Conscience For Sale, Almost Unused. Any Takers?

The following item is up for sale on the German-language section of eBay. Readers are strongly advised to bid early, before Vladimir Putin snaps it up!

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

For sale Angela Merkel’s Conscience – Absolutely pure, barely used!!!

Selling Frau Merkel’s Conscience
(Sharply on this day, October 7th, Birthday of the DDR)

I found it in Berlin near the government district at the edge of the Spree. I assume that Frau Merkel simply threw it overboard on one of her many boating tours, and it must have washed ashore here. Even from a distance, lying in the water on sandy ground, it looked perfectly pure. Of course, I thought, she barely even used it.

As I got closer, I noticed it looked like a sponge; it was porous and full of holes, which made sense of course, because it had to “absorb” the experiences of life. As I picked it up and held it in my hands, I felt it was greasy and smarmy and I suddenly understood how she was able to slither herself out of literally every logical argument.

I worried, maybe I should give it back to her. But considering the fact that she was the one who threw it away in the first place, and I’m sure not without good reason, I decided it would be a waste of my time to return this conscience to its owner.

I can sympathize with her, after all. It is only without a conscience that one can so enduringly withstand this state of ungoverned being. It is only a state like this that enables one to lie so stubbornly and put on such a phony grin in the face of the pack… err, I mean, the people, whenever one is asked a logical question.

I imagine if I myself, holding the highest office in the country without having the power to use it, also wouldn’t be able to survive WITH a conscience either! But who knows, maybe the USA has already invented something better to replace a conscience, something from Area 51 or whatever.

She won’t need her conscience, anyway, not until the long-term plan for the dumbing down of Europe has come to fruition. Until the median IQ has sunk to a 90, right after the motto, ‘too dumb to know what’s going on, but not dumb enough to work’. Merkel only has to figure out how to keep slaves in a state of thinking that they’re actually free.

Merkel’s common sense was at first lying right next to her conscience in the water. But because there wasn’t much left, it washed away in the Spree after I tried to grab it. I just hope the fish will be okay.

Now you probably ask yourself, what would one do with Merkel’s conscience?

Well, I thought that the worth of this piece would probably potentially grow for purely historical reasons. Some day in the future, history books will tell about the near-collapse of Germany, and then Europe, in chronological order, and how it got there. And exactly that is where the ‘when Frau Merkel threw her conscience overboard’ day will be marked as the beginning of the end.

Looking at this from today’s point of view, these happenings have of course no power over much more important issues such as the case of the fallen sack of rice in China [a comedy spoof on the ridiculousness of news in times of real importance — translator], the ‘Germany Seeks the Superstar’ show or ‘Big Brother’, but I am confident that once a real educational system is established in the future, people will understand its value and perhaps warn future generations.

I also think this piece would be interesting for museums for future exhibitions, or as a science project for biologist (perhaps they could make it whole again), for mathematicians who want to prove that the Zero and Nothing are not the same, or for that matter, as feed for dopy chickens. I’m sure you can think of something.

Shipping is free. I will not include a warranty, though. I sell it as is, faulty, which is something we all could clearly see last week, after all. Happy bidding!

PS: Frau Merkel’s loss of her conscience is unfortunately a problem for all citizens, and the recognition of the perfidious plans behind her actions requires some degree of education. But since our educational system leaves something to be desired, I would donate 50% of the proceeds to my daughter’s school. The other 50% I unfortunately will have to keep, because my account balance correlates with Frau Merkel’s conscience. I hope you can understand. Thank you for reading.

Next up: Barack Hussein Obama’s birth certificate. The actual real one this time, honest to God, I swear, cross my heart and hope to die.

28 thoughts on “Conscience For Sale, Almost Unused. Any Takers?

  1. Thanks for the amusing article Baron. We need humor.

    I just read a Breitbart article about a young German student “pro-refugee” activist who was stabbed on the street by north African men. The activist thinks this is “sad” but it is not changing his views and activist activities.

    The Breitbart article also mentioned the young woman who was raped by “refugees” but kept it secret for a month because she didn’t want to increase “anti-immigrant” attitudes.

    It reminds me of the young man who was attacked on the Paris metro several years ago and actually blamed himself–after all, he has all this “privilege” which the attacker didn’t have you know.

    I work in Berkeley, California and I have heard stories of Berkeley liberals being mugged who excuse the mugger and blame the attack on society, on the poor mugger’s not having adequate opportunities, etc.

    So I’m relatively certain that Frau Merkel believes she still has a conscience.

    How can we deal with people like these?

