The Power of the Fist is What Matters

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel has translated an account of an incident of culturally enriched mayhem that occurred recently at the border crossing between Italy and Austria. These are the same mischievous “youths” that those high-minded Dutch ladies of Apeldoorn are singing “you are welcome” to.

The translator includes this introductory note:

On a Polish website I came across this fresh account of a worrying incident on the Italian-Austrian border. ‎The article concerns a blog post by a Polish travel writer, who at first hand witnessed (and was threatened by) the migrants attempting to reach Austria.

From experience, I’ll add that it’s precisely incidents such as this, witnessed by Poles while abroad or recounted by friends or family members, that help put Poland among the nations with the least interest in any “refugee resettlement” in their country.

The entry was posted on the author’s Facebook page yesterday, so the incident would have happened on Thursday night‎. Btw, the author, Kamil Bulonis, is gay and proudly displays a “rainbowed” profile picture on his Facebook… Hardly a “far-rightist”! Here’s his profile.

The translated excerpt:

“They tried to overturn the coach, in which I was travelling with a group. Excrement was thrown in our direction… they banged on the doors, to get the driver to open them. They spat at the windows.” — such is the report of Kamil Bulonis, the author of a travel blog.

It’s difficult to accuse the author of this entry, who writes a blog called “Obywatel Swiata” [Citizen of the World], of right-wing, Catholic or nationalist “looniness”. For Kamil Bulonis writes about himself openly on Instagram as a “journalist, globetrotter, gay”, while on Facebook, his profile picture appears in rainbow colours.

Last night Kamil Bulonis posted a report of his journey from Italy by coach. It is so moving that we are pasting it in full. Especially given that we cannot rely on mainstream media to break with their common narrative about “bad Hungarian nationalists” and “poor immigrants”.

This is the account by Kamil Bulonis:

One and a half hours ago, on the border of Italy and Austria, I saw with my own eyes massive incidents involving immigrants… in all my solidarity with people finding themselves in a difficult life situation I must say, that what I saw breeds fear…

This great mass of people — sorry that I write this, but it’s an absolute horde. Vulgar words, thrown bottles, loud cries of “We want Germany” — is Germany at present some kind of paradise? I saw how they surrounded the car of an older Italian lady, pulled her out by her hair and wanted to drive off in that car. The coach I was on in a group, they attempted to overturn. Excrement was thrown at us, they banged on the doors, so that the driver would open them, they spat at the window… I ask, for what purpose? How can this wild horde assimilate in Germany? For a moment, I thought I was in a war…

I really feel sorry for these people, but if they were to reach us [Poland] — I don’t think they would receive any understanding from us… For three hours we waited at the border, which ultimately we did not cross. The whole group was escorted back to Italy in a police cordon. The coach looks destroyed, covered in excrement, scratched and with broken windows. And this is the idea to solve our demographic issues? These great, giant regiments of barbarians? Among them, there were almost no women, no children — the overwhelming majority were young aggressive males…

Yesterday, reading the news on all the websites, I was still subconsciously caring, worried about their destiny, but today, after what I saw, I am simply afraid, but happy at the same time that they do not choose our nation as their destination. We Poles are simply not ready to accept these people — not culturally, and not financially. I don’t know if anyone is ready. A pathology is entering the EU, which up until now we never had a chance to see. And my apologies to anyone I may have offended anyone with this entry.

Finally, I’ll add that cars arrived containing humanitarian aid — first and foremost, with food and water, yet they simply overturned these cars… through the megaphone, the Austrians announced that they agree for them to cross the border — they wanted to register them, and allow them to go further — but they didn’t understand these announcements. They understood nothing. And in all this, that was the biggest horror… among a few thousand people, nobody understood Italian, English, German, Russian or Spanish. The power of the fist was what mattered… they fought for the right to proceed further, and they had this right — but they didn’t understand this! In the coach of the French group they opened the luggage compartment — everything that was inside, in a few moments was stolen, a few of the items were strewn across the ground… in my short life, I had never had a chance to witness such scenes, and I have a feeling that this is only the beginning. On a final note I’ll add, that it’s good to help — but not at any cost.

