It Takes a Police State to Raise a Child

The German state is implementing extraordinary new measures to silence dissent about the importation of more than a million new Third World “refugees” into Germany. Apparently the illiberal practices already in place are not having enough of a deterrent effect, so the child welfare agencies are now authorized to remove children from the custody of parents who post “hate speech” about immigrants on Facebook.

None of this is in accord with the German Constitution or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but who cares about that? In Modern Multicultural Germany, we don’t need no stinkin’ constitution!

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating the following article from Zukunftskinder.

Until the last day you fought, and in the end you lost the war anyway.

Article 5 GG of the Constitution
(The right to freedom of expression)

Born: 23.05.1949 Died: 27.09.2015

The Pack* of the Federal Republic of Germany

Freedom of Expression is so yesterday! If you post hate, your children can be taken away

If you speak the truth in today’s age, or if you point your finger at the disgraceful way the refugee crisis is handled, you’re not only facing contempt from your family and friends; no, you hazard the possibility of losing your place of work. But that isn’t good enough by a long shot. The drunk-on-tolerance Gutmenschen in this country come up with the craziest ideas to forbid a citizen his right to utter his opinion. For instance, the German Police Union (DPolG) demands you to turn in your drivers license, should you post so-called “hate comments” on Facebook. But the bounty hunters of political correctness think that doesn’t go far enough. There has to be something new and something even more harsh. And so, the self-proclaimed “hate speech investigators” have set their sights on: parents!

From a report in Die Welt:

Whoever posts xenophobic sayings and slogans on Facebook is essentially gambling with their own children. There doesn’t even have to be a concrete criminal offense for a court to judge the welfare of the child as endangered…

In that sense it is of course irrelevant whether a parent is committing a criminal offense. “The ‘Umgangsrecht’ [right access law] is for the welfare of the child, and parents have a duty, according to paragraph 1684 Absatz 2 BGB, to see to that welfare”, says the Ulm Attorney-at-law Viola Lachenmann.

If it is determined that there is an existing endangerment to the welfare of a child, the ‘Umgangsrecht’, will first be severely restricted. As in, organized chaperoned visits with the child for instance, where a child care worker will be present, and can intervene should there be a need to.

In straight talk, this means that if someone is agitating against “minorities” (refugees, foreigners, Muslims, homosexuals etc), then said person has to expect the consequence that at some point, child protective services will knock on their door, and they will remove the children from the house; or how else is that to be understood?

Most of all: Who gets to decide when a comment is a hate comment?

In the internet there are plenty of self appointed ‘detectives’ who have made it their sanctimonious duty to seek out hate comments on the internet and to hunt down the writers of said comments and eliminate them!

There is the example of David: He doesn’t like the fact that thousands of Facebook users are writing in opposition to refugees. That’s why he reports them and informs their employers. The headline in the link boasts “This Man Exposes Racists”.

Then there are Christopher and Frederik. These two are posting snapshots of Facebook user comments on the site “Perlen aus Freital”, which they deem as “hate comments”. They post the commentaries so that everybody can see who the writer was, what was said, and when the comments were written. Although they distort the images of the authors, but names are clearly visible! It is doubtful that in a judicial sense this is even lawful.

Such ways and means are abused to intimidate and discourage people who dare to open their mouths and criticize the current abhorrent asylum policies.

You really have to wonder: have these people lost their collective mind?!

Admittedly, there are some comments which really come from the bottom of the barrel and should be deleted, but do these lapses in judgment have to lead to losing your drivers license, your job, and your children? Does it have to ruin your whole life, and subsequently your family’s life? Why can it not just be reported to Facebook, and that’s it? Why is it necessary to make witch-hunting spectacles out of these incidents and inform a person’s employer and lay it all out in the public square?

It is questionable whether these megalomaniac Gutmenschen even understand the consequences of their actions, when a person loses his job because of something like this. These things have a way of getting around, and soon the person may lose his rental home as well. Families split; that’s a fact. Alcohol, drugs, depression and violence are reasons for these splits. But when a person is already beaten down, along comes a Gutmensch and takes away the children of these parents on top of it all.

Why don’t we just directly paint crosshairs on a person’s forehead, or force them to wear a “Pack-patch”, just like when the Nazis forced Jews to wear the Judenstern, the star of David?

*   “Pack” is meant as a derogatory term towards people who in troops protest against the refugee crisis. The pack, the troop, the bunch of people. In this article it is used as a sarcastic term thrown back at the Gutmenschen.

