One Country, Two Worlds

What are the limits of tolerance in Germany?

The following documentary was produced by ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Second German Television), a public-service broadcaster in Germany. Like similar broadcasters in other countries, it is commonly seen as progressive and left-leaning.

Given the above, this report is surprisingly “xenophobic”. It doesn’t flinch from the hard questions, and speaks frankly about the ways in which Islamic customs and legal traditions are in conflict with the basic law of the Federal Republic.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:05   Nearly 800,000 refugees are expected to migrate to Germany
00:08   this year. Do they see a future here?
00:12   Do they want to be part of the community and integrate themselves,
00:15   or will they simply dive away into parallel worlds?
00:20   I am worried that the same mistakes that were made in the fifties and the sixties will be made again,
00:24   where they brought in all the guest workers
00:27   who built for themselves entire parallel worlds, that they’re doing this again now.
00:31   Men and women have equal rights, says the Constitution,
00:35   but a lot of immigrants have a view of this that is very much the opposite.
00:38   Women have to be obedient to men. Is that right?
00:42   -Yes, that is right, because that woman belongs to that man only,
00:46   and nobody else, and she has to wear the veil on her head and she shouldn’t wear makeup and stuff.
00:49   Legal professionals warn of the parallel justice of so called “justices of the peace”.
00:54   In Germany we have German law and nothing else, and that includes everybody,
00:58   and that includes migrants and refugees.
01:01   Many say that the values of an open society have to be defended.
01:06   No freedom for the enemies of freedom and no democracy for the enemies of
01:11   democracy. Do we need an immigration act like Canada’s?
01:14   How tolerant does Germany have to be?
01:32   New Ulm
01:34   I am on my way to the elementary school in the city center where students were defending the murder
01:38   of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists and
01:41   justified the violence. The reason:
01:44   they had insulted the prophet.
01:47   The principal was horrified over the reaction of the students, and turned to the
01:50   parents, and the police and the public.
01:55   Expressions were made that this was natural
01:59   that Jews are the same as pigs, and if they were to draw a cross or even just look at a cross then they would lose
02:04   their Islamic power. And I just can’t let such statement stand there. These are kids
02:09   that one day will be adults.
02:12   The principal encouraged a national discussion, and she realized
02:16   her school wasn’t an isolated case. -We have gotten a lot of feedback from all over
02:20   Germany, and many reported back to me that their schools were dealing
02:24   with the same issues, but that they were afraid to go public.
02:29   Are we on many issues too tolerant?
02:33   -I personally view us as too tolerant, yes.
02:36   I just think that we have to make a clean straight line there,
02:39   and say up to that line
02:42   we are tolerant, but when you cross that line,
02:45   that just won’t do. We cannot accept that in Germany.
02:49   Teachers are trying to teach students the basic principles of the Constitution.
02:53   In this class they’re discussing a film about the honor murder of a
02:56   young woman. Almost all students were born in Germany and have a German
03:02   passport, and yet still they show more understanding for the perpetrator
03:05   and not for the victim. -I also have a sister who is sixteen,
03:08   and I go nuts out when she goes out with a male friend or something.
03:13   But we live here in Germany. Girls in this country are allowed to go out to a dance and decide for themselves
03:19   who they are friends with.
03:22   -No, that is not for me.
03:25   So you would not allow that? -No. But you are German? You were born here in Germany; you have a German passport.
03:31   -One has to preserve the honor of his own sister. But your sister has the same rights as you do; I mean,
03:37   for crying out loud, we have a Constitution. -Well, yeah, somewhat, but I do not
03:40   accept that. The other students are listening with interest,
03:43   and now others want to speak as well. –Yeah, I was born here.
03:47   You are German? -Yes, exactly.
03:50   And would you for example marry a German Christian woman
03:55   Lena, Laura, Lisa…
03:58   -Umm marry… maybe as a girlfriend, but not to marry, with us it’s like this,
04:04   that we have to marry a compatriot. I am Albanian,
04:08   so she has to be an Albanian, too, and Muslim
04:12   like that. Does she have to obey you?
04:15   -Yes, in any case like my friend said, when a girl goes out with a man or even sleeps with him,
04:21   well, then sometimes violence will be used against that.
04:24   in the Constitution it states very clearly that men and women have equal rights.
04:27   OK. But you do not accept that. -Oh no, of course not.
04:31   But that is our Constitution.
04:37   So what you’re saying is that family is more important than the Constitution.
04:41   -Yeah, basically it is. Father sets all the laws at home,
04:45   and we have to listen to him.
04:48   When teachers address the students’ parents about these remarks they
04:52   are berated and insulted.
04:55   When I go and mention these things loud and clear to their parents
05:00   the first thing I always hear is, ‘Oh, yeah, you are a Nazi,’
05:04   and I feel because of our historical past,
