Syrian Christian Fears ISIS Mujahideen at German Refugee Camp

It’s been obvious since the beginning of the European “migration crisis” that the Islamic State and other jihad groups could be expected to take the opportunity to send their mujahideen into Europe disguised as “refugees”. The following report from Germany provides just one example showing the likelihood that this is in fact what is happening.

This story was originally posted at Zukunftskinder, along with these notes (translated by Nash Montana):

At the Reception Center in Giessen: Syrian Christian is Afraid of IS Supporters Amongst the Refugees

At the Reception Center in Giessen lives a young Syrian Christian man by the name of Bashar Baroma. He is afraid and he can’t sleep at night anymore. He worries that there are supporters of the Islamic State (IS) amongst the many refugees in camp.

He reports that they repeat loudly certain verses of the Koran, which awaken terrible memories in his mind. They are verses and words that IS fighters chant, before they cut the heads off their victims.

“I can’t remain here, with the IS and everything. I am a Christian and I am afraid.”

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Just what exactly are the conditions at the overcrowded refugee reception camp in Giessen?
0:04   So far, information was only sparse, and rumors were abundant.
0:08   We of course would have loved to show you pictures and reports, but… we were not let in.
0:14   Allegedly it was to protect traumatized refugees from pushy journalists.
0:18   But one got the impression that there was major obfuscation and concealment going on.
0:22   Today Social Minister Stefan Grüttner gave in to pressure from the media and let us journalists inside.
0:30   The minute we step foot into the camp, we are approached by Bashar Baroma. He is obviously very distraught.
0:35   At night, he says, he can’t sleep. The Syrian Christian suspects that the camp is housing ISIS supporters.
0:42   They loudly recite very specific verses from the Koran that awake terrible memories in him. Every night.
0:48   ”It’s the words. ISIS say them every time before they cut the heads off the people in Syria.
0:54   A friend of mine got butchered by them. He was killed by ISIS. They cut off his head.
0:58   For God’s sake I cannot stay here with IS and all. I am Christian and I am afraid. There are so many problems here.”
1:15   Are the different cultures really not separated from each other? After only a few steps
1:18   into the camps, we are asking ourselves many questions.
1:21   We did not expect these kinds of stories.
1:24   And if the Social Minister had his way, then we would never even hear of these things.
1:28   We are being led through the reception center in bulk.
1:32   An entire staff pilots the District President, the Social Minister and the journalists through camp.
1:39   We were given severe restrictions. Stay closely together. Never leave the group on your own,
1:44   and preferably only speak to a handful of chosen refugees.
1:48   Interviews only at one certain tree, the reason being:
1:54   ”This has nothing to do with a barrier against journalists; this is about that residents
1:58   who have gone through a very hard time, have a chance to find peace and quiet.”
2:02   To find peace and quiet? This seems to be a need that only a few have.
2:06   The refugees are literally flooding us and talk up a storm.
2:11   We can’t listen to everybody. Often we don’t understand them either,
2:16   and the official program is very strict.

40 thoughts on “Syrian Christian Fears ISIS Mujahideen at German Refugee Camp

  1. I appreciate everything Baron and Dymphna are doing to keep us informed, but I’m at the point of emotional saturation. It may sound glib, but I’ve gone from being quite angry to excited. This due to my burning anger of being sent on fool’s errands throughout Middle East cesspools. We fools first thought it was for a greater cause, hatched in a secret room full of wise elders. But we had no time for Occam’s Razor to evaluate our position (not that it would’ve changed our predicament much). So we fulfilled our missions better than any other humans had ever done, all the while expecting the Christian world to appreciate the sacrifices. Of course we know now it was all hopeless and quickly forgotten. Today I’ve moved along and am excited to see how these Euro countries, who hardly lifted a fat finger to help the bravest US, CN and UK warriors actually fight the enemy, how they will deal with their new family members. Who will they call for when ISIS broadcasts live beheadings throughout the EU? They’ll tweet, or text or perhaps make a few new snazzy posters extolling friendship and love. Maybe a few hundred severed Christian heads stuck on their host nation’s fences will jolt them to their senses. But I doubt it – most have become too soft and adverse to violence and will quietly submit to mighty Mo. Regardless- it’s a problem of their own making – the US spent a century trying to save the Euros from themselves and it’s an impossible task. Natural selection will now take its course.

