Stormy Weather

Yes, it happened again — a thunderstorm attacked Schloss Bodissey yesterday and knocked out the Internet.

It wasn’t much of a storm this time. No wind, not much lightning, just a lot of rain. It didn’t look at all alarming, which is why we didn’t post one of our usual weather warnings.

But the phone company’s internet system evidently has a delicate disposition — the DSL went out while the rain was coming down, and it took them almost 24 hours to fix it.

We’re back up now, and I’m trying to catch up. There’s a lot of email (not to mention comments) waiting, so please be patient…

4 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. Just a general note about the Muslim “refugee” onslaught in Europe – if it has not already been mentioned, another website doing the yeoman’s work of reporting the “politically incorrect” events about all this is the Gateway Pundit

    It’s run by Jim Hoft, a Tea Party activist in St. Louis (as you might guess from the name of the blog) who has also done excellent work in exposing the Communist radicalism behind Ferguson, MO and the Black Lives Matter movement.

    • I agree. Gateway Pundit is an excellent source of jihad news and American news. He has even been featured on Drudge’s Report.

      The best -and most detailed- source about stealth jihad can be found at Ann Corcoran’s Refugee Resettlement Watch.

      [By the way both of these sources are members of their respective local Tea Party groups – that alliance speaks for itself. As hated as the Tea Party is by professional politicians, you know they’re on the right track. And they are becoming increasingly effective at the middle class grass roots level, a previously ignored source of electoral strength. Thanks to the Tea Party, people like me and the Baron have as close to a political ‘home’ as we’re likely to find again in our lifetimes.]

      Stealth jihad into the US has been going on since 1980 or so, when Carter signed the new bill into law. So we’ve had thirty-five years of below-the-radar incursions into small cities and towns all over the country, often without the knowledge or permission of the residents. The three-legged stool is composed the State Dept; faith-based orgs who get paid for their services per head (so there’s a lot of ‘spiritual’ competition); and the Office of Refugee Services.

      In other words, this is Bureaucracies-on-Steroids. The aim is quantity not quality. For each, the bottom line is numbers served; this affects what funding they can apply for in each new fiscal year. And yes, these ‘immigrants/refugees/asylum seekers’ get far more professional help than do the equally impoverished American underclass.

      Here is just a glimpse of ORR:

      by studying the URL you can see that we’re three bureaucracies down in the food chain when we reach that page:

      #1. acf: Administration for Children and Families

      #2. hhs: Department of Health and Human Services (though I believe if you were to draw a flow chart of this labyrinth, HHS is above ACF)

      #3. orr: Office of Refugee Resettlement

      It is #3 that Ann has chosen to follow all these years. By the time you get down to ORR, that’s where the rubber meets the road – leaving skid marks all over the poor communities visited by this plague of primitive peoples.

      It is ORR that pays the faith-based orgs to bring in people – what?? You thought their churches were doing this for some spiritual reason? Think again. The orgs get paid by the head for those they manage to bring in, settle down, and then abandon to the limited resources of the communities where they are dumped. So your town’s social workers and teachers don’t speak Bhutanese? Your bad.

      Often these refugees re-introduce disease pathogens the U.S. hasn’t seen in more than a hundred years. More than likely they haven’t been vaccinated and good luck getting these immigrant kids up to the same level of health prevention as the native kids in your town. What will transpire is a kind of meeting-in the middle: the immigrants’ kids will come to enjoy better health than when they arrived and your kids’ health will deteriorate via exposure to TB, measles, whooping cough, etc, until it matches that of the new arrivals.

      A little kicker: remember the old DPT shots you got when you were a kid, the ones that conferred an almost-lifelong immunity? They’ve been replaced with a less effective series of shots that lasts maybe through adolescence or so: just in time to arrive at college and pick up a whole host of things kids were once immunized against.

      Ann’s website:

      Look at the welfare numbers…just so you know where your tax dollars are going.

    • While I too will occasionally check Gateway Pundit, I fear many here will be appalled at the level of discourse among the commentariat there.

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