Marine Le Pen: “The Peoples of Europe Hear my Words!”

The following video shows Marine Le Pen, the leader of the Front National in France, speaking to the European Parliament about the European “refugee crisis”.

Many thanks to Pierre Picaud for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:05   Mr President, fellow parliamentarians. In late August, Angela Merkel flung open Germany’s borders.
00:10   She declared her wish to accommodate 800,000 migrants.
00:14   Fifteen days later, the German Chancellor slammed into a brick wall called reality.
00:18   She was obliged to perform an impressive U-turn, suspending the Schengen Agreement.
00:23   And sent police to Germany’s borders, in order to stop the influx of illegal migrants.
00:28   You EU obsessives have triggered a phenomenon you cannot cope with, and which now threatens to overwhelm us!
00:35   The verdict of history will hold YOU responsible. This madness must stop!
00:41   We need a firm and clear-cut policy instead, the same applied by Australia.
00:46   One which arrests the inflow, while there is still time; and yet the chaos continues!
00:50   When you are in the wrong, you try to stop me from speaking.
00:54   But believe me, the peoples of Europe hear my words!
01:00   On Monday, we had the emergency meeting of interior ministers at the European Council, on the migration crisis.
01:05   It resulted in total disarray between those who want to impose migrant quotas, and those who refuse them.
01:10   Germany, through its interior minister, immediately threatened severe financial sanctions against those objecting.
01:16   This blackmail is absolutely indecent.
01:19   Now it is the turn of our Socialist parliamentary president, Mr Schulz.
01:23   In an intolerable undemocratic stroke, he has imposed an emergency vote on migrant quotas in this chamber,
01:30   with the complicity of the PES and EPP.
01:33   But France — forgive me, because France interests me most — already has very large assimilation problems.
01:40   We already have 7 million unemployed, 10 million poor, and 1.5 million households waiting for social housing.
01:47   We cannot accommodate anyone.
01:50   It is therefore absolutely vital to bring an end to the Schengen system, to allow each country to control its own borders.
01:58   Before you… Before you, Europe was at peace!
02:03   Today we witness wars of influence, an economic war, and antagonisms and conflicts between European countries.
02:10   What a great success, indeed!

46 thoughts on “Marine Le Pen: “The Peoples of Europe Hear my Words!”

  1. She’s a powerful speaker and charismatic to boot. Reminds me of Geert in how similarly they are taking a stand, swimming against a tide and dogmatically refusing to back down. Utmost respect. I can’t wait until one of these anti-Left parties is in power as I hope it will lead to a domino effect as we are all experiencing broadly the same thing.

  2. The problem with Marine Le Pen, however, is that her economic policies are as Left as Hollande’s. And she’s thinks Vladimir Putin is just dandy.

    I realize I may have lost others regarding that last point. But if anyone believes Putin actually believes the things he says about saving Christian civilization and Christian virtues, there’s a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you…

    • Agree on first part, but Vladimir Putin is DANDY, he is right at this moment putting air, sea & ground assets into Syria, unlike the jaw jaw, yap & wimper brigade in the EU;

      Interesting the FN & RBM local councils are economically in better shape. They have cut out the faff & cut down on grants given to NGOs that fail to deliver something tangible to the community.

    • It seems all of EU is in love with Putin! There is no choice with Obama in power. He will not lift a finger to protect anyone, except Muslims and Hispanics. He was brought up in pure hatred of the West both by his Communist mother, by the example of his absent Kenyan Communist Muslim father and by listening for years to the hate-spewing Jeremiah Wright – Obama’s ‘Christian’ pastor!

      • Muslims and Hispanics…good point. Lest we also forget, also homosexualists (from which I distinguish the homo-erotically oriented who don’t try to impose their deviancy on society) and transgendered freaks. The intellectual basis of liberalism is feeling: feelings of pity and fear (or resentiment, to use the French term). How does Obama know when progressivism has reached its goal? When he doesn’t feel pity anymore. Which means its endless.

