A Mayors’ Revolt in North Rhine-Westphalia

More than two hundred mayors of municipalities in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia have written a letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel demanding that she immediately enact measures to bring relief to German communities suffering under the burden of the massive “refugee” influx.

Only the mayors of smaller cities and towns signed the letter — that is, those who are suffering the most devastating consequences of the migration crisis.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Die Zeit:

215 Mayors write a Letter of Urgency to Merkel

The possibilities for housing refugees are exhausted, write Mayors from North Rhine-Westphalia in a letter to the Chancellor. The communities are hopelessly overwhelmed.

215 Mayors from communes and small cities in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) have sent a distress signal to Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and SPD Minister President Hannelore Kraft. In the face of still rising numbers of refugees they have “great worry about the country and the cities and communities we represent,” they write in a Brandbrief, a “flame letter” of utmost urgency (Direct link to the letter). The letter was published in the Rheinische Post.

Every single housing facility has been exhausted; even the housing of refugees in tents and living-containers is barely manageable anymore. The operation of these communal housing facilities, in very considerable ways, ties down existing personnel. “And this leads to a case where we cannot follow up or satisfy other communal duties, or that we can only handle them in very restricted ways.”

The bill that was enacted in October to expedite asylum procedures was a step in the right direction, but it will not lead in a timely manner to a noticeable decrease in numbers. The federation had announced a month ago in a meeting with the Chancellor that they would create 40,000 new spaces for new asylum seekers. Furthermore, beginning in 2016, all federation counties would get the amount of €670 per month per refugee.

But this is not enough for the signatories of the letter. They attached a list of eight stipulations to the letter. Among them, they demand that the Federal government has to expand the border patrol. Refugees that are coming in from safe, non-war torn countries, have to be prevented from entering the country; they need to start the asylum process from their home country. The mayors also demand a quota for redistribution of the refugees on the entire EU and a yearly maximum limit on refugees that are allowed to immigrate.

The Mayors also demand relief for communes: The Federation has to step up and increase care and management for at least half of all refugees in NRW and be responsible for their deportation if their application for asylum is rejected. And lastly, they demand discussion and enactment of a new immigration act.

North Rhine-Westphalia has a population of 17.6 million and is therefore the most populous Bundesland, followed by Bavaria with a population of 12.7 million people. North Rhine-Westphalia has 396 politically autonomous cities and communes. Big cities such as Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Essen did not participate in the letter.

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Translation of the letter to the Chancellor:

Cities and Communities in North Rhine-Westphalia are at the end of their capabilities in the housing of refugees

Dear Madam Chancellor Dr. Merkel,

We write to you with great worry about our country, and worry for the cities and communes that we represent. The reason for this is the massive and considerably uncontrolled influx of refugees into Germany and into our towns and communities.

It was a step in the right direction to enact an acceleration of asylum procedures on October 15, 2015. The new law among other things seeks to decrease the influx of refugees, but also includes the plan to appoint communal resources for housing and integration more intelligently, towards those refugees who have a right to asylum. However, it is questionable whether these measures will result in the desired impact in a timely manner. It is feared that despite the new regulations, Germany will continue to be attractive to refugees. Since the multiple active crisis zones in the world are increasing rather than decreasing, it is in fact fully expected that the influx of refugees will continue at the highest level.

The massive influx of refugees into our towns and communities has lead to a complete exhaustion of all housing opportunities. Even the housing of refugees in tents and living containers is barely manageable anymore. Operation of these communal housing facilities, in very considerable ways, ties down existing personnel. And this leads to a case where we cannot follow up or satisfy other communal duties, or that we can only handle them in very restricted ways.

We welcome the fact that you engage yourself in combating the sources of this migrant crisis as well as that you are committed for a fair disbursement of refugees on a European as well as on an international level. We are well aware that this level of engagement necessarily requires protracted negotiations and proceedings. As a consequence, you are hardly suited to limit the far too high influx of refugees in a timely, noticeable manner.

It is therefore necessary that further steps be taken in the bill for the acceleration of asylum.

Hence we ask you to please read and enact the attached list of measures in a timely manner.

We have sent this same letter to Vice Chancellor Herr Gabriel, and a similar letter to President of the Ministry Frau Kraft as well as Vice President of the Ministry Frau Löhrmann.