103 thoughts on “The Power of the Fist is What Matters

  1. I can’t help but think that there are many guns in Europe, secreted away after the second world war, stored carefully, awaiting the day when Germany would dominate again and try to destroy Europe once more.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but guns or no guns there is no will to fight left in Europe, if there was these people would have been stopped at sea

      • Ethical leaders would warn the hundreds of thousands of Muslim invaders that if they didn’t turn back, their boats would be blown out of the water.

        Wicked EU, British and European leader traitors maliciously took away guns from our people for the specific purpose of rendering us defenceless prey for Muslim savages.

        In Britain and Europe, Muslim Military Command Centres-Mosques and homes will be filled with weapons.

        • A free people are an armed people. Freedom, the most vital freedom is that from a tyrannical, non democratic government – like the USA and Western European nations have – that ignore the general populations will to not be swamped by invading muslim demographics; that will without doubt change our nations – and certainly not for the better. We only have to look at the intolerance of the Koran and nations ran under Islamic rules to see what our future will be. The freedom to possess arms means governments take democracy more “seriously”, which prevents anti-democratic abuse of populations, which would mean ultimately that we do not become part of the Islamic horde of intolerance and mindlessness.

          • I am an Australian living in China, where I teach English. I feel safer here right now than anywhere else in the world. The jihadists wouldn’t stand a chance here!

    • You can have all the guns in the world … absolutely worthless without the WILL to brandish them.

      Don’t hold your breath, waiting on the courage of Europeans.

      • Culture is not destiny. Of course after 70 years of socialism any nation’s national character would look weak, defenseless, no will to resist aggression, but there’s always a breaking point when people find their cojones. John Stuart Mill observed this in the mid-19th Century, about how it’s worse to abjectly refuse to resist aggression out of fear than to die resisting such aggression. He thought that of his contemporaries! Yet the social order did find the courage to fight against fascism and communism, and we in the West are now very reluctantly coming to the fight against Islam, slow but sure. We will, eventually.

    • Europe cannot come out of this without disaster. This is a Islamic invasion of Europe continued from their failure from there Battle of Tours and the Ottoman Empire. They want your wealth and your women.

  2. “For a moment, I thought I was in a war…” he wrote.
    Newsflash! We ARE in a war. Have been for years.

      • The majority of the population will NEVER learn of these incidents. All people will see is how grateful all the children are to reach Germany to join and eventually contribute to its society.

    • Agreed. We have been in a war for years but our politicians are obscuring the facts to keep the people complacent. It won’t be long before the truth is staring everyone in the face

      • By which time it will be too late to save our culture or national identity or genetic heritage.

    • I am European and I would brandish a gun and shoot anyone that even blinked at ME or mine the wrong way, make no mistake about it. I didn’t just miss being killed in WWII to let savages and terrorists take over. I have gone through a lot of trauma in my life and pulled through and am not about to let barbarians blight my life. if I had to be killed I’d make sure I took as many as I could with me..

  3. Yes pals of mine are reporting the same across their path as they move to the North.
    They are a horde bent on invasion. None of this is bring reported on MSM. There are thousands in Budapest not hundreds! Raiding houses too en route.

    • Now – say, at some point down the line, another shipment comes, in trucks and ships… containing not a million migrants, but a million AK-47s, along with grenades and pistols.

      And all of a sudden, we have a million armed Islamist fighters, in the heart of Europe… or even with just a fraction of that, what would it mean for Europe? Does the influx of fighting-age males now sound so great??

      • Yes, they can bring war to our streets. OR they can simply wait some 20-30 years (not long considering the grandiosity of their cause), and overwhelm us with political presence and high birth rate.

        • Whether they’re “willing to wait” all depends – also on whether they’re intelligent enough, peaceful enough and whether they’re free of any debts to their traffickers. From the what I’ve seen so far, my guess would be “no” on all 3 counts – most of these newcomers are no Tariq Ramadans, Mehdi Hassans or Ibrahim Hoopers.

          More likely, that many are illiterate chancers eager to get “their” money. And if they don’t get what they want, they can turn to aggression – fast.

  4. Now the battles are on the borders. Wait until they all get here. Then the war will be on our streets. Whatever we have that they want, they will take and the law enforcement agencies will just stand there and look on.

