While Europe is being trampled to death, we have our minor distractions here. I hope the whole enchilada of stupidity that comprises this story makes someone smile. The story is out in a myriad of forms — the Left wants to make him one of Obama’s sons while the Right is ROTFLTAO. Just depends on your perspective…

A lot of verbiage has flowed along the Media River since this story first emerged upstream.

As it came closer to our place along the shore we began to look more closely at it. More “closely” but not more seriously. How seriously can you take any narrative kept afloat only by the assistance of the legacy media?

The planks on this craft are cut from the same balsa wood our fine jornolists use for the majority of the fragile boats designed to fit their flim-flam Narrative. After all, these things aren’t meant to last; they only have to stay afloat until the next new outrage is launched and grabs their short-sighted attention.

So the USS Muslim Boy With Bomb Science Project was built to the usual MSM’s sketchy specs. It had all the features designed to draw the attention of those who love shallow-water make-believe fairy tales.[Note: are we still allowed to say “fairy”? I can’t remember all the verboten words anymore, Besides, the list keeps changing.] Perhaps these people watch too many movies and are accustomed to the spell cast by special effects so the case bomb fell — as they say in medicine — WNL, Within Normal Limits. WNL, that is, for those the Hopey Changers who subsist on fairy dust and unicorn droppings? “Normal” if you’re a certifiable fruit loop.


Here’s the story — and the backstory — from The Daily Caller:

A bright 14-year old student brought a homemade clock into MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas to impress a teacher. But instead of earning praise for his engineering skills and innovation, he was handcuffed, hauled off by police and suspended from school.

Since he’s a dark-skinned Muslim, the political Left fell in love with this floating pos story. The MSM is big on melanin amounts (though not so much when it comes to actually hiring the darker-hued among us. They prefer love at a distance).

This scam might have worked except that reality crept in on little cat feet, fogging up their current great story. Drat!

The Daily Caller continues with an excellent fisking of this scam. I mean, they like dug up the facts on the family of this kid… made me wish I’d paid attention sooner, as in before this kid got his invite to the U.N. Whatev.

First, the author gives us a scam alert:

But what if it was all a scam? Based on a hoax? Irving’s version of Ferguson’s infamous, “hands up, don’t shoot.”

Uh-oh. Cute little Muslim boy with those studious-looking glasses. Don’t you wonder whether they’re really corrective lenses, or whether they’re not just part of his nerdy gear? He’s so angelic he could even be in the line for Obama’s Sons. How could anything go wrong?

Sometimes a ride down the Media River in your balsa-wood boat can end suddenly with a dire need for life vests for all on board. Just as the Mississippi can be for those floating down it, the Media is a treacherous channel; the inexperienced may find themselves dashed upon the rocks. In this case, those immovable objects are known in the real world as hard, cold facts.

So we leave the wreckage and go ashore to examine this cute little boy’s context. As they say in Texas (and in the South in general), who’s his daddy? Where do his kin hail from? Examining the connections, the family from which Ahmed the Prodigy springs carrying his ticking briefcase, we can see why his boat ran into treacherous shoals.

From The Daily Caller, that same story:

Well, the more we learn about Ahmed Mohamed, his clock, family and friends, and most importantly this year’s bitter struggle between Muslim community leaders and Irving government officials over Sharia Law, it seems a certainty. No offense to Ahmed, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out.

Let’s start with the clock. It doesn’t remotely resemble one. No, it resembles a briefcase bomb.

Photos show a vintage Radio Shack clock, disassembled and put back into a case, with a wire sticking out. Once it began beeping inside a back-pack, that’s when the trouble started. When police questioned young Ahmed, they said he was “passive aggressive,” stubbornly repeating it was a clock and stonewalling other questions. But here’s the thing, even if the Pope or Dalai Lama brought that device into a school, and then played games with teachers and police, they’d get arrested too.

Hmm…it’s difficult not to digress into a metaphorical examination of this Pope and the word bombs he heaves in our general direction, but let’s stay on task here:

Unfortunately, most people’s attention span started and ended with just the clock incident. As if it happened a vacuum. Poor Ahmed.

But there’s much more to this than meets the eye.

Turns out that Ahmed’s family and friends are activists and provocateurs.