With friendly regards,

[Translator’s Note: The attachment with the list of demands is not visible, and I could not find it online.]

22 thoughts on “A Mayors’ Revolt in North Rhine-Westphalia

    • Let’s hope it is and that a German (or Austrian, or Hungarian or Dutch …) Arthur is on the way. Actually, now might be a good time for the Second Coming (he says hopefully, glancing skyward).

  1. The mayors’ letter is too kind, too civil. This is not the time for niceties in dealing with a political leader who has saddled the small towns with an impossible mission and hung them out to dry and will continue to leave them to their fates. Germans need to revolt in very large numbers, enact civil disobedience, and simply refuse more “refugees.” That will mean physical confrontations with the “higher authorities,” which would be better than just rolling over and playing dead and letting the “refugees” walk all over them. Merkel needs to resign, and let someone take over who will rescind her “open borders” diktats and send all the refugees packing. That would probably mean physical confrontations and conflicts with the “asylum seekers,” many of whom are combat veterans of ISIS. They’d better be prepared.

    • Edward, I completely agree.

      But such are Germans. Just like in the video with the employees from the repurposed Hotel Maritim.

      The employees are too civil, and too kind. They make it a point not to show anger or discontent towards the refugees, the source of their problems. They even lament that they weren’t included in the Hotel’s plan to help refugees

      They lament not the WHY but the HOW they lost their job.

      It has been said of Germans that they are good in following orders. I remember from my childhood, it was said of them, “not smart enough to think for themselves, but smart enough to be used as productive workers.”

      It’s interesting how Western Germany has slowly been morphing into Eastern Germany with all its attitudes and brainwashed herd mentalities.

      Lately I remember a lot of things from my upbringing in a country next to Germany. I’ve been kind of in constant shock about just how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

      • The refugees are not the source of their problems. Their traitorous leaders (whom they inexplicably keep voting for) are the source of their problems.

        Blaming the refugees for their problems would be like blaming the mucus running out of one’s nose for one’s upper respiratory infection.

        These good, kind obedient Germans don’t even do that, of course. They just say, “Cold? What cold?”

        • Yes, an apt analogy.

          Germans must abandon politeness and become angry, truly angry: at their governments most of all, of course, but also at all the collaborators – the welcomers with their flowers at the train stations, those who assist at “refugee” centers, the businesses like the Maritim Corporation which accept bribes from the government. Unless they do so, I see little hope for the country to fight off this cold (really, a pneumonia, because it may well prove fatal in the end).

        • I agree that the problem is the leadership but really the whole system encompassing politics , media, and education is ideologically conditioned against the people it is meant to represent and server.
          How this sinister system protects itself can be no better exemplified than the recent chomping-at-the-bits vilification of both the author Akif Pirinçci (responding to scandalously undemocratic comments by Walter Lübcke which where deliberately ignored by German MSM) and the AfD politician Björn Höcke from eastern Germany, who dared to show the German national flag at a German talk show.
          Both sacrificed themselves, maybe foolishly, to prove the point of the hypocrisy and deceitfulness of the system.
          Everybody in Germany is infected with an ideological virus of self hatred and denunciation of their whole history and their forefathers; 70 years, for west germans, of conditioning of self-hate from cradle onwards will leave a mark on just about everybody but the freest of free thinkers (and then only if they bring some antidote ‘gene’ from external to the system).

          Somehow the German political system can still maintain the pretense of moral high ground from the depths of moral depravity.

      • Doesn’t this apply, more or less, to the vast majority of European peoples? Whereas it’s quite common for non-Europeans to behave ’emotionally’ in front of the TV cameras, it is relatively rare for Europeans.

  2. It seems to me that through out Germany, the EU, the whole Western Civilization is inculcated by “pan” multiculturalism of the “diversity of the peoples to the next stage of diversities to be placed into the individuals”, which will be justified, by any means (the deadly cost), as that will bring an everlasting peace on earth.