    • I doubt that we can deal with these people because they are totally lacking in logic and are governed by their own self righteousness.
      Last night I watched the BBC “Question Time” programme. Usually loaded with a left wing audience from the area. Last night was no exception. It took place in Dover. For those unfamiliar with Dover it is the ferry port which links with Calais. The port where the lorries with stowaways disembark. The issue of migrants of course was one of the questions. A very attractive young, and totally idealist, girl in the audience was one of those taking the line that “all are welcome” and “remember, these are human beings”. I wonder if she’ll be singing the same tune when she becomes one of the victims of the rapists we most certainly are already importing. Rape by (muslim) migrant is not yet at the epidemic level experienced by suicidal Sweden but it is getting there.

      • But it appears not unlikely that she would indeed be “singing the same tune” after being brutalized by these wonderful newcomers: her ideological commitment/blindness (and that of so many others) would seemingly override all other considerations, perhaps even the primary impulse of self-preservation.

        There must indeed be a certain percentage of people within this dangerously confused “progressive” group who can be persuaded through reasoned argument or their own personal experiences, to alter their views. But I fear that this percentage is quite low: most *will not* change their opinions, no matter what (witness, for example, Merkel’s continued popularity or the results of the recent Vienna election).

      • Speaking of Sweden, have you heard the latest? You’ll never guess what the self-congratulatory Swedes have done in the wake of their ongoing and growing “rape crisis.” They’ve created a special rape-treatment facility for men and boys only! No joke. Tragicomic maybe, but no joke.

          • When the male population of brain deranged and drained occupied Sweedy decides or simply because just goes off into a spontsneous screaming mass uprising a la Fr Rev there should be no shortage of exhibits for the eventual and various post war tribunals. By then of course there will also be ‘treatment facilities’ for everything from goats to key holes. Seeing as Europe is slowly going bums up backwards there will be no surprise to see chastity belts on the market – again.

    • My grandmother used to say “If you do not know whether to laugh or cry, always laugh” although she said people did give her strange looks. She figured laughter was better for her health and sanity, and she did get into her 90’s

      I also believe that if laughing in front of others about a calamity, leads more easily to picking one self up, and getting on with things.
      If able to laugh in front of some one who has inflicted some problem on you, then they can not read the effect on you, which could have an unsettling effect on them.

      There is a perspective “a time to laugh; a time to cry” so both are important in our lives.

      As “black humour” or “gallows humour” perhaps allows other processes of your brain to perhaps gain a perspective, even if only for a moment two.
      After all life is to be lived in all its abundance; yes easily said, but for a moment it is being lived with a joy to be, and to keep finding those times.

      Your last question, so far I see no simple answer; to be strong, gain knowledge.
      Sometimes some people say “good luck” for how things worked out for them and there is a place for that.
      Others say it is they worked for their own luck, but I think it is more like “preparation meets opportunity”.
      How much preparation? then put into practice as with such comments on these blogs as this for a start., and interesting enough your comments can go over to other blogs with a bit more thrust and parry. Here you can hone your skills, learn more as others make you think more with their replies and knowledge. Also like minds, increase every one’s power.
      To take further action with friends and family, neighbours, Councillors , politicians as your debate points should be come more succinct.
      And like you I feel impatient, We must stay the course, as
      we never know what positive effect we may have on a person, that may prove to be very helpful and influential in the long run.

      And thanks to Baron and Dymphna for a great grounding in all the values of Western Civilization. To put into words what we inherently value but with a much better understanding. That way we can be much more sure and confident in debate and discussion with others.
      Thank-you, for that breath of fresh air, that laugh now and again, to give us a great perspectivc of the struggle of our times and to all you commenters.

      • Notice how the Muslims leer when executing on whatever they might be killing or abusing at the time? You have to give them an extra boot for choice.

  2. Ich bin ein Schwein, mein Gewissen ist rein.
    Ich nutze es nie. Hehehehe.

    (I am a pig with a clean conscience. I never use it. Hehehehe)

  3. Speaking of a lack of conscience: I turned off the TV tonight in disgust after watching a few minutes of a discussion on the most leftist cable channel, MSNBC. The discussion was moderated by a doctrinaire leftist and was between a member of the Quilliam Society and a noted atheist. The Quilliam Society guy had managed to convince the the atheist and the leftist moderator that “Islamists” were only a subset of Muslims and that violent jihadis (he didn’t mention the possibility of stealth jihadis) were only a small subset of Islamists. I couldn’t force myself to watch any further. I tuned back later to try to catch the names, but the program had moved to another, completely inane, interview.