  5. Dare I ask……….where did pious moslems find………um……um…….excrement? I didn’t think that…….um……excrement was halal to touch.

    • If you use your left hand, it’s halal. That’s the one they wipe with, and… ahem… not always with paper.

      • As a lefty, this is one of the things that I really hate about the RoP/MENA culture.

        On the other hand, it is great fun to troll the locals by using my left hand for dining purposes.

        • LOL. Yes,,, I do the same.. make an obvious show of using the left hand when eating in the presence of islimists.

  6. Hey, this is what we have been having for a century now at the hands of the culturally enlightened Muhammedans. For a century we the jews have been told we must partition our tiny 60 mile wide (at the widest!) land so that they may expel all the Jews in “their” part and freely roam the Jewish part armed with the sword of Rights and Political correctness. Now Europe is getting just the first whiff of what it is to live alongside, that is in constant warfare, with the Flaming Blaze of Islam. Lets us see if Europe chooses to die or fight.

    • So you would support the formation of a White Homeland? The Saturday people here in the USA seem very supportive of the resettlement of Africans and Muslims to White Countries, perhaps the biggest supporters.

      • Well, Greyman,

        Do you want the government to expel all people whose skin registers darker on some shading index you would choose? That means you get to keep the lovely Armenian, Bosnian, Kosovar, and Chechen Muslims, who are as white as you are.

        Or, would you be satisfied with enclaves, where people get to manipulate property rights to maintain a community of their own tribe, or people? Perhaps the closest thing to that is the embattled Afrikaners currently in South Africa…

        The Afrikaners would be fine in a black-controlled South Africa if the government would let them alone. They could maintain their cultural and, if that rocks your boat, their racial community. But the South African government is determined to break up the community and destroy the uniquely Afrikaner institutions.

        The Amish and the Mennonites maintain closed, religious communities in a non-coercive manner, allowing those who wish to leave the complete freedom to do so, on the condition that if they leave, they have no ties to their past

        The American Jews voted 78% for Obama in 2008 and 69% for Obama in 2012, which drives me nuts as I was raised Jewish although I’m an atheist now. I would love to see American Jews act out of self-interest, and I’m very happy to see the Israeli Jews doing so.

        I can do without the ultra-religious Jews who harass Christians and peaceful Palestinians, but Israel itself is taking action against them, so it’s an internal matter, as far as I’m concerned.

        I am in favor of the government setting immigration policy to maintain the pre-1965 racial and national mix of the US. That’s a far cry from being a “White homeland”, unless you define White homeland as a place where people are allowed to choose their own community, as opposed to being forced to do so.

  7. For people who shy away from physical confrontation, remember this.

    Forcibly crossing a border is an act of violence against the sovereign state. The enemy has already fired the first shot.

    • Muslims have indeed declared WAR on Britain and Europe. The EU WILLINGLY submits and eagerly surrenders to Islam.

      Our traitor leaders warmly welcome the never-ending invading Muslim army which includes ISIS monsters who several months ago declared they’re in the boats and plan to carry out terrorist attacks in Europe. After ISIS made their declaration, our ships increased their rescue efforts. The EU will not tolerate ISIS and other Muslim terrorist savages drowning at sea.

    • The leaders of those sovereign states clearly signalled their intent not to defend those national borders, yes the islamo hordes invaded but it was also by the enticement of invitation, a capitulation by omission – the wilful failure to defend territorial frontiers.

    • People have been groomed to shy away from confrontation. it’s illegal and we have been taught that ANY aggression towards anyone, will get you arrested and charged… they will feed on us while we are still alive.

  8. I wish the Finnish Prime Minister would read about this as he decided to offer his second home to a refugee family although I don’t think it’s purely a altruistic act – he’s probably making money with this grotesque gesture that spits in the face of Finnish homeless – and I’m also sure that a highly-educated refugee family will be cherry-picked for his home. Why didn’t he offer his home to Finnish homeless people?

    • He doesn’t care about homeless Finns – just as self righteous Bits who offer places in their homes for these alleged refugees don’t care about homeless Brite.

  9. Western civilization is going the way of the Roman empire. After watching a History channel documentary on the subject, i can see we are at least in the early stages of decay. We are like Rome was in about 280 C.E. In that:
    Lost control of our borders. More of a devide between rich and poor; An apathetic civilian population, many on the ‘dole’: And higher taxes to pay for it all.