    The mayors are going along with the program, as always, it is just the logistics causing the problem, and perhaps a step too fast, so some of our other citizens may start thinking of the far right.
    The step itself is not too far.
    I get the impression that even the Germans that are being forcibly shifted from their apartments to other areas or being down graded are going along with it.
    It is just that the government is not doing things correctly, so more power and bring the ” man from the government, (even the EU) I am here to help you!”
    I do believe it is possible that saying anything that is not in the best light of the refugees, would have the wrath of the Germans citizen come down on you.

    It sort of reminds of another era, that the ordinary citizen is not upset with the government, just that it is not going about things that will be beneficial and timely for them!. Yes if they could name the price, then it would all be ok with their new apartment;- right now ! ! !.

    Same for any wealthier apartment owner, though I do wonder if the municipality may be paying quite a high guaranteed rental, that is perhaps may come from the state or federal budget.?
    And/Or will he be getting a special discount for his “property taxes” and special depreciation taxes as well? All they have to do is negotiate.
    The problem is the mayors can see that their local budget can not soon handle this, so perhaps some restraint in immigration, or really better still, send us some money. More power for their “humanities”, as they will control the money for votes and appear to be so helpful and beneficent.

    Some where whether it begins with borrowing, the taxpayer has to pay more, or though they do not recognize this, the Germans may be later limited/austerity in what benefits they currently receive.

    Another boom area, I would wonder, are the water supplies and infrastructure up to coping with this influx of population.
    Is the sewerage, rubbish systems going to cope.
    Education, Health etc. All those departments must expand and boom as money will be thrown around. Just agree and you will do well.
    Just a squeeze now, but it will boom very shortly, as “the man from the government will arrive” for all those senior “civil servants” in planning, architect, engineering departments etc.

    They do not mention anything of coping with a different culture, how churches probably have to remove crosses, can not be repaired, and should be converted to mosques.
    That taverns and such should be closed.
    No walking on streets unless appropriately clothed and of course no alcohol, or pork products.
    Stop the Oktoberfest or any other celebrations.
    Prayers rooms will have to be planned with special ablution wash rooms, and times of the day must revolve around this.
    Do not eat in public during ramadan, not even halal products.

    At the moment 200 mosque concept has been denied by Saudi, but can you believe that imans are not going to arise and gain control of that muslim populace and so funds will arrive. Where does the money go from all the certification to make so many products halal.
    In the beginning acceptance of mini courts of sharia?
    The madrassahs and universities must be in churning out graduates of sheiks and imans etc. that will teach just what is an “attack/cartoon” on Islam which must be defended in an all out outrage.
    That by hook or by crook, mosques with aspiring minarets must boom,,, well not initially with loud speakers, but they are easy add on’s.

    Those German mayors and bureaucratic faces seem to see it as an expansion of their roles, and probably with a commiserate rise in their wage, as they cover it with how important it is take care of this emergency flow of refugees, and yet this flow will go on for years. Just how high up can they rise up in this bureaucracy for the next ten years. $$ must be lighting up in their social humanity political lives as they see themselves floating to the top.

    Oh at the end I think I understood that the displaced old and needy Germans would also be able to move into the new apartments alongside the immigrants.
    The real question will be; Will those displaced German citizens be happy with that? Probably need a “trusted reporter”, camouflaged voice over and well screened clothes and facial coverage, for any local German dissenter to voice his problems with cultural change. Then it will not be televised any way and any credibility denied.

    The trouble is I think that the ordinary citizen has not come up to speed about islam itself., and are quite happy with pan-europe. Just feel a bit inconvenienced at this stage.

    The mayors seem that have been taught in schools of the pan Europe concepts seem to think the immigration just needs to be organized better, and while we are at , also all neighboring countries should rejoice and share in it. Then it will work,,, as we will all be in the same “overloaded leaky boat”. That is why we are all in and must support the “good ship ‘EU’ “.

    I think that more history of even the Bible, Greek, Judaic law, Roman history, German, European English and the words of the Founding Fathers of USA and how the constitution was formed and what it means. Far from perfect as I know this can be taught in many different lights, but I want a contrast in seeing and understanding freedom, responsibility, citizenship, subjects, independence etc,. All it seems is that a projection through humanities, political science has swept up into a collective view that has become authoritarianism. Maybe that is the way to go, but I believe there are many other concepts being chucked “out with the baby in the bathwater”.

    Thanks to Baron and Dymphna and many other posters and commentators put it more eloquently than me .