        As Baron Bodissey has pointed out before, this puts liberalism on a collision course as there is no rational basis to broker between, say, homosexualists and Islamists pecking-order claims on liberals’ pity. The way it plays out will be simple will to power. Might makes right.

    • Putin is former KGB. I think he a cynical guy who wants to hold power. He just presided over the opening of a brand new Mosque in Moscow. And there are plans for yet more.

      In the speach he praised “Islam’s contrabution to Russia”.

      • Cynical, it is lip service quite possibly, but given the large proportion of Muslims in the Russian Federation, it is best to keep a lid on it all. Additionally, the “stans provide the backbone of lowly paid work & as well as a black market. Moscow has exactly the same issues as Paris, as MLP pointed out & got a court summons for her efforts.

        So do you really think that Vladimir Putin is going to rock the boat? Why upset the diplomatic “apple cart” at a time when the Russian gov endeavour to keep sweet & calm the “Near Abroad”.
        Knowing that ultra zealots in Washington could increase chaos in these regions, by opening up “terrorist” activities flows, similarly to what we have all seen in Syria since 2011.

        The Russian security forces do deal out a lethal blow to those terrorists from time to time, as they have been dealing with muslim extremist terrorist attacks in their home soil too. They too have a big problem with nationals going off to Syria.

          • “The Russians are a nation of chess players and not poker.”

            I just had to compliment you on that line: clever but also accurate.

        • On Putin’s Eisenhower stupidity of overseeing a grand mosque and praising Islam’s “contribution”, LeDahu writes:

          …it is lip service quite possibly, but given the large proportion of Muslims in the Russian Federation, it is best to keep a lid on it all.

          I’ve seen this kind of reflexive response many times, with regard to many sociopolitical figures who are supposed to be tough, no-nonsense, even Conservative: if they show signs of PCMC with regard to Islam, it’s not because they really are PCMC, it’s because they are being 1) cleverly strategic, given 2) their relative weakness due to other forces (the predominance of PCMC around them, or the predominance of Muslims in their society, etc.). This seems to be a variant on the “No True Scotsman” fallacy.

          Additionally, there’s the little discrepancy between the robust braggadacio about how “those Russians know how to get things done — unlike the weak West, they will take care of Muslims” — and the fact that, in fact, Russia hasn’t behave all that toughly against its Muslim problem (probably more terror attacks against Russia over the past 25 years than against any other Western polity). If Russians really were that robustly ruthless and unheeding of democratic procedure, they would have rounded up their Muslims long ago and deported them.

  3. Like Winston Churchill warning of the rise of the Fascists….. then, it became too late and the world burned in a torrent of war.

    It cannot be solely blamed on Hitler and his ilk, it can be blamed on the “ostrich class” of European politicians and the snotty ruling upper classes, the so-called elites of Europe.

  4. Everyone who is close to me knows that I am rather socialist at heart. In principle I believe in a welfare state, though not the way it is currently organised in Europe. However at whatever next election that I can vote in I will vote extreme right. Le Pen is right: her fellow MEPs might not listen to her but the European citizens hear her loud and clear and we will vote for people who express the same opinions. The ruling political class has betrayed us; never did we give them a mandate to dramatically overhaul the demographics of our countries and continent.
    BTW, I think it is utterly disgraceful that some MEPs are whistling and booing Le Pen when she speaks. She is elected by a part of the European citizens. You might not like what she says but let her speak. If you disagree react as an adult and come up with pertinent arguments. But trying to prevent her to speak is unworthy of a democratic institution.

    • I.e., you believe it is the duty of the state to seize the fruits one person’s labor to give to another.

  5. Marine just speaks the obvious truth yet the madmen in charge dismiss it as far right.It is very right!Listen.

  6. Like Orban and Geert Wilder she has the heart to speak her mind even though unpopular opinions don’t get people reelected. I watch the major news networks a lot And they give no coverage to them. It’s all about doing the right thing.

