Dialogue or Dominance?

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande visited the European Parliament earlier this month, a Polish university professor addressed some polite remarks to them from the floor of that august body.

Green Infidel, who tipped us about the video below, sends this introduction to Prof. Ryszard Legutko:

First Farage and Le Pen gave Merkel a dressing-down in the European Parliament, and now comes this video of Professor Ryszard Legutko, the vice-president of the European Conservatives and Reformists group, and an MEP for the Polish Law and Justice party. Professor Legutko is also a professor of philosophy at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow (Poland’s most prestigious university), where for a long time he worked and lectured before entering politics in 2005.

The speech is in English, with Polish subtitles.

His speech was received with much applause — although not so enthusiastically by Chancellor Merkel.

9 thoughts on “Dialogue or Dominance?

  1. Why this absolutely unbearable confusion of humanitarian moral[ism] and political arguments that obscure the gravity of the crisis we are faced with. This is not the language of dialogue. This is the language to obscure things. We cannot really talk to one another using that kind of language. It’s preaching. It’s not a dialogue.

    Exactly, good Professor: moralism overwhelming politics (or “the political,” as I like to call it). Raise humanism to such a decisive, political degree, then those who are more genuinely politically grounded, who prefer the particularity of their own political community to the universalism of liberals’ politicized humanism, must inevitably begin to seem subhuman.

    Liberals eat at trendy Mao’s Kitchen in Venice Beach, but Pinochet, et. al., is subhuman…

  2. Excellent speech, but I do wish he hadn’t ascribed ‘dominance’ to Dr Merkel. Now I can’t get out of my head the vision of her in a leather burkha.

  3. I was happy to see a look cross Angela’s face that indicated (to me) that she might possibly be wondering how badly she has screwed up. Very badly. . . flooding Europe with Muslims who hate western civilization because it is “infidel” and possibly “unclean” and so on and so forth. The knives and hatchets are already coming out and this is one of those horrible situations in which people acted in haste (Angela) and will repent in leisure (the people ruled by her). Unfortunately.

    I wish I could feel optimistic, but I don’t. Europe is screwed for a long time, just as Sweden and other nordic countries have discovered. Rape rates sky rocket and finally the powers-that-be can’t hide those number any longer.

    Is this what happens when you elect a former communist to lead not only Germany but Europe as well? (Thank God for Orban!)

    I will end by saying that I am grateful to live in America, land of the free and home of the brave (I hope that is still true) and all we have to do is wait for a patriotic American to be elected as our next president. Wait. Maybe we should be working for that result.

  4. I thought Merkel’s expression displayed no regret, whatsoever. Rather, she was sitting there under sufferance like a Nazi in the last days of the Weimar Republic, confident that whatever the Polish delegate rambled on about, was of the utmost irrelevance!

    She knows exactly what she is doing and Hollande is acting in the role of Vichy to Frau Hitler. Germany has the economic power so they don’t have to listen to anyone – unless there is a nation-wide revolt in Germany itself. There is the beginning of one, but with the police and the media in Merkel’s hands, what chance do the protesters have? And it would be a first for Germany if they did have a massive revolt. They never had one under Hitler!!!!

    Not only that, but the global financial empire – the Soros’ of the world, will put unlimited funds into the EU’s Fourth Reich as its strong Central Bank is what they need to shore up their investments – and they always win, because they play all sides. They backed Hitler and they backed the Allies. Every situation is an opportunity to make money.

    The Muslim invasion was set up to create a crisis which would overwhelm the member nations and would require an “EU -WIDE RESPONSE”, (thus strengthening the power of the EU after it had been undermined by the euro crisis and the Greek debt crisis). In fact these were the exact words Merkel used recently!

    In every part of the world there is an aggrandizement and monopolization of power into fewer and fewer hands and at the same time an expansion of its reach into every aspect of living, and Europe is no exception. 1984 is here, folks!

    • Maybe that’s why the like Islam so much. Islam defines *every*aspect of living – isn’t that what the current politicial leadership is heading towards?

      • I totally agree. It not only defines every aspect of the life but it punishes every slight violation, excellent at keeping the peasants numb and silent. FYI, just today a special type of hair style has been banned in Iran (or the country that once was Iran) and police is out to arrest the “offenders”.

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