A Refugee Says: “Don’t Let Any More Refugees Into Germany!”

A recently arrived culture-enricher in Berlin is unhappy with the inadequate and tardy services being provided by the German government. He blames the “refugees” that have arrived in Berlin since he got there, and wants Germany to pull up the ladder before the country is ruined by all these new riff-raff.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. Note: the interviewee speaks in broken English in this video, which has been subtitled in German. The translation back into English provides a somewhat different (and more coherent) text:


0:00   The situation at the LaGeSo (Office for Social Health) in Berlin is getting worse. Hundreds of refugees wait around here several days
0:05   until their number is called. Only when they are registered, will they be assigned housing.
0:09   It’s been raining nonstop for several days. The area is one giant mud puddle. There’s a lack of rain gear and warm clothing.
0:14   Nobody wants to think about what will happen once it starts to snow in just a few short days. Caritas already warns of deaths due to freezing.
0:21   The mood among the refugees is irritable. Many of them already have filed complaints
0:25   with the Department for the long waiting periods.
0:30   One refugee from Afghanistan accuses the German government of having lost its grip on the situation.
0:35   He demands: Germany should not let in any more people.
0:40   There are too many refugees here. They cannot be cared for the way that is needed.
0:49   But the German government still lets in more refugees!
0:55   In my view this has to change. When the Government wants to guarantee us
1:00   a secure standard of living, they will have to decide now how to do it.
1:17   All the people come here. But there is not enough room for all the refugees.
1:23   I’ve been here for four days, standing in the rain and waiting on my papers.
1:27   I have no idea what to expect.
1:35   I wait here every day until 8 in the evening. Then they send a bus that takes us back
1:39   to the refugee camp for the night.
1:48   Every night it’s a different camp.
1:53   I personally find the situation here not OK. This is very difficult for us all.
2:01   If the government does not have a plan and does not have accommodations, then in the end they will have to quit letting in more refugees.
2:08   It can’t go on like this. When so many people come here and there isn’t a better system, soon there will be a huge problem.

21 thoughts on “A Refugee Says: “Don’t Let Any More Refugees Into Germany!”

  1. Of course he’s absolutely right. It is unsustainable and must be a terrible situation for the people waiting for days in the rain, soon to be waiting in the snow. What is wrong with Germany and with the Germans? They should have shut this down in September. It is unreal, the level of incompetence around the situation.

    And why is Merkel groveling before Erdogan? What does Erdogan have on her?

    • One probable reason: the valves for non-Russian gas supplies, as well as potential future pipelines, most go through Turkey.

  2. This is a point I haven’t thought of before. The German government is acting in a truly passive-aggressive manner, not saying “no”, but just taking its time without saying anything and making the situation uncomfortable through inaction.

    How much better it would be to just act like a person, and say “no” flat out.

  3. Poor baby. It’s just soooo awful, having to WAIT for something you’re not really entitled to in the first place. And…didn’t they know about winter weather? I’m pretty sure that Afghanistan has dreadful winters, since much of the land is at elevation. Was all of Europe supposed to be like the Mediterranean beaches?

    Poor little dear; each night he takes a bus to a camp, where he is provided food and shelter. That’s just terrible.

    Maybe Germany should send HIM and his fellow travellers 😉 back where they came from. Complete ingrates.

    • “Maybe Germany should send HIM and his fellow travellers ? back where they came from. ”

      That would seem the obvious solution: pay them a “fee” to return to their countries of origin – and stay there. Even in monetary terms alone this would appear to be a much cheaper path for Germany and other European nations to take.

  4. What a terrible racist. So cold and so selfish of him not wanting to be part of the Willkommenskultur. How can this individual be — forced to realize that he cannot say hatey things like that?

    • He can say and dodo anything anywhere he likes – because we are here as dhimmis to serve Muslims. Unless this free lunch lifestyle insanity is stopped I imagine our chances for survival as stable societies will become increasingly grim. We are importing rot and decay.