    I presume that the Quilliam Society is an Islamic Trojan horse. Does anyone know?

      which is known as the Quilliam Society.
      known as the Quilliam Foundation.
      They are the ones that took Tommy Robinson under their wing, though I would think Tommy was looking for a breathing respite from all that pressure he was under at that time. He probably learnt a lot more also, though I see he is now out in the “hustings” meeting up with Pegida in Holland

      Even though different I liken it to the Ahmadiyya sect founded in 1890, in that it does not believe in doing violence.. If you attack by the pen then it will reply by the pen, in writing.
      Do not know about cartoons though, but only weapon they will use is the pen. 🙂
      A peaceful propagation of islam and a view of jihad is Jihad in its military form as inapplicable in the present age as Islam, as a religion, is not being attacked militarily but through literature and other media, and therefore the response should be likewise. Also refute all terror action. They believe that the answer of hate should be given by love.
      Another point they do not believe in abrogation but each verse is ruled according to the situation.

      However they are considered heretic, and so are heavily persecuted or banned in most muslim countries.
      They are barely 1% of muslims and only total about 10-20 million.

      Still for all that I consider for any peaceful parts they have, they are so aligned with islam, that they just really muddy the waters, with their issues and so act as a cover for the real big numerous sharks, which will eat those little gummy sharks any way.
      In fact damm annoying to argue with ! !
      So yes a trojan horse and no way will muslims change over to their system.

  4. Nice one, sometimes these spoof eBay auctions attract high bids and get into the news so hopefully this will be in the German media.

    Maybe next …. a reboot of the Wizard of Oz with Cameron, Hollande and Merkel searching for their missing balls, brains and conscience. Not sure about Putin as Dorothy though. I hear they are non too keen on cross dressers in Moscow.

    P.S. maybe “too dumb to know what’s going on, but not dumb enough to work”

    should be

    ” ….but just about clever enough to work”.

  5. I wouldn’t touch that. Merkel is poison. She’s an indoctrinated communist youth. They don’t change. She’d turn in her parents to get what she wants and she’s selling Germany down the road.

  6. The German state and its proxies of media, schools judiciary are rotten to the core that even comparisons to the National Socialist era will ultimately not be adequate. This is a view that I am coming to as I am following the events of the mass migration set into motion by the Erdogan-Merkel axis of hubris and ideological mania.
    Even if the flood of refugees is stemmed with a Faustian bargain by Merkel with Erdogan the German people have been fast tracked to a point of all or nothing, a ‘Schiksalsstunde’ or 5 minutes before 12. While Germans are awakening, history shows that they will sleep for another 5 min and then mayhem will ensue one way or another.

    The video

    further illustrates this point: event held in a German school on October 14th.

    Quoting the speaker Walter Lübcke (CDU politician – same traitor party as Merkel)
    “…Es lohnt sich in unserem Land zu leben, und da muss man für Werte eintreten und wer diese Werte nicht vertritt der kann jeder Zeit dieses Land verlassen wenn er nicht einverstanden ist, das ist die Freiheit eines jeden Deutschen…”

    my translation
    “…It is rewarding to live in this country, and for that one must stand for values, and anyone who does not stand for these values can [is welcome to] at any time leave this country if they don’t agree, that is the freedom of every German…”

    The spontaneous reaction of the audience is interesting in how controlled it is. No one physically stands up [though remarkably people do yell out] and says, how dare you, a representative of the people in a supposedly democratic state, proclaim the modern version of ‘Juden raus’.
    That fact that this arrogant statement by a German politician remains unreported in German newspapers is a scandal in it self, and further shows the continued collusion of the main stream media in keeping a Germans in a sate of political sedation until the facts on the ground are both irreversible and, to use Merkel-speak, ‘alternativlos’ (without alternative).

    • Ottmans, Nazis, Communists. All defeated? Maybe in your face Islamist Erdo and Merkeet have found common ground for some sort of “victory”?

  7. I think the most remarkable thing about this is that the auction went online on October 7th, that’s nine days ago, and since then, the highest bid so far is 64 euros after 43 bids.

    It appears that the seller made his point. Merkel has become the most hated person in Germany.

    • All it will take is for 2 people to collude, one bids a million Euros, the other bids a million and one euro, the price of the auction will then be a million. Cue the “And finally, …..” item on the evening news.

      This has been done many times by marketing companies etc, simply as a way to grab the media’s attention and get their product/story/idea etc into the news headlines ……”Goth sells soul on eBay for a million” and so on.

      • NOBODY will pay a million euros.

        I’m pretty sure that the least thing this little diddy is supposed to be, is a marketing strategy to sell a product.

        I think the Irony went straight over your head.

