Immigration, Altruism and National Suicide

Paul Weston’s latest essay examines from a British perspective the madness surrounding the European “migration crisis”.

Immigration, Altruism and National Suicide
by Paul Weston

The liberal establishment in the West seems intent on national suicide. Just as they deem George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four to be a blueprint on how to run a country rather than a brutal warning about life under the Socialist jackboot, so they deem Jean Raspail’s novel The Camp of the Saints to be a blueprint on importing the third-world in their millions and bringing Western Civilisation to a close.

The majority of people in the West suffer from the “illusion of permanency” — by which I mean they think tomorrow will be no different to today and that next year will be no different to this year. They are correct that little will change in such a short time span, but the West has set into motion a series of events that will totally transform our society well before 2050, let alone by the end of this century.

A child born today, in a peaceful and cohesive part of the West, will be a mere thirty-five years of age by 2050 but he or she will live through the biggest racial/cultural upheaval ever witnessed in the history of mankind. By the time that child reaches middle age the West will have seen racial/religious civil war and terrible bloodshed. Who will emerge the winner is an unknown, but the odds are firmly stacked against the Europeans — unless there is a fundamental sea change in our altruistic attitudes.

Imagine a naïve but well intentioned liberal couple opening the doors of their house to a Muslim refugee family in a moment of sanctimonious virtue. Imagine the female householder as a progressive feminist type who has put her advertising account executive career (Tarquin darling, super news! We’ve just landed the Heinz baked bean contract!) before the apparently onerous task of providing the next generation.

Imagine the Muslim family have four children who in turn go on to have four children each. Who will eventually own the house? And as goes the ownership of the house, so goes ownership of the village, the town, the city and eventually the nation. So as I say, this illusion of permanence is fine for a day or a year, but it just doesn’t hold for the long term.

The politically correct West is de-natured, de-Christianised and de-populated. The incoming non-West is nature red in tooth and claw; fanatically religious and fanatically fecund. Tomorrow belongs to them, not us, and to welcome them in in the numbers we are currently allowing is to sign the death sentence for Western Civilisation.

Some European leaders understand this. Interestingly, they tend to be from the countries once controlled by Communism and therefore not swayed by the sixty years of politically correct, subversive indoctrination meted out to the non-Communist countries with regard to feminism, racism, multiculturalism and moral and cultural relativism.

One such leader is Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who stated: “Today mass migration is taking place around the globe that could change the face of Europe’s civilisation. If that happens, that is irreversible. There is no way back from a multicultural Europe. Neither to a Christian Europe, nor to the world of national cultures.”

Perhaps Mr Orban is aware of the words of ex-Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who said: “We have 50 million Muslims in Europe. There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe — without swords, without guns, without conquests. The fifty million Muslims of Europe will turn it into a Muslim continent within a few decades. Europe is in a predicament, and so is America. They should agree to become Islamic in the course of time, or else declare war on the Muslims.”

Gaddafi was both right and wrong about declaring war on Muslims in order for West to remain non-Islamic. Yes, we will succumb to Islam if nothing is done, but we don’t have to go to war, we simply have to halt ALL Muslim migration to the West and think seriously about clamping down on Islam within the West.

But we are not doing this. In fact we are doing the opposite, which is madness. No sane person could react thus after reading the media headlines over the last few years which describe with monotonous regularity the violence, murder, rape and mayhem carried out by Muslims in Europe, along with the wars and carnage carried out by Muslims around the world.

Why would any country with a non-suicidal ideology wish to import just one Muslim, let alone millions? The Islamic State boasts of thousands of Jihadis coming into the West masquerading as refugees, yet here we are bending over backwards to import them! The BBC et al go to great lengths to interview only those who appear non-threatening, but the stark truth is that the overwhelming majority are young males of fighting age — which the traitor class would really rather you didn’t think about too deeply.

