Compare PoorPali™ Terrorists to Breivik? The Nerve!

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Swedes and Norwegians seething over comparison between ‘Palestinian’ terrorists and Anders Breivik

The Israeli ambassador to Sweden, Isaac Bachman, managed to touch off a storm by comparing the release of ‘Palestinian’ terrorists to an imaginary release of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik.

“The horrors that [the Palestinian prisoners] did, to put it in a Scandinavian understanding, it’s like what happened in Norway with Breivik,” he told SR.

“Imagine if Breivik was released as a gesture of some sort,” he added, explaining that Israel was not getting enough credit for agreeing to the release. “Research has shown that these people will return to crime. It’s not easy to get public support for releasing these people.”

But Swedes, who have more than their share of anti-Semites, don’t see the ‘Palestinians’ as mass murderers. They see them as ‘freedom fighters.’

“The comparison does not make sense,” added Bjørn Ihler, who survived the massacre by hiding on the southern tip of the island. “Breivik was a solo terrorist whose actions were based purely on an unreal situation. The situation in the Middle East is very different. There is a real fight for Palestinian freedom going on.”

Middle East expert Per Jönsson with the Swedish Institute for International Affairs (Utrikespolitiska institutets – UI) also slammed Bachman’s Breivik comparison.

“The comparison with Brevik is insane in several ways. Breivik is very special. These people that Israel is now releasing are freedom fighters, murderers, and in some cases terrorists, but they are nevertheless rather normal people,” he told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Rather normal? Really? Let’s go back to the description of how Ronen Karamani and Lior Tubul HY”D (May God Avenge their blood) were found on that August night in 1990:

They were later found bound and murdered outside of Ramot in the northern end of the city.

The two youths, Ronen Karamani, 18, and Lior Tubul, 17, were last seen Saturday night at the close of the Jewish holy day when friends dropped them off on a main road leading north from Jerusalem.

They had said they intended to hitchhike to the home of Tubul’s girlfriend, who lives in the northern suburb of Givat Zeev and was about to leave on vacation in Eilat.

When the two youths did not arrive, police were notified, and search parties were organized. Helicopters, trained dogs and professional trackers took part in the search.

About 1:30 p.m. Monday, searchers found the bodies about 20 yards apart in a ravine off the road. One bore about 50 stab wounds, witnesses said, and the other’s skull had been bludgeoned.

“The way they were tied down, the way they were stabbed points definitely to a political murder,” Turner was quoted as saying. “There was no reason to think that these two normal, good teen-agers were murdered for any criminal reason.”

Late Monday, police began a massive search for the killers, believed to be Arabs who picked the boys up on the road. Nearby villages were placed under curfew.

And recall this story from the Munich Olympic Massacre, funded by none other than Abu Mazen.

Guri Weinberg, the son of murdered Israeli wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg, on why the International Olympic Committee will never honor the 11 Israelis who were murdered at the Munich games 40 years ago.

In 1996, I, along with other Munich orphans and three of the widows, were invited for the first time to the Olympic Games in Atlanta. Before the Opening Ceremony, we met with Alex Gilady. Gilady has been a member of the IOC’s Radio and Television Commission since 1984 and has been the senior vice president of NBC Sports since 1996.

I have known Mr. Gilady since I was a kid; in fact, I grew up with his daughter. He had been supportive in the past regarding our plea for a moment of silence during the Opening Ceremonies, so we arrived with high hopes. Gilady informed us that a moment of silence was not possible because if the IOC had a moment of silence for the Israeli athletes, they would also have to do the same for the Palestinians who died at the Olympics in 1972.

My mother said, “But no Palestinian athletes died.”

Gilady responded, “Well, there were Palestinians who died at the 1972 Olympics.”

I heard one of the widows say to Gilady, “Are you equating the murder of my husband to the terrorists that killed him?”


Then Ilana Romano burst out with a cry that has haunted me to this day. She screamed at Gilady, “How DARE you! You KNOW what they did to my husband! They let him lay there for hours, dying slowly, and then finished him off by castrating him and shoving it in his mouth, ALEX!”

Read the whole thing. It’s disgusting.

Alex Gilady, as you might recall, is an Israeli who led the Israeli media delegation at the 1972 Olympics. Avery Brundage, who was the IOC President who infamously said in 1972 ‘let the games go on,’ was a Nazi.

This is what Swedes and Norwegians consider ‘normal’? You bet, as long as it is only happening to Jews. Then again, they don’t appear to place too much value on their own lives either.

Breivik is currently serving a minimum 21-year prison sentence for killing 77 people and wounding 242 others in a gun and bomb massacre in Norway in July 2011.

21 years for murdering 77 people? That’s incredible.

19 thoughts on “Compare PoorPali™ Terrorists to Breivik? The Nerve!

  1. Nothing shocking about this. Nothing at all. As a Jew you come to understand that you’re hated. That’s all. No reason given or a million reasons given it’s always the same. These connected Swedes….when their daughters, sisters, wives or mothers are raped by Muslims they’ll still understand the Muslims, understand the Muslims’ “legitimate grievances”….and hate the Jew.