Quelle surprise! Ahmed is a front man boy after all. His real schooling was/is what he was learning early at his father’s knee. The main text is the Koran, and the rules can be found in those papers from Switzerland on the Muslim Brotherhood’s schedule for taking over. They would appear to be right on schedule for their America Take Down project. As the worm turns it reveals that Ahmed’s daddy is… drum roll, please…Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed! [Mohammed Coefficient: 200%]

Well, knock me down and call me a Texas Bluebonnet… those Islam boys are sharpshooters for sure. Just the kind of American Muslim the MSM loves to paint up as innocent bystanders, victims of xenophobic Texans.

The Daily Caller again:

[These Mohammeds] They’re front line warriors in battling so-called “Islamophobia,” a term coined by the Muslim Brotherhood and since used to silence any criticism of Muslims, no matter what they do. His dad, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed has engaged in publicity stunts before, like defending the Koran in Florida Pastor Terry Jones’ mock trial in 2010. In a 2011 television debate with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch entitled, “Does Islam Respect Human Rights?” Mohamed identifies himself as President of Al-Sufi Islamic Center in Dallas and former presidential candidate of Sudan. It’s the country where the Muslim Janjaweed militia carried out genocide against non-Muslim black Africans in Darfur.

(One small quibble with our reporter: if memory serves me right, “Islamophobia” was a term invented by the Iranians back in the 1980s when they were taking President Carter to the cleaners after the overthrow of the Shah. However the precise ancestry of the term doesn’t matter: Shi’ite or Sunni, “Islamophobia” sums up the feckless falsity of the Muslim narrative. They excel at bomb throwing and name-calling, those boys do.)

So there you go: Concerned Dad, played by Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed has been shooting off his mouth for at least five years.

The next part of the story is crucial for understanding its response to the little old clockbuilder, Ahmed. Irving Texas knows only too well the murderous environment in which Islam thrives. Irving is where Ahmed and his family live. Irving is also the town where two teenaged sisters lived until they were brutally murdered by their taxi-driving father because they were becoming “too westernized”. Dear old dad put about a dozen bullets through those girls as they cowered in the back seat of his cab.

So now we know why The Infiltrators are out to get Irving’s mayor. Remember: men named Mohammed are famous for their grudges. They make the Hatfields and McCoys look like peace on earth. That section of the story is worth reading, since you discover what an amazing mayor is doing to push back against the creeping imposition of shariah on her town. Mayor Beth Van Duyne has been a real fighter against these anti-Americans in Texas. Perhaps this whole clock made-to-look-like-a-bomb hoax was supposed to bring her down? If so, it won’t work, not until Irving becomes majority Muslim.

The Daily Mail reported earlier this year that a movie has been made about the brutal murders of the two sisters. Their father remains on the FBI’s “Most Wanted” list, but dollars to donuts that creep is long gone back to Egypt.

The author concludes we’ve been suckered again with this story:

Well, guess who’s been out to get the Mayor ever since?

If you guessed Ahmed’s family, friends and CAIR, you’d be right.

So, enter the fresh faced, nerdy kid with the NASA shirt, who tinkers with go-carts and just wants to be an engineer someday. Hollywood couldn’t have cast him better. Just three weeks into high school, he secretly carries in a device that any TSA agent at airport security would think is a bomb. Then provokes police to get arrested, leaving the cuffs on just long enough for his sister to snap a photo.

My fellow Americans, we’ve been trolled. And if we don’t get wise to it, the next Ahmed may very well blow up his school. That’s the inevitable result of silencing teachers and disarming police. Time to face truth, or forever live with the consequences.

That’s why the Baron thinks this is another example of The Flying Imams story. Remember that dry run? I sure do.

NOTA BENE: At the bottom of the story you may vote on whether or not you think this is simply more taqiyya. The poll question asks: Has America Been Trolled by Ahmed?” I answered ‘yes’, which allowed me to see the results: eighty per cent agree it’s just more Muslim moonshine.

Some of the comments are worth perusing, too. It’s a good idea to scan about half of that section just to get a feel for the general sentiment on various MSM “Scare Stories From the Narrative”. It even works on New York Times fairy tales. Facebook, the few times I’ve seen it, is far more obviously inhabited by the Left; predictable and not as accurate if you want a feel for general sentiment.

43 thoughts on “#MuslimBombsMatter

  1. I often wonder if the comments section to those ‘stories’ are not actual polls that those who put the stories up use to gauge whether the latest propaganda is working or not – or how much more homework they will need to do for the next ‘story’ for the propaganda to begin taking effect.

    The fact that an uncompromised and true fourth estate would have unearthed this ‘story’ as nothing but a Muslim propaganda stunt in minutes flat, probably escapes the thinking of those who only see what they want to see in the now fifth column media’s stories.