Reports from Bulgaria suggest that young “refugee” Muslim males when forced to surrender their mobile phones are not innocents fleeing terror but Islamic terrorists who have decapitation videos and other such jihadi wonders stored on their memory cards. Will we check the phones of those coming to Britain? I rather doubt it. We must respect their human rights of course, so consequently we will allow in any number of beheaders, jihadis, murderers and rapists who will then add to the glorious multiculti paradise of suicidal Britain.

The images of little boys washed up on beaches is tragic, but equally as tragic is handing over your homeland to those with an ancient and fanatical hatred of all we hold dear. Joseph Stalin said one death is a tragedy but a million deaths is a statistic. We cannot afford to be swayed (although we are) by a tragic picture of one death if it means we will one day become part of the million deaths’ statistic.

Going back to the illusion of permanence: my grand-parents were born toward the end of the 19th century and I knew them. During my lifetime I will know people who will still be alive in the 22nd century. My grand-parents’ generation would have expected a degree of permanence regarding the people and culture of Europe, but this is no longer the case for native Europeans born between now and 2050.

The demographic changes are slow, but they are remorseless. The global population growth is driven only by the third world and we have decided to import them in order to (purportedly….) prop up our declining European populations. This means the end of Western Civilisation, of Europe, of us as a people and a culture. The future belongs to those who have children; ergo the future belongs to Islam.

It won’t happen next week or next year, but happen it will. The world my grand-parents were born into was a vastly different world to that which my grand-children will inherit. People think we could never witness the atrocities of Syria, Iraq or Libya in the rolling hills of rural Europe, but why not? Our way of life is not due to our geographical location but because Europe is made up of Europeans. When the Islamic demographic amongst young males of fighting age outnumbers our own, then we will have Syria in London, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Copenhagen etc. etc. etc.

If we could just see though the illusion of permanence and imagine the future photographs depicting what this will be like for non-Muslim Europeans then perhaps we could avert our eyes from photographs of Muslim toddlers washed ashore on Turkish beaches in 2015. The world is changing, and if we wish to survive as a people and a culture we must defend our homelands against the migrant invasion. Yes, this sounds harsh, but if we do not we must then accept that our virtue today can only lead to unimaginable carnage tomorrow.

If you are moved by harrowing images of drowned toddlers (and who isn’t) do please try to imagine what sort of life you are guaranteeing for YOUR children and grand-children if you allow your emotions to cloud the inevitable consequences of your present-day altruism. How we currently think and how we currently behave will seal either our future destruction or our future survival. If you decide for destruction simply because it won’t happen next week or next year then you are betraying your country and your children. It really is as simple as that.

On a final point: there will be any number of half-witted and sanctimonious liberals who will be horrified by my apparent cold-hearted callousness. As ever, if you would like to invite me onto the BBC or equivalent to discuss this then I would be more than happy to do so. But as ever, you won’t, because you know you cannot logically, morally or ethically argue against me.

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

26 thoughts on “Immigration, Altruism and National Suicide

  1. We all know they have no argument Paul, that is why they just ignore us, shout us down or do the fascist persecution trick through the anti-Western Human Rights and other affiliated anti-discrimination laws that only targets the white man.

  2. A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house.
    Matthew 13:57

    Cassandra was gifted with foresight, but cursed with the incredulity of her countrymen.

    We are living in biblical times.

  3. I don’t know if anyone is familiar with SM Stirling’s ‘Nantucket’ series of novels. In the first one, there is an awful, bleeding heart, hippy type of woman who decides to leave the relative safety of the island and go live among a native society of jaguar worshippers. To become culturally enriched, don’t you know. With predictable results.

  4. `The Camp of the Saints` by Jean Raspail (103 pp.) is available in a free down-load as below for academic study under the terms of fair usage under section 107 of the U.S.copyright law (it says on the Home page of what appears to be a dubiously White Nationalist site).

    “And all around,thousands of floating white-clad corpses that daylight’s last waves were beginning to wash aground,laying them gentily down on the beach……eight hundred thousand living beings,and thousands of dead ones.were making their peaceful assault on the Western World.”

