The Militarized European Police State

The following video is from the same program on Czech Independent TV that we featured here last night. This segment begins with an account of violence at a “refugee” center in the Czech Republic, and then talks about the European Gendarmerie Force, EUROGENDFOR.

The two topics are not as unconnected as they might seem at first glance. The importation of thousands of violent barbarian Muslim immigrants is bound to cause a reaction among the natives of the countries involves. As the massive influx reaches its peak, civil unrest is quite possible, and must be factored into the EU’s contingency plans. Local police are the ethnic fellows of those irate protesters, and cannot necessarily be relied upon to enforce the diktats of Brussels.

That’s where EUGENDFOR comes in. When an uprising begins in, say, Prague, and the Czech police show signs of sympathizing — or even allying with — the “right-wing extremists”, the solution is to send in a well-trained brigade of Italians, or Belgians, or Swedes, who have no inherent sympathies with the local populace.

That’s the future of Europe, and it seems to be coming much sooner than expected. Keep an eye out for EUROGENDFOR; you’ll probably be hearing more about it before long. (For our investigative report on EUROGENDFOR from 2010, see “The Armed Enforcers of the Fascist European Superstate”)

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


15:23   Policemen even found dining knives, which had been disappearing from the cafeteria
15:27   and various modified razors. According to the spokesperson for foreign
15:31   police, Katerina Rendlova, such findings are relatively common.
15:35   Migrants in similar institutions very often try to arm themselves. That is why, according to Rendlova,
15:39   these police inspections are very thorough. However, these inspections
15:44   are not common. According to the footage in the possession of the editor of Tisen,
15:48   it is apparent that accommodated migrants
15:52   spend their time playing soccer, table tennis, weight training.
15:56   And also boxing into a punching bag, where a trainer coaches how to box correctly.
16:00   The footage also shows mess, created when migrants throw
16:04   trash out the windows. According to our information, the police, following these experiences,
16:08   plan to inspect the premises more often.
16:13   Rendlova further added that the unrests, which are a common occurrence in this type of institution,
16:17   are not directed against the police, but the migrants are allegedly
16:21   fighting amongst themselves.
16:29   European police forces, so called
16:34   EUROGENDFOR, or EGF,
16:38   were created in 2006 on the basis on an agreement by five member states
16:42   of the EU. These were France, Italy, the Netherlands,
16:46   Portugal and Spain. Then in the year
16:50   2009, Romania joined and Poland was invited
16:54   to enter in the year 2011. The goal is the formation
16:59   of a European interventional force with the militarized function of police, which
17:03   will specialize in solving crises of all types, from ecological and
17:07   humanitarian, up to and including crises resulting from civil
17:11   unrest. The headquarters of EGF police is Vicenza
17:15   in Italy, where the main barracks holds 800
17:19   to 900 men who can intervene anywhere within in the EU
17:24   for 30 days. It is possible to quickly mobilize a further 2,300 reinforcements from reserves.
17:28   I was particularly intrigued by the sentence that this police force had been formed even for cases
17:32   when the domestic police might join the side of protesting citizens.
17:36   What more can be said of the current political crisis
17:40   in Europe? Those places where obedience to Brussels by European
17:44   countries will be guaranteed through subsidies from the Central Bank,
17:49   there they are prepared to deploy this force.
17:53   That is, wherever it [obedience] cannot be maintained through subsidies or the Bank. Opposition to
17:57   migrant politics and quotas is simply laughable. I do not believe
18:01   Mr. Sobotka etc. know about these
18:05   things. After all, we do know well that Mr. Sobotka himself spoke
18:10   at the Brussels summit where he, as they say, clicked his
18:14   heels together and failed to join…
18:18   [his voice] against those quotas, but, on the other hand, he greatly welcomed precisely that
18:22   European police, that is, the creation of this
18:26   tool, in case that —
18:30   because they count on it that our police are also just people
18:34   and that they also have families and homes, they also have apartments and don’t want to lose them —
18:39   so, just in case they wanted to join the side of the protesters, we have here exactly
18:43   these European police.

10 thoughts on “The Militarized European Police State

  1. Its crazy! Like some kind of 1960s post colonial magical thinking out of Africa. This new version of the Waffen SS I imagine will need to be backed up by a fully armed occupation force of hundred of thousands. Don’t tell me! The nu Euro SS will recruit the Nazis old unreliables for a few – the Muslims. Ha! Ha!

  2. Nothing new here. The old Romans used the same tactics. Legions formed in Eastern Europe were put to work in what is now England or France and vice versa English legionairs were used to keep the “peace” in Eastern Europe. The old ‘divide and conquer’.

  3. I will even go one further. I predict that Eurgendfor in the near future will have troops of its own. They can recruit from the multitudes of moslims invading Europe now who are more than willing to kill, rape and plunder. The perfect occupation army.
    Remember the movie “The Animal Farm”?
    Remember those doberman pinschers?

  4. On July 2nd, 2008, Obama delivered a speech in Boulder, Colorado in which he promised the creation and establishment of a similar concept….a “Civilian National Security Force.” He further promised it would be “just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded as the US Military.”

    video clip of this speech

  5. EUROGENDFOR, i.e. the European Gendarmerie Force is a multinational police structure founded in 2004, and endorsed by a constitutional Treaty signed in 2007 in Velsen, The Netherlands.

    Note: prepare to take any hypertension meds before reading …Eurogendfor official declaration of intent

    “In crisis management operations, the EGF will ensure an effective presence with other actors, including the military component, and with the local police. This in order to facilitate the reactivation of security facilities, particularly during the transition between the military and the civilian operational environment.

    EUROGENDFOR can be put at the disposal of the European Union, NATO, UN, OSCE and other international organizations, for their use in peacekeeping operations and international crisis management. It performs police duties wherever the local security structures are ineffective or non-existent, and supports both local police training and local security sector reform or rebuilding.

    Presidency of the CIMIN (High Level Interdepartmental Committee), which exerts EUROGENDFOR strategic management, as well as by the Commanders and General Directors of EUROGENDFOR Member States.

    …………the current unfolding “migrant crisis” is but the prelude of the halo one sees at the onset of a miserably predictable and unrelenting migraine.

  6. What better way to implement the Orwellian state, by having the new ‘Volkspoliezi’ (peoples police) save the day by ‘restoring order’.

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