    I recommend a History Channel documentary called “Rome. Rise and Fall of an Empire”. Especially the last 3 episodes.

    • I think it’s fair to say that Rome and Greece left their imprint on the world that followed after them; much of that imprint is still visible in western nations and culture. But if western civilization, the heir to Rome and Greece, molded by them to a certain extent, ends up being overwhelmed and destroyed, will anything of its culture endure beyond *its* demise?

      What does the general antipathy and hostility of Islam toward freedom, democracy, and even toward science and reason, forebode for the legacy of our civilization? Witness ISIS’ destruction of millennia-old historic buildings and libraries ….

      • Jason, I don’t believe the West is completely finished as a civilization – some countries will go under while others will survive and prosper – it all depends on geographical location and the collective will of the native in those countries to not surrender to the grip of the current insanity now washing over much of the West.

        What we have, as Westerners, is a collective history of how things must work for societal cohesion. Collective memory has been passed down from one generation to another, much like inherited genes, and will continue to survive whatever is coming our way because those who survive the coming troubles will have the means to perpetuate that memory – their education and history.

        Islam has its Qu’ran, and that is all it has!

        • Nemesis – I think you’re right: much will probably be lost, but not all. Thank you – you cheered me up (!).

        • Really, looking at how traitorous the rulers of the EU and other countries are toward their own people, and the uncontrolled borders of my own country, my honest-to-God hopes for the continuance of Western Civilization lie in…

          Australia and New Zealand.

          Australia turns back all boats full of Islamic would-be freeloaders, and New Zealand is even more difficult to get to by boat/ship if one doesn’t have a seaworthy craft or a trained navigation staff.

          I do not hold out much hope for the U.S. of A., not in the long term. Too much “multi-cultural” and “politically correct” bafflegab; values-free education, etc. Sad, tragic even. But perhaps the Aussies and Kiwis can yet sustain the ancient and honorable traditions of the West.

          • he probably means a homeland free of muslims, not so much white ppl. that accounts for most of the coloured versions of invaders presently now anyhows. of course their will be lighter and white Muslims. either islam reforms in a big and sincere way, ie no jihad, no persecution, no compulsion, or after the coming religious war, they get removed dictator style. no other way and its coming. all muslims out. regardless of skin colour.

          • Don’t kid yourself. Wait fifty or a hundred years for the USA to fall and the American nuclear umbrella over the South Pacific to fade into history.

            Indonesia has been staring across the Timor Sea at all that yummy Lebensraum for the Musulmanvolk since the Dutch left and outnumber the Aussies by eleven to one today; by 2050 it will be twenty to one. And America will not be there to save you in the next war.

          • nomen nescio or anonymous. Cynthia actually lives in the U.S.

            While Australia maintains the ANZUS Treaty with the U.S. and New Zealand we, unlike Europe or even Britain, like to contribute a fair chunk of our tax money to the ADF (Australian Defence Force) and are recognized as THE regional power in our area. Our reliance is not on any U.S. nuclear umbrella, but on ourselves and our own ability to handle any military or humanitarian crisis that often comes our way which we will always carry out to the best of our abilities.

            If the U.S. fails as a super-power then Indonesia is very welcome to try to take our country – some of their military leaders are quite hostile toward this country as is their current president – whatshisname!

            Indonesia may have the population, but it is a poor Muslim country and does not have, nor will it ever have, the status of being a regional power as Indonesia has no large deposits of oil or other valuable resources that would go toward building up their military for an invasion of this country, especially while it has that huge population to support which is growing every year.

    • I watched that documentary a few years ago and had the exact same thought. The parallels were unmistakable and impossible not to notice.
      This however is not even something that Rome faced. This is orchestrated and done on purpose and without any pretense of resistance from the goverments.
      Simple question – who provides passage across the sea for these thousands of invaders? Who provides information to them of such passage and the tales of promise land?
      This is not happening in a vacuum.

      Why are these vessels not intercepted at sea? Forced under armed escort to return from where they came. Passengers and crew forced to disembark and then then vessels sunk?

      Most importantly why are NATO governments destabilizing Middle Eastern countries?