  5. The illegals are very rational, unlike their loony hosts. Arriving in Germany must be like Alice in Wondeland.

  6. Someone has been giving the invaders false information! Notice how he said that Germany will GIVE him a good standard of living, not that he will have to earn it! They all assume that Europe is a gigantic milch-cow! If they have smart phones, why don’t they know any different? He at least can speak English and I assume can read enough English to understand the hostility of Europeans and the stagnation of all the EU economies.

    People can only help others when they themselves feel secure. Being tossed out of your home to make way for Muslims who want to conquer the West, (as they state ad nauseam), does not inspire confidence.

    • “…..being tossed out of your home to make way for Muslims who want to conquest the West…” Sounds like what the occupying Nazis again doing what they did during the last great occupation aided and abetted by the local fifth column and media columnists. Not to mention the “go along to get along” types waiting to see which way things would go before “committing to either side”. Compared to the laziest of lazy something for nothing Muslim ambitions the Nazis will in time be under review.

  7. Cameron, Merkel,Hollande and all EU leaders MUST take into account the
    Genuine concerns of their indigenous populations regarding immigration
    Or civil unrest will ensue. Unlawful behaviour is routinely ignored if by
    Immigrants – Storming the Channel Tunnel is a CRIME, walking along a
    motorway or a railway line is a CRIME, stoning vehicles is a CRIME and all
    Excused in the name of desperation. The trail of detritus and damage
    Caused by this influx is evident through the whole of the EU and yet again
    Excused in the name of desperation.

  8. He actually sounds like a fairly reasonable, calm guy, assessing the situation as it is – as a guess, *he* will probably integrate okay, in the end. He already speaks fairly decent English, meaning that he’ll probably learn German fairly quickly as well.

    One can call him selfish, but I’d say that he has an instinct for self-preservation, unlike Germany as a whole.

    I think that he would make a better chancellor than Angela Merkel!

    • Quaint. In no time at all he will hustling those self hating insecure anxiety ridden want to be liked local empty vessels. Probably go straight into the traffic light business. ***Integrate*** ha! ha! (With all that has been going on for the last thirty years – I imagine?)

      • Trust me, this guy is likely WAY better than average.

        Within 10 years, he’ll be marching in PEGIDA rallies, likely as not. It’s the *others* you need to worry about!

  9. “That would seem the obvious solution: pay them a “fee” to return to their countries of origin – and stay there.”

    They should all be pointed toward mecca (if they don’t already know which direction that is) and then told to start hiking. For encouragement, they should be paid in 30 cal directed at their heels. There should be no money or tangible encouragement other than the opportunity to avoid being shot if they move very, very quickly in the correct direction. This would have a perfectly marvelous effect on the whole situation.

  10. The most interesting part of this video is the voice in the background, shouting with true German wonderfulness, “That’s not respectful,” and, “You can wait.”

    I really feel for the front-line staff in the hospitals, government offices, police etc. While we sit and comment, they have to deal with the disrespect and violence. Perhaps someone should tell their story?

  11. He is ethnically Afghan, but the vast majority of the Afghans who come to Europe as “refugees” have been already living in Iran, in most cases for decades. Some are even born in Iran and have never seen the mother country in their lives!! I know since I interpret for them for a living.

    I know we are all really ticked off with these guys abusing Europeans’ hospitality and good will. I totally understand that. But you must realise that these guys are much more clueless and naive than you think. They really really think they were invited here and offered asylum just for no reason! There are those of them that are shrewd and know what they are doing, but believe me, there is a huge segment of them who is just too dumb, primitive, and uneducated to know anything. In most cases they paid a huge sum of money (their life savings) to a smuggler to come here thinking that Mama Merkel has offered to take care of them for life. Most don’t even realise that the services that are offered them are paid for by European taxpayers! Really! They don’t know where the money comes from.