    Also, was this stunt an exercise for something being planned not too far off?

    • The science of manipulating public opinion has made leaps and bounds with the growth of computers and the internet.

      Yes, comments sections are data farms for those who study public perceptions and who shift and mold those perceptions.

      • I am late to the counter-Jihad. I was wallowing about like the proverbial beached whale after 9/11 searching for what I would consider as unbiased and informative ‘news’.

        It has been a big slog for me who until 2000, voted for the Australian Labor Party (socialist) I was 49 years of age before I finally woke up to what was really going on around us and G0V has had much input into what I have taken on aboard.

        Thank you for your reply – your input has been noted.

        • Hi Nemesis, perhaps, like me, you are basically a liberal and progressive person who sees that islam is neither liberal nor progressive? Certainly many more of us need to realise that!

          • Hello Guest. I believe we can all lean left and right at times. I guess it depends on the circumstances and the thought given as to why we lean at times the way we do.

            It is those who give no thought to the consequences of their actions or decisions that tend to be liberal or lean hard left.

            I now like to tread the middle ground but have a propensity, especially over the past 20 years, to lean right on nearly everything that requires thinking about.

  2. What immediately struck me as odd is that the teacher and the administration were portrayed as drooling Islamophobes and haters of dark-skinned geniuses who are merely trying to achieve in the white man’s world.

    Seriously, do you know any public school teachers that fit that description?

    All the teachers I know are left-wing loons who march in lockstep with every media-conscious cause. Even the teachers I know who are self-professed Christians are pro-abortion, pro-gay, worried about global warming, and downright “angry at the way Hillary’s constantly being attacked!”

    • The American public school system, at least in those places run by the school unions, are an extension of the government. Those without unions are less larded with those “left-wing loons” you mention, and don’t support such causes. But they’re all stuck with the crazy-making “zero tolerance policy” for so many behaviors, and many of them are working around the latest govt fad, Common Core – known among some as “Lowest Common Denominator”. I feel truly sorry for anyone who has to send their kids to government schools. The best they can do is spend about 20 minutes a night on “cultural enrichment” – the real kind, with history, literature, language, math make-up (kids don’t learn to estimate anymore). And on the weekends, a half hour checking what they’ve learned, or having them read and WRITE.

      Ben Carson correctly assigns the credit for his success to his illiterate mother, who made her two boys read books and write reports. It was a long time before they knew she was illiterate and by then her lessons had taken hold. For one thing, Carson was able to take stock of his own anger problems and turn them around.


      • Stop promoting Carson.

        It’s got to be Trump.

        No offense meant but Carson might make a good Surgeon General.

        • Carson’s story is worth telling. I’ve been following his career since *before* he was made head of the pediatric neurosurgery dept at Johns Hopkins. I don’t know how many neurosurgeons you’ve met, but the milk of human kindness does NOT flow through their veins.

          I have no interest in his candidacy. I don’t care who wins since it’s a fixed game anyway. But Carson is a rare man with gifts that he shares. Including his education foundation, where he’s still practicing hands-on healing, this time through promoting education for kids.

          I may have even written on him years ago since I’ve been an admirer long before Gates of Vienna got started.

        • Trumpsters are so dogmatic they don’t even tolerate hearing favorable words about any other candidate in a nonpolitical context. And they’ll turn any topic, anywhere, into a reason to vote for Trump (regardless of what he may have said, if anything, about the topic).

          And they wonder why rational people see them as cultists.

          • It’s starting to remind me of the Ron Paul cult from 10 or 15 years ago. Does anyone remember that one?

        • If you looked at the current curriculum in most school districts, no matter their racial make-up, you’d wonder about the “okay” part. Great if you want to know about Harriet Tubman, et al, but not much meat on the Founders, our form of government, Lincoln, and so on. Some schools have simply cut out all history before 1800 or so – they don’t have time “to cover everything”. The math is dumbed down…no need to memorize the times tables. That’s what calculators are for. In fact, some neurologists have questioned the wisdom of gutting memorization as a form of learning – poetry, math, literature, etc. The failure to memorize atrophies parts of the brain they’ll need later.

          Urban schools as “holding cells” is apt. I feel so sorry for the kids who aren’t even allowed to let on to their peers that they enjoy learning. That’s “acting white” and it can be dangerous to your physical well being.

