Welcome to Mogadishu on the Øresund

Henrik Clausen took these photos the other day at Copenhagen’s central railway station. Just like the rest of Europe, Denmark is welcoming the “refugees” into its home.

Well, some of Denmark, anyway. Not all of it.

The woman in the background holding the sign may be a native Dane; it’s hard to tell from this distance. But the woman in the foreground most assuredly isn’t.

And take a closer look at her sign:

The message at the top is the same as the message at the bottom. That is, “Ku soodhawow Danma[r]k isoo raac” means “Welcome to Denmark follow me” — in Somali.

It’s a Somali welcoming Somalis to their new Nordic home.

And there’s no Danish on that sign, none at all.

If I were a Dane, I’d be pretty ticked off. In fact, I am pretty ticked off, and I have scarcely a drop of Danish blood in me.

This is madness, utter madness. And it will not end well.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to Mogadishu on the Øresund

  1. There all also people coming to the west from areas as far away as Pakistan. But nothing is sais in the media about them!

    I just hope they can’t adapt to the cold and will go home. Here’s a funny joke I just love it:

    Q: What does a good Muslim do when the dishwasaher stops working?
    A: He slaps her around a little

    • Pakistan is Cameron’s favorite. They get lots of aid and other free stuff. Business welfare payments.

  2. Do you have any idea how many Henrik Clausens there are in Denmark. I’d like to see if he has a facebook page. Henryk, how about it?

  3. Oh what a short memory the Dane’s have.

    It wasn’t long ago that the people of Somalia were demonstrating in the streets of Mogadishu and Syrians were burning down the Danish Embassy in Damascus all over the Jylland-Posten publication of harmless cartoons.

    And now, the Dane’s want to open their arms, and fiscus, to the very same people who wanted to bring down the economy of Denmark through boycotting Danish goods.

    • That’s a good point. You should email the letters editor of Jylland-Posten with that comment.

      I know I will!

    • It’s not just a Danish thing. This is the way in all Western European countries. The previous European Nazi occupation of Europe might easily have worked. If only we had fought and resisted less.

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