The Welcoming Culture as An Expression of a Cultural Coma

The following essay appeared at Politically Incorrect on August 29. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

The Welcoming Culture as An Expression of a Cultural Coma


On Monday, on Menschen (People) with Markus Lanz, there was a student of German Studies who had visited a Syrian refugee camp. He introduced himself as a member of the “Drink-Until-You’re-Comatose generation which has to finally wake up”. The impression was of a friendly young man, even if his shock at what he had experienced was not easy to accept, because his outrage seemed a bit too smooth, his eloquence too matter-of-course. I could be wrong. At any rate, not much from him except for the usual commonplaces: the EU must do more; the expenditures for the EU meeting in Elmau were not commensurate with refugee aid; the very category of “refugee” or “asylum-seeker” is an affront. Each person must be perceived as having an individual destiny, i.e., the Syrian teacher’s family, the Syrian physician, etc.

Wake up, young man! That is exactly what German asylum law does, and it does not make cursory examinations. A little research before appearing on TV is not a bad idea. And it should have been said: the Syrian jihadist, the rapist from Aleppo, the Assad secret agent. But conceivably not for Mr. Lanz.

So that’s how it is. However, the friendly but clueless young man’s talk poses another question: that is, whether the German love of foreigners is based on compassion or lack of education, lack of knowledge, loss of culture. Not even a German Studies student, who should love and preserve the German language, its songs, stories, ballads and poems, recognizes that the present invasion is causing cultural destruction, as may be seen everywhere around us. And still, this vehement espousal of a completely indiscriminate welcome of alien cultures! Have these people really no connection to what they are studying — something which should be their lifeblood? Do they not think at all about what the core of German Studies is and what that means for their life and ideas? Every humanistic study is based on cultural difference, on the uniqueness of the thing, its history and values. For that reason alone, there are fields like Romance Language Studies, Sinology, Islam — because there are differences, because not everything is Esperanto. But this is a mystery hidden from the German Studies student. He is representative of the modern type of good-hearted, clueless barbarian from Anything-Goes. So why not apprentice to a butcher even if your are Vegan?

So most Germans have long since become Bitburgers.* In the brewery’s ad is a tree which has which has fallen over onto a neighbor’s property, and now the responsible property owner advances with a couple of bottles of “peace pilsener” (Friedens-Pils). “When neighbors become friends…” the ad says, and naturally the beer is only the first step to the growing friendship. Yet there is the suspicion that the beer is not only the spark for friendship, but is actually its only content. Generation Drink-Until-You’re-Comatose. If someone has no sense of his own values, he considers all people nice, no matter what they believe, think or represent. For the drinker, everyone is welcome to drink; for the person with no culture, everyone is welcome. If you no longer stand for anything, you have no grounds to reject anyone else. This is the Welcoming Culture as an expression of cultural coma. It is not the classless society that is the end of all differentiation and every history — only the culture-less society will achieve that. So, pass me a “Bit” please!

* Home of the Bitburg Brewery in the Rhineland-Palatinate.

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  1. Germans will only stop hating themselves and wishing they had been born Irish or Finnish when they have given the sixth millionth refugee his German passport.

  2. A nice article by Nikolaus Fest, who is no longer on staff at BILD Zeitung as a columnist since he wrote a column skeptical of the benefits of Islam for Germany. (He is the son of Joachim Fest, author of an acclaimed biography of Hitler and for many years head of the arts and culture section in German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.)

    However, I don’t understand the gratuitous mention of “PI NEWS”. It’s the most-visited German counter-jihad website, yes. But it’s also home to a large number of wucking feirdos, people like their main writer “kewil” who is constantly pouring out articles minimizing the crimes of Germans during the holocaust and conjuring up bizarre conspiracy theories about the ongoing trial about the sole survivor of a Nazi murder-terror cell (he claims they were innocent).

    Another main writer for PI NEWS is Michael Stürzenberger, who claims to be pro-Israel but was one of the figureheads in a massive campaign to outlaw religious circumcision in Germany (which would have hardly impacted Muslims at all but made Jewish life impossible).