05:08   we step back and say,
05:11   ‘No, we are not Nazis anymore, and that’s why we are so tolerant,’ but that is the wrong thing to do
05:15   in my opinion.
05:18   Many madrassas put certain images into the heads of
05:22   the children. We were allowed to visit this Madrassa in Bavaria with our camera.
05:25   Like anywhere else in Germany, it’s the TIP, the Turkish
05:30   religious clergy authority. The Imam is subject to the Turkish government and every four years
05:36   they send a new one. He doesn’t have to speak German, and they are usually not familiar with
05:41   German culture and conditions.
05:51   The children learn to memorize the Koran in Arabic
05:55   without understanding the language. There is no discussion, especially not about the view of women in Germany.
06:02   I read in the Koran that the woman has to obey the man, is that right?
06:05   -Yes, that is right, because the woman belongs only to him and she has to wear the hijab,
06:12   and shouldn’t wear make up and all that other stuff
06:15   From the Madrassa we accompany this young man to his home.
06:24   The Aslan family has been living in Germany for twenty years.
06:31   They have five children. The father owns an independent local florist’s shop.
06:39   Would you be okay if your daughter
06:42   were to marry a young man from her school with a name like Felix, and
06:47   if he were a Catholic and he came from Lauingen Bavaria?
06:50   -Uh, that is… it would not fit with our beliefs. It wouldn’t,
06:55   because that means when they marry they must have this Islamic
07:01   faith. Would you let your daughter go on a class trip?
07:07   -I have not let her, and won’t. I understand that is a bit of a problem, but
07:11   I am her father.
07:14   I am her father, and I have to keep her safety in mind.
07:18   For instance I heard where they took a 13-, or was it a 14-year-old,
07:24   they took her and she got pregnant
07:29   because there aren’t any…
07:32   in Germany, there are no boundaries.
07:36   Do you listen to your brother? -Yes, of course, I have to.
07:40   In Germany men and women have equal rights, so a brother has no say in what a girl does.
07:45   -Well, he’s my big brother, and I have to respect him, and I have to
07:49   do what he says. How many families think this way?
07:53   Nobody really knows. There are girls who break out of these circumstances.
07:56   They hide and they don’t want anyone to recognize them out of fear
08:00   of their own families. This girl found refuge with a girlfriend.
08:05   Benazir’s family is from Pakistan and has been in Germany for over thirty years,
08:09   but they still enforce the old traditions.
08:13   (fake voice) -They were going to marry me off to my cousin.
08:16   I would have had to go back to Pakistan, so of course I thought, they can’t just force me to marry someone against my will,
08:21   and just send me to another country, but to them it’s OK, and the pressure
08:25   is very strong. And so there are these parallel societies that just have their own laws.
08:30   They would have taken away my passport and I would have lost all chance
08:34   to ever come back to Germany, and then my life would have been over,
08:38   and if they were to carry out the Shariah, then they would have stoned me too,
08:42   and that is why I decided to run away and hide.
08:45   Benazir is afraid that her family could discover and find her
08:48   She went to see a lawyer who was an immigrant child herself and has
08:52   helped many other women to establish their rights.
08:58   Let’s see if we can find a solution for you. Is there a solution for Benazir?
09:02   Maybe a new identity as Anna or Nina.
09:06   it’s no big problem to execute a name change.
09:09   in cases like hers and I also suggest that
09:14   she leave the country, that she leave Germany,
09:19   if there is a chance to. It is estimated that there are about 3,000 other girls like Benazir threatened with forced marriage,
09:24   but there’s an even higher unreported number.
09:29   Those are only the cases of girls who manage to break out of this and to
09:34   seek advice. So you have to ask yourself, how many women, or men, do not dare.
09:38   In Germany we have this archaic patriarchal system
09:42   in a parallel world, a parallel society.
09:45   It’s a certain segment of people with migration background
09:50   who don’t live in our German society, and instead clearly still live
09:54   in an enclave. Are we too tolerant? When out of this parallel society
10:00   intolerance is born towards our society and our Constitution and a lack of acceptance,
10:06   then I’m going to say of freedom, to the enemies of freedom,
10:10   and we can’t just look the other way and say, leave them, that’s their right, that’s their own culture that just doesn’t work.
10:18   This is how Irfan Pinanolo thinks as well, a child of Turkish immigrants.
10:23   He and his colleague are on their way to an incident.
10:26   The police officer from Hamburg, like many of his compatriots, has adapted
10:30   to German society. He says the prerequisite is that -People have to learn German,
10:36   and if they wanna stay here for a longer time, then they have to adjust into our system, and learn to live with the rules and the laws of the land.
10:42   In the Middle East it may be totally normal that you can beat your wife
10:46   to discipline her, and work your will that way,
10:50   but here you go to couples therapy. Two to three times daily he gets called to refugee shelters
10:56   because of petty fighting or because of religion.
11:00   Well, here you can’t hit someone just because
