“We Cannot Guarantee the Safety of Munich Any Longer”

On September 15, Brigitte Meier, Commissioner for Social Affairs in Munich, spoke at a meeting of the SPD (Social-Democratic Party of Germany) in Berlin about the “refugee” crisis in her city. She told the audience that Munich had reached the limit of what it could cope with, and unless the government could open up a rail hub further up the line, so that refugees could be transferred onwards, her city would be facing a humanitarian catastrophe.

Many thanks to Carpe Diem for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   We urgently need a hub,
0:04   and when the borders are possibly be opened this weekend,
0:08   you have to imagine what this means for Munich.
0:12   The Wies’n (Oktoberfest) begins. This cannot
0:16   be handled at the main station any more in a safety-related way.
0:20   7 million, 7 million … No, I’m talking about safety problems.
0:24   I’m talking about safety problems.
0:28   We can’t cope with that any more at the main station.
0:32   We can… We must direct the trains… We have to!
0:36   During the last 14 days, we had
0:40   55,000 arrivals at the main station in Munich.
0:44   55,000!
0:48   And we couldn’t send the trains any further.
0:52   You have refused the allocation plan
0:56   except for Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. Thank you!
1:04   And if the borders are to be opened now,
1:08   and we’re not able to direct the trains further,
1:12   we cannot guarantee the safety of Munich any longer.
1:16   Where is the hub? Where is the hub?
1:20   For 14 days we’ve been saying, we need the next hub.
1:24   There is still none. And I don’t know how you imagine that.
1:28   It’s not about the Oktoberfest. It’s fundamentally about safety.
1:32   And the mood in Munich will shift then.
1:36   The helpfulness is tremendous, but if we’re not able to…
1:40   and we’re no longer talking about an emergency situation.
1:44   Last Friday we debated within the task force of the ministry for social affairs
1:48   about proclaiming a disaster situation.,
1:52   which happens in case of a flood. This wouldn’t have made a difference,
1:56   as we have already mobilized all emergency services in Bavaria.
2:00   The proclamation would have given us two more days breathing space.
2:04   We probably had been issued tents for two more days,
2:08   and maybe beds, but nothing else.
2:12   So, even the proclamation of a disaster situation
2:16   doesn’t help us in Munich. And that’s why we are so impatient,
2:20   for we have the impression that the Southern Bavarian situation…
2:24   and that’s not a party political matter, but it’s a matter of recognizing
2:28   what takes place at those borders
2:32   in Passau, in Rosenheim and in Munich.
2:36   And I ask you to pay a visit. I know what you undergo. I know.
2:40   I’ve got that normal business, too, as we usually
2:44   have to accommodate 500 refugees each week.
2:48   It’s true, and I know all that, but the situation in the south
2:52   of the republic soon won’t be manageable
2:56   regarding safety.
3:00   Now, one last thing. This weekend, we already wanted to open the Olympic Hall
3:04   on Saturday. We couldn’t open the Olympic Hall on Saturday,
3:08   for we didn’t know how. Beds… Beds…
3:12   We asked via twitter for air mattresses and thermal mats
3:16   to give those people, one thousand people, a place to sleep.
3:20   So, with help from volunteers from Munich,
3:24   we moved 1000 thermal mats and blankets
3:28   into the Olympic Hall.
3:32   The emergency services at their limits — as I said, disaster mode.
3:36   But I couldn’t open the Olympic Hall, as I didn’t know with which personnel.
3:40   THW (Technical assistance), BRK (Bavarian Red Cross)…
3:44   All refused, saying: “We can’t go on any longer.
3:48   We’re running on empty.” I would have opened the Olympic Hall
3:52   with the mountain infantry of the army,
3:56   fifty soldiers, lead by my social education workers,
4:00   as this would have been service within the army. So the
4:04   social services department would have told the soldiers
4:08   how to run a facility. That is the mode in Bavaria — everywhere.
4:12   In Rosenheim, Passau, Munich.

57 thoughts on ““We Cannot Guarantee the Safety of Munich Any Longer”

  1. Why oh why does Merkel destroy her country like this? This lady simply says it as it is: there are too many and there is a big security risk. What are Merkel and the European politicians expecting? That people will host these invaders in our own houses? This will end in a civil war, I can’t imagine that they don’t know this. So why are they doing this? It does not make sense. It seems that they are cultivating death and destruction to the same extent als the fools of IS. I don’t recognize the world I am living in any longer.

