A Stirring of Resistance in the Czech Republic?

Western Europeans, especially Germans, have been generally supine in the face of the massive flood of “refugees” that is currently being thrust upon them by their political leaders. They seem to accept — or at least remain passive about — the EU’s insistence that welcoming the migrants is a moral necessity, and a net benefit for the natives.

Besides, it’s a done deal — they’re here, you’re kafir, get used to it!

But Central Europe is another matter entirely. The citizens of the former East Bloc threw off the shackles of Communism a mere quarter of a century ago, and many people can still remember life under the commissars. They’re not necessarily willing to go gentle into that Islamic night.

The video below from the Czech Republic shows the first stirrings of what may be an armed grassroots resistance to the multicultural imperative being imposed by Brussels. Note the speaker who reminds his audience that their leaders have effectively abandoned them, and that they must rely on themselves for self-defense.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Signs visible in the video (Thanks to Xanthippa):



Republican Party (of) Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
Bottom right: Czech Republic flag


Passing flag:

The ‘gilded’ Czech koruna (crown)
Bearing an image of the 1 Czech koruna (crown) coin

Note: ‘koruna’, the name of the Czech currency, translates directly as ‘crown’ and, as such, is a potent symbol of independent Czech nation-state primacy. Equating it with being gold-plated, or ‘gilded’, denotes false pretentions and political deceptions… as if placing a gold patina on the coin made it worth its weight in gold, as if retaining the coin lent false pretense to Czech national sovereignty.


Flag depicting the twin-tailed Lion, depicting the twin nations of Bohemia and Moravia. The words below state: National Democracy


hand-held sign, burka stands in for ‘I’:

NO (to) Islam
NO (to) EU!


The black speakers obscure front part of the sign, but, it likely states:

We don’t want

Or, perhaps, a smoother translation would be

Not wanted (by us)

But, as the front bit of the sign never becomes clearly readable, this is an educated guess only. On the left, the National Democracy with the twin-tailed Lion of the two Czech nations is displayed.

Do not know the meaning of the flags on the right.


No (to) Islam
No (to) EU

+ National Democracy flag


Partially legible flag of the Republican Party of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia


In CR (Czech Republic)
Are not wanted (by us)!
This is OUR home!

The yellow and re flag with the checked eagle is a new version of the flag of Silesia


(The wording of the petition)

European Union is evil, which begets further evils!

This immigration wave and other major problems can ONLY be faced by exiting this tyrannical institution!

add your
Required x’d eyeball (big bro) signature
Now here

For the formation of a referendum about Czech Republic’s exit from the European Union
…too small/fuzzy to read

Transcript of subtitles:

0:00   …note unanimously that we shall not
0:04   accept any migrants! [voice 2 — hardly audible] according to the ??? (constitution?) of the EU and the USA
0:08   the real enemy….
0:12   We have gathered here, together, because we’ve had enough of the dictatorship from Brussels,
0:16   and that is why… to form, as I have stated, units of home-defense militias.
0:20   In the end, we have to help ourselves.
0:24   That’s how it is. Nobody will help us.
0:28   Everybody will, in the end. Turn their backs on us …too stupid to [indistinct]…
0:32   We have to stomp down on Prague! It is impossible for us to
0:36   continue to sit on our behinds, to keep clicking ‘like’ on Facebook,
0:40   to continue drinking in the pubs, imbibing…
0:44   (sarcastic/drunk) “I’m against that government!” [indistinct] ?? the answer being either disinterest
0:48   or submission…??? fanatical politics.
0:52   …support the campaign for
0:56   the referendum to exit the EU.
1:00   This referendum is to be promulgated…
1:08   ???… not surrender to the dictate
1:12   of the state and register a legal complaint…[inaudible]

12 thoughts on “A Stirring of Resistance in the Czech Republic?

  1. This group/party is a just a fringe and has no influence in the Parliament nor the Czech Government etc. Sorry … On the other hand – the overall sentiment in the society runs almost 100% against the invaders. I spoke with several very educated and well-read people when I was there in September – the national “No” to invasion is simply resounding.

    • That’s the flip side of the “Tiny Minority of Extremists” meme that is ritually applied to Islamic jihad.

      If a tiny minority of Czechs is now seriously considering organizing for armed resistance against the Multicult, that’s evidence of a much larger change. It’s a visible sign of a shift in the zeitgeist.

      • Yes – definitely a shift in the zeitgeist as you properly put it.