          • I have quite often wondered about this dumbing-down of education over the last few decades. Is it the deliberate strategy of Governments in the USA and UK? I think so. They are afraid of a well-educated population. They look at history and what happened to the Vietnam war – brought down by hippies and the generation that loved free thought and meaningful education. The governments and the powers that be have decided that a well-educated populace is very dangerous. Universities and colleges have been taken over by the corporations, and now don’t teach students to think and question but to follow the party line and be very PC- and MC-conscious. Never will they allow students and thinking people to bring down a government or its leaders like what happened to Nixon. Obama’s ridiculous knee-jerk reaction to the story of a little muslim boy with a fake clock perfectly demonstrates this “dumbing down” to me. What a goof and moron.

          • George S – you say Obama’s a goof and a moron for reacting like this. I am pretty sure it far more sinsiter than that. The kids father had links to the White House, and ran for President of Sudan twice (was thought to be in cahoots with CIA as potential plant president).

            According to the mayor of Irving – Obama made his “cool clock, Ahmed” tweet, BEFORE any photos of the clock were released to the public….

            The whole things smells of influence operation from top to bottom, and by top i mean the Muslim in the White House.

    • Agreed. The irony in this case is that according to the Mayor of Irving, the school in question has only about 10% Caucasian students. But the media never reported this fact. Not really likely to be a hotbed if waycism if its 90% non-white…

      This interview was VERY telling:


      • Mayor Van Duyne & Glenn Beck re: Clockmed ff 4:30

        Mayor Van Duyne: “…the fact is, is that Irving is one of the top hundred largest cities in the country. We’ve got -”
        Glenn Beck: “It’s the most diverse city in the country and everybody generally gets along.”

        then ff 11:40

        Mayor Van Duyne: “…I think it’s interesting that the first assessment, the first jump to conclusion was that it had to do with race. If you look at the breakdown in the demographic of this high school, less than 10% of the students are caucasion that go to this school. Less than 10%. So the idea that it was white privilege or that there was a ‘jump to conclusion’ just did not exist.”

  3. Obama was extremely quick to say “cool clock”. Around 8 hours after story first reported.

    The President might as well be a CAIR President.

  4. Sad to say as soon as I read that the kid is a muslim I smelled a rat. To now learn more about his background only reinforces my view that the muslim onslaught on our countries is relentless and won’t be stopped by ignoring it, lying about it, demonizing those who recognise and oppose it or tolerating it. We can only defeat it by destroying it and in order to do that, the communists who are facilitating the muslims will first have to be destroyed.

    • ‘Amen’ to your last sentence John, the appeasers and enablers are the REAL problem; without them we would not be in this situation at all…

  5. The MSM is big on melanin amounts …

    In the UK the melanin enriched super kids are used as tools to demoralise their melanin deficient classmates, the MSM never miss a trick they know the ignorance levels of their audience melanin theorist does not hate chime at the same pitch as white supremacist.

  6. For the first time I had the privilege to attended a graduation ceremony of a major UK university. The venue capacity was around 2000 with approximately 150 students being awarded their academic degrees as the ceremony progressed it became obvious that some students were being applauded more than others. Then came the realisation that the collective exaggerated applause was for what the audience perceived to be ethnic minorities. But how could they be anticipating the roll call, in my haste to acknowledge all the students achievements I had neglected to source the roll call programme which enabled the audience to indulge in their conditioning.

    Muḥammad celebrated over Tommy.

    The Master of Ceremonies did not fail to promote Palestine to the audience.

  7. If I recall the complete story correctly the provocateur-in-training told his media interlocutor that he brought the device to school to show his engineering teacher. Two questions that I haven’t seen answered are: 1) Is there an “engineering teacher” at that school? and 2) Would a 14 year old believe said teacher so stupid as to believe it was original work or be more inclined to lecture him on stealing credit for invention by removing something from its original casing and claiming it as his own.

    Personally I intend to use this as metaphor every time the Dar al Islam as the engine of discovery myth comes up. Arrogant belligerent adolescent strips intellectual property from creators and assumes the world will swallow an explanation of legitimacy that is ridiculous on its face.

  8. YES, and YES, and YES. Exactly right – this is just another example of “The Flying Imams.” I am always tempted when meeting someone who lets me know that they are/were a teacher to say “and you admit it” but my mother told me not to insult the stupid, the deranged, and anyone who is mentally ill. Why do we even have “public schools” in the days of the internet. There are plenty of good home-schooling programs and I have yet to find anyone who knows that the Constitution does not mention education and according to the 1oth Amendment (passed in the 1790s) this is the responsibility of the individual states.