    • Why indeed?

      Why would Merkel impose this on her own people?

      Does she think this imposition of hundreds of thousands of so-called Syrian so-called refugees will benefit the German people? Or does she think it’s a bad thing but that it must nevertheless be done?

      It’s got to be one of the two, hasn’t it?

      What’s her argument? Has she explained it yet?

  2. Im surprised the Germans haven’t dragged these people out into the street and crucified them upside down. Still amazing how the left managed to condition them all to sit there and wait for doomsday to come.

      • Yes. Denial. Abandoned faith. Smarter than God. While the primitives Mo and Ali strut and stand around in their costumes like newly arrived Nazi settlers in occupied WW2 Europe. The multicultural shambled nations just can’t seem to get it together like it used to be able to before the breakdown of unity that started with the Common Market. Waiting…..

  3. It is very hard to understand what these people are thinking. It is very, very alien. If I understand the people correctly they don’t think that Germany has a right to exist or to a national identity. I cannot understand how they come to that conclusion, but I am an American and there are a lot of mindsets in Europe that I cannot understand.

    • If the Germans shot these invaders down or sank their ships you’d be the one calling them reactionary fascists.

      And so would the hostile minority press.

      Look what the US did to Serbia for attempting to stop the formation of Bosnia.

    • The Europeans themselves are not doing much better. Fear that resistance or war might mean interruption to a nice little consumer packaged life. I haven’t owned a television for over twenty years. Maybe I live on a different planet?

    • There must be something in their water in Europe that makes them STUPID idealists and ostrich like creatures.

        • The countries of the west seem to be noticing the Muslim occupation of the other man’s country and not too much their own growing out of control challenge. America is in as deep as anyone. It feels like nobody stable is at the helm.

          • The amount of crowing/trolling on the American Center-right about the Syrian/Abab invasion is alarming to me.

            It sounds like the jabber you’d expect from Neo-cons rather than Americans with European blood.

          • They are noticing it, and increasingly so. Good. Dealing with a problem begins by seeing it.

      • AC: You must get out of your car, chew more, eat less and read the news. Do you know anything about the United States?

    • I used to love riding the train from Atlanta to New Orleans years ago, till it became the main transport for stinkers and semi-vagrants.

      Looks like Europe has an even worse problem than that.

      • Nope. Trains in Europe are beautiful, clean and a joy to ride. There are no infrastructure problems in Europe. There is a huge and getting worse Muslims and their little traitor helpers problem.

      • We will solve the problem with that stasi [redacted]–> [female dog who has whelped at least one puppy] you Germans voted into the reichkanselarij.

        • @Dutch Patriot: Please clean up your own kennel first, before you start on the Germans.

          Just as many countries, including my own, have voted in less-than-competent leaders, so has The Netherlands. Look at what your politicians do to the only public patriot you have…

          • Dont worry Dympna. We will do so! Mr Wilders was spot on when he refered to the Dutch parliament as a fake parliament. No longer able to represent the Dutch people.

            We dont want this invasion! 60 -70% of the Dutch people dont want it.

            And we sure as hell dont want that stasi agent from Germany running the afairs in the EU. The Germans now play a role they are used to. This time not militairy style. They use the EU as a vehicle to bring Europe under their control.

            The current invasion is being stimulated by some very stupid and criminal remarks from the stasi agent in the Reichs Kanselerei, or whatever they call it. She is starting to become a danger not only to Germany but also to the Netherlands.

  4. Gee. Anyone entering Germany from a low iq country is alowed a house, a car and social security benefits of 2000 euro’s a month if only he or she yells: Asylum!

    I wonder where all these people come from!?

  5. Again, IS Germany on its way to yet another W-ACKY W-ACKY WAR…III????

    Apparently. THIS time the WORLD is coming to THEM to fight.

    Either that or the German Govt. intends to use all these muslim warriors they invited into their lands as another HUGE army to take over Europe and Russia, then onto the rest of the world.

      • This should help Germany get over their WW1-2 guilt. I’m upset I bought one of their cars; I’m afraid parts will soon be unavailable. Sigh.

        • Someone should point out to Germany that at least one underlying cause of ww2 was that Germany had a higher Birth Rate than France, Britain, Russia, Belgium etc and that this made it possible for the Germans to fill up their Trenches and Panzers twice.

