A More Austere Reception

Someone in the Dutch government has evidently put his finger to the political wind and detected which direction public opinion is blowing. The actions of the State Secretary of the Netherlands are designed to discourage further “asylum seekers” from coming to the Netherlands, and maybe, just maybe, induce some of those already on Dutch soil to return home.

His new policies are, of course, too little, too late. This meager attempt to make the “refugee crisis” go away will scarcely make a dent in the throngs of immigrants now flooding the Low Countries and the rest of Western Europe. Voters know full well who visited the current mess upon them, and their electoral ire will hardly be assuaged by pathetic half-measures. I’m certain that two words will feature prominently in their minds the next time they enter a voting booth: “Geert Wilders”.

Below are excerpts from an article at the NL Times:

Justice Sec. letter to asylum seekers short on promises, clarity

On Monday State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff sent a letter to the refugees in the Netherlands in which he explains that the asylum process will take longer and that they will have to spend more time living in asylum centers. The Association of Dutch Municipalities thinks it’s great that the State Secretary sent the letter, but finds that more clarity is needed.

In the letter Dijkhoff explains that there is not enough room in the regular reception centers for the large number of refugees arriving in the Netherlands. “That is why you are receiving an austere reception, such as in sports centers or tents, were many people share the same lodgings.”

He also explains that the large number of asylum applications means that the “reception system is very busy and the asylum procedure takes a long time”. It takes about half a year before an application is processed. If it is then determined that further investigation is required, it can take up to another six months before a decision on whether or not a residency permit will be issued is made.


[Katwijk Mayor Jos] Wienen also described the tone of the letter as “cool, but that is the State Secretary’s choice”. He added that the content of the letter radiates the political debate in The Hague last week, during which the governing parties called for a more austere reception. “Perhaps Dijkhoff thought that he could use kind words to give the impression that everything can be done faster.”

Here follows the full text of State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff’s letter to asylum seekers:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Many asylum seekers like you are currently coming to the Netherlands. As a result, the reception system is very busy and the asylum procedures take a long time. I understand that you want to get a clear picture of your future as soon as possible. I will gladly describe what you can expect in this letter.

Austere reception

Currently, the Netherlands does not have enough room for asylum seekers at the regular reception centres. That is why you are receiving an austere reception, such as in sports centres or tents, where many people share the same lodgings.

Longer waits

Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell you on short notice whether you will be granted an asylum residence permit with which you can temporarily stay in the Netherlands. At present, it takes almost half a year before your application can be processed. Only then will the procedure serving to reach a decision on your application be initiated. This is assessed carefully for each person. Moreover, further investigation will be required. This can take an additional six months or longer.

Once it is decided that you cannot stay, you must leave the Netherlands immediately. In that case, we can assist you in your departure.

If you are permitted to stay, you will be granted a temporary residence permit. At this moment, there are not enough houses for everyone. It is therefore possible that you will have to remain in asylum seekers’ residence centre, even if you have already been granted a temporary residence permit. Available accommodations can also consist of a container house or a converted office building. It is possible that you will have to share these accommodations with other people.


As long as you do not have a temporary residence permit, you cannot submit an application to have your family members to join you. You can only submit an application for your family once you have a permit. We cannot offer you any advance assurances that your family will be allowed to join you. It can take a long time before you will gain clarity in this regard and before your family effectively joins you in the Netherlands. Unfortunately, I cannot specify how much time this will take at this moment.

I trust that the above provides you with sufficient information.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. K.H.D.M. Dijkhoff

The State Secretary of Security and Justice

Read the rest at the NL Times.

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18 thoughts on “A More Austere Reception

  1. Can the addressees read Dutch? I’m sure they will decide camping out in Holland is better than returning to Africa or the ME and the do-gooders will be swamping them with blankets and food.

    None of this would matter half as much if they weren’t Muslim. Islam, along with Communism, has stated over and over until blue in the face that the enemy is the democratic West, not forgetting the Jews.

    In a bi-polar society, which the West is increasingly becoming, genocidal conflict is far more likely – as we’ve seen in the last five decades. Think Yugoslavia – now destroyed!