    One thing people like us can do is to write to the news media teling them the same kind of feeling we express here.. TV is still more important than the web. And Imean paper letters-email gets thrown out. But a large volumn of postal mail sitting on a desk has an impact.

    Here’s some contact addresses:

    Cable News network
    One CNN Center
    Atalanta GA. 30303

    BBC London News
    2nd floor Eaton Wing
    BBC Broadcast House
    Portland Place
    London, W1A 1AA

      • Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right National Front, has been ordered to stand trial in October on charges of inciting racial hatred after comparing Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation, legal sources said Tuesday.

        Le Pen was campaigning to take over leadership of the FN from her father in December 2010 when she made the comparison, complaining that there were “10 to 15” places in France where Muslims worshipped in the streets outside mosques when they were full.

        “I’m sorry, but for those who like talking a lot about World War II, if it comes to talking about the occupation, we can talk about it, because that (Muslims praying on the street) is the occupation of territory,” she told a crowd in the southeastern city of Lyon.

        “It is an occupation of part of the territory, suburbs where religious law is applied. Sure, there are no armoured vehicles, no soldiers, but it is an occupation nonetheless and it weighs on residents.”

        After the comments, which provoked outrage in France, Le Pen was investigated for inciting racial hatred but the probe was later closed with no result.

        But a complaint by an association led to a judicial enquiry which was opened in January 2012.

        Le Pen was charged in July 2014 after her immunity as a member of the European Parliament was lifted following a vote requested by French authorities.

      • Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s far-right Front National, has been ordered to stand trial in October on charges of inciting racial hatred after comparing Muslim street prayers to the Nazi occupation.

        The comments came during Le Pen’s campaign to take over leadership of the party from her father in December 2010.

        Addressing a crowd in the south-eastern city of Lyon, Le Pen compared the holding of Muslim prayers in the street to a form of occupation. She referred to the “10 to 15” places in France where Muslims worshipped in the streets outside mosques when they were full.

        “It is an occupation of part of the territory, suburbs where religious law is applied,” she said. “Sure, there are no armoured vehicles, no soldiers but it is an occupation nonetheless and it weighs on residents.

  7. Here in Scandinavia people are afraid – really afraid and anxious about this uncontrolled situation. At the same time our media runs its own agenda and sows endless sympathy for those “refugees” and denies the proper discussion about their true motives.

    Political leaders are in trance-like state and the verdict of history will not be gentle.

    • So you are afraid, I wonder which country you live in?
      If Sweden–you deserve all you’re getting by voting the same govt. in again.
      If Norway, only Siv Jensen has a clue; fat Erna needs to smarten up and listen to Siv.
      If Denmark, you seem to be going the way of Sweden—you need to be going the way of Hungary! (so do Norway and Sweden)

      • Do American readers of this blog deserve to be raped and killed by Mexicans because, as you put it, “you all voted for Obama/Bush etc”?
        Do we all deserve what we get?
        All western countries have been betrayed by our leaders. No exceptions.
        So do we all deserve to suffer, because as individuals, we were unable to prevent the treachery of powerful people backed up by the law, the police and the courts?
        Jeez, with friends like you, who needs enemies?

        • I believe Peter35 may be expressing frustration from the ridiculous EU concept. The US citizenry would’ve immediately revolted if this were to be even brought up for consideration. How is it that the entirety of the nations in Europe gave up their sovereignty to a group of un-elected bureaucrats in – of all places Belgium? Belgium – the battleground of Europe! Nevertheless – it is time for like minded citizens to rally together.

          • Who could ever have even imagined a ‘nu european’ political ‘person’ with a pure pro euro hating Islamist agenda like Merkel and her fellows of the old failed world order?