33 thoughts on “It Takes a Police State to Raise a Child

  1. It makes me think of what happened in Argentina under the junta, where the children of opponents of the regime were abducted and given to couples with the “correct” political opinions.
    It also makes me think about the wonderful but very sad German movie “Das Leben der Anderen” about life in Eastern Germany, where everyone was spying on each other.
    What I am wondering about. Will the measures also be valid for muslim couples who tell their kids to hate everything that is modern and western, and how Israel has to be destroyed?
    One would hope that the measures Germany is thinking of will never in a lifetime be accepted by the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, but honestly there is nothing anymore that would surprise me.

    • I just said to my wife – to whom she is now familiar with this new form of fascism – how many totalitarian practises have to be put in place before people realize how totalitarian the state has become?

      In my own country a so called ‘conservative’ government has dictated that all parents on government handout who do not conform to the child immunization dictate will have their welfare withdrawn. Now that may not be as fascist as the new Germany, but its creeping closer every year to it.

    • Your line about everyone spying on each other reminds me of what I read about the fall of that evil couple who ran Romania for so many years. The book was titled, “Kiss the Hand You Cannot Bite, ” and in it the author/s explain that 1 out of 4 Romanians was spying on other Romanians – the problem was that there was no one to analyze their reports! (this was pre-widespread computer use). Of course it may be that the limited quantity of electricity didn’t help! On the other hand I personally knew someone who had headed a Romanian Ministry during that era and he defected – he always told me that if he had taken so much as a penny that they would have hunted down like a dog.

    • This kind of thing makes me realize that we have completely misunderstood the Inquisition.

      As a Jew, I always viewed the Inquisition as a very dark period.

      But, now I believe that we Jews were merely ‘collateral’ damage.

      Spain went through the same stupidity that Europe is suffering right now. Finally, the Christians woke up and needed a process to regain their land. It was a very difficult task due to the insidious Sharia Law. How to uncover the liars?

      But, as a result of the Inquisition, Europe quickly recovered, the arts and science flourished, and the economy was restored.

      I no longer buy the myth of the “Golden Age”. There was no such thing. Islam has nothing to offer civilization except despair and hate.

      • So… if you really are a Jew that’s a [comment I find to be ill-informed]. Your point is well understood. How does a society uncover a fifth column out to deatroy it? Unfortunately the Jews have not merely been collateral damage all these years. Even now it’s the latent hate of Jews in European society that lets the left majority tolerate the influx of hate filled islam fascists.
        If you learn about the Inquisition it simply took intolerance to the maximum level… and it did so in defense of a society which never fully recovered and which is now begging Jews to come back. A nuclear option of catholicism against everything else is a new dark age. Nothing less than that. How you could advocate for an answer that burned your own people at the stake is beyond me. Just remember that in fighting barbarism we should never give up what makes us human.

  2. That’s chilling. I peeked at the article about the man who exposes racists. The subhead asks the following question: “brave or irresponsible?” I know what epithet I’d choose. But there’s far more accurate. In my book, this guy is a genuine sycophant.

    • They have been bought up to be like that and so eventually a real painful lesson to be learnt.

      After seeing the video where Merkel advised people who were opposed to go to church and look at the paintings, after a reporter asked her, how will the ordinary German citizen cope. Such a sell out and she looked aged and her words were of a senile dementia sufferer.

      What has surprised me that I would have thought even Merkel’s own party would have removed her from leadership, or enough of her party moved over to the opposition and move and win a vote of “no confidence”.
      Also there are no petitions from the public.

      Quite simply, the numbers are not there, so I take it the majority agree with it, and are following the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan as taught in their education systems.

      Merkel follows the “European Society Coudenhove-Kalergi” from which she won an award/prize in 2010 and did the acceptance speech for the award at the Federal Chancellery.
      You may have to click the language in the top right hand corner.
      You may note how this is to be programmed into schools.

  3. This news must confirm what we feared, the ruling elites grab for dictatorial powers over the exercise of peoples free will, as expressed through speech is a “threat” to the grand project, one world government – minus an INFORMED electorate’s willing consent.

    This situation reminds me of the soldiers choice when under attack, fight or flight.

  4. Re: “These things have a way of getting around, and soon the person may lose his rental home as well.”

    More than that. Soon that person — heretofore a middle liberal German — may join a Neo-Nazi movement, for he has been pushed by liberal fascism beyond all limits of endurance. That’s what they are doing in Germany with their Left-fascism: sowing the seeds for a new Hitler, one day.

    • max – the Neo-Nazis (Antifa) are used to assist the state in enforcing its diktats, especially at those PEGIDA rallies where those who protest at the new fascism being imposed on them are treated to bottles, rocks and anything else that may be handy for the ‘anti-fascist’ rent-a-crowd to use as missiles against the mainly peaceful German patriots.