    • The EU has destroyed European security to a point where for the first time the continent’s history mentally sick racist Muslim lowlife invade enmasse to openly attack so called security forces and citizenry and demand plunder. Something very similar or worse is coming up to speed in the US and clever Dicks elsewhere. I don’t doubt the Russians, Chinese and others are taking careful notes and sending despatches accordingly. Having to fight for freedom all over again is a very long bloody haul. Eternal vigilance.

    • Jeff E.: As a Brit, whose parents took part in the fight against fascism, I was with you until your last couple of lines, which I resent.

      In WW1 and 2, the US didn’t get seriously involved until it was directly threatened (Lusitania/Pearl Harbor), notwithstanding the clandestine help FDR (not always a favourite at GoV) gave us before his (sometimes fascist-sympathising) critics had to shut up and get onside. As a WW2 aviation buff, I’m aware that by late 1943, young Americans were falling out of burning bombers over Germany by day in even greater numbers than young British and Commonwealth* crews by night, a debt we can never repay.

      I’m also aware that post-WW2, the US bore the majority of the burden in the Cold War. Yet at the same time, it undermined its credibility, in defending “democracy” by supporting undemocratic fascistic and militaristic regimes in SE Asia and Latin America who were hard to distinguish in nastiness and brutality from their potential/actual communist/socialist replacements (Chile comes to mind). Maybe there was an element of self-interest involved, it being easier to sell goods and services to unpleasant “right-wing” dictators than their “left-wing” equivalents?

      All of which is ample ammunition for the US’ many critics and detractors, here in Britain and elsewhere, and particularly from the Left. I do believe that we in the “West” are the guys in, if not the white hats, at least the lighter grey ones (“gray” for Americans!), and this is a major constituent of our case for defending the values of Judeo-Christian culture, especially from Islam and its apologists, and irrespective of my own lack of religious belief. But, as Jesus said, let him that is without sin…

      • Ps Forgot my asterisk. Canadians were not conscripted in WW2, yet they constituted 10,000 of RAF Bomber Command’s 55,000 fatalities. Another debt we cannot repay.

        • You know what Mark H, I resent what you have to say.
          We ONLY got involved after blah, blah, blah.
          If we HADN’T gotten involved you would be speaking German.
          I am sick of the Euro-Centric rewrite of WWII. You were losing the war in the European theatre and the Americans came in with a ton of money and men and saved your bacon. Get over it because if you think it will happen again, you better rethink your position.
          As for Central and South America; just ask my former nanny which side she was on.

          • Sorry you’re so upset by my comments, Babs; I thought I’d made it very clear how much I appreciate the US’ contribution to the defeat of fascism.

    • Jeff E. When a culture’s soul is whittled down to the bare bones of what made that culture once great there will inevitably be those who will lack the ‘spirit’ to fight for what their grandparents and ancestors gave their lives for.

      No one can help them because they lack the spine to help themselves.

      But there are also many who are alert to what is happening and are preparing themselves for what lays ahead – those folk are worth assisting.

      • Aye Nemisis, and all whom have taken me to task. I’m certain that if we could compare solutions to the EU issue that our plans would be quite similar! I missed a couple of years of my children’s first years and the birth of my 3rd because of the disastrous wars GWB foolishly ignited. My best friends lost much; their sanity, marriages but luckily we all survived. It’s quite a pisser watching these slow motion train wrecks across the EU, it’s as if these EU politicians are spitting in the face of everyone who answered the call to duty. I admire all commenters here and welcome a dialogue that can give hope for those in need.

        • Most of todays political/traitor class have been brought up without any sense of accountability for their actions or even for their own life on this planet, but what really nauseates me is their ability to cunningly disguise their treachery in destroying their own culture as a humanitarian gesture for which the invader who assists them in doing their foul deed is made untouchable and off limits to those who can see the agenda.

          • It is a sad show indeed; I’m convinced the Euro DNA has withered in only a few generations. It’s all to do with the weird lifestyles we Yanks watched on TV decades back- the bearded Scandi smiling like a woman, the British anarchist yobs, 99 balloons and so forth. It never made any sense to me back then and it certainly doesn’t now since most of their men have devolved into amorphous creatures. They are truly screwed now.