  5. Europe is killing itself with a toxic ideology which it has invented, adopted and is trying to impose on the whole world. It is an attractive but completely phony secular religion centred around worship of democracy, equality, human rights, social justice and human solidarity. This pseudo religion keeps its followers happy with promises of a materialist paradise on earth where everyone can enjoy him- or herself in every imaginable and a few unimaginable ways in complete freedom and without any responsibility for the consequences.

    In a word, it is utopian.

    And, like all utopian quasi-religious teachings, it gives birth to a grotesque and inviable society. The most striking proof is the demographics statistics: in countries like Germany or Italy more people die than are born every year. And all European countries have now a total fertility rate less or just a little able 2, meaning that in foreseeable future they will enter the phase of depopulation.

    We also see lots of other alarming phenomena – decline of the family, of education, of arts and culture, of good manners and work ethics, widespread drug addiction and lots of other less obvious but equally dangerous things. And we see the result – younger generations which consist of anaemic men and women who look like fragile hothouse plants. They might be physically healthier than their grandparents but psychologically they are much weaker. They seem to be insulated in their small, dismal private worlds, and find it difficult to relate with objective reality. Therefore, they are easy prey to malicious manipulators, they uncritically accept totally insane ideas while having difficulty in understanding simple but uncomfortable truths. They also tend to suffer from depressions, neuroses and all that sort of thing because of the sheer meaninglesness of their materially comfortable lives.

    Muslims, for all their faults, are much more resilient. They do not put into doubt basic family values, they have lots of vitality and a strong albeit simplistic religious faith which gives them a sense of purpose. They are ruthless, having no toxic sentimentality which has replaced healthy Christian charity in the minds of modern Europeans.

    Therefore, they are stronger.

    Europe can survive only if rejects all its the phony ‘values’ and ideological falsehoods of the latest several centuries and go back to its Christian roots. Christian and not pseudo-Christian (Pope Francis-style sickly sweet and depressingly worldly ‘Christianity’ is part of the suicidal utopia) beliefs and morals. This war is spiritual in nature and the material strength of the modern West will all its state-of-the-art weapons, economic power or sophisticated propaganda machine will be helpless to overcome the savage fanatical zeal of djihadis.

    • You nailed it right there. It’s a shame that as I was reading some of what you wrote, I was imagining how Lefties would react and what kind of remarks they would make and what entered my mind was lots of ‘define this’, ‘what do you mean exactly’ and requiring every last detail to be thoroughly explained so as to try to pull your arguments apart when it is entirely logical and clear for any level-headed person to see.

      We in the West have become utterly feckless with little recourse it seems to rectify the damage that’s been done. So few of us are aware of the extent of the damage and the extent of what needs to be done. East Europe will survive, but West and North Europe are cuckolded and masochistically celebrating their decline, replacement and subjugation, which they naively think won’t happen.

  6. It’s tragic that Westerners have been so thouroughly brainwashed from creches to university in multicultural drivel.

    Realizing this fact is a good reason to homeschool your children though I think it’s illegal in Germany – which says heaps about that nation’s degradation.

    Multiculti doesn’t work. Never has and never will. And the bastards promoting it well understand that. It’s precisely WHY they have promoted the ancient Roman tactic of divide et impera – in short, multiculturalism. Without multiculti the bastards won’t get their New World Order.

    So as a grandmother I want to be on record of praising all the young people of Europe who are making a stand against the destruction of their culture and heritage, their languages and religion, their music, their art and architectural heritage by opposing Muslim migration.

    May God give them strength, because their craven PC governments won’t.

  7. Hi all. I was wondering if you could relay how others, maybe friends or family, whom you speak to react when you reveal what is going on? I ask because the amount of stress that accompanies it causes me loss of sleep. You know when you try to inform your closest friends and then they react with a typical Leftist refrain, as though as the author points out, that their belief in the illusion of permanency prevents any critical consideration of what might happen further down the line. Eventually in order to keep your sanity and to remain friends, you have to curb or complete cease referring to the issue, due to their irrationality and knee-jerk reaction in accusing you of perpetuating the pre-WW2 xenophobia.