11:03   he believes in someone other than Mohammed. In this refugee home the people live crowded in containers.
11:09   We are not allowed inside. Here it got violent and the police are investigating.
11:14   There was an argument among the residents.
11:18   They are trying to figure out exactly what happened.
11:22   Well, we have to see. One is injured; he’s being treated, and the other one is coming with us.
11:26   Here you have worlds colliding with each other, not just different religions,
11:31   but also people from hostile nations, a Syrian against an Iraqi, a Turk
11:36   against a Kurd, and they live out their regional conflicts right here in our country.
11:42   Peelee, as his friends call him. moved into the countryside where only Germans live.
11:50   In the beginning they looked at him with suspicion when he went to
11:54   community events with his wife or just took a stroll through the village
11:58   but now he is part of the community. The older daughter will soon be going to school.
12:04   A year ago we still lived in Hamburg and then
12:07   my daughter would have had to go to school with a much, much higher immigrant population,
12:12   with other kids who don’t even speak German, and that would have been
12:15   a clear detriment to her. I just think that when people come here
12:18   they have to learn the language,
12:21   because if they don’t speak the language then I can’t speak to them,
12:24   and we can’t understand each other and have a conversation.
12:28   A survey showed that 96.8% of Germans think, a German is one who speaks German;
12:35   only 37% are of the opinion that to be a German you have to have German ancestry.
12:42   But how does it look with German language courses in refugee shelters?
12:46   Engaged volunteers care for the refugees. Among them you’ll find
12:50   craftsmen with professions that are sought after in Germany.
12:55   Many have lived in Germany for a long time but were never even taught the German language.
13:00   So you can speak a little bit of German, obviously. -Yeah I can, just a little.
13:04   Yeah. I have learned a little bit from colleague from work but not from school.
13:08   I have not yet had school to learn German.
13:11   You have been here for two years? -Yes, two years, and no German language course, nothing.
13:14   Once for one week we had one course for just one hour.
13:19   I want to learn German; we have been here for four years
13:22   We have not had a chance to learn it but we want to learn it.
13:26   Actually this is a requirement
13:29   right from the beginning, because otherwise it just won’t go with work, they need language to communicate.
13:36   Is there something like a partnership where one says,
13:39   you are a shoemaker, so let’s see if there’s a shoemaker around here that might take him under his wing,
13:44   or, you are an engineer let’s try to facilitate that.
13:47   We try all that, and for everything we need the employment office.
13:52   Even just for volunteer internships
13:56   we always need approval from the employment office.
14:01   Bureaucracy instead of integration, hardly a language course and no contact with German employers.
14:06   These are not the only obstacles, says Rosemarie Peltier. She has been the manager
14:10   of the shelter for the last twenty years. The problem is that not everybody
14:14   wants to integrate himself. There are many people who want to live their own lives according to what they want and know.
14:21   That is a huge problem, insofar as that they hold on to their fanaticism,
14:25   especially when it comes to their religion,
14:32   and they just don’t want to see what Germany is about.
14:36   Don’t these refugees get taught the German system of values?
14:41   I am on my way to a victim of this neglect, to a double
14:44   refugee. First he fled Syria to get to Germany, then he fled the refugee shelter into a
14:49   church congregation. Wasem Sabagh was harassed in the place where he sought refuge.
14:56   -This guy was a radical Muslim. He started talking,
15:02   and when he found out I was a Christian, he said, ‘you are bad people.
15:09   Why don’t you listen to Allah?
15:14   Why do you eat pork?’
15:17   And this and that. It was very hard for me, and I was afraid,
15:23   because I thought I was in a country where people respect each other,
15:28   where at least everybody respects the other.
15:31   I threatened to talk to the police because the man had hit me.
15:36   He said, ‘Just call them,
15:39   they’re all just a bunch of women.’
15:45   How do you explain that the other Christians in the shelter
15:49   didn’t call the police? -Most of the Christians,
15:54   and I know a lot of them, don’t want to have problems.
15:59   They are afraid if they call the police they will have problems with their immigration 1603 status.
16:05   that is the experience they have had,
16:10   if you call the police, this means problems. Is this an isolated incident?
16:15   Is this an exaggeration? We are driving to Munich.
16:18   That’s where the Central Council of Oriental Christians is located.
16:22   There are frequently fearful Christian refugees sitting at Simon Jacob’s desk.
16:26   -I am not surprised in the least bit. We often hear of
16:29   more such incidents coming to the surface,
16:33   but we have to assume that because of conflicts in the original regions,
16:38   that there are so many, many more cases like this which will never see the light of day.
16:42   Are we too tolerant as a society? -We are not too tolerant, we are too naïve.
16:47   Tolerance ends when there is no tolerance shown towards me.
16:52   I am of the strong opinion that next to all the material needs of these refugees we need to work more diligently
