11. I am also somewhat surprised by the French authorities’ idea of what is Islamophobia and what is not. Crude cartoons of Mohammed in Charlie Hebdo are much more likely to insult Muslims and incite them to rioting than Marine Le Pen’s remark. However, Charlie Hebdo is treated by French authorities as a sacred thing worthy of quasi-religious worship and its murdered staff are a secular equivalent of holy martyrs who died for democracy, tolerance, freedom and what not, while Marine Le Pen is treated like a criminal, an arch-sinner against the gods of France’s secular religion, a revolting and almost subhuman creature.

    I see it as another sign of senile stupidity of the European ruling class of which M.Hollande is an excellent example.

  12. A few more points:

    Marine Le Pen made this statement 5 or so years ago, the French law, which made “prayers” in the street illegal, had already been passed by then – so the real “criminals” were those mobs filling the streets with what was/is no more than blatant provocation of their kaffir host societies.

    The charges had actually been dismissed (whatever the word is) by the PROSECUTOR himself at the time. The timing of this revival of the old charges is that in December there are regional elections in France and the polls show that Marine LePen’s party will gain a lot from them. So, one or more of these Government (taxpayer) funded “Anti-Racist” groups revived this (I dont know the legal expression), just in time of this election campaign.

    The one person, one can be fairly sure is behind this shameful charade is the very very very suspicious “Minister for Justice”, Christiane Taubira – an extreme leftist, a virulant anti-white racist, a proven Liar, etc. Although for her personal “revenge actions” and political ambitions she works often in the shadows, it is HER signature which is on the documents that revokes the parlamentary immunity from Marine Le Pen and Florian Philippot (her Vice President) which they were entitled to as Members of (the European) Parliament.

    Meanwhile I have heard that the charges have been dismissed.

  13. Anyone who would like to see HOW CORRUPT the French Justice system is and reads French should google “Mur des Cons”. (a book was written about it too).

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