  2. So there are members of ISIS skulking within refugee camps, planning Jihad against the very people who have given them succour and safety. Are we surprised? Weren’t the EU warned by Middle East experts that ISIS were putting their men aboard the migarnt boats when the teary-eyed liberal do-gooders adopted their noble “Save a migrant from becoming seafood” campaign? Yet they did nothing to halt the invasion when all they had to do was set up naval blockades in the Med. And now thanks to our weak, testosteroneless leaders, machiavellian elites in Brussels as well the welcoming commitee of aging hippies, bearded Trots and gullible teenage girls with jungle fever, we will soon be facing Lee Rigby style decapitations on our city streets, the systesmatic rape of white women and spiraling anarchy leading to the only logical conclusion: a European civil war. Roll out the red carpet.

    • How could ISIS not be dominating the refugee ISIS house Muslims? It’s too advanced stupid for words. When it’s this dense and things really take off the battle cry is looking more like ‘Don’t just do something – stand there’. As we wade through the wreckage.

    • Its well on its way in South Africa . Pity no one in Europe learned from that . Ive lost 14 friends in 10 years to murder , 4 this year . Three weeks ago the father of my lawyer was murdered , five years after him . Democracy ?

      Europeans need a serious war every generation or so, to maintain awareness of internal and external threats and governments should stop broadcasting and victimising their citizens using guilt and shame to enhance ethnic dilution. They are traitors and [intemperate suggestion redacted]. Im sure it will happen .

      • It took a middle aged South African couple applying for Australian citizenship to alert me to what has been going on, and continues to this day, against the white South African – no one will be alerted to that by the MSM who flatly refuse to expose it.

  3. These people are anything but ‘machiavellian’ – they wouldn’t have got themselves into such a pickle if they were.

    • You don’t believe the Brussels tyrants are Machiavellian? Then why are they encouraging the invasion and diatribution all over the EU of not to create a cheap labour force to compete with China and social chaos at the same time? This will necessitate the creation of a single EU military force dominated by Guess who?

      • Sorry darlin’. At this point it is obvious the EU is not that clever. Just a raging ragtag of mixed up first and second world wannabes. Not gone unnoticed by the ambitious ‘go west young muslim jehadis’. All muslims are jehadis. Borders please.

  4. Muslims need to be given some choices – either leave Islam or be transported back to Muslim lands, preferably to the empty tent city of Saudi Arabia.

    Sooner or later someone will have to drop a bomb in the black rock in Mecca. Until Islam is wiped from the face of the earth, there will be no peace.

    • Two things…

      (1) How does one determine whether a Muslim has left Islam, given the doctrine of taqiyya?

      (2) Bombing the Kaaba would win you the plaudits of the Islamic State. They want it and other monuments destroyed because they are forms of shirk, idolatry.

  5. “The fool hath said in his heart ‘there is no God.'” It appears that we have plenty godless and foolish people in charge of the migrant camp theatre. We cannot trust anything the muslim migrants say as they have been raised on taquiya, tariaya, and fitman and wouldn’t know the Truth if He showed up in person. There is a solution to this somewhere. Acceptance of personal responsibility on the part of those in charge would be a good start.

  6. Refugees, the normal ones, are always @50 % or more women. It doesn’t make any sense to have an altered sex ratio. [e.g. only the young males are terrified or hungry….?].

    Therefore only let in men if they are with a woman. Make them travel together but sleep arart so that the women can snitch and explain how they are being treated in case of abuse or threats.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. Strictly segregate the males from the females. After all, isn’t that what Islam proclaims?
      (because the men are barbarians and can’t look after the welfare of the women and children.)

  7. Some say there will be a sick moment of satisfaction for some to see so many of the just could not and would not be told and would not listen, with very enlarged veiny terrified eyes. “Our men folk must arm and do something to stop all these beheadings, rapes and blowing things up by the Muslims. I used to be quite liberal and anti-white Christian male. I was so wrong.”