16:58   to make every refugee understand that if you want to stay here,
17:02   you have to accept our system of values,
17:05   and if you don’t want to do that then you need to think about leaving our country.
17:08   Does politics have an answer? Many doubt it. 76% of citizens in Berlin
17:12   think that political parties don’t care enough about the problems that arise with immigration.
17:19   I am on my way to the Integration Commissioner, Aydan Ozoguz..
17:22   Christian refugees have told me that they are being harassed
17:25   as unbelievers,
17:30   and they’re being called names like ‘kuffar’, that their families
17:35   are being bullied, that conflicts from their home countries are being continued here.
17:42   How do we tolerate that? –Well, what could help, and
17:46   is being considered right now, but of course it is tied to monetary cost,
17:49   is an increased support net through social workers
17:53   in these individual refugee homes, which means
17:56   to a point we do want to hear what is happening in these individual cases,
18:01   especially when there is bullying going on,
18:05   which is not the norm, but if it does happen, then we have to
18:09   look into these cases much, much more closely, of course. Shouldn’t we have to look much more closely into the fact
18:14   that Jewish communities warn their members
18:17   if they go through certain parts of the cities, they have to be careful not to wear the kippa .
18:22   I took a taxi in Neukölln to the synagogue,
18:25   determined to see whether that’s true.
18:28   Someone told me that here in Neukölln and in Kreuzberg
18:32   you can’t go walk unbothered when you wear a kippa on your head.
18:36   They would —
18:39   they would give him the evil eye, and probably berate him because there are a lot of Muslims
18:46   that live here, not directly Turkish Muslims,
18:49   but Arabs; they have more problems with the Jews.
18:55   People seem to have become used to it that you can’t park in front of synagogues.
19:00   Barriers restrict the entrance and there are security checks like at the airport.
19:05   The synagogues are protected by police day and night.
19:08   I want to meet the Rabbi Daniel Alter.
19:11   He was attacked and beaten by a mob of youths. His daughter was threatened as well, and since then he doesn’t wear
19:18   his kippa in public anymore. Neukölln is an extraordinary hotbed,
19:24   and I cannot recommend that people let themselves be identified as Jewish.
19:27   What do you think it is in the upbringing of these young people that have attacked you? What went wrong?
19:35   -I think we are wading into territory
19:38   of basic rights in a democracy. They are constitutionally guaranteed basic rights, for example
19:43   freedom of expression, the freedom to exercise your religion,
19:46   and that we can be and should be tolerant is important.
19:51   That is our internal, our essential value system that is the core value of a democratic civil society
19:56   and here we have, if you want to call that intolerance, it is our
19:59   duty to defend these values massively with highest intolerance and if we cannot stand strongly
20:05   behind these values then we also cannot expect that these values
20:08   will be accepted by others. Are we really not doing enough to stand up for our values?
20:14   Hassan Allouche is a third-generation magistrate.
20:18   almost completely unnoticed in Germany a parallel judicial system has
20:21   developed, as in many Arabic countries and also in Turkey.
20:26   So-called magistrates reconcile even very serious criminal offenses
20:30   without the police and without the court.
20:34   A native Lebanese, he is not a lawyer or a judge; he draws welfare.
20:39   He works in a voluntary capacity.
20:43   Why do your compatriots come to you when they have problems? Why don’t they go to the proper authorities?
20:48   -The people come to me because the people know I will not stop until peace has returned.
20:53   Peace is for me the priority. I stop the problem
20:56   before this man and that man
21:00   and his family and his friends
21:03   and everybody gets involved, and they’ll all end up in a mass brawl. I will have talked to both families
21:09   at their respective homes here and there, and in the end everybody agrees
21:14   to negotiate a peace pact.
21:20   Hassan is a famous man in his neighborhood in Neukölln
21:23   He reconciles family squabbles and mediates disputes between hostile clans.
21:31   -As long as I know you are around, then I feel safe. Thank you very much.
21:35   It is good that you exist. We feel good when you are near.
21:38   -I am here day and night.
21:44   Did he help you once? -Many many times. With what? -Many times, but I can’t say about what.
21:50   He is a very strong angel by my side
21:53   And why can’t you say what he helped you with?
21:56   Was it a terrible conflict? -It was a terrible conflict.
22:00   And he has helped you? -Very much. I thank him for it every day. He mediated between the two involved parties?
22:04   -Correct. So that you also you didn’t have to go
22:09   to court. -One doesn’t need ;to one doesn’t need to.
22:12   He adjudicates everything all in one place here. I don’t know anyone else that I trust more.
22:18   Not even the police? -Never.
22:23   Never. I will call him before I call the police.
22:27   I feel safer. No trust in the police and the justice system.
22:32   Judge Dr. Schromek suspiciously watches
22:35   the activities of these so-called magistrates.
22:38   It is his experience that clans pay substantial sums to force witnesses to withdraw their statements.