    The commenters there are worse. Most are losers who have latched onto Islamicization of their country as a convenient scapegoat for their failings in life. Stupid mouth breathers, incapable of writing a single mistake-free German sentence.

    Why not just link to Mr. Fest’s website instead?

    • I’m not going to get into an argument about who’s “racist” or “anti-Semitic” — that’s a mug’s game — but I can tell you why Michael Stürzenberger wants to outlaw circumcision: it’s to make it possible to crack down on female genital mutilation. The gutmenschen insist that until male circumcision is equally frowned upon, it’s not fair to criticize Muslims for FGM.

      Yes, I know the two procedures are not comparable, but those are the arguments.

      It’s the same with halal slaughter and kosher. Geert Wilders gets a lot of grief for wanting to stop both (on humanitarian grounds) in the Netherlands. Once again, the progressives insist it’s not fair to complain about one kind of ritual slaughter while the other is still permitted.

      There are plenty of people (and I’m one of them, but I’m not Jewish) who think it would be a small price to pay to outlaw both practices (any form of circumcision for those under the age of consent, and any form of ritual slaughter) in order to close off those progressive arguments.

      Because the Muslims are not going to be willing to back down on either of those, especially halal slaughter, which is central to Islam. Jews will quietly switch over to eating non-kosher, or import their meat from Israel, but Muslims will riot and burn things and generally expose themselves as the barbarians they are, for all to see. And that will be a salutary outcome.

      • That would be a foolish argument, if it even is Stürzenberger’s.

        Look, a Jewish male infant must be circumcised on the eighth day (unless there are medical reasons not to).

        Muslim boys, at any time until puberty. So if circumcision were outlawed in Germany, they could have it done abroad at their leisure, plenty of time even for poor families to save up for a trip to visit the folks in the old country and have the circumcision ceremony. Which they already do quite often.

        What’s more, German criminal law specifically precludes prosecution for assault (the anti-circ campaigners want it criminalised as assault) if the assault was done abroad and if that specific form of assault is not illegal in the foreign jurisdiction. So Muslims would carry on much as before, they would not even have to be secretive about it.

        The World Health Organisation has never opposed circumcision. It’s the most common surgical procedure worldwide and very safe if done by an expert practitioner.

        Female genital mutilation is condemned by the WHO. Most versions of it are horrific, unsafe and traumatising. Attempts to claim an exemption for it on the basis of circumcision already being legal are specious.

        Kosher and halal slaughter, when done by a skilled butcher, are no more cruel to the animal than the industrial slaughterhouses in which the cattle are aware of their impending death. What’s terrible is Eid-al-Fitr, the festivities at the end of Ramadan, when ordinary Muslims hold down an animal in the middle of the street and saw through its neck with a dull kitchen knife.

        • “Kosher and halal slaughter, when done by a skilled butcher, are no more cruel to the animal than the industrial slaughterhouses in which the cattle are aware of their impending death.”

          I believe animals are typically – always? – rendered unconscious before they are killed in slaughterhouses, which is an improvement on halal.

          Additionally, halal and kosher are definitely NOT equivalent in terms of the suffering inflicted on the animals, minimal in the latter case.

  3. This is the generation brought up on Post-Modern Political Correctness where only the self-appointed ‘victim’ – whether by gender, ethnicity or religion – is allowed legitimacy. Everyone else is suspect. So the only way to prove that you are a ‘good’ person is to accept the passionately-held dogmas of each and every identity group while eschewing a dogma of one’s own!

    No-one who sees themselves as a victim should be made to feel uncomfortable. But the male, heterosexual Caucasian, being the primary target of all the victim entities, must constantly assuage the guilt of his forebears going back centuries! He must hope for nothing, believe in nothing and lie down as a doormat for the historically aggrieved to wipe their dirty feet on!

  4. Eugene–The mention of PI wasn’t gratuitous, because that is where It was found. I did go to the site just to confirm the credit. As for many, PI is a frequent stop for me, because it has a range of interesting things. And is often the only or the first to get into some stories. You have obviously spent a lot of time there yourself.