    • I agree. Anti-Semitism is an opportunistic virus. It causes all their other “cultural” problems, including the suicidal decision to let in all the “Syrians” including the children with beards.


  2. Hate is the most powerful of human emotions. When hate is propagated as a driving force against others then the indoctrinated lose all human perspective of what is normal and decent behaviour toward those they are trained to hate.

  3. “Breivik was a solo terrorist whose actions were based purely on an unreal situation. The situation in the Middle East is very different. There is a real fight for Palestinian freedom going on.”

    How could some Europeans put such sophisticated ideas together that seem clever, but smack of self hatred and self-destruction, and are an omen of disasters to come?
    It is a very fitting, legitimate, logical and realistic comparison. What Bachman is doing, is to make the “humanists” think for a moment, and feel the pain felt by Jews everywhere, by giving them an example from their own environs. And by Hell, they have sworn no to change their hellish course of destruction.

    How does this world work? In the past we thought that Jews were hated because they were accused of killing a deity. Humanists, who believe in nothing, hate Jews. Why? Did they kill their god the Pirate?

    The difference: Breivik was frustrated and driven mad by what he perceived . . . Europe being raped by islam. Give the devil his due: Whatever he wrote is coming true under our very eyes. If some traitors see this invasion of Europe as something to celebrate, and PEGIDA to be prosecuted, then Breiviks will appear here and there.

    Criminals are the product of their environment, when they are surrounded by traitors, and naive humanists, as some say.

    For every traitorous action there is a reaction, stupid. Only noble, honorable men refuse to surrender to the forces of darkness.

    What Breivik did was horrible but what he wrote is true.
    Democracy was ok until the invasion of the West by the followers of the Pirate.

    • Well said, good comment.
      As I’ve said since Utøya happened, (and been roundly criticized for it) what Breivik did was indeed terrible, but what Europe’s ‘leaders’, academics and other self-hating lunatics are doing right now is a thousand times worse; so why are they not in prison?

      Breivik saw the problem very clearly, FGS, it’s not difficult! Norwegians can’t see the forest for the trees. Swedes? Sigh…

      • Breivik didnt see anything. He was killing the kids his father told him he would never be able to join because he wasn’t good enough. It was a crazed revenge by a crazed mind that was no doubt tooled up by non-Norwegians.

        Read his views of his father in his own words.

        • Thank you. Didn’t know there was a hate-for-father angle to Breivik’s psychopathologies, other than the father being “absent” from his life.

          • I think it was his step-father, and it was accompanied by physical abuse. I don’t think his mother was able to sustain relationships with men so it may have been several. But the hatred for his humiliation for not being good enough was there, as was his rage at being abandoned. Those in charge knew they could get away with whatever label they chose to stick on him because the manifesto wasn’t going to be read by the public. Anyone who does what he did is criminally insane. They chose to focus on the ‘criminal’ part rather than the heart of it: his deep insanity.

            in the case histories of shooters and killers here, there is, as Bill Whittle pointed out in his video, an “absent father” problem for the millions of boys who are raised by women. The ones who turn out to be ‘fragile’ in some way, like Breivik, would have had the problem anyway because his truly was a brain disorder. But had his father, or a strong reliable adult of any kind, been around, the disorder would have been treated and he would have been able to limp along. He was essentially left to fend for himself way too early, as happens to many boys. That’s why he was available to be weaponized. His case has never been examined by anyone with the interest or ability to dig deeply, and that’s the way the authorities want it.

            The rate of serious mental disorders is rising and will continue to do so as long as kids are throw-aways.

    • 1) Breivik is not sane; the first psychiatric team to diagnose him said he was not. If he ever was, his years on steroids certainly destroyed a fragile mind. The second psychiatric team gave the diagnosis the state needed in order to try him. And they needed to try him in order to let their country heal from the massacre. Norway excels at scape-goating. It’s a feature of Norwegian culture, not a bug.

      2)Breivik didn’t write about truth. In fact, we don’t even know that he really authored what is termed his “Manifesto”. He was a tool – of whom it remains to be seen. This programming of ABB wasn’t meant to lead to mass murder; he was supposed to be picked up – and his plans rolled up – when he stepped out of the truck. Until someone is interested enough to pay for a linguistic forensic analysis of “his” work, we won’t know which parts are written by someone whose first language is English. I believe large parts of that drivel aren’t his.

      3) My guess continues to be that when the 3-letter American intel stationed in Oslo as “diplomats” fled during one or more of the wikileaks [] they left Breivik in his mother’s basement, strung out on steroids and playing “World of Warfare” endlessly. He believed – and probably was told – that he was to be the leader of a group of like-minded neo-Nazis. That “Islamophobia” was merely a cover for his real work. Perhaps the Americans thought Norwegian security would pick him up.

      4)When Breivik sent out his email to a thousand recipients, do you think he managed to garner those addresses all by himself, as addled as he was?