    This whole thing about the “clock-maker” is just sick and most the foolish public doesn’t get it – as they seem to prefer to use their computers to play games and otherwise entertain themselves rather than learn something. The sad thing is the rest of us will pay for their foolishness.

  9. Great assessment of the story of the Muslim kid with the bomb kit at MacArthur High School in Irving. I agree that they are conducting dry runs for future action. Islam is upset that the Irving mayor knows what Islam is trying to do in America.

    The honor killing you alluded to did occur in Irving but the girls, Amina and Sarah Said went to Lewisville High School, a neighboring community to Irving. Their dad borrowed a buddies cab to drive them over to Irving for the killing. Said’s wife and son Islam are complicit in the murders. I don’t think he is long gone to Egypt but the Muslim community here is giving him shelter. As you know, he has done nothing wrong according to the Islamic code.

  10. You forgot to mention the boy’s uncle who has a trucking company (I could not even make this up!) called TWIN TOWERS TRANSPORT.

    • I didn’t forget to mention it, s;vbkr0boc,klos;: (however you pronounce that name)…I depend on readers like you to put real meat on the bones of my outline. So I googled TTT, and the story behind that clock-no-bomb is exploding all over the place.

      I googled it… and there’s so much more information. As in, Dad’s run in a campaign for president of ?Darfur? – can’t remember the hellhole at the moment wasn’t meant to succeed – was designed simply to garner street cred with/for CAIR…


      ohamed Elhassan Mohamed has started several businesses nearby my home – Paradise Prime Investments, Inc. is one of them as is Al Sufi Center. They share the same address 1418 N. Story Rd., Irving, Texas. The other director of Al Sufi is Mohammed’s brother/cousin Aldean Mohamead. Now for the ultimate troll – Aldean filed a new Texas corporation last year called “Twin Towers Transportation”. The devout Muslim named his cab company “Twin Towers Transportation” and if you object you are a racist! As an aside, the US Immigration Service list their Irving, Texas address as the Al Sufi Center at 1418 N. Story Rd. –

      Twin Towers Transportation Corporation in – Company Profile
      View company leaders and background information for Twin Towers Transportation Corporation. Search our database of over 100 million company and executive profiles.
      corporation wiki.com

      That is from a site called http://streetcarnage.com/blog/a-little-kid-just-punked-the-president/

      Great information in the comment section and boy y’all can employ all the 4 letter words you want in the comments. No home-schooled kids in the audience, obviously. While the repetitious Anglo-Saxon intensives are tedious to read past after a while, those guys do pay attention.

      • Oh, there’s so much more eyebrow raising detail about clockmed’s family business arrangements to question posted Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

        Looking specifically at just one of the listed businesses, the Alsufi identity, note there are actually two business entities listed …”Alsufi Center, Inc.” and “Alsufi Inc.”.
        Of the ten companies found at 1418 N. Story Road in Irving TX (including both Alsufi company listings), 10 officers are listed at that same address. Examine the list of officers identities, noting the similarity in names, particularly as they relate to Clockmed’s dad, ‘Mohammed Elhassan Mohammed’ and his uncle, ‘Aldean Mohammed’, and note the 100% mohammed coefficient…
        Aldean Mohamed
        Eaz Aldean Mohemd
        Izz Hassan
        E. Mohamed
        Ali Mohamed
        Aldean Mohamad
        Ali Mohammed
        Aldean Mohamead
        Mohamed Mohamed
        Mohammed Elhassan

        via Danger&Play:

        “According to the non-partisan watchdog group GuideStar, the AlSufi Center was shut down for tax issues. (See Nonprofit Profile for Alsufi Center)


        The Alsufi Center has an alter ego….

        Alsufi Center…Irving Immigration Services

        Another website: NonProfitFacts.com reveals the following curious info about the very same “Alsufi Center in Irving, TX” :

        In Care of Name:………………… aldean mohemd
        Subsection:…………………………Charitable Organization
        Ruling Date:………………………..04/2001
        Deductibility:……………………….Contributions are deductible
        Foundation:…………………………Private non-operating foundation
        Exempt Organization Status:….. Unconditional Exemption
        Tax Period:………………………….2007
        Filing Requirement:……………….990 – Not required to file (all other)
        Asset Amount:………………………$0
        Amount of Income:…………………$0
        Form 990 Revenue Amount:……..$0
        National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE):…. Human Services – Multipurpose and Other: Ethnic, Immigrant Centers, Services

        There is so much more – every bit as headache inducing as above.