    Because I look at BILD now and then, just to look at the pictures and see what the herd mentality is up to at the moment, I had no idea of Nikolaus Fest. For all I knew, the name could have been some odd reference to the Christmas Holiday.

    I don’t recognize “kewil” so I guess I don’t stop at the titles of anything he/she writes.

    Michael Stürzenberger is another matter. I watched as he gathered up the shreds of Die Freiheit in Bavaria, and created a base for a lone campaign against an EU mega-mosque in Munich, gathering signatures on a petition that was eventually ignored by the city administration. I watched as he was ostracized, and banned from ordinary Gasthäuser all over the city, punched in the face and otherwise threatened during his speeches in the center of the city. I watched as he joined with the former co-founder of Die Freiheit and the last survivor of Die Weisse Rose to revive that resistance organization, at least symbolically, to the resistance of a new form of totalitarianism. He succeeded at least to the extent that the mosque is no longer planned to sit smugly in the Stachus. And he is still hated and reviled by Islamists and Leftists. He has also appeared at at least two PEGIDA rallies. The one I know of in the west of the country was the usual scene of a group of hardy anti-jihadists surrounded by police and/or barriers–just out of reach of a ravening mob of Leftists and “Antifa.” I don’t pretend to know him, but I do know his long-time concentration on the real anti-Semitic incomers from the East, and I suspect that he supports anything that will resist the further encroachment of sharia law.

    • Thanks very much for that illuminating reply about a man of rare courage. I no longer live in or get to visit Germany that much, so knew little about MS other than the name and the campaign. This gives me new respect for him. by the way seems to be out of commission and up for sale (steht zum Verkauf)

  5. As I remember from a history of islam, it began in Saudi Arabia, surrounding countries let in muslims who quickly converted those countries to islam, and so it continued until 56 countries are now islamic.

    Now half the people of Europe (atrociously mentally challenged) led by traitorous so called ‘leaders’ and believing in their tiny minds that they are welcoming starving, traumatized people, are actually giving the enemy army a hero’s welcome–you couldn’t make this stuff up!

    Throughout the history of islam, every country invaded by muslims has become muslim; what is it the Eurabians can’t (won’t) see? Western Europe is lost. It remains to be seen if Eastern Europe and North America follow the lemmings path…..

    • I think there’s an element of arrogance in the multiculti welcome mat.

      Yes, multicultis may feel a sense of cultural guilt — “We shouldn’t have all these nice things while other people go without”; and also hold the opinion that their own culture (e.g. Sweden) is relatively dull and needs to be spiced up.

      But they also seem confident that whatever they actually value in their own culture — such as the right to live as they personally choose — cannot possibly be destroyed or diminished by any infusions of different cultures. Whatever they themselves approve and value must be superior and correct, so it must endure or even be improved in the natural, ‘progressive” order of things.

  6. Another article that goes to the psychology, some may even say psychopathy, of what seems to ail the surrendering countries of Europe, not just Germany.

    If you stand for nothing, then you will fall for everything! – That is a quote from someone I can no longer remember who quoted it.

    • I hadn’t personally heard that one, but perhaps it was inspired by the following quote, which is attributed to G.K. Chesterton (from one of his Father Brown books, I believe):

      “When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing — they believe in anything”.

      • There are plenty of Muslims who firmly, tenaciously believe in their version of God — and in a lot of things we would consider pernicious or crazy. Belief in God per se doesn’t necessarily prevent one from believing pretty much “anything.” Nor does a certain skepticism about God make a person hopelessly gullible; that’s just silly.

        Chesterton’s most famous line seems at heart to mean (to him and to many of the people who quote it): “If you don’t believe what I believe, you’ll believe other things I don’t believe.”

        • Yes. In other words, you could just as easily say, “If you can believe in God, you can believe in anything.”

  7. Blitzjihad describing a method of warfare, whereby an attacking refugee force spearheaded by a dense concentration of immigrant formations with close NGO support, breaks through the opponent’s line of defence by short, fast, powerful attacks on national borders and then dislocates the defenders, using speed and surprise to overwhelm them. Its successful execution results in short military campaigns, which preserves human lives and negates the expenditure of munitions.

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