“If It’s Not the Crusades, It’s the Cartoons”

Wednesday September 30 will mark the tenth anniversary of the publication of the infamous Mohammed Cartoons by the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Last Saturday the Danish Free Press Society held an event to commemorate the anniversary in Copenhagen, and Mark Steyn was one of the featured speakers.

Mr. Steyn’s speech examined the extent to which Western societies have further surrendered their liberties since the publication of the Motoons. As he says, security concerns have become the new “Shut up” — that is, if someone threatens to blow up your event because of what you plan to say or write or draw, it’s your fault, and constitutes ample grounds to shut the event down.

Watch this excellent speech all the way through to the end — it’s very inspiring:

Hat tip: Fjordman.

9 thoughts on ““If It’s Not the Crusades, It’s the Cartoons”

  1. Excellent speech. And may I say that not only will I draw what I want, I have drawn what I want, as witness the lead art to this story:


    That was my entry to the Muhammad Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas in May, that was attacked by two jihadi vermin from Phoenix, Arizona. Both of the attackers were shot to death with a .45 automatic rather similar to the one I carry — and with which I stand ready to deliver a like response to any such creatures who try conclusions with me. Nemo me impune lacessit.

    • I asked Steen about it, and he says he’s not aware of a transcript, but that doesn’t exclude the possibility that somebody has made one.

  2. Unfortunately living as free people will not be enough. For every 12 of our people killed there should be 100 of them destroyed. Brute force is the ONLY message bullies and psychopaths understand. But we have THREE ENEMIES – Islam, our own cowardly political elites and a resurgent Communist axis of Russia and China!

    • Enemies. islam and our own cowardly, traitorous ‘leaders’, yes, but perhaps you need to think a bit more about Russia and China…

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