      • Passage across the sea? For example Kos, a Greek Island is within easy sight of mainland Turkey. I could swim across. These people are not going through any traumatic journey to reach Europe – Its easy!

  10. Irony here in the author’s identity, Kamil Bulonis

    According to wiki:

    Kamil is a Polish, Czech, and Slovak given name, equivalent to the Italian Camillo, Spanish Camilo and French Camille, deriving from Camillus,[1] a Roman family name, which is sometimes claimed to mean “attendant at a religious service” in Latin”

    However…wiki also states:

    Kamil (كامل) is also an Arabic name and some time used as adjective, more usually transliterated as Kamel which can be translated as “perfect” or “the Perfect One”. It is also used in Urdu, Persian and Sindhi meaning “complete”.

    In Islamic theology, al-Insān al-Kāmil (اَلإِنْسَانِ الكَامِلْ, also rendered as İnsan-ı Kâmil انسانِ كامل – in Persian and Urdu), is a term used as an honorific title to describe Muhammad. It is an Arabic phrase meaning “the person who has reached perfection.”

  11. They surrounded the car of an older Italian lady, pulled her out by her hair. The coach I was in, they attempted to overturn. Excrement was thrown at us, they banged on the doors, so that the driver would open them, they spat at the window… The coach looks destroyed, covered in excrement, scratched and with broken windows. In the coach of the French group they opened the luggage compartment — everything that was inside, in a few moments was stolen.

    These are precisely the demonic beings that the demonic EU want Britain and Europe to be conquered with. Our rabid God-hater leaders identify with the cruelty and barbarism of Islam.

    There’s no need for the Soldiers of Allah to invade Europe and Britain in a huge military attack. No need for the Muslim invader savages to be heavily armed with tanks, rockets, sub machine guns and grenades to kill our intensely hated non-Muslims people. The SATANIC EU, British and Western European leaders cooperate 100% with top Muslim leaders and the 56 Muslim nation OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation) in the CRIMINAL over population and Muslim colonisation of Britain and Europe – for Muslim conquest of our cherished nations and people.

    • First the islamics will go after the children of Westerners.

      The islamics will k idnap and murder them just as they did in Kosovo and Macedonia( FYROM) and place their dead bodies on the family’s door steps. MAKE the non-muslims live in fear or make them LEAVE the villages.

      They demand MORE sharia law compliance from the non-muslims populations, then taxes and their HOMES the non-muslims live in.

      IF they do not get what they want from the non-muslims, then they ATTACK as the warriors they really are.

  12. Lol- the epiphany of a liberal after being mugged.
    Unfortunately there are millions more like him, who have not been enlightened to the reality of invasion and economic migration, preferring a fantasy EUrabia to the harsh truths that accompany the exodus of millions of young, Muslim males- many of whom no doubt, will have seen news reports of jihadis living in £Million flats in London, having lived almost exclusively from welfare- or Jihadis Seekers Allowance as Chowdary calls it.
    There are a thousand other similar stories of how to abuse European welfare systems, the polygamy scams being just one and in many cases, jihadis actively promote violent jihad and the imposition of Sharia in Europe, while fraudulently taking advantage of every welfare benefit possible- blood is in the water and the opportunists are in a frenzy.

    • Götterdämmerung is a German word meaning “Twilight of the Gods”. How is this related to Merkel and 1945?

      • When the Germans surrendered at Stalingrad, German radio played Siegfried’s Funeral March, from Gotterdamerung. I’m not really sure how relevant this is to Islam’s invasion of Europe yet,but if the Germans surrender, then the twilight of something or another could well be a just metaphor. But Siegfried was a hero of sorts, and I don’t think Europe will be very heroic. At least it looks that way now.

  13. I suggest AC-130s , Fuel-air explosives, and Sarin as legitimate devices for border control.

        • The cringing measured not wanting to sound violent “Oh sorry did I hurt you?” responses to an invasion of an ideology that caused the deaths of 56,000,000 in the last war and many millions more than all the nation states combined in the last 1,400 years people is truly sickening. We had better grab our muskets soon and go ‘over the top’?

          • LL, I’m thinking that something belt fed and water cooled would be appropriate to stave off the hordes.