    • It really it does not matter whether those muslim migrants are illiterate or cannot understand Dutch. That creature traitor is not serious. It is used for “local consumption”. The replaceable Dutch know how to read. It is used to deceive the gullible Dutch people, to give them a hint that not everything is lost, that they are still in control. To give the impression : “I am talking then I exist.”

      If voters/ ordinary citizens were not in a humanistic coma , mesmerized into a deep trance by muslim waving knives, politicians would not be so successful in ignoring Israel’s recent holocaust in Jerusalem and Hebron, and empowering islam to invade and occupy the world.

      The sons o the b-s go around the world and preach about how free the media in the west are, while in the blessed west the media are virtually the mouthpiece and the lawyer of the respective governments.

      • Sorry I cannot agree with you about Israel except that even a two state solution won’t work, because at the back is Iran preaching genocide for the Jews and is actively involved in attacking Israel through its proxies.

        Nearly 2 million Palestinians live in Jordon: nearly half a million in Lebanon: same in Syria. That’s half the total number of Palestinians! But in these countries they are deprived of basic human rights, which drives them into the arms of Hamas and the other extremist organisations. No one takes the Jordanians, Lebanese and the Syrians to task for their shocking treatment of Palestinians, do they?

        ‘It is no secret that many Arab countries despise Palestinians and subject them to apartheid laws and strict security measures that deny them most basic rights.

        The mistreatment of Palestinians at the hands of their Arab brothers is an issue that is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media in the West. Most journalists prefer to look the other way when a story lacks an anti-Israel perspective.

        A story is big only when it is Israel that arrests, kills, or deports.

        When Arab countries such as Jordan, Syria and Lebanon move against Palestinians, however, foreign journalists choose to bury their heads in the sand. Such has been the case with Jordan and its mistreatment of the kingdom’s Palestinian majority.’ Khaled Abu Toameh

        What the EU ought to do with the USA and Russia and the UN is force the Muslim Arab nations to grant citizenship to their Palestinian minorities who have been living there for three generations now! It is a disgrace! What was supposed to be the Palestinian State should be some kind of buffer zone, internationally managed, or divided up between the neighbors who have the largest Palestinian populations!

        This would serve Europe well because whenever there is an intensification of conflict, it always spills over to the streets of Europe – as the big Muslim ‘KILL THE JEWS’ demonstration in Malmo (rape capital of Europe) a day or so ago indicates!

        • to DiMu: If you are addressing me about “Two State Solution”, I don’t think I wrote something to lead to that conclusion. Some careless, mindless, unconscionable traitorous, politicians (e.g. Kerry) pressure Israel to agree to that. Gullible Westerners adopt that policy because it is islam’s idea for now. It is a tactical feat on the side of the arabs.

          When they get the two state solution then not only Iran but Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan, Arabia, Qatar . . . just any muslim country will pour in it weapons, money mujahideen, to complete the real utmost goal of taking over the rest of Israel. And if Israel reminds the west of “I told you so”, the west, as usual will applaud Israel’s destruction. They dare not confront islam, as now.

          To be weak and stupid in this world is the deadly sin. To be aggressive and alert you undermine the five Continents by Takkyia.

          Western values are fake when concerning Jews and Christians: They did not defend Lebanese Christians when they were slaughtered. They did not stop Syria Assad Sen. from slaughtering Lebanese Christians. They did not stop Sudan from slaughtering South Sudan.

          Human rights are real when they are used as an effective weapon to help muslims invade the world. Very effective., indeed, as they have done in Britain and Sweden and elsewhere.

          Do you believe this: Marine Le Pen on trial in France for defending her people and country? And they call it democracy. Why occupation by Nazis was bad, but by muslims is an honor. While Nazi occupation was uninvited and came to an end. While muslim occupation of the poor old stupid coward France is permanent.

          Are democracy’s only goals inviting invaders and surrendering our women and countries to them?
          Faithless cowards go to hell.

        • The Palestinians are discriminated for a reason. They have been treacherous in all cases, and have uniformly attacked and tried to displace whoever hosts them. Any country that is unlucky enough to have to tolerate them tries to limit the damage they can do.