  8. @Kat …”gullible teenage girls with jungle fever”… you really hit the nail on the head with that one. Living in Europe I’ve seen a lot of highly intelligent 18-22 year old young native European women who dropped out and went to live in a hijab for their boyfriend. The boyfriend was always at the mosque, and the girls had babies already. But they were not stupid. I had conversations with them and asked why they were attracted to this lifestyle. They would usually spout a bunch of stuff about how men couldn’t be trusted to keep their hands to themselves, and that the protection of a hijab was a form of liberation for them as women. Hah.

    Most of these girls were British and had been taken to France or Spain. My impression of them was that they were probably among the brightest in their class, and every one from broken homes and had probably already suffered sexual abuse at the hands of local boys or family. They saw the Islamic culture as being purer than the drink-til-you-puke hookup and occasional rape culture of England. And as much as I loathed the choices they’d made to blindly let themselves be enslaved, I understood that this was a “way out” for them. Of course they had no idea what they were getting into, but then it was too late to leave anyway.

    Meanwhile, I knew a Russian girl whose family had moved when she was young to small town Germany. She had been raped by germans HATED german men. When she was 17 she started dating a 35-year-old muslim man because he made her feel safe. At the time I knew her, she was trying to get away from him, because he was trying to get her to convert to Islam, and she was a firm atheist (and could put away a bottle of vodka without blinking). The boyfriend kept threatening to kill himself when she would leave. Then he would swear he would stop trying to convert her, and she felt bad for him, and went back. She eventually saw through it and left him for good and moved to a big city.

    Anyway, I have seen a lot of what you’re talking about, and I think this has a lot to do with a specific hatred for European culture among girls that age who are too smart to belong in the binge-drinking, violent hooligan culture of lower-class England or Germany, but don’t have the opportunity to go to a big city or somewhere more civilized, and end up being taken advantage of by the Muslims who offer some kind of “purity”. Europe is to blame for this.

    • Some young woman that can put away a bottle of vodka? That is German culture’s problem? Not her parent’s problem?
      What “Christian” family allowed her to live that lifestyle?

      • I don’t think it’s a problem, in general. I happen to like drinking and women who can hold their liquor. I have a friend who is ex-muslim who says that he only trusts people who drink. I mostly feel the same way.

        However, I do think that there is a careless binge-drinking, drugs and violence problem in lower-class white parts of Europe where many of these young women come from, and I believe it drives them to Islam in the same way it drove some people to become Straightedge in the 90s.

  9. The fact that Merkel doesnt have the testicular fortitude to say no is perfectly / physicaly understandable. She is rather myopic , dont you think ?

    • What I do think is that Ms. Merkel has no children and hence, no stake in the future of Germany. That seems fairly obvious.

    • It seems that the system of handling the immigrants is overwhelmed and it is a wild dog of islam will eat everything including its own woman and children as per Baron’s post of Traumatized Women in German Refugee Camps

      [Tedious questioner]
      [To me], is the refugee describing his fears in Germany or his experiences of ISIS in Syria. Even more reason to have more of his kind here don’t you think ;?
      Or…. ?
      [My reply]
      “the refugee describing his fears in Germany”,,, that is where he is hearing (experiencing in Germany) again the same chants, in that camp..
      It reminds him of what he heard and saw in back in Syria.
      I do not think it is just a dream or night-mare though he may have some post traumatic stress disorder.

      Also as I mentioned a bit earlier with what is happening to woman and children,,, In Germany that a concerned German agency picked up on and told to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Inclusion

      Yes it would be good for him to be here [my country], but do you think that those woman and children should be segregated from muslim men? Should Syrian Christians also be segregated from muslims for their peace of minds and sanity for what they witnessed?.
      I am starting to doubt whether hosting them in family homes and that when there are serious problems with even genuine refugees and whether just ” do gooders” can do it.

      That is why there is a refugee resettlement program, so things can possibly be properly done. Even then support needs to follow on, so care must be taken so it is not overwhelmed.

      Love Your Or?
      Or? Well now the haj has finished in mecca which accommodated about 3 million pilgrims and now would be mostly empty for another year.
      The tent city,_Saudi_Arabia
      Also a lot of low budget hotels also around Mecca. To think now they are in the off season and I am sure their government would be able to get great discounts for bulk,,, well actually it is thought perhaps it is only 1 million immigrating so plenty of room, as their peak was for 3 million pilgrims.
      Still Saudi Arabia will finance 200 more mosques for Germany.
      I see business was not so good for hoteliers in mecca.