      5) The letter Breivik wrote a few years later from prison to all the major media, revealing his true sympathies with Nazis (and the fact that he used conservative and/or counterjihad websites as a cover) was roundly ignored by such worthies as the Wall Street Journal – and, of course, the Norwegian media. See here:

      What Breivik did was a massacre…his Manifesto is drivel. Have you actually READ it??

      6) Democracy has been in trouble since the turn of the 20th century. The rate of decline is increasing. Once again, I will recommend the prequel to Diana West’s book:

      [(The Revolt Against the Masses: How Liberalism Has Undermined the Middle Class)] [Author: Fred Siegel] published on (April, 2015)

      Dr. Siegel shows step-by-step how America fell down the rabbit hole. And now here we are in Wonderland.

  4. The leftist Utopians will soon learn the difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist when they are being disemboweled by one!

  5. Expose the koran, hadiths sira, sharia and fatwas. They show up the sayings and deeds of Mohammad, and where he was complicit and enjoyed the cruel devious humour of his followers

    They show the seeds of the disgusting habits of following Mohammad and the types of violence he was a part of and what he condoned, often with a laugh.
    There were many torturous slayings in massacres or individually that are so heinous.
    Would be good to be put up on posters, with “Were they Innocents?” and compare to an earlier peaceful but abrogated verse.

    Every bit as bad as what was done to Ilana Romanos husband.

    All these people who died , victims of Mohammad and his followers, need to have every part of their stories told, so that we, every one can be part of the jury of understanding Mohammad and bring in a verdict.

    Then muslims must decide, do they in any way support a man or even in just a small way agree with these atrocities.

    Sure excuses will be made, but will show up the rank hypocrisy of any iman, ayatollah, sheik , muslim or apologist. Just what will it make the koran, if every one can wreck Mohammad, and how can they reform it?

    This exposure I hope would stop any support by ngo /government aid agencies churches apologists etc. to any policy coming from any islamic source.

    Then as Murad says, “Criminals are the product of their environment, when they are surrounded by traitors, and naive humanists, as some say.” The very ones supporting Mohammad..
    The violent murderous environment created by Mohammad himself.

    • A no brainer. How do the Muslims get away with their hate mongering ideology and preaching death and destruction. Mosques / community centers. No one is safe anymore. We are mad to let this continue.

  6. I’m continually (yes, over and over) stunned at the lack of understanding betrayed re. Islamic rhetorical tactics and strategy by “authorities” in the West.

    Yesterday I checked out what appeared to be a well-informed book about terrorism, ISIS: The State of Terror, by Jessica Stern and J.M. Berger. This book STARTS with its glossary, 6 pages which include relatively obscure terms like rafidah (“A derogatory term for Shia Muslims”) and nusayri (“A derogatory term for people who practice a variant of Shia Islam common among members of the Syrian regime”).

    However, the glossary does *not* include Islam’s strategic tools of abrogation and taqiyya, nor does it mention (even in a general way) the selective use of quotations from the Koran/Quran.

    Good grief: I just realized the glossary doesn’t even include Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith. Unbelievable.

    I can see it now: “Here! We’ll write this fascinating book about the actors and bad actors in the ISIS confrontations in the Mideast, but we’ll carefully leave out almost all of their motivation and strategic rhetoric when we tell you about their social media campaigns and all that.”


    • Great covers. Couldn’t care less. Cashing in on trends while being very very very careful not to write anything that is not keeping with the Muslim censor’s guidelines. Who would hsve thought.

      • What does “great covers” mean? The book? The way the authors cover up the reality? I’m not being sarcastic, I’d really like to know. I don’t know where the book was published so which Muslim censors do you mean?

    • Cynthia–

      Do you mean you checked it out of the library? I know that your book budget, like mine, is limited – even nil.

      I’ve often thought we should establish a lending library for books like Robert Spencer’s, Andy Bostom, etc. One of the very best is this one:

      The Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature

      It is global in nature. Some of the reviews say it’s pessimistic, but it depends on the world view one brings to the book, imo.

      You can see how un-P.C. the book is by reading the Amazon précis:

      Byron M. Roth argues that the current debate over immigration policy is unlikely to produce a satisfying outcome since it takes place uninformed by the science of evolutionary psychology. He thoroughly reviews theory and research indicating that the success of any policy of mass immigration will be profoundly constrained by fundamental features of human nature. Prominent among those features is a natural bias toward one s own kind and a certain wariness of others, making harmony in multi-ethnic societies problematic at best. The problems for such societies are compounded when groups differ in ability and temperament in non-trivial ways. The author explores the history of immigration to the United States prior to World War II and contrasts it with post-war immigration in the West. The evidence marshaled makes clear that the earlier immigration experience of the United States is so different from current patterns that it cannot provide a useful template for understanding and assessing those patterns. In addition, Roth addresses the disturbingly undemocratic nature of the regime of mass immigration imposed by authorities on the citizens of all western nations in defiance of their clearly expressed wishes. He shows that the chasm between elite views and public opinion is so deep that current policies can only be maintained by an increasingly totalitarian suppression of dissent that undermines the very foundations of western democracy.

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