            If they complain just detain them in stock pens and play videos of ISIS’s favorite beheadings/immolation/drowning/defenestration on a continuous loop at high volume ALA Clockwork orange…and dose them with caffeine to enhance the effect.

            No I will NOT go quietly into the that long, dark night.

    • No! Just brought it into sharper focus. But you’re right I don’t need the History Channel–CNN or BBC-WN– is good enough.

      “I don’t know if faith can move mountains, But I’ve seen what it can do to skyscrapers”.

  14. The real question is, why have the people of the West become so enfeebled, cowardly, and craven? I think we have an entire culture that has sublimated cowardice into moral superiority. It’s unpleasant for them to think “we do nothing to stop our own destruction because we’re cowards” so they subliminally convert that into “We welcome these migrants because we’re enlightened, we’re tolerant, we’re progressive, and we have evolved beyond those primitive caveman territorial instincts.”

    This is going to be one of two things for Europe: the final nail in its coffin, or the spark that finally ignites some form of resistance.

    • Another comparison to the Roman Empire. We have become weak and decadent, do to the ease of living. Like the Romans–American especially– want bread and cercusses. That’s pizza and football to us.

      I thought Charlie Hebdo was going to wake up the west. I mean a million people demonstrating on the streets, but I guess it didn’t. Apathy is back.

      • You are wrong. Americans are just about the last people standing between the evil empire and freedom.

        I love my pizza and I love my beer. But show me one true blooded american that wouldn’t pass on a slice of pizza and a can of beer if the chance arises to load your gun and shoot back.

        Of course, the true Americans will see to it that both will work at the same time. One needs nourishment when fighting [Islam].

      • Je ne suis Charlie was a ‘seeming’ event orchestrated by cowards who have no intention of doing anything in regard to the ‘elephant in the room’.

        And that phrase – ‘I am Charlie’ should have been, Je ne suis pas Charlie – I am not Charlie! Followed by Je suis armee – I am armed!

    • Me think resistance.
      Usa types waiting and not cowardly. There are enough of us to deal with it. Of course this means new normal for all when we ‘deal’. ‘They’ put this monkey on our backs, not the other way around.

    • We are as we have been controlled to become (on a societal scale), for the convenience of our ruling establishment elite. These ruling elites that think they just receive benefits from immigration and that the threats associated with an Islamisation of society will not affect them.

  15. The author nailed it-

    The power of the fist is the only thing the invaders understand.

    The Western world had better find its collective will to use that power, or we are soon lost.

    • Victor Davis Hanson has some good writing on the subject. April 2006 yields this essay.

      With this paragraph that i think sums up what will EVENTUALLY happen…but its going to get a LOT worse before it gets better.

      “Ever since September 11, the subtext of this war could be summed up as something like, “Suburban Jason, with his iPod, godlessness, and earring, loves to live too much to die, while Ali, raised as the 11th son of an impoverished but devout street-sweeper in Damascus, loves death too much to live.” The Iranians, like bin Laden, promulgate this mythical antithesis, which, like all caricatures, has elements of truth in it. But what the Iranians, like the al Qaedists, do not fully fathom, is that Jason, upon concluding that he would lose not only his iPod and earring, but his entire family and suburb as well, is capable of conjuring up things far more frightening than anything in the 8th-century brain of Mr. Ahmadinejad. Unfortunately, the barbarity of the nightmares at Antietam, Verdun, Dresden, and Hiroshima prove that well enough.”

      Read more at:

  16. I can no longer stand the protestations about “feeling sorry for these poor immigrants.” It’s us or them! Easy for me to say here in America. Although we’re next. But Europeans, millions of them, must wake up and then be willing to face death to stop the Islamic hordes. That will probably include all the horrors of civil war with Europeans’ own so-called elites. But there’s no way out at this point.

  17. Hey Europe — what about your 3 year old children? So the picture of one drowned child now obligates you to take in the whole teeming mass of them? What about all the 3 year old children in Europe, who will come into adulthood to find that their homelands have been given away to barbarians? How many little European girls will be abused like those in Rotherham, England?

    My God the inability of people to think frustrates me! So eager are they to shoot a little temporary self-righteous moralizing into their veins that they will totally overlook how this is creating millions of new victims. This is the ultimate treason!