22:44   the mediators then claim they adjudicated everything already.
22:47   Court cases collapse. He brings up an example. Wild West in Bremen. A shooting in the inner city of Bremen.
22:54   There was a chase between two cars.
22:58   From the vehicle behind shots were fired at the vehicle in front, and shots were fired back from the leading vehicle,
23:04   and when the case came to court, the clans involved,
23:07   nobody was held criminally liable
23:11   by the Bremen Judicial Court, and so when I let the involved persons experience
23:16   that they can get away with this, and that this way
23:20   they are exempt from punishment,
23:24   even if they commit serious criminal offenses, they will do it again.
23:28   Does it worry you that there are more and more cases of such parallel justice?
23:33   -Absolutely, yes, it worries me greatly because our judicial system,
23:38   which was ratified by our parliament, is an expression of our system of values for our society which we
23:44   all of us together have decided on, and we want to see it applied to all people.
23:47   In Germany, German law applies and nothing else, and that includes everybody.
23:51   Are there examples that we could learn from?
23:54   Many German politicians are pointing towards Canada,
23:59   looking for answers there.
24:02   Canadian immigration law relies on a points system:
24:06   education, age, profession and language skills get rated.
24:11   Only after a certain number of points has been reached do potential immigrants have a chance.
24:17   Every Canadian city has a Welcome Center.
24:21   250,000 immigrants and 30,000 refugees
24:25   came to Canada in the year 2014.
24:29   A guardian looks after a young Iranian couple.
24:36   They’ve only been in Canada for two weeks and are still afraid.
24:40   They don’t want to be recognized.
24:43   Their chaperone is also a former refugee from Iran. She speaks
24:48   the young couple’s language and helps them integrate into
24:52   their new homeland.
24:57   -We fled from Iran to Turkey,
25:00   I don’t want to say how. There we reported to the United Nations refugee center.
25:04   They put us on a list and we got invited into the Canadian Embassy
25:09   in Istanbul.
25:12   They gave us airplane tickets, we are converts; we converted from Islam to Christianity,
25:18   and in Iran they punish you with death.
25:22   Yes, we are Christians.
25:25   Now I don’t have to wear a hijab anymore. We are finally free and happy.
25:31   After the stressful journey that now lies behind them, they are now living at the Welcome Center for one month,
25:36   and then they will be assigned an apartment. There are no mass accommodations in Canada, but
25:43   there is also no unregulated mass immigration as there is in Germany.
25:46   The chaperone is available to the couple day and night.
25:50   I am their case councilor.
25:54   As soon as they got here I was assigned to their case, and now I will
25:58   look after the couple for a whole year.
26:09   Carmen is one of the many volunteer ‘godparents’.
26:12   without these volunteers the system wouldn’t work.
26:15   She shows the daily ropes to the new arrivals,
26:18   such as how to use the subway, how the traffic works,
26:22   where to buy groceries,
26:26   and how to withdraw money from the ATM. These are immigrants from all over the world.
26:35   Like everyone else, the young Iranian couple
26:38   has to learn English immediately, and they also receive education about Canada’s Constitution and requirements.
26:46   What are your duties as a Canadian citizen?
26:49   -We have to follow the law.
26:52   That’s correct; you have to obey Canadian law.
26:55   The newcomers realize quickly that Canada is a tolerant country,
27:00   but there are limits. Twice a week the newcomers have to attend classes to learn
27:03   Canadian geography and history. They have to integrate into Canadian society.
27:08   They learn our Constitution and our laws and that as Canadian citizens
27:12   they have duties, but also they have
27:15   rights and freedoms.
27:18   In Canada, too, a lot of immigrants live in their own neighborhoods.
27:22   Sometimes one gets the feeling of being in Karachi, Bombay or Shanghai.
27:28   But where are the limits of tolerance here when immigrants put
27:32   their traditions above the Canadian Constitution?
27:36   That’s what I want to know from the Minister of Immigration.
27:39   -There can be no compromise concerning the obeying of our justice system.
27:44   Polygamy, forced marriage, the marrying of children under the age of consent
27:49   violence in the name of honor — these are things that are illegal in Canada.
27:53   We are sending this as a clear message to all newcomers.
27:58   Also domestic abuse against women and girls is absolutely unacceptable.
28:01   How strict are you about sending people back,
28:08   back to their homeland if they neglect to follow the Constitution?
28:12   Yes, we do remove people from Canada,
28:16   not a whole lot, about five to ten thousand every year.
28:24   The ceremony for new citizens is solemn.
28:28   They understand that it is special to become a Canadian,
28:32   and they swear that they will uphold their duties towards their new country.
28:41   The new citizens are being shown that they are welcome in Canada.
28:51   Canada picks its new citizens a lot more specifically; it’s very different from Germany.
28:56   It makes everything a lot easier, but even the Federal Republic of Germany could show immigrants better ways,
29:01   that they have rights and duties to uphold.
29:04   The limit of tolerance should be the basic law for the Federal Republic of Germany.