      • Murad

        “…politicians would not be so successful in ignoring Israel’s recent holocaust in Jerusalem and Hebron…”

        With respect please do not use the word holocaust in this context: it diminishes and devalues the vast human tragedy of the actual holocausts suffered by the Armenians and the Jews. And arguably the Ukrainians in the “Holomodor” of the early 1930’s and 1946-8.

        The word atrocities would have sufficed.

  2. I’ve read that many of these “asylum seekers” are illiterate — how can they read/understand this letter?

    I will stop here, otherwise I’ll go nuts and keep writing and writing and. . . there are so many things wrong with this entire picture that it boggles my mind.

  3. Too little too late indeed. People are not stupid. At the next elections I will vote for the party that takes the strongest stance against this illegal mass immigration and if that is a extreme right party so be it. I would not vote for such a party in normal circumstances but these are not normal circumstances. You really have to have the nerve to just enter a country without having right to be there, and without any intention to adapt yourself to the values of that country.

    • The time for talking has long been over. Wait until all those retreating western ISIS animals get back to their stupid host countries.

    • I look at that picture and tell you I am not a racist. Those people should not be in the Netherlands, but not because of their race.

    • I suppose it depends on what is meant by racism – another of those words/concepts that the establishment relies on but is unwilling to define/discus.

  4. Notice that the State Secretary for Justice wants the migrants themselves to make the decision. He has ceded the ability to decide who goes to what country to the invaders. This reminds me of a codependent personality, who is unable to act on his own without the approval of his oppressor.

    The representatives of a sovereign country ought to be the ones to decide who enters their country and who doesn’t. There should be no need to appeal to outsiders. There should be no need to ask refugees to go somewhere else.

    We all know the European Union is a subtle, ongoing plan to dissolve the separate identities of the countries of Europe. The Western European countries have put themselves in the position of dependency to the EU and Germany by their socialist policies of borrowing and spending beyond their actual incomes. Like the saying goes “He who pays the piper calls the tune”.

    The only way to stop the flow of invaders at this point is to follow the example of Israel: high, reinforced razor wire surrounded by live mine fields backed up by active troops ready to shoot intruders. Israel does not communicate with invaders to ask if they would kindly bypass Israel because the benefits are not as good as they were supposed to be.

    • If the invader dossier would be handled as a murder case the thinking would go like this:

      -Who benefits? Mr Klaas Dijkhof benifits from the invasion. Mr Dijkhof is doing what the foreign body called the EUssr wants him to do. Mr.Dijkhof is still in the race for a million euro job in Brussels! Bravo!

      Mr Dijkhof knows he will loose any democratic question like: do you want this invasion of islam to continue? Or the more neutral question: Do you want any immigration to the Netherlands? (that would even include you Americans, sorry). Mr Dijkhof knows he will loose such a democratic proces.

      Mr. Dijkhof knows very well the majority of the Dutch people dont want this invasion. We dont want any immigration. We are full!

      Therefore mr Dijkhof can write letters all he wants. I think it’s time we write mr.Dijkhof a letter. Informing him about his trial for high treason date.

      • Well, not wanting Americans to inundate your country is not the same as not liking Americans. You just don’t want to change the nature of your society. More of us should feel the same way.

  5. A country like the Netherlands where its citizens suffer liberal brainwashed for years, Wilders will only succeed in the question immigration, and is unlikely to re-election, as the Dutch like socialists, and anything that does not have connection to a de facto right. I listen to people saying that under normal circumstances would not vote for Wilders. But why say it? I explain: why the Dutch people identify more with progressive policies, not conservative policies in fact, fact Christian, and patriotic in fact. In a culturally liberal and anti-values ​​environment, hardly such a policy pomp last. People will only vote for him because of immigration after that will fill and will put another liberal in power, they will start to wonder who the right candidate does not bring the best of the cultural garbage.

    You will see only this there will not last long. Support Geert Wilders, because it seems to me a sensible politician, will not bring more of the same; which by the way is what they like the Dutch, but unfortunately, the people will choose more liberal socialism, because as they say: “. one goat herd can not be content with the instructions of a pastor, they need a wolf to guide them” . Yeah.

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