      • Peter35. -‘you deserve all you’re getting……..’ A little harsh eh? How is it possible that you know Juho and who or what he/she has been voting for? No one deserves what is now happening but many will be cowered by it while many others are preparing to fight.

        How about you Peter, what are you preparing to do?

        • I make no apology; The Swedes are hurting badly, so what did they do? Voted for more of the same!

          Same in the U.K., they returned Cameron! (“We need to be more Islamic!)

          I don’t have to tell you people what’s happening in Europe, you read the GoV! You know, and you also know these countries all had other choices, yet they voted for more of the same, mother of Christ! (and that’s just an expression, as I’m a non-believer)

          So no, Nemesis, I’m NOT being too harsh.
          What am I going to do? Well since I’m in my 80’s ‘time will tell’, forgive the pun, but in my long and chequered career I grew up hunting rabbits, goats, deer, chamois and tahr, and was a prof. hunter, so I will not be cowering……if it comes to that in my lifetime.

          • The “we get the government we deserve” argument is a hard sell. It rubs people the wrong way.

            But when a free and democratic people vote themselves, year after year, into the mess they are now in … it’s hard to say that they haven’t earned their just rewards. Best of luck Peter35.

  8. More guys trying to pretend that they are poor refugees from a warzone. From a place where they happily held rifles.

    « le terroriste présumé, loin d’être un malheureux réfugié, possède une maison à Chypre, un bateau, cinq voitures et venait d’investir 90 000 euros dans la construction d’une nouvelle demeure. »

    The suspected terrorist, is[….] , has a house in Cyprus, a boat & 5 cars & had just invested 90000€ in the construction of a new abode .

    He was arrested in possession of 7 passports, all with Schengen visas.

    EU suckers haven’t got this memo yet. This is going to become painfully frustrating despite a limited resistance to the latest wave arriving in Schengen:

    • All those first and second world ladies and gentlemen have given their hearts and minds to Euro cash and other possibilities and getting as much as they can while the getting is good on this failed ‘EU’ enterprise. Meanwhile third world Muslims are hooked on the only game in town.

  9. I am delighted about the sudden large increase in volume of immigrants/invaders entering Europe. They are visible at last, it is all over the TV and newspapers and people are *angry*. What’s not to like?

    The softly-softly approach of slow-motion invasion of our countries was a *winning* strategy for our enemies. Why change it? Why have they risked frightening the horses?

    This blog has been full of comments along the lines of “oh this will not end well!”
    I disagree. It is a chance for things to come to a head, for the pot to come to the boil.As things were, we were losing to the slow motion, invisible invasion. This is a real chance for things to turn around in our favour.

      • And it will be accelerated further. Soon draconian measures will be implemented to stop the awakened population from protesting or expressing concern. The harder we protest, the harder the counter-measures will get. The totalitarian state is just around the corner. And the coming collapse, caused by the “refugee” crisis, will be used as an excuse to set it up.

        • I agree 100% , the respective governments are ushering in an ‘Orwellian’ type of state in the name of preserving ‘law and order’.

    • Better get to hell out of Brussels and back home to defend your country while you still have one.

    • I don’t think she’s a member of the French parliament, just an MEP. But I’m willing to be corrected by someone who’s more well-versed in French politics than I am.

      • I am wrong. I got confused because I have only ever seen Nigel Farage speaking at Strasbourg before, where the decor is grayish blue.

        By the way, thank you so much for your website. Even though I probably don’t agree with you on many issues, I have learned lots from websites like yours and Jihad Watch about the importance of free speech. I have been fooled by all the lying on the BBC etc. for more years than I like to admit (even to myself).

  10. oops sorry , my mistake. I didn’t realize they met in Strasbourg as well as Brussels.

  11. The bogeyman of being labelled as ‘far right’ or even, ‘extreme far right’ is finally being recognized for the red herring that this label is. Anyone being familiar with the political spectrum knows that only anarchy inhabits the far right and that Madame LePen is no anarchist.

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