  18. I hope we have enough time to escape much of this and build a fortress America after a new President comes in.

    But this is a Richter Scale “10 ” quake in world history and, even if we figure out a smart survival policy over here, how does the world live without a Europe? Will China and Russia wake up? Or will they be forever threatened by us, and pounce on us..,.even if we prepare to do the Eurocide ourselves. Could China or Russia be the world’s saviors?

    For sure, every refugee teaches another. Every new one knows how to do it better. Where the most susceptible countries and borders are. Where the public reception is easiest. Where the welfare money is. The best routes. The best smugglers. The learning curve is being ascended zappo. An utter catastrophy could be sooner than we think.

  19. Europe is comfortable not cowardly. Just wait till there is nothing left to lose and then you will see the European of the Thirty years war .

    • Well if that happens, will they be perceptive enough to recognize the true enemy? The true enemy is not the Muslim invader, though they are certainly a threat that must be dealt with. The true enemy is the Left.

    • Just start closing those foot ball stadiums. Watching the cup final crowd gather for a soccer final is like watching a massed medieval army. Not to be messed with “Oh Mudlum”. Just a though.

  20. Power of the fist??
    Against what, exactly??
    A .22 short? I’d take the .22 short. A .22 long rifle?? Well, that’s a bit more like it–but I would hardly call it an optimum response.
    I would call the universally-loved 5.56 NATO a tad light, but with the heavier slugs will do the job.
    Anyway it seems EVERYBODY plays with them now and they will suffice.
    I’m more old school. I REALLY like the 7.62 NATO (.308 Winchester in uniform) for its ability to shoot THROUGH things and still be effective. But that’s me–anything good enough for whitetail deer is plenty good enough.
    Of course there is the M2 and the WWI and WWII’s .50 cal–but they are VERY expensive and certainly overkill IMHO.
    I laugh–REALLY laugh–at this ‘power of the fist’ BS. Even our cave ancestors with clubs were FAR beyond that. And SO ARE WE.
    A few more articles by Poles such as this (AND Frenchmen, AND Italians, AND even Germans…..) and the reality amongst the low-information Eurodhimmis can no longer be denied.
    Damn near ANYTHING beats a ‘fist’.

  21. No, I did NOT overlook the beloved (by father and grandfather and their era) M1 Garand.
    It’s lovely .30-06 cartridge is a joy to behold–and shoot. Ditto the M1 carbine.
    They are all collector’s items now and WAAAY to pricey to purchase anymore.

    • All good weaponry Flintlock. I once had the opportunity to pump the side of an old Sherman Tank hulk with a Browning 50 cal. Didn’t penetrate the armor, but I would not have liked to be inside that old tank when those rounds struck chipping off small pieces of armor plate into the interior!

      The 7.62mm NATO round is one of the best rounds for stopping power, if shot by one of them you stay shot!

  22. The Germans are screwed. Eldorado seems to be Germany for these guys. Notice: they do not say Sweden or the UK, or France, by the way: many of them left France to go to Germany, so they have a preference, and is Germany. The Germans are extremely screwed.

    • Germany has been wacky for well over 100 years now.

      More of the same from them.. wacky, wacky wacky!!

  23. An old lady pulled out of the car. By her hair. Excement smeared on windows. An empty car pillaged. Nice, eh? Mostly young Arab men fit for war. I was quite outraged by the ones on a beach in Greece who had their own SELFIE STICK. And invading army, no question. I can’t believe the stupidity of the choir. Totally mad. In January IS said they would send 500,000 to conquer us. There they are, those vicious creeps . How the Europeans have fallen for this is beyond me. Sweden is the worst. I saw a few minutes of a terrible video of these beasts taking over Paris , yelling Allah Akbar as they did, cops running away. Any North American stupid enough to go to Europe under siege from Muslims deserves what they get.. See everything in our wonderful Canada and US first. Europe is a dreadful and horrible place right now. Sorry travel agents, who needs the stress? I do not need French police thwoing smoke bombs at migrant yelling Allah Akbar. Canada and the US are good and big enough for me.

    • I concur. Why go to Ireland to watch a new mega- mosque blighting the landscape when I haven’t even seen Idaho yet. I’m pretty sure that there are only 3 mosques in Idaho.