    • As the problem worsens the search for a solution intensifies.

      Islam in the West is but a symptom of this problem, as is immigration in general. Both are facilitated by government policy, which itself is a symptom, as are the products of the artistic establishment and the social elite – who’s behaviours set society’s ‘tone’, another symptom.

      All stem from the West’s adherence to egalitarianism – and that’s the problem. What we’re witnessing now is the logical conclusion of egalitarianism – which flies in the face of most people’s utopian conception of it – and with it the consequential awakening. Accepting egalitarianism in principle is not the same as accepting it in practice, as so many Germans in their immaculate villages are about to find out.

      More minds will be changed. And that’s the first step.

      • Thanks manatthepub
        “Accepting egalitarianism in principle is not the same as accepting it in practice”.
        Though people may be waking up I fear they are very lost, as unless they search, they will still be rudderless with no alternative principles.

        It is why I have enjoyed reading GOV as they cover many concepts, and though at first it may seem a pick and chose your principles and pragmatics, there are good points of view with the number of posters and commentators also shows how to fit things in pragmatically.

        Searching for a solution, in this modern world we want a one stop shop and instant fix. It is a matter of reviewing one’s principles, not for this age but to be true for all time. The solution will come out of sticking to principles that prove to be tested and true. All that takes time, certainly a few years, and still I do not know all what I talk about. 😉 but from initially having a feelings of right and wrong, say from the media, I am much more articulate, on point, than just being annoyed.

        Still must keep honing the mind on these things, perhaps a few small reversals as you see another view, or to a greater depth of understanding.
        In advance Thankyou for the other comment

      • There’s also the high premium put on “openness” and “tolerance” as (supposedly) the very cornerstones of European / Western civilization, and in some minds, apparently, the only things that are truly worth saving in Western civilization. Thus, any failure to welcome and accept a “diversity” of cultures within the society is seen as a betrayal of what Europe (or the West) fundamentally is, or ought to be.

        At the same time, the principles of openness and tolerance do not apply to native citizens who suggest that welcoming and shielding the intolerant and hostile might not be the way to maintain what’s best about Europe or the West generally.

      • Thank you.
        Love your phrase “The Strategy of Insolence”
        Made me think of another strategy that in essence I have always thought is where we should be at.

        I wonder if the mayors and all of Germans should have really said;-
        that the churches will ring all their bells before and after a service, and just for celebrations and there will be rehearsals.
        If a German asks a muslim to come into a tavern for a beer then he must and cannot leave until he has done his “shout” or “round”. Could be quite timely for Friday afternoons before muslims go to any other celebration of theirs. Also would make their long suffering plight during ramadan much easier. 😉
        When the sun shines, nice open clothes so that vitamin D that is good for the body and prevents rickets.
        So automatically precludes the burka hijab etc.
        For kindness to animals and no certification for halal foods so food can be cheaper.
        German festivals to be celebrated in all their glory like Oktoberfest, and with plenty of pork scratching, crackling, bacon options for all takeaway places.
        Christmas and Easter celebrations too.
        Seeing and Hearing Dogs are all to be treated with friendly respect.
        A savings for business and government as no prayer rooms and no wadu facilities. No toilet facilities to be used for wadu.
        You can pray before you go to work and you can pray after work. Just not at work. Business will not have this time loss so maybe wages can stay up or products a little cheaper.
        Ramadan, Haj must be on your own holiday time.
        Fasting at work means that pay will be docked as you will not be as efficient.
        If businesses or institutions have a uniform and standard form of dress, then that is to be adhered to.
        Sharia court decisions will not be accepted in any form, and nor any ruling. It must all be done through a German Court and Judge ruling in German laws which will be final.
        Any mosque will not have a minaret. No loud speakers. If Switzerland can do this, so can Europe.
        All koran, hadith and sira must be set in German Language in an unadulterated form , but more easier to read as it should be put in chronological order. That way the abrogation verses can be high lighted to show how the koran changes.
        Any local German can read it and quote it, spread posters of it, cartoons of it , and laugh at it. The media can do like wise, and in particular maybe show more of Father Zacheria Boutros interviews and his kindly lectures about Mohammads life and teachings. Those lectures and/or screenings can also be done is schools and churches.
        Protests that are to serve islam or muslim purposes will be banned.
        Any problem with muslim children at schools will also be the father and mothers problem. If things do not improve, the children at age 18 will simply be deported. If it becomes serious before then, then whole family will be deported.
        No marriage polygamy. If any lapses as such then whole families will be deported.