        Another example comes from this online report:
        PakistanDailyTimes: Mohamed Elhassan: Strong on the Stalk

        “Let me bring you up to speed and give a bit of an update on Mohamed Elhassan. He is my friend and we have shared many thoughts regarding his campaign. He is currently engulfed in the presidential race and is on the ground in Sudan. We spend time together between trips from Dallas to Sudan. I sat with him and assisted with crafting his policy voice before his recent meetings in Washington DC, Saudi Arabia and for the current trip to Sudan.”

        But this should provide enough titillating if not infuriating detail to whet the appetite of some ambitious ‘traditional’ investigative journalist .

  11. To me, the biggest point of the clock story was the same as the point the Flying imams wished to make: the bar for questioning Muslims regarding security should be set very high.

    On reading the accounts of Ahmed, it seems the first contact point of failure was by the science teacher, who allowed Ahmed to carry the device, but instructed him not to show it to anyone. The teacher should have either called the police, or sent Ahmed to drop off his device.

    It was natural and correct for the English teacher to call the police, and natural and correct for the police to arrest Ahmed and take him to the station for further investigation.

    The point is, any authorities involved should be encouraged to act in favor of safety. Any teacher or administrator should be confident that they can err quite far on the side of safety, without negative consequences. It was a mistake to for the police to charge Ahmed and the school to suspend him without further evidence of intent, but those errors were easily remedied, and should not have been grounds for further legal action.

    The scary part is that by offering Ahmed a trip to the White House and a scholarship or internship to MIT and NASA, the government is openly discouraging any immediate actions to protect the general population of students. The implication was that the teachers and police were racists and persecutors. They will think twice before acting like that again, and the pathway for a real bomber is much more open now. This is courtesy of the President, whose constitutional mandate is to provide security for citizens.

    I hope Ahmed accepts both invitations to MIT and NASA. I hope they get lots of publicity for giving him a VIP tour on the basis of his rearranging a clock with a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.

  12. What I’m wondering is, are the authorities now looking into arresting Ahmed and/or his parents? Is it clear to them that if the ‘hoax’ story is true, then they have committed a felony because a hoax bomb is a felony. The case looks pretty strong. After all, the boy didn’t apparently build the bomb as he claimed, just took apart an old clock and stuffed it into a pencil box.

    Why aren’t people clamoring for an arrest?

    • Billy Bob…do you think the School Board can afford the legal warfare CAIR would start?? May start anyway?

      And they’re trying to bring the mayor down via this stunt, while the MSM and the president are solidly behind nerdy-appearing Ahmed…who knows, he could be every bit as smart as the leader of the 9/11 hijackers; they were also engineers, which he claims to want to be.

      The best tactic for Islamic stunts where no one got hurt is to ignore them. The school followed procedure…

    • This is the same sister, now aged about 20, who could be heard coaching the young horologist on his answers during a phone interview with Mark Cuban.

  13. Dymphna,

    Actually, the origins of the term “Islamophobia” go back even further than the 80’s. The earliest usage I have been able to find of it is from the autobiography of Sukarno, the Sunni Muslim [and US-backed] dictator of Indonesia, published in 1965. The book was written as being “as told to” journaist / gossip columnist Cindy Heller Adams. The book seems to have been published as a piece of Cold War propaganda, as the United States stupidly backed Islamic parties against Communist ones, as it did the world over.

    Here’s the Google Books result, the earliest in its database that I could locate:


    The book is available here at Amazon:


    • When helping to co-author the ICLA paper on “Islamophobia” back in 2013, I researched the history of the word. Here’s a brief snip:

      The History of the Word “Islamophobia”

      The term “Islamophobia” was coined a just over a century ago. The first recorded use of the word was in 1912, in French (“l’islamophobie”) , and it reappeared occasionally in the 1920s and later in the century. Its original sense referred to a fear among modernized Muslims of the traditional forms of Islam, rather than an attitude towards Islam held by non-Muslims.

      “Islamophobia” was not recorded in English until much later, and may well have been an independent coinage rather than a translation from the French. By the time it gained currency in English, the meaning had shifted to be more or less the one we know today. Its use became more widespread in the late 1980s, in the wake of the Iranian fatwa against Salman Rushdie over his book The Satanic Verses…

  14. Clockmed’s sister once threatened to blow up the school. His dad is an Islamic grievance nut, his uncle runs, (I could not make this up) a company called TWIN TOWERS TRANSPORT. There is is simply no evidence that this little science whiz did anything other than take apart an old clock put in a briefcase and make it look like a beeping bomb.

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