          At the moment the Only Blitzkreig the Germans could mount on their neighbours would have veterans from ww2 manning the Panzers and flying the Jets.

      • No Germany died in 1933. Germany almost destroyed Europe with fascism/racism, they are doing the same today with inverse fascism/racism called multiculturalism and the dictatorship of relativism.

    • Muslims make lousy warriors. They produce for a while as rapists, plunderers if pulled together somehow into a rag tag army of some kind. Liars in general who can’t be trusted. They do great at cruelty and cowardly unmanly inhumane stuff. Always cover their faces and grow beard disguises. From what I have read.

    • Yeah, this is surely an evil Nazi plot, makes perfect sense …
      If you really cared about who is actually pushing mass immigration into white countries you should perhpas look somewhere else than your prefered villain.

      • Nazis had so many muslim followers and one , the Mufti of Jerusalem actually lived in Berlin in a large palace provided by Hitler himself.

        It is NOT out of the range of possibilities that Berlin would use Islamic fanatics to further their MAD dream of controlling the entire EU.

        Plus the present US Govt. under zero-bama would like nothing better than to have Germany help him establish the world wide umma as espoused by Zero-bama’s muslim FAMILY and friends like the Saudi Arabian King.

        • Jeebus.

          No, Frau Merkel is status signaling that Germany is a cuddly Multiracial-Multicult that no one should be scared of.

          I like the Formidable Germany of old. Not the Plush Toy version of today.

  6. By the way, that lady speaking, I think USED to be a big liberal …till all this mess happened. NOW she is SCARED half to death.

  7. All she is concerned about is “safety”.
    I am sure she is like Merkel, not thinking “safety” of her own citizens. I suspect she means that she can not logistically keep on rolling out a “welcome mat”, as she will not have enough blankets, mattresses, tents and not enough volunteers or they are simply tired out.

    And of course funding, well you know the government (Merkel) will supply to your municipality if you give a tearful request.

    Dutch Patriot; you are right, “Trains and people”.
    Move the problem on, detour a few elsewhere, and there onwards to other countries. Just keep trains and refugees a rolling on
    Perhaps her pay grade should be down graded to being matched by the asylum seekers “a house, a car and social security benefits of 2000 euro’s a month” only, instead of a nice suburb.

    What a “knee jerker”/ “tear jerker” display, and to think she is so well paid by the municipality and having more than 500 refugees per week is beyond her pay grade, as she wants to be paid more as she will have to manage more resources and logistics.

    Pergida, rise up in numbers, like the Legia. Show them you are the voters. Even though I know there are many social justice warriors in Germany trained by the Higher Education systems I am sure Pergida like Legia are the silent majority. Well I hope so.
    Make your case.

  8. This is frightening and I am nowhere near Europe. This is why women should not be in political office. Merkel is either menopausal or evil. There is simply no other explanation. What IS it with the Left and failure to predict consequences? Gah.

  9. If they cannot guarantee the safety of Munich any longer, than imagine what is going on here, in Athens, with averagely 5.000 immigrants invading our country daily. We urgently need help!

    Other countries have closed their borders. We cannot, because of the so many islands, islets and rock-islets. Besides, Greece is a peninsula with coastline of approximately 16.300 km (~ 10.190 miles).

    • It is becoming increasingly obvious that you will only be successful in turning back those boats in one way – does the Greek Government have the stomach for that?

      If the answer is no, then sooner or later Greece too will be swamped by those who do not wish to move on.

      • Unfortunately, the answer is no, because we have borders with Turkey, which is forwarding the illegal immigrants to us. Turkey is making big money from this business.

        The boats are sailing from the Minor Asian (Turkey) costs. As long as they are in Turkish territorial waters, Greece cannot do anything. When they are entering Greek waters, they sink the boats, so that the Greek navy and/or Harbour Guard are obliged to save the people. As you see, they know their “lesson” and Greece is unable to do anything. It goes without saying that Turkey does not accept the immigrants back.

        The UNO and the EU know exactly what’s going on and they just “discuss” the matter with Turkey. They also give little money to Greece, in order to keep the immigrants and investigate their asylum applications. In other words, Europe prefers not to interfere, in spite of the fact that they recently accepted a relatively small number of immigrants and then they sealed their borders.

        In Greece must live about 5.000.000 of immigrants from everywhere (former East Europe, Asia and Africa), that is the 50% of the Greek population! Our nation and our country are going to be perished.