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  1. So the Germans flinch from being called “Nazis” and are manipulated by Muslims in this way. In general, Westerners are manipulated by both political Leftists and Muslims who call them “Islamophobes” and “racists.” It appears that the mere name-calling is enough to make people knuckle under. The shadows of the past undermine the present in this way.

    How can this be handled? Obviously it would have been “unthinkable” for the principal to turn the argument around and say to the Muslim, “But it is you who are acting like a Nazi.” To say that would have been rude I suppose (of course we must always turn the other cheek?) and perhaps enough to get the principal fired from his job.

    This report is remarkable because people have been afraid to speak the truth.

    • And even more remarkable in the ZDF. I couldn’t stand how the middle-aged woman reporting just nervously giggled when the teens spouted their misogynist c**p. That sums it up nicely though: even when mainstream media Germans do see the problems, nervously giggling seems to be about the sum of their reaction.

      • I am German. I haven’t seen the programme and just browsed through the transcription. Of course all those problems exist and have to be addressed. What exactly does this mean though? Let all Muslim refugees rot and die somewhere else? If our country still adheres to christian values at all, caritas is one of them and it is much needed these days. That doesn’t mean we have to tolerate the suppression of women or even violence.
        Btw, ZDF is known to be the conservative of the two public channels in Germany so it’s not surprising that the programme was shown there. However, as I said, the problems do exist….

        • Your nation has a right to survive and thrive. Of what benefit will these ‘refugees’ be Germany and Germans? Do you have frontiers that need populating or industries crying out for their labor?

          That, not ‘compassion,’ should be the ONLY basis by which you judge whether or not you should admit these people to your country.

          In truth, you are creating a massive threat to the security of German citizens and terrible burden on the German taxpayer. You will regret admitting them to your country. They will not go home and they will [not] respect you, your nation, or your culture.

        • “Let all muslims die and rot somewhere else…..”
          What is it you don’t (will not) see?

          Every country which has let in muslims in the last 1400 years has become muslim, Germany will be no exception.

          Your Christian kind-heartedness will cost you your country–in my opinion; let’s see who is right in the next 10-20 years, shall we?

          • We don’t need to wait 10-20 years to see who will be proven correct. The evidence is there in abundance for anybody who cares to see it. Islam in Europe has already a created disastrous social and economic consequences: ubiquitous crime, welfare rorting, no-go-zones; parallel societies feeding off the host nations and with nothing but contempt for their host nations and their cultures.

        • That’s odd — I don’t recall Jesus saying you must commit injustice against one neighbor to help another.