      It is the German government and its agencies that are the new Nazis.

    • Why is it always implicated that any backlash against the totalitarian multi-culti state will be “Neonazi”? If you are against the Multikult and mass immigration you are not a Nazi. And if you wish to live in a mostly enthnically homogeneous state so that your own culture can flourish and your people can live in peace without the constant frictions that come with the competition of different ethnic groups you are not “Nazi” either but share a sentiment that is absolutely normal almost everywhere in the world (except the “West”.)
      Somehow many here also apparently think that being “Nazi” is the default state of Germans if left to their own devices and that they have to be “kept in line”. Even some “Germans” here subscribe to this vindictive narrative. Actually you are all drinking from the same well that made Merkel giddy when she opened the floodgates for good.

  5. The Muslim Problem has been created in the same way that Hitler created the Jewish Problem – as a means of gaining power not only over the indigenous citizenry but also over the incarcerated Muslims piled into processing centers and ghettos where they can be ‘monitored’.

    Merkel has never believed in the myth of mutli-culturalism but the Greek economic meltdown traumatised her. A small member state almost blew up the EU! Shock! Horror! The Muslim invasion came along as a Godsend. It can only be dealt with by an EU-wide effort. No member state could cope. Therefore Merkel is back on her throne!

    This also makes the global financial sector happy because all the trouble-makers are out of the ME and strong dictatorships can be re-installed to facilitate the security of financial investments!

    With Germany’s rich experience in concentration camps, plus the gulags of Merkel’s friend Putin, they have the situation well under control now – unless the sheep all wake up! But they never have before, so why would they now?

    • The sheep will always remain asleep as history shows, regardless of the many warnings given to the sheep that their very lives are in danger until it is almost too late. Historically, it has always been just 20% of any population that will decide that country’s fate, and just 10% of that 20% who will take up the fight against the other 10% who bring about such troubles while the slowly waking sheep will gradually fall in behind those they believe serve them best.

    • The wounds of WWII have never healed completely. With Germany being more equal than others in the EU, and the threats being made now to average German citizens, such comparisons are inevitable. At the moment the focus is Germany, but all of northern Europe is the goal of the massive population drive from MENA.

  6. “Most of all: Who gets to decide when a comment is a hate comment?”

    Being deliberately vage about this creates more fear than actual, clear rules. The result is a climate of self-censorship permeating the entire society. And the total powerlessness to oppose the rules, because they don’t formally exist. Mission accomplished. If they made a law it could be overturned as well, especially one as constitutionally questionable as this. In our post-democracy they are too smart to allow that to happen. They are not creating laws anymore, they are creating facts. Now go try to stem the tide.

  7. I guarantee to you that the Germans will take this lying down and ask for more. I am so familiar with this mindset. It is so typical German and Swiss. It is engrained in the people.

    I am not exactly sure how it started. I want to say, well… maybe it was because of WW2, because everything else seems to get blamed on Hitler too. But no, because even back then, Germans were “small in the head”. They have always been petty, pernickety and small minded.

    Swiss people are no different, as they are nothing more than an independent expansion of Germanic blood lines. Swiss are the most petty people on the planet, and their only match lies within what has almost become a culture in Germany, the infamous ‘neighbor squabbles’ that have taken on epic proportions in the past twenty years or so.

    There are documentaries about it! One neighbor does something in his gardening plot, the neighbor next to him doesn’t like it and reacts, the first guy reacts back etc etc etc.

    All over Germany, there is a subculture of Hatfielts and McCoys, and people are losing their homes, livelihoods, even children over it. All over petty squabbling about the exact legally allotted size of a specific shrub, or not running the lawnmower after 8pm and not before 10am, or dirty windows, imperfectly parked cars, children stepping on, ERMAGAWD!, the neighbor’s perfectly groomed grass… You haven’t seen anything until you have witnessed a classic German neighbor squabble.

    So I have no answer as to when this thin skinniness started, and this constant not minding your own business. But I DO know for a FACT, that the reason Numero Uno why I live in the United States and not in my home country, is PRECISELY because Americans DO mind their own beeswax first. I’d be hard pressed to find anyone anywhere that gives a rat’s butt whether I leave my truck idling in the driveway when it’s cold or hot, whether there’s dirt in my grass, whether my flowers are healthy or not, whether I chose to do this or chose to do that.

    And that mindset, that is SO prevalent in German Alemann culture, is what is leading to this incredibly hurtful behavior on Facebook and elsewhere in social media. These people, they just can’t take it when someone says something that they think is against conformity. They WILL destroy your life. There is an absence in their chest where the heart is, and a big hole in their head where their brain should be, when it comes to a breach of their understanding of ethics.

