What!? Already? Who Killed the Unicorn?

Quick, bring in the choirs from the Netherlands to give the Germans a little Dutch courage. Germany is suddenly closing its borders!

Heavens to Betsy! Has Germany lost its mind or come to its senses?

From the New York Times:

Germany Announces Emergency Border Controls Amid Migrant Crisis

Germany announced on Sunday that it was invoking emergency powers to start protecting its borders, seemingly reaching a point of overload after greeting with open arms tens of thousands of migrants pouring into Europe, and urging other European nations to do the same.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière announced the decision to impose temporary controls on Germany’s southern border with Austria, after thousands of migrants have crossed over in recent weeks.

The announcement followed a meeting of top officials to discuss the migrant crisis, after the flood of people from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other troubled areas into Munich and other Eastern cities continued unabated for the second weekend in a row.

The emergency measures, which are said to be temporary, would presumably allow Germany to turn away migrants from the Balkans and other areas whose citizens are not fleeing war or persecution…

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5 thoughts on “What!? Already? Who Killed the Unicorn?

  1. Some sanity at last? Or a reaction from those who favor ordered control over immigrant chaos? What happens when the invaders start jumping the border check points and push inland? Have those who have brought this disaster to Europe even bothered to consider that?

  2. Looks to me there is trouble in the red square of Berlin. The CSU faction of the German government is fed up with mrs Merkels’s aim to become the islamic state of Germany or something like that….

  3. “Who Killed the Unicorn?”

    It’s not dead, it’s a “refugeeeeeeee” in Merkel’s bed.

    But dont rejoyce too early – what she made Germany do is akin to unprotected sex. You dont put on the condom afterwards !

  4. If they wanted orderly immigration (how German, really) then they invited in the wrong people. Try Brits or Canadians, they’re great at queuing up. But Syrians and Iraqis and God knows who else? Not so much.

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