    Do American readers of this blog remember the “Obama-phone-girl”? She was interviewed around election time and she said she loves Obama because he gives them Obama-phones and Obama-money from Obama-stash?! Well… this is the international version of that phenomenon that we are dealing with now. These guys have no idea where the money comes from and when they don’t get services that they expect, or when they realise that the living conditions in Europe are worse than in their safe and sound home countries in the 3rd world, they get ticked off, and think that the European governments are depriving them of what it has been promised to them quite explicitly (or so they think)! They feel cheated and betrayed.

    I put the blame fair and square on the European mis”leaders”! They have made these equivocations and misunderstandings possible by their foolish public declarations and #refugeeswelcome nonsense. They opened their mouths and made those declarations without a slightest understanding of what primitive and simpleton people they will be dealing with. And believe me I don’t want to just gratuitously insult the refugees. Some are not simpletons and primitives, but in all honesty, as a person that works with them every day I testify to you that they mostly are, and I cannot describe their state in any more flattering terms.

    For what it is worth, this Afghan guy is actually quite right! If Germany doesn’t have the capacity to take care of millions of people they shouldn’t invite them to come. They should say: “sorry we are full”, and shut the doors! But they take more and more in, to the point that they cannot even give them a roof over their heads in cold Northern European autumn and winter. If these ignorant, clueless refugees didn’t know what the winter weather is like in Northern Europe, at least they have the excuse of being uneducated and from naturally warm countries. But what is the excuse of the German and other European governments for ignoring the inevitable winter conditions that are going to befall these guys whom they have invited here?! Didn’t Merkel know that people can’t live in tents in German winters? Why did she lure and seduce them out of their warm homes in the Middle East to come and freeze themselves in German winter?!!

    Now, only if these people were really fleeing bombs and bullets across the border, you could say that German conditions, no matter how bad, were an improvement in their lives. But as it is, they mostly left perfectly fine homes in perfectly peaceful countries in the 3rd world, which in all honesty gave them much better conditions that Germany can give them for the foreseeable future. And they had to face danger of death and drowning, walk thousands of kilometres, pay smugglers thousands of dollars, and face rape, robbery and lynching by their “fellow”refugees along the way, to boot! No wonder they feel ripped off!! From their point of view too this is a shabby deal!

    So is from our point of view! So I agree with those who say, let’s pay them a good sum and send them back before it is too late. I know it is going to cost us a lot, but in fact it is going to be cheaper than keeping them here permanently. But after that we should shut the doors tightly and not let anybody in, because otherwise, people might think it is good business to come to us and then get some money to go back! It will become a business. So pay them this one time, send them home, and then shut the doors! That would be my recommendation. But who listens to me, right!?

    • I’m listening, ritamalik. And what you write has reminded me of something, the effect of co-sanguinity on intelligence. With the culture of cousin-marriage that prevails in Arab and central Asian communities there has been a significant amount of inbreeding since time began. The result is that, despite the multi-culti rainbow coalition stressing that all men are created equal, the truth is that many of these migrants are born with less than a full deck of brains relative to western counterparts.

      Nature vs. nurture. Well, nature gave them brains that are below the curve, nurture hasn’t done them any better by providing an education.

      Thank you for reminding me of the Obama phone girl. Her phenomenon was a bit different, the black sense of entitlement that is rife in the US, though her nurturing may also be at the root. But for the migrants in Germany, their Obama phone is a Merkel apartment.

      • So what if they are not intelligent?

        These people have between 5-20 kids per male, which is enough to wipe off Europe demographically in one generation.

        Numbers people…..numbers.

        • Exactly.

          Intelligence seems to serve the Chinese well, but not Europeans. So there must be something that carries more weight for cultural survival than simple intelligence.

          I’ve been saying for years that intelligence is overrated. There is no sign that it contributes to the survival of European civilization, none at all.

          Those Swedes who are busily destroying their country are among the most intelligent on the planet. The Somalis who are about to supplant them are among the least intelligent.

          So which characteristic has the greater survival value for its particular genome?

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