      Hotels in Mecca were forced to cut peak room rates for the Hajj season, in response to a second consecutive fall in the number of foreign pilgrims visiting the city, ………The number of foreign pilgrims performing Hajj in Mecca fell this year to 1.38 million from 1.76 million in 2012, according to figures released by the interior ministry on Sunday.
      The number of foreign pilgrims reached a peak in 2011 of 1.83 million visitors.
      and I do notice the discrepancy in numbers, still it is in the millions and would be very helpful to those refugees.

      Any real reason why they are not being welcomed there with some knowledge of Arabic and religion and a bonus of free haj,; actually a dream of all muslims and so that they can really learn what islam is about and that it can be really a religion of peace??
      It would save Saudi financing 200 mosques and I know they are always taking in workers from faraway countries for their construction programs, and many of those young men would adopt well, would you not think??
      Maybe a way to segregate Christians from muslims as the muslims should be quite happy to rest up and find work in Mecca, one would think.

      Not sure how as I mentioned above about the woman and children, but being in the centre of their religious hub and Saudi Arabia would be great, as Saudi shows such great leadership in Human rights which so many of those immigrants are calling for and hoping to find in Europe.

      In a decision taken a few months ago that is only now being reported by the world media, it transpires that an influential Committee of the United Nations Human Rights Council will be headed by a representative from Saudi Arabia.
      Faisal bin Hassan Trad, the Saudi ambassador to the UN in Geneva, will chair the “Consultative Group to the President of the Human Rights Council”
      One would think that would be a wonderful opportunity for Saudi to prove it is a leading worthy country and a great place for muslim refugees to have all that freedom.
      When the call out from immigrants going into Europe that they can have human rights in the Western world, it is not the human rights as based United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), adopted in 1948.

      It is based on “The Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam (CDHRI) is a declaration of the member states of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference which is based on islamic sharia law.
      I do not think our small refugee resettlement program can compete with the mecca religious services available and all with a leading human rights country, especially now recognized by the UN.

      ,,, and I am pleased to think that you would support the refugees going to a safe place of haven in the leading human rights country of Saudi Arabia in which they would feel most at home, so sure I would accept that poor “post traumatic stress disorder” Christian lad, or would you prefer to take him on? I know it would not be easy, as he may hear things in the night and see reminders of the traumatic tragedies during the day, but a peaceful quiet secure place may help him and where muslims do not chant any verses. [he lives next to a slowly increasing suburb of muslims and thinks they are great so wants many more]

      • whoops, did not mean to bump into your post Nemesis,
        Sorry Baron as I was editing my comment down from some of my postings else where and did a “Post Comment”. Just too late and now early in the morning.
        If it is too much random jumble just delete please.

  10. What is happening to Christians in the Middle East is more or less the same thing that happened to Jews in Nazi Germany. As we see from this article, Middle Eastern Christians are not safe even in the lands of asylum.

    This is shocking. However, the ruling class and the media in the West is not that much shocked. It would be more accurate to say that they are underwhelmed. And, of course, nobody is taking special measures to protect Christians (or, for that matter, Yazidis or other, smaller, religious minorities among the refugees). That would be politically incorrect.

    This shows how reasonable are those leaders of Slovakia and other Eastern European nations are when they say that they would agree to take in only Christian refugees. If this proposal is put into practice, those countries might become safe havens for the most persecuted minority of our times.

    And let the more progressive and politically correct nations take the Muslims. It would be interesting to see who has taken the better decision.

    • Anton, I would suggest that having made yourself aware of the traitors who pretend to act as a government to protect your and yours security, that you now suitably arm yourself for what is coming.

  11. Every body forgets that all this was created by the US an their active partners in crime, to gain profit and protect Israel, which it did not.
    The results have to be born by the stupid Europeans that do anything to please big brother across the Atlantic.
    The cause of the mass exodus is the policies of the USA, UK and their allies. If Europe would be like the USA and sue the USA, UK and partners, like the USA for every thing they think is causing them problems or could bring in a couple of Millions or Billions they would charge the originators of the disaster in the Middle East and Africa a few Trillions compensation.

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