    They simply can’t deal with it. Instead of walking away, or looking away, they are determined to force the other person to CHANGE, no matter what the cost.

    It is the kind of mindset that I do not miss. When I make posts on Facebook on my real name profile, occasionally I post something political about the refugee situation, and I get asinine messages, immediately, from friends in Germany or Switzerland, saying stuff like “there you go you are posting hateful comments again”. The other day I posted a negative comment about Colin Powell, because a friend had this Powell gushing meme what a great guy he was and he’s fighting racism in America etc. So I posted a history of the KKK and the Democrat party in response. I was called a hater and a racist. All I did was give the truth. But the truth is hate.

    So people think Americans are bad? They are no match against the Germans or the Swiss…

    Just sayin’…

    • That’s why the first and fundamental pillar of America was “Go [have carnal knowledge of] Yourself.”

      America was predicated on a rejection of the Old World and all its attendant rules, class boundaries, and parochialism, and it extends all the way down to the microcosm of a neighborhood. It makes us brash and unsophisticated sometimes, but it’s worth it.

    • Nash Montana,
      It’s been a while, trust you and the family are well. Your comments, as usual, are spot on.

  8. As a psychologist for a large city school system, I was concerned about the home conditions of a particular child. I expressed my concerns to the parent who told me she would shove the kid’s head in a gas oven if I every bothered her again. I had a legal duty to report her, but I surprised myself and broke the law by not doing so. Months later she overturned a bookcase in school on another of her children, almost killing him. The children were removed to a foster parent’s care and were returned to school. The child with whom I had been concerned became an elective mute. Two years after the system exerted itself in an attempt to help the child, he still had not spoken a single word in school. I took his elective mutism as a sign of mourning for the loss of his mother, as deficient as she was.

    The conflating of political points of view with the ability to parent is so dubious a proposition and the potential damage to the child so great that such tactics must be very important to the authorities. The willingness of authorities to injure the next generation, to remove feeling states, empathy, and occasional happiness for individual children means that the survival of the society must be at stake. At least this must be true in the authorities’ heads. It must be true as well to the underlings who carry out the orders of the authorities without crying.

    I conclude that such societies and such individual authorities who support social engineering above the welfare of the individual are mean-spirited to the point that they have nothing to offer. Gray must be their favorite color and sex must be their only pleasure. The end of their personal existence they must view as the end of every other inhabitant of the planet. Let all those so encumbered by their government and its officials move someplace more compatible with human life.

    • A sad story but evidence that the mother fate gives you is the one you want and no “authority” can tell you differently.

      Maya Angelou tells of being raped by an older male relative when she was five or so. She never told anyone but went mute instead. A supportive grandmother began to coax her to read aloud – the Bible and Shakespeare, as I recall. That got her over it.

      I remember being mute in 3rd grade, but only in class. I was confused by long division by two numbers and my teacher called me a “stupid jackass”. I never spoke in her class again.

  9. We should be aware that this is where the public schools are headed, and many of the private ones as well. Children are being dumbed down and at the same time told that teaching is an honorable profession (it was in the past, but not now – not all teachers are stupid, but the stupid people can ONLY get into “Colleges of Education” or similar.)

    After Obama and the DNC the greatest threats to America are teachers and social workers. These people are nearly all leftest, do-goers, and think they know best – in fact their colleges and degrees are despised by real intellectuals.

    I will never forget a story I read about when I was a senior in high school. It seems that the social worker had visited a family a few days before Thanksgiving and reported that everything was fine. Thanksgiving Day – the little boy, aged 10 or so, died of malnutrition. The social worker had received her degree from the college I planned to attend the next year to get a different degree. I never heard about her there – it was as if nothing had happened and I was too green to know or say anything. But I’ve never lost my realization that social workers are busy-bodies, don’t know very much, and probably are wasting their time while putting people in danger as they exercise their “expertise.” I despise them, yet somehow many still see them as honorable – UGH!

    • Government schools are working as they were designed to work. Read Gatto’s “Underground History of American Education”.

      There is no need for people to hand their precious children over to state indoctrinators:

      As to the danger of the combination of government schools and social workers, google for the book “Profane Justice”.

  10. It always comes down to this. The state will take any and all measures needed to keep the slaves in line. There is no level so low they will not use it.

    This is the true relationship between ruler and “citizen”. Always has been, always will be, despite all the propaganda about democracy and republics and representation.

    What puzzles me is that it is so difficult for the average person to see it. It only becomes visible to them at the point that extreme measures are taken, and by that time everyone has given up their most crucial means to fight it, personal firearms. I hope there are at least some guns buried in German gardens, otherwise the descent will be unstoppable.

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