    • I know what you mean. Some 5 or 6 years ago I tried to express my anxiety about what was going on. I gave up after a while. They either laughed or started to talk about something else. My own mother was especially hard to convince. I must admit it was mentally exausting to see what was going on but not being able to communicate it to others. I have found that most people don’t have a historical sense, no instinct for how the events of today may cause devastating effects tomorrow, and especially so if events unfolds slowly and piecemeal. It sounds strange to say that people don’t understand simple causality, but I can’t see what other conclusion I can possibly draw. This is causing the”illusion of permanency” Weston is mentioning. I can, however, note one small victory. My mother is as scared as I am now! She has finally woken up to the full horror of what is happening. Perhaps I did her no favour.

      • Yes it is utterly beguiling. How naive people can be. I speak to a lot of very intelligent people who in all other areas of life, think critically and look upon issues in an objective fashion, yet when it comes to anything that’s propagated as being ‘right wing’ or further, then they tend to shut down mentally and revert to type, echoing the platitudes espoused by the media and political figures. Think for yourself! Anyone reading this who is on the fence, open your mind, truly, your civilisation, nation and perhaps even life someday depends on it.

      • It is and will continue to gradually dawn on the useful dozy and dim idiot losers. Just like in WW2 there were very few straglers. A bit late in the day though. How can Western European countries not become a version of the Balkans – or worse? So much for learning from history.

    • Yeah, it’s tricky all right. I always like that quote about choosing your battles. It’s much better done one on one and it’s better to pick who you will talk to as well; some people just won’t listen and you might guess who they are anyway. The other thing is to take it slowly. I find dropping in a few facts at a time helps and then maybe make a full pitch on a given day if the subject comes up (and it does as it’s in the news all the time), but then also try not to talk about it incessantly after that. The one positive of this escalation of violence means that it’s that much harder for the multiculturalists/leftists to defend their position and Islam.

      This is a good site that tells you how to respond to various arguments and scenarios people present and how to counter them:

      Regarding this essay: I’m dreading the inevitable terrorism and atrocities ISIS will perpetrate on Europe, but, in one way, the sooner it comes, the better. The more time that passes, the stronger the Islamic world becomes and the weaker we become. Right now, we still have the numerical advantage. When the full assault begins – as ISIS have threatened it will – it will be very hard for anyone to delude themselves as to Islam’s true purpose and the real fightback might begin.

      • Thanks for the link, I’ll be sure to peruse it.

        Yes, it will be bitter sweet when ISIS hit, because of course the last thing we want is atrocities committed on anyone, let alone within our own countries, but as it is likely to be an inevitability should it turn out that ISIS have flooded Europe with thousands of terrorists, then it will be a wake up call to the masses. If Europe still can’t see the forest for the trees at that point and continues to downplay the threat and claim Islam is a religion of peace, then we truly are up [the excrement tributary].

  8. Paul mentions Camp of the Saints, as do many others, but there is perhaps an ultimate irony to the novel that events have brought us in the 45 years since that book was printed.

    Raspail’s feared immigrants of choice were Indian Hindus. Back when that book was written, India was considered a hopeless basket case and Hinduism considered (except by hippies) as incompatible with the West. That is certainly how I perceived it back then when I was a lad.

    Little could he have foreseen how India would develop in the next half century. Into a major technology power, and a growing force diplomatically, economically and militarily (yes, there is the H1B visa issue, but think about it – in this case, we are worrying about a country because it is sending too many EDUCATED workers).

    I live in New Jersey, where now 5% of the overall population and 25% of the doctors are Indian Hindu (and by now, the majority of those doctors are the native-born type, educated in America). They are better educated, academically superior, more affluent, more entrepreneurial, more law-abiding, already speak English and more family oriented that most other ethnic groups – not to mention generally pretty supportive of Israel and hostile to the Islamists. I would venture that Mr. Weston even believes that they are good immigrants in the UK as well.