        Many Czechs have seen the discriminatory policies Germany introduced when the Czech Republic became EU member in 2004 – no work permits for the Czechs in Germany for years before they lift up the ban …

        Now Germany imported some workforce indeed.

        • no work permits for the Czechs in Germany for years before they lift up the ban …

          I’ll hazard to guess that has something to do with (certain) Germans’ grudge against Czechs for not allowing any return of German real estate property confiscated after the war.

          I recently returned from Czech Republic, living in Karlovy Vary for almost four months. Yes, the mood is generally, from what I could gather, very opposed to this flood of Islamic immigration. God bless the Czechs for having a fairly strong sense of national identity. Elite opinion in Prague, however, is liberal and multi-culti.

          There is a certain accommodating, submissive quality in the Czechs in general that I don’t like. Though a great many Czechs — perhaps the majority — make the same criticism. It’s the submissive quality that acceded to elitist demands within their own country to join the EU.

          And more palpably, one sees it in their complaisance with respect to the Russians. A good segment of the society is, and has been, okay with surrendering the city of Karlovy Vary to the Russians. For all intents and purposes, it’s a Russian city. The Russians essentially consider KV to be war booty. Almost all the real estate, including hotels there, are Russian owned.

          If Putin ever makes moves on the Baltics, I could well imagine him thereafter confiscating Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

          Moreover, there’s also a special immigration provision allowing citizens of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Quatar, Bahrain and Kuwait to stay in the Czech Republic for up to 9 months (I learned this after unknowingly staying past the 3 month Schengen limit, for which I was arrested at Vaclav Havel Airport). So Karlovy Vary today is probably 60% Russian and 10% Muslim (although more Muslim during Summer months).

          • Karlovy Vary is the favoured place in Central Europe for the Russian mafia. So if the Czechs seem “okay” with the Russian takeover of KV, the operative word is “seem”. One’s life expectancy is not lengthened by public expressions of opposition to the power and influence of the Russian mafia.

    • I thought of Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed. A tiny seed yet it will grow into a mighty tree.

      • I did not know this parable but, I can tell you from my gardening experience that if you plant a mustard seed you will have mustard plants for the rest of your life…

  2. From our so-called leaders down to the lowest state minion, the unwavering official line is that “welcoming the migrants is a moral necessity, and a net benefit for the natives.” It’s a kind of ever-shifting argument – question the economics of it and its proponents refer you to its “moral necessity”, question the morality and they point you to the “net benefit”.

    What they never do is defend their stance. Their argument is all hint and suggestion, smoke and mirrors. Put them on the spot, pin ’em down for long enough and eventually they’ll switch to dogma mode and reach for the ad hominems. For some reason they are unwilling to tell us precisely what cost benefit analysis they employed in arriving at the conclusion that ‘migrants’ provide a net benefit – and unwilling to articulate the moral reasoning that leads them to the conclusion that we must welcome ‘migrants’ into our countries. Why could that be?

  3. Bohemian Duchy – The Flaming Eagle (The Wenceslaus Eagle) Flames added later. They allegedly symbolise the right to come “with fire”…
    Bohemian Kingdom – A first appearance of the lion is evident from the riding seal of Přemysl Otakar I’s brother Margrave of Moravia Vladislav Jindřich, from 1213, but the number of tails is not discernible. The first historically documented depiction of the two-tailed lion appears on the seal of Prince Přemysl, later King Přemysl Otakar II. At first this was the emblem of the Přemysl dynasty. (The meaning of two tails is in fact unknown.)
    The yellow and red flag with the chequered eagle represents Moravia (modern version). The Silesian eagle is black with clover stalk , the flag golden yellow and black.
    There is a flag with white, red , blue, a stylised lion, a part of jagged wheel, letters DM – Delnicka mladez , in English =Worker’s Youths (?)
    0:04 (second voice) ..according to the rulers of the EU and the USA……

  4. If Czechia exits the EU it will suffer economically. That said, would any sane person if given the choice:

    a) Live in a country with a GDP per capita of 3x and no Muslims; or

    b) Live in a country with a GDP per capita of 4x with a Muslim minority,

    not choose option a)?

    I wish the Czechs the very best in their planned exit from the EU. If I were a younger man I’d move to Prague when they do leave it: the architecture is beautiful – it is a gorgeous city with a great atmosphere – and the women even more so. And they have political leaders like Vaclav Klaus and novelists like Milan Kundera.

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