          German can rot so long as refugees are helped? That’s not very Christian. Also, once Germany and German culture has been destroyed (and it looks very likely at this rate), you will have destroyed your very means of helping others around the world. You will be begging the surviving Euro Countries for money and security — which is not a Christian virtue since your poor planning created the crisis.

          • I was recently discussing the question of Christian “selflessness” with a friend and he noted that the famous “love thy neighbour as thyself” is not “love thy neighbour MORE than thyself”. As you point out, if we do not look after ourselves first then how can we ever be in a position to assist others?

            I am reminded of the often-stated scenario of a lifeguard confronting a terrified and drowning individual: rescuers are told that when approaching such a person, it is imperative that they convince them to calm down and cooperate, before offering direct assistance. If they try to intervene while the individual is still thrashing about in a mindless panic, then they too will likely drown.

          • The Europeon Union for self assured destruction is nothing more or less than a huge Titanic. Ignorance in action. Just say you are Muslim and you can get away with all sorts of irrational illegal blood curdling crime against indigenous in particular and humanity in general and It should catch on soon.

    • Accusing Germans to be is an attack tactic, a debate stopper. The response would be “Did you know that the Gran Mufti of Jerusalem was a great friend and honoured guest of both Himmler and Hitler, and they plotted together another holocaust in the Middle East? Himmler is famous for saying “Islam is very similar to our ideology”. So it seems you are accusing us to be similar to you….” And if would also spell out some of the close similarities between the Nazi ideology and Islam: The one quasi-divine leader, the aim of world domination, by any means including violence, the hatred of Jews and the unequal treatment of women, the idea that Muslims are the “best of people” while all others are the “worst of ANIMALS”, as the Qur’an says.

      As always, those pointing a finger should realise that the other three fingers of the same hand point at themselves.

  2. 01:55 Expressions were made that this was natural
    01:59 that Jews are the same as pigs, and if they were to draw a cross or even just look at a cross then they would lose
    02:04 their Islamic power. And I just can’t let such statement stand there. These are kids
    02:09 that one day will be adults.

    01:59 …then they would lose
    02:04 their Islamic power.

    What is this “Islamic power”?

    • Yes, I understand your question. Having lived most of my life in Switzerland, I know what he means.

      Muslims frequently use the term ‘islamic power’.

      It’s to be understood as a magical thing that they have been given by allah. It is what protects and shields them from the evil kuffar influence. They live in Germany, but they don’t consider themselves german, of course. As long as they are protected by their islamic power, they will be ok.

      For instance, should a child be forced to look at a cross, it might lose its power.

      In other words, this is yet another example of how superstitious these people really are. I’d wager to say, fundamental christians in the Bible Belt and crazy baptists speaking in tongues have nothing on these heathens.

      The crazy thing is how open they are about it.

      • I used to know someone who “felt the spirit of Satan” when he walked into an Indian grocery. This guy was Mormon but more importantly his IQ was about 70, so I wasn’t too surprised by his perception of “the spirit of satan” when faced with the unfamiliar especially if there was Hindu artwork and figurines around. Even he didn’t think he was going to lose his “Mormon power” or something over it.

        This is the first I’ve heard of the superstition about “Islamic power” but it doesn’t surprise me. And this is probably a phenomenon even with communal Muslims that would test as having average intelligence.

        • It doesn’t matter if the superstition is true… if the person believes it enough in their core to act with courage or conviction when it is activated they will overcome a person who has no “threshold”.

          Where most people in the West have gone wrong in the materialistic atheistic viewpoint is they completely forgot about the power of belief. They truly believed that material facts would protect them… but material facts do not protect your life when under threat from someone who truly believes a lie enough to ACT ON IT. Especially if the person from the west is incapable of acting due to fear of being materially wrong.

      • Thank you for a clear and simply explanation. The wording did seem to drift in that direction, but it seemed so far-fetched.

        Perhaps Ali Baba, et. al, would not be considered fairy tales.

  3. This is truly Bizarro world.

    Muslim: “I want to kill all Jews”
    Non-Muslim: “No, that is terrible.”
    Muslim: “You are a Nazi!”

  4. The overall message of this report seems to be that everything is just fine in Canada and that Germany just needs to emulate Canada. Apparently they forgot to take video of a citizenship ceremony with women wearing niqabs.

    So as usual the statists claim that some state reeducation program or something will solve all the issues.

    As honest as the report is about some things, it seems much less realistic about others.

  5. The early exchange starting at 3:11 is very indicative of the gulf between people from the Middle East and western Europe, the respective irreconcilable reproductive strategies, i.e. mating, running in parallel and, when they intersect, in conflict, today.