        • Not at all. Nobody is supposed to pay anything in the marketing hype auctions either, it is just a vehicle to *artificially* raise the price really high in order to capture news headlines. No money exchanges hands, the 2 bidders are in collusion with the seller.

          I was just musing that a similar trick might be used to get this onto the German news.

  8. I guess Merkel must be saying to herself either “I’m happy; it is all going according to my plan.” OR ” I’m confused.” Are there any other options?

    She is so sure of herself that it is probably the former. She is following some plan.

    What could be her plan?

    Does she really believe that a successful modern industrial state and all its institutions can transform these refugees into participants and eventually leaders? …who will carry on? …who will learn business management and accounting and maths and engineering and do scientific research? And learn and perform the thousands of jobs needed to maintain and further the culture? So Germany will live and thrive again with a new cast of actors?

    Or is her plan actually to destroy modern Germany and turn it into a Blade Runner failed chaotic hell? …So that it will be ripe soil for a New Man and a third progressive way? Something like this?

    Either of these fanciful ideas in Merkel’s head are so utterly unlikely that we have to conclude that she is actually insane. She is believing in magic…. psychotic, having disorders of thinking–delusions.

    But this is happening to many leaders, all over the West, so it’s got to be something happening to brains all over. Food? Water? Air? Something from the sun or space? Ahh…education?…we are getting closer…starts with Postm…

    • The most generous thing you can say about Merkel and most of her fellow ruling elites is that they believe human beings are interchangeable. That culture and race carry no weight. Thus the importation of a non-white horde steeped in Islamic triumphalism is no problema. Presto change-o they’ll become hardworking, productive, tax paying, peaceful, tolerant Germans just. like. that.

  9. This brilliant parody ought to be in every mail-box in Germany!

    Before the outbreak of World War 1, the political elites were looking forward to a war which, according to them, would only last a few weeks. In other words they were totally clueless about reality and their stupidity released a catastrophe on the world from which we have never recovered – so many millions of soldiers and civilians destroyed
    – the conflict remained, making another war inevitable
    – the world order was destroyed. The USA and the SU instigated the Balance of Terror. The colonies achieved independence and although that may have been a good thing morally, yet which former colony today can boast a democratic government and thriving economy? In fact most of late 20th and early 21st century politics, both domestic and international, could be summed up in the phrase, ‘The Revenge of the Third World’ (personified in Obama.)
    – in the search for scapegoats, both the financial empire (mainly US and British) which financed and benefited from war, and Marxism, got a free pass. The blame was placed on Nazi racism and that was echoed by the angry freedom fighters in the colonies like Obama’s Communist Muslim Kenyan father against their racist capitalist masters. Despite the fact that the world has changed since 9/11,the political elites are still stuck in that post-Nazi mindset.

    Therefore it is highly likely that we are at the beginning of a re-run. People will be destroyed en masse. Racism will be blamed. The Communists and the global financial empire of scums like Soros will triumph. The only new element this time is that the killing will be done by Muslim beheaders. Israel will be destroyed and some kind of Ottoman-style caliphate will grant non-Muslim elites the right to exist and pay taxes, but not until all those opposing them have been slaughtered.

    What can prevent this? A serious Resistance movement RIGHT NOW!

    • DiMu, in claiming solely that Nazi racism was made a scapegoat for the cause of WWII, you are completely missing the real scapegoat: Western European nationalism. Of course blame was place on the ideology of the enemy, Nazism and Shintoism. But behind that was a rising sentiment that somehow the nationalism of European nations deserved some blame, especially for the Holocaust. The shaming of European nationalism is one of the most important factors that made the EU and the dissolution of borders in Europe a reality. Of course Frances desire to ally with the Arab world in order to become a world super-power can not be discounted either.

      The shaming of nationalism was simply wrong-thinking, coming from Europe’s emerging left. France thinking it ought to be a super power was more akin to the joke about the mouse servicing the elephant and saying, “take it all, beyotch”. We spilled American blood to save them for this?

  10. “…the near collapse of Germany, and then Europe…”

    That’s a pretty optimistic assumption on the author’s part. Near collapse? More likely – God help us all – total collapse.

  11. The insanity continues……
    Now the EU is funding Turkey in exchange for visa access to Europe
    For their 75 Million citizens as early as next year.
    Frau Merkel must either be insane or the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan
    Is progressing nicely.
    Wake up Germany, Wake up Europe!

    • The German “skinheads” in the east have been screaming wake up calls since the good old guest worker days. Britains Churchill and Powell in the west. Unlikely now fifty years later any waking up is going to happen in the usual sense of the word. I know what the Koran says. For the life of me I can’t find where in the Bible it says mass denial, pagan illegals, murder, rape and mayhem is the way to go.

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