    Thus, the great irony – the very people Raspail feared in 1970 as immigrants are the very type of immigrants that the West DOES want today.

    • Actually, I don’t think Raspail was really expecting a Hindu incursion. If I recall correctly, in interviews he has said that used Hindus from the subcontinent for his fictional account because they were entirely separate and all but unknown to French culture. To use Muslims from MENA would have hit too close to home, what with the then-recent Algerian war making them a hot-button political issue.

      Someone who is more familiar with the interviews with Jean Raspail may want to correct me or elaborate on this. The author is still alive, and I am all but certain that he has answered questions about this.

      • This is off-topic, but as I was reading your comment I thought of the Algerians who left Algeria together with the French because they would have been executed as collaborators.

        Does anyone have any information on how their descendants turned out? I am thinking for example of the fiancee of slain Charlie Hebdo editor Charb, a “beur” with North African roots, who condemned both the assassins and the French government for not doing enough about the Islamist threat.

        How many “beurs” are in fact anti-Islam? How weighty a contribution are they capable of making to the counterjihad?

      • Perhaps, Baron. But the fact remains that he chose them as the “other”. He (in my opinion) could have picked Arabs, as the fear of Islamists and the political correctness of the elites had not ossified at that point (he wrote it well before the Islamonazis took power in Iran). He could have picked black immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa, or Chinese or Indonesians. Whether he thought such an incursion was likely is not really the point. He viewed them as sufficiently alien and incompatible with the West to use them as the protagonists in the book.

  9. We are totally defenceless. Not only are we Europeans an unarmed population (albeit with few exceptions), we are spiritually lacking in fortitude and self-preservation. From the time a white child understands what the television is saying and starts school he or she is mercilessly indoctrinated by liberal teachers in the idealogy of mulriculturalism. That bewildered child is taught that the values and traditions cherished by parents and grandparents were wrong, evil and racist. Their nation’s history and heroes are deprecated, Judeo-Christianity ridiculed, Islam respected. And as white kids increasingly become a minority in the classroom, they are brainwashed into believing that reproducing themselves with a white partner would be reprehensible as whites are the scourge of humanity, responsible for all the wars, famines and genocide in the history of civilisation. Instead of teaching them about Isaac Newton, Shakespeare and the Magna Carta, the instructors, with savage glee, force the students to learn about Nelson Mandela,the Koran and Malcolm X. Therefore it is not surprising that whites wish to see themselves as a race, become exctinct as they are replaced by a horde of alien invaders that will make a mockery of every soldier who sacrificed his life in the trenches and battlefirlds of both world wars to defend liberties and values that are currently being held up to ridicule and scorn. I damn to hell all the liberals who brought this catastrophic Third World tsunami that is now swamping our incomparable western civilisation and will produce demographic shockwaves that will be felt in every part of Europe.

    • What can we do Kat? I agree with you wholeheartedly, but I just feel like we are all waiting for someone or something to get the ball rolling or hoping events outside of our control create the vacuum we need to fill. I feel pretty impotent reading about all this stuff online and then when you go out in the real world, you know that these issues aren’t encumbering 99% of people I see walking down the street. For many it’s not even on their radar at all. I have no solution either, I am as described above, waiting for things to galvanise, but this tolerance we Europeans seem to be lauded for seems to have no bounds.

      • We seem to have no vehicle at our disposal that can carry us out of this man-made disaster. The liberals have been seeking our destruction for decades and once the Berlin Wall came down and Hong Kong reverted to the Chinese they set the lethal wheels in motion. The Arab Spring finally jump started the operation.

  10. Nothing you said here was harsh, defending one’s own ethnic interests is normal for most humans. It’s the Western idea of compassion that is an abnormal tumor on the human race, and must be removed before it spreads.

    • It’s not genuine compassion but rather an unbridled hatred against white Europeans and white Americans. The mask of humanitarian concern falls off whenever anybody suggests that we help out poor, elderly and war veterans first

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