    As with anything so basic to life in a biological organism these two reproductive strategies manifesting in Homo Sapiens have to have been passed down over millions of years from our species’ very first ancestors of the genus Homo which began diverging from genus Pan about 7M years ago, or even further back. The split is estimated to have been complete by about 4.5M years ago.

    Starting about 2M years ago the Pan genus split into Chimps and Bonobos, due to the Congo River separating the two, both poor swimmers, with the two species split by 1M years ago.

    This timing means that what differentiates Bonobos from Chimps must have been present, in a less developed form, in the ancestors of genus Homo, of which H Sapiens is the only species existing today.

    To a large degree that difference relates to reproductive strategies and sexual behaviors and the relative profile of Bonobo females compared with Chimp females. With Bonobos sexual behaviors are open and relaxed and open and as to females they tend to be in estrus longer than Chimp females plus tend to select their mates from the males. However with Chimps sexual behavior is more controlled and mating regulated to a degree by the strict hierarchy applying in the group, from dominant male down to the lowest male and then females having lower status than males.

    That little exchange starting at 3:11 shows these traits are both still operating, and today and now, thanks to multiculturalism, are clashing.

    As to clashing another difference is that Bonobo brains are said to have a more developed capacity for tolerance and empathy resulting in their males co-operating for the good of the group rather than competing for ‘top dog’ status as do male Chimps. Also this pre-disposes male Bonobos to be far less aggressive towards other groups of unrelated Bonobos than Chimps are, who will attack and attempt to kill outsiders – the brain structure difference enabling Bonobos to better regulate their emotional response to external stimuli than Chimps.

    Again this difference manifests within Homo Sapiens today.

    It used to be that Western European / Christian peoples kept Middle Eastern / Muslim peoples at a distance, helped to a large degree by the physical barriers of the Mediterranean and Black Seas as per the Congo River separating Chimp from Bonobo. But not in recent decades and it is getting worse and will continue to do so.

      • How about a reality check, Bronson? Many differences between the genders date back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors (evolution works much more slowly than many of us, especially feminists, would care to acknowledge). Alleged differences in relative intelligence between human populations may also be due to evolution/natural selection, stemming from the relative harshness of living conditions (I can hear Takuan agreeing with me!)

        BUT… Bonobos and chimps? I’d like to see your evidence for this being more influential than environment and upbringing. As the Jesuits said, give me the raising of the child, and I will answer for the opinion of the man. Which is why it is so important to insist on the (re)education and integration of existing migrants from other cultures, let alone the large numbers arriving now and imminently.

        • PS It is now known that the DNA of the two major groups of diaspora Jews, Sephardi and Ashkenazi, is still around 70% Semitic, after 1,900 years (and sometimes more) of exile. Yet following the European Enlightenment*, some Ashkenazi embraced secularism (and later, sometimes Marxism) while others retreated into the obscurantism, and self-imposed apartheid, of the Hassidim and ultra-orthodox. People can, and do, change.

          *Not strictly relevant, but as a fan of the composer Felix Mendelssohn, whose father converted and assimilated, I admire his grandfather Moses, a poor autodidact who became a distinguished philosopher, and a leading figure in the Jewish Enlightenment.

          • This [derogated information] won’t get ‘you’ very far in the upcoming ‘reality’ check. When the Muslim ‘refugees’ are making ‘their’ neighborhoods infidel free. Talking down to a devout Islamic savage doesn’t work. I thought we knew that by now. 911 etcetera and all that.

  6. Suse says asks what are Germans to do,
    “Let all Muslim refugees rot and die somewhere else? If our country still adheres to christian values at all, caritas is one of them and it is much needed these days.”

    Don’t you think Europeans should use a little discrimination? Does having “caritas” mean that you have to disconnect your brain from the rest of you? Most of the migrants are economic migrants and not refugees. There’s a big counterfeit business nowadays counterfeiting Syrian passports so that economic migrants can claim to be refugees from a war-torn country. In fact, these refugees come from all over the middle east, north Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and elsewhere.

    And by the way, although the media usually wants to show only the relatively few women and children, most of the migrants are men and most of those are young men (of fighting age).

    That doesn’t mean we have to tolerate the suppression of women or even violence.

    Suse says: “That doesn’t mean we have to tolerate the suppression of women or even violence.” You are tolerating it. And you are letting Muslims into your country in such numbers that you will not be able to prevent suppression of women and violence. You can’t even prevent it now, just in case you haven’t noticed.

    We humans have both a brain and heart. Use your brain!

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