        PS: I thought I would be notified by email for your reply, but I didn’t. I saw it just by chance. Why actually?

  10. From Change.Org:
    Petitioning City council of Munich
    Ban the Intolerant and Anti-Islamic event of Oktoberfest 2nd ATTEMT!
    Yousef Mohammed Ankara, Turkey
    Dear City council of Munich,
    I am writing this letter to bring to your attention something that I
    and many Muslims believe is unfair and requires attention. I would like to inform you that the Oktoberfest is an Intolerant and Anti-Islamic event. We tried to ignore the event, but there too many Un-Islamic acts done at the Oktoberfest. Such as alcohol consumption, public nudity etc.

    We understand that the Oktoberfest is a yearly German tradition, but we, Muslims, can not tolerate this Un-Islamic event, because it offends us and all Muslims on the earth. We are requesting the immediate cancellation of the upcoming Oktoberfest event.

    We also believe that the Oktoberfest might also offend all the Muslim refugees coming from Syria, Iraq,
    Afghanistan. The cancellation of the Oktoberfest event will help refugees not to forget their Islamic history. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    Yousef Mohammed

    And so it begins. Words fail me. How can ANY sane person not see where this is heading?

        • It was also my first reaction: is this for real? That is why I put the source, Change.org. At the time I first read the petition it had 77 signatures, 10 minutes later 79. Now up to 100. So, no it is all sadly too real.
          We are witnessing the suicide of the West.

        • When I first saw this posted on another site I had a similar reaction: surely this cannot be real? It is. That is why I included the source. Upon first reading there were 77 signatures, now I see 100. Not many but it only takes a few sparks to start a blaze.
          The suicide of the West. Coming to a country near you.

  11. I have been wondering what Merkel’s reasons are for this open arm invitation to all the “refugees” (I have read that only 1 in 5 is actually a refugee, the rest are all just taking advantage of a large opportunity) — did she not study history? Doesn’t she know anything ANYTHING about Muslims and their religion?

    Is the Eastern (communist) German within her sub-consciously wishing to punish the West Germans for some unknown reason?

    Or is it is simple: she is too naive to live.

    We have a similar problem here, but it will go away in another year+ and I hope to God that the American people wise up and elect a patriotic conservative this time. Preferrably with a good brain.

    • It’s too late, Mariadee. No matter who is elected after Obama leaves the scene, he has cratered so many countries, caused so much distrust and and fighting in our own urban areas, pushed our government into an even more bloated system of rule-by-agency-fiat, and caused so much economic damage that it will take a generation or more to recover.

      The destruction is far too deep for the U.S. to be able to pick itself and move on after Obama.

      **His destruction of our healthcare system is also deep and lasting. It won’t be long before we’re moved over to the single payer system socialists love – the kind that works if you don’t need it.

      **His deal with Iran has destablized all of MENA.

      **He has demoralized and demobilized much of the military. It hasn’t been this small and this underfunded since before WWII. The suicide rate among soldiers is growing.

      **He has moved to obliterate much of the private sector by saddling small business with too many regulations and by pushing other regulations which reward mega-businesses. His hatred of the small business middle class has been demonstrably vindictive;

      **His next move will be particularly oppressive: he and the EPA will gang up to close down the coal industry via prohibitive taxes and penalties. The exorbitant costs of fuel for heating will particularly hurt the poor but it will drive down our whole economy. Once coal is closed down, it will take more than a new administration to get it up and running again.

      We already have a better rep on clean air than many other countries but he and the corrupt greenies are selling the alarmist warming scam as a big Henny-Penny-the-Sky-Is-Falling. And those who don’t ever hear the rest of the story are scared into believing this hoax.

      I pity whoever follows after him.

      • i forgot to mention the long list of top military officers Obama has purged. It’s very large and there is no one with the same experience to replace them. Those who come after will lack the same depth of experience but they will know how to obey.

        • Stalinistic stuff from Obama.

          Also his invite to that Clock Boy bomber to the Whitehouse!

          Obama is trolling white people hard.

    • @ Mariadee

      “I have been wondering what Merkel’s reasons are for this open arm invitation to all the “refugees””

      Cheap worker hands, what else? Besides, Germany has closed its borders. Probably, they have already taken the number of working hands they needed.

  12. “It’s not about the Oktoberfest. It’s fundamentally about safety.”

    The enricher Hejira twist seize the opportunity blame the Oktoberfest.

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