11 thoughts on “Forget The Netherlands — Try Denmark!

  1. Things are beginning to look up all over and perhaps, just perhaps, it may not be too late after all.

    Mind you, before the West can yet again send the Demented Slaves of Allah scuttling back to whatever primitive seventh century cesspit they or their immediate ancestors came from we will first have to deal with our own – the treacherous ruling classes and the self-righteous, self-enriching morally and culturally destitute invertebrate chattering classes that sustain them and their enforcers.

    If such eventuates then it will be a turning point, and it will be far from easy. It will also be extremely painful and of indeterminate outcome. Interesting times indeed.

    • After watching this video I too thought, “Things are looking up.” I get the impression that whatever the establishment does it backfires, sort of Keystone Cops meet Laurel and Hardy. Taking the p*$$ is a great way of undermining those that are too full of themselves.

  2. This is satire. Aimed at the Australian and Danish immigration policies by a very pc guy – Arjan Lubach-who works for the state sponsored radical left organization VPRO.

    Nice to see this- in the*cough* proper context over here 🙂

    • Of course it’s satire. Coming from a radical left organization makes it even more hilarious, showing they ran out of arguments.

      Besides the Balkan route could be shut down before the year’s end.
      Hungary already closed its borders and troops from Poland and the Chech Republic have been sent to Hungary to assist the Hungarians in protecting their borders.
      It’s clear the Visegrad countries pursue a common policy on this issue.
      Croatia is now the only gap left.

      Currently migrants are flowing (let in) into Croatia at a rate of 5000 a day (or more, depending on travel conditions)
      But neighbouring Slovenia and Austria have indicated they are not willing to take in more than one or two thousand a day.
      Ultimatly leaving Croatia holding the bag.

      On November 8th elections will be held in Croatia and it looks like the socialist government of Croatia will be voted out of office.
      If Croatia makes a swing to the right it almost certain will seal its borders too.
      Thereby closing the Balkan route from the Baltic to the Adriatic Sea.

    • We will start laughing at Arjan Lubach when we see sharia law imposed on his radical red-neck.

      • @ the dutch patriot; That says it all. As the great thinker (cough) and writer Harry Mulisch once said: “the nazi’s are murdering and that’s bad, but in the end they will die too and that again is a good thing”.

  3. I’m reminded of the stories of destroyer crews north of Okinawa on radar picket erecting signs directing the Japanese suicide pilots to the carriers.

  4. Satire or not, we don’t want them here in Denmark! Try next door in Sweden; they are awfully nice people 🙂

  5. Even for a left wing satire clip it was verry wel thoaght of and I think even the right wing danish can laugh about

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