The PVV Grows Even Stronger in the Polls

Geert Wilders is the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV) in the Netherlands. According to today’s opinion poll, the PVV has grown even stronger. The party has added another five seats since last week’s poll.

The PVV sent out this notice today:

PVV grows to 34 seats

According to De Stemming, the monthly political poll of EenVandaag (Dutch public television), conducted by the research bureau GfK, the PVV has gained seven seats this month and is now virtually the biggest party in the country.

Never before has the party of Geert Wilders had as many seats as this month. The coalition parties VVD and PvdA each lost one seat and respectively have 23 and 11 seats now. As a result, the PVV is now as large as both coalition parties combined.

If we look at the voters that did not prefer PVV last month and do so now, it is clear that the movement in the direction of Wilders’ party has one single cause: the flow of refugees heading for Europe and the Netherlands, and the problems resulting from this. The participants in the poll indicate that they are very worried by this and they refer to incidents in the past weeks surrounding centers for asylum seekers and municipalities where refugees are housed. Three months ago, the voters who now flock to PVV were supporting other parties: VVD, but also SP, PvdD, 50plus and CDA are losing voters to Wilders.

Dutch poll, September 29 2015 (Click to enlarge)

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A key to the acronyms for the Dutch political parties is below the jump.

VVD   People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy
    Volkspartij voor Vrijheid en Democratie
PvdA   Labour Party
    Partij van de Arbeid
    Social democrats
PVV   Party for Freedom
    Partij voor de Vrijheid
    Classical liberal, Islam-critical
SP   Socialist Party
    Socialistische Partij
    Left-wing populists, former Maoists, to the left of communists
CDA   Christian Democratic Appeal
    Christen-Democratisch Appèl
    Christian democrats, center-right
D66   Democrats 66
    Politieke Partij Democraten 66
    Centrist social liberals
CU   ChristianUnion
    Christian Democrats, left-wing, only “conservative” in being ostensibly religious
GL   GreenLeft
    Environmentalism plus hard left
SGP   Reformed Political Party
    Staatkundig Gereformeerde Partij
    Christian right, advocates a Christian theocracy
PvdD   Party for Animals
    Partij voor de Dieren
    Animal rights
50+   50PLUS
    Pensioners’ party

5 thoughts on “The PVV Grows Even Stronger in the Polls

  1. As the Swedish experience has shown unless an outright majority on its own is reached then it can continue to be ignored.

    Even then the psephological books can just be cooked to enable the madness to continue.

    It cannot under any scenario end well.

    Yet the madness continues.

  2. So Geert’s Party has 34 seats out of 135 seats. Do the Dutch still not understand that they are existentially threatened?

  3. This is the first time a majority PVV cabinet becomes a realistic possibility. Or, the ultimate nightmare of the left (and the establishment) come true. Calculate: PVV+VVD+CDA=76. The current cabinet runs on exactly that number. VVD+PvdA=76.

    I don’t see it happen, mind you. The left and the establishment are like freshmen having their spring break binge in one of their parents homes. They know they’re wrecking the house, but who cares? As long as they can party everything goes.

    The PVV will eventually govern, but not before the situation is a LOT worse.

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