        Like Australia, if any immigrant has to serve a one years jail sentence then automatic deportation. No appeal. Any family would be provided with free tickets to go also.

        All inmans to have one of those “go cameras””smart phone” recording sound as well permanently strapped to him and able to transmit. If tampered with then deported. Anything suspicious one warning then if repeat then deported. After all they have a responsibility to be peaceful and law abiding, that is to German law,

        It is just a start, and I am sure others could add to it, and fine tune it for better effect. Sure some parts may not be practicable, but just see how far we can get and keep the pressure on.

        As said in Australia, if you do not like it, then you can go! ! !
        Personally I wished they never arrived. The real point is as Col. Bunny mentioned is to knock out ” “The Strategy of Insolence”.

        We must be the ones to stand strong, to be “the strong horse that every wants to be with”, so the ones who want to leave, can denounce islam, become apostates and feel safe and secure in doing so.
        In a way we have duty to this, so that muslim can truly have an option. We in all the Western world certainly need to get the politicians to pass some form of these “laws.” and never renege on them.

        After all, there are options for muslims as there is a lot of work building air ports , high towers, soccer stadiums, etc. through out the Middle East where a lot of those immigrants would be at home with their religion, language.

  3. Instead of that exquisitely polite request, which will be tossed into the waste paper recycle bin, what about…

    ‘Achtung Merkel!

    You arrogant, pompous Traitor! If you don’t air-lift these people, who will never fit into out society, out of our towns and cities by tomorrow, they won’t see the sunrise and neither will you!

    With unimaginable fury,

    Mayor and Resistance Chief’

  4. Their time would’ve been better spent drinking whisky. Nothing they write or scream now will make any difference. They should’ve done something years ago. Now it’s the time to enjoy any beer, food and other niceties before they’re stripped away.

  5. Surprise, surprise………
    “Refugees”………..except they’re NOT from wartorn areas, hence by definition, not refugees at all.
    Almost all are fit, 18-35 year old MEN, who seem to have exchanged their military uniforms for (nice, NEW, stylish) civilian clothes. The older ones (senior NCOs) are giving the orders and are clearly in charge (see the MANY vidieos).
    Notice how nicely they all march, routstep in columns like good soldiers.
    Everybody with their cell phones-so as to keep contact with HEADQUARTERS. (Why hasn’t someone analysed this–or do the facts just not get printed?)
    AND–just a few headscarves and kiddie-poos for the cameras, up front for the pictures–natch.
    This migration has cost SOMEBODY one hell of a lot of money for organization and transportation. Who?

    Ya think this’ll end well?
    No bloodshed?

    Me neither.

  6. Cultural relativism and lack of identity is the virus of the western civilization. While western christianity as a religion is quite dead here, it lives on in the leftist arbitrary interpretation of old western christian moralic values. It covers the whole civilization like a blanket and suffocates it. Thats the real sickness of our age and thats why we could possible disappear. Western leaders like Obama, Merkel & Co are just the symptoms of our sickness. We have to modify our society as a whole, our democratic system, our media etc. Only then we have a chance to fight this very dangerous virus.

  7. The Germans on camera are not being polite, they’re being careful. Speak out against immigration (legal or illegal) and you risk losing your job, your house (if you live in a council house) and even your children. Germans know this. This is why in public, especially in front of a camera or in the above letter, they don’t speak against the immigrants. In private it’s a different matter.

    • This is exactly what is going on all over Europe and the USA. Just like when the Nazis were in charge of France and Brlgium especially. These “refugees” will create a paradigm shift in Muslims ability to destabilize kaffir society. So it seems and to many growing obvious.

  8. Amazing how they had to see it firsthand to finally say, “Hey, this won’t work, will it?”

    They couldn’t do the math ahead of time.

    In fact, they “couldn’t imagine it.” That’s what political correctness has done: stopped people from being able to use their imaginations to think ahead and prepare for the obvious.

    The obvious is now a hate crime.

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