This is yet another essay on guns by a conservative Neanderthal who thinks evabiddy oughter have the right to shoot evabiddy else iff’n they feels like it. And that goes double for their dog, too, gosh darn it. /sarc

Okay, that little speech pretty much covers the “gun control” talking points in this country when it comes to what they think the other side is like — i.e., Bible in one hand, gun in the other.

But if you look at the news once a week or so, it becomes obvious that in our grand American Exceptionalism, we have devised many more ways to kill people than the anti-gun folks would have you believe. Knives, hatchets, bombs, pressure cookers with bombs, exploding backpacks and the like. But our foremost method of violent deaths here seldom gets mentioned: automobiles. Especially those driven by the inebriated. Our 32,000+ annual car fatalities are simply the accepted risk for driving.

There was a horrendous one today in Oklahoma. No Islam, folks, just the usual awfulness that we remember from more “normal” times when average people did bad things and irrevocably changed their own lives and the lives of others. In this case, at least three people are dead because a local twenty-five year-old white woman was drunk when she plowed into the iconic Oklahoma State University Homecoming Parade at 10:30 on a beautiful October morning. This is no ordinary parade, but a much-loved custom dating back over the decades since college football became a big money-maker at state-funded schools. For any school, it doesn’t get much bigger or more important than the Homecoming Parade that precedes the football game.

For the drunk driver who did this there probably won’t be any bail allowed, simply to protect the perpetrator from the enraged people who would do her harm.

So with more than thirty thousand deaths annually due directly to cars, what do you think the chances are that we’ll hear a call for the repeal of automobiles? Will schools proudly proclaim they are “car-free zones”? No, I don’t think they will either. We have the technology available now to make a car shut down if the driver can’t pass a breathalyzer. Don’t you wonder why we don’t use it? Where are the noisy gun-control advocates when you need them?

Bill Whittle’s parallel logic in this video about gun control makes the point that it’s not the actions of people that result in gun deaths, but the material from which guns are made that is the problem:

I agree with Mr. Whittle’s assessment. He makes the salient and vital point about the crucial need for fathers, genuine men who are involved in their children’s lives. In order to explain what kinds of men he means he uses as the anti-man portrayed by a New York Times essay about the ways to be a modern man. A modern NYT man is a mewling metrosexual who wouldn’t be caught dead with a gun. Sadly, though, in certain parts of New York City or Chicago or St. Louis, he is statistically much more likely to be “caught dead” if he’s unarmed than if he dares to carry protection. Oh, I forgot, most of those are gun-free zones.

If those wimpy traits delineated by the Times comprise the modern man, then we are truly lost. They are no better than modern wymyn, those shrews who demand an “equality” that already has been theirs for years. Moderns don’t comprehend that an equal footing in life is not something bestowed upon us; it is something earned by every single person who lives long enough to assume the prerogatives and responsibilities of maturity. Just as men must needs learn to protect themselves and their families from predators, so must women do the same. Both would be well-advised to surrender their so-called freedom (lived in fact as license) in order to find other like-minded adults who are willing to band together in pairs and in groups for their own good and for the good of their children.

Or maybe they could just move out of the New York Times’ zone?

6 thoughts on “#FathersMatter

  1. The only dangerous guns are those which can load their own ammunition and pull their own triggers. All the rest must be subject to forms of anthropomorphism to describe them as ‘dangerous’.

    The real problem here is when guns get into the hands of loonies; or knives, or axes, or bits of fishing line, or pillows, or many other items which can be bought in the local store.

    A shooter is born not made, what we need to consider is why campus shootings only happened in recent history? could it be the new religion of secular humanism where you can keep your own morality if you want to?

    • The drug dealers here, particularly in the big cities, possess and use a lot of weapons. Some weekends south Chicago’s death rate matches or surpasses military deaths. It’s been nicknamed “Chiraq” and NO ONE is willing to start the war it would take to remove guns from the hands of those feral men.

      They are indeed “made” and not born. The vast majority of guns in this country are owned by the law-abiding. The adolescents who suddenly rampage are usually -not always- young men who have developed a brain disorder beginning in adolescence.Again, the ones who go on to become mass killers are few in comparison to the ones who get treatment and are compliant with their medical regimen. That regimen can have unpleasant side-effects. Brain disorders in this country have increased exponentially in the last 20 years.

      • Everything to convince ourselves that evolution has stopped 50.000 years ago. Brain damage, racism, food deserts, if only we could use the creativity required to pretend race doesn’t exist (or is inconsequential) for more productive means.

  2. I’m not from the USA. I’m not a particularly devout Christian. The right to possess firearms is important solely as a counter balance to a potentially tyrannical government – something the creators of the US constitution knew so well. Without this counter balance governments often slip into unjust, antisocial practices.

    • Correct. Without this counter balance the US system would self destruct in under a generation. The fact is, we are closer to confiscation now than ever before. I’m not sure what will happen when that day comes but it’s a safe bet that it won’t be a smooth transition.

  3. It seems fairly certain that this mass murderer was not drunk but she intentionally maneuvered around a barrier, ran over a cop motorcycle and then revved into a crowd of people. i.e. she deliberately used her car as a weapon. Which makes your point even more directly.

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