  24. “and I have a feeling that this is only the beginning”

    Yes, Kamil Bulonis, you are correct.

    The description of events at that border crossing should be disseminated by every MSM outlet. The image of some old Italian lady being pulled out of her car by her hair is a harrowing one. I’ll bet she never thought in her long life that any such thing could ever happen to her by simply driving out of her country into Austria. Who would?

    As ‘Itinerant’ above noted, this post of Bulonis’ is a superb example of a liberal being mugged by reality.

  25. Millions in the US clearly see the problem and know it could be solved in 5 minutes of [intemperate suggestions redacted]. Word would spread like wildfire south of the border and illegal migration would grind to a halt.

    But those millions also know that acting as individuals or even as a small group will get them nothing but a life sentence in a federal prison. The true solution is for so many armed men to mobilize to the border at one time and do whats necessary, that the government could do nothing to stop them or prosecute them. That takes organization and good leadership. Men are sitting in their homes boiling, watching these invasions unfold, and know they spell the eventual destruction of the west. They want to act, even at the cost of their own life. But they are not willing to perish alone without the chance to win the battle.

    Someone with integrity needs to step forward and begin the organizing. As far as I know, there is nothing illegal about 200,000 armed men camping in the public lands along the border, or on private lands voluntarily opened to them. That is what is required to send the message to our corrupt leaders that the boiling point is being reached.

  26. Dis verskriklike. Julle moes nou trek die lyn.

    [Machine translation from Afrikaans: It’s terrible. You should now draw the line.]

  27. Never mind all that gunpowder talk. A few blocks of Swiss pikemen charging at full chat would sort this lot out doublequick.
    Of course, the Schweizers ain’t daft. Not in the EU. And armed to the teeth at home.

  28. Europe is dead because it has rejected the tenets of Christendom. Once, it had a soul. Now, it is soulless and has no will to defend itself. As a descendant of Europa, I mourn for this loss. All I can do is try and prevent it from happening in my homeland–the American South.

    • Yeah, I know that Christianity is an important part of our cultural curriculum, but Europeans existed before Christianity even came to being. Besides, many zealous Christians right now are very eager to help our ‘African/Arab/Afghan brothers and sisters’ in need and scold absolutely everybody who think we should stop accepting even more of them. What kind of religiosity do you have in mind, huh? See the current Pope! Doesn’t he say that helping is our Christian obligation!?

      • Christianity is not ‘an important part of our cultural curriculum’. Christianity is the foundation on which the whole edifice of our civilisation sits. Remove the foundation – and the whole edifice crumbles, its debris being appropriated by anyone who would care to pick them up.

        As for Christians who are acting silly over the invading migrants (including the current Pope), let me tell you a secret: they are not Christian. They are secular humanists sentimentally attached to some Gospel quotations taken out of context.

        This is exactly the rosy, sickly sweet ‘Christianity’ against which Russian Slavophiles warned in the 19th century. This is not the Christianity of Emperor Constantine. Or of the innumerable Christian martyrs who died at the hand of Ottoman Turks or Arab jihadis refusing to convert to Islam. Or of the Russian princes who fought and defeated the Golden Horde with the name of Christ on their lips.

        Christians, of course, should help people of other faiths and cultures, but not at the cost of destroying their own faith and giving their land to alien invaders.

        Having said that, let us not forget that the current crisis is largely due to the senseless and destructive policies of Western (post-Christian) nations in Kosovo, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan and a number of other countries. The US and their allies have behaved in these parts of the world like a bull in a china shop.

  29. Where do I get a gun and what type would be suitable for me a small elderly woman? Never fired one in my life but was a good shot with other missiles. Never missed a target.

  30. I just read the article and It is horrible. I can imaging what you are describing. Several years ago I was raped by a refugee, whom I helped with translating letters. Can you imagine that I’m in panic seeing all those men coming to europe. I live in Holland and when i tell people here that I am raped by an refugee, they are getting angry, not at the raper, NO NO NO, but at me and they are accusing me and I have to shut my mouth, because it is not true. My brother wrote a column about my ‘case’ in a christian newspaper. Big silence afterwards, also from my family. I have again post traumatic stress and I am not protected by my country.

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