How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?

The German Federation of Trade Unions (DGB) had a nice little arrangement with the “refugees”, supporting their demands and (presumably) expecting them to join a union and vote for the friends of the DGB when they finally become “Germans”.

Unfortunately, the migrants didn’t get everything they wanted, or at least not fast enough, so they decided to occupy DGB headquarters. After that things got ugly, and the union people were not at all happy with the behavior of their culture-enriching comrades.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

For the origin of the title of this post, see Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks.


0:02   …and I need to politely ask you to leave the premises please.
0:08   The answer of the refugees is clear. This is how guests become occupiers, and the DGB
0:12   (Deutscher Gewerkschafts Bund – German Federation of Trade Unions) calls in the police
0:15   to clean up after a full week of refugees occupying the DGB building.
0:21   Throughout this whole time we had conversation with them ten to twelve hours per day.
0:25   But the communication went consistently in circles. From our side, because we had to have up to five or six people
0:33   continuously on staff, we were constrained, we just couldn’t handle it anymore.
0:39   An announced eviction. By 10am they were to evict the premise. They chained themselves to each other;
0:44   the police arrived with bolt cutters. They tried to separate the occupiers but they also constantly stopped
0:52   and asked the occupiers to leave voluntarily.
1:00   Against their resistance the stairs were being cleared, again and again there was danger that one of the refugees
1:05   could fall and strangle himself with the chain around his neck. This was an escalation to which the Union saw no alternative.
1:10   When there is the expectation of us and it is insisted to us that we are supposed to heal all the misery in the world,
1:18   that won’t happen. We are overwhelmed. We just can’t.
1:22   Residence permits, employment permits, abolishment of residence obligation, these are the things
1:26   they demand, the DGB will continue to support these issues.
1:30   Well generally we are allies, but we will not be treated like enemies. That just won’t go.
1:37   But now the Union members are seen as enemies of the cause; they haven’t fulfilled demands of the refugees.
1:42   One occupier had to be admitted to the hospital after the eviction. Several others were taken into custody,
1:46   but after proving their identity they were let go. But trying to change German asylum rights is still not within reach.

11 thoughts on “How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away?

  1. Knock me over with a feather, I never saw that one coming. That white German lady needs to check her privilege. Again – this is natural selection occurring right now in front of our eyes.

  2. One wonders whether the DGB might reconsider their pro-refugee position. Nah, it is just a tiny minority who occupy buildings when their “demands” are not met. The vast majority will become productive, law-abiding and well-integrated Germans.

    • I’m afraid that is probably the case. She said that they are “generally” allies, didn’t she?

      • As this woman shows the blinkered ideological commitment to the PC-Multiculti dogma far exceeds the religious commitment of, say, Australia’s Cardinal George Pell; and he is a fervent traditional Catholic who was in the running for Pope!

        For those interested in a fascinating debate between an atheist and a theist look up “Richard Dawkins vs George Pell” on YouTube. Pell was/is hugely impressive and, unlike Dawkins, polite and decorous. I’ve never seen Dawkins – whose books I have admired for decades – bested so thoroughly and lose his cool. Pell could turn almost any open minded atheist into an agnostic at least.

        Some 15 or so years ago Pell was invited to Sydney’s Great Synagogue as a genuine interfaith outreach thing. I’m told by a witness that he stood on the bima (altar) with the Chief Rabbi taking him through Hebrew passages in the Torah with a pointer. The congregation was stunned when Pell started reading the passages out aloud on his own: he is completely fluent in both Hebrew and Aramaic!

        It is a real pity for Roman Catholics, Christians and the West generally that Pell didn’t become Pope and the world got that Argentinian nincompoop instead. I fully expect the current Pope to announce the use of St Peter’s as a refugee accommodation centre. That’ll work out just dandy. Not.

        • They are going to put Africans in tanks to kill the Germans (and Europeans). Ram through the Hungarian border to wipe out those nasty nationalists there.

  3. This is hilarious! It couldn’t happen to a nicer crowd (and I mean the occupation of the building, not the removal by the police)!

    I hope that they occupy Merkel’s residence next. THAT time, I will FULLY support them, 100%!!!

  4. It doesn’t sound like she has learned anything. She still wants to break down all the structures that ensure fair access to resources. She’s only upset that these people targeted her band of merry traitors.
    Not one of these groups, including the charities that are defunding these parasites are calling for expulsion back to the homelands.
    It needs to be constantly said that regardless of the circumstances that send these people into Europe, it is far cheaper to look after them in their countries of origin where the same money can go much further.
    Due to third world birthrates, the number of people in poverty rises 80 million every year. The west cannot deal with that, we’ll be destroyed if we do. Those impoverished nations need to come to a better equilibrium like we eventually did.

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