Germany’s Official Suicide Note

The video below is an excellent exposition by Ezra Levant on the absurdity and suicidal madness of Germany’s policy towards the massive ongoing incursion of Muslim “refugees” into the European heartland.

You’ll notice that Mr. Levant includes a subtitled video of Angela Merkel, interleaved with his commentary. As it happens, that video was translated by Nash Montana and subtitled by Vlad. It’s gratifying to see our hard work being put to such good use:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

25 thoughts on “Germany’s Official Suicide Note

  1. Why are so many western “leaders” these days so totally worthless? I was visiting family in Germany in 1982 and one of them told me she couldn’t believe that we elected an “actor” as president. When I told her that Reagan had been governor of California for two terms, she laughed and said, “That doesn’t mean anything.” Years later I learned that in Europe, leaders are “made” by attending the right schools and being on the right committees and such. And this, is what you get.

    • The current ‘standard’ of political leaders goes much deeper than that. Nearly all the past and current leaders throughout the West since the end of the Second World War, or shortly thereafter, were handpicked for their future roles. Most of those leaders since the mid 1950s onward have all attended Bilderberg meetings and have affiliations with groups that fall in with those who run the financial houses of the world.

      Once you can understand that nothing takes place by happenstance throughout the West in political and business circles, then you gain one step closer in understanding as to who really runs the world.

      • jollyjamba I agree that Western political leaders are acting in concert. For some time I have noticed they use the same arguments and slogans and implement ‘progressive’ policies in concert. This has led me and many others to research the shadowy organisations behind the EU and UN front organisations: Biderberg, Club of Rome, etc.

        The internet has exposed these ‘Masters of the Universe’ and I am expecting laws to be enacted – in concert, of course – to criminalise any criticism or exposure of current politicians and a closing down of that do so. I believe it has already started.

  2. I’m wondering just how far Merkel is prepared to ‘oust’ herself as Germany’s worst Traitor before her actions are finally seen for what they are and something is done about it?

    • I’m with you Nimrod. Watching from the sidelines as our leaders, media puppets and sheep dig our own cultural and national graves. Utter feeling of helplessness and impotence.

  3. This woman deserves the gallows for her betrayal of the German people. I hope she and other European leaders who betrayed the indigenous people of their countries (whites) [intemperate recommendation redacted] – and that real soon!

    How can anyone not know by now the destructive nature of Islam and its followers? They bring division, violence and animosity wherever they dwell, yet we have foolish and blind dignitaries like Angela Merkel who openly support the colonization of their own countries by the muslim plague. It’s truly maddening. Enoch Powell warned us though, didn’t he?

    The people of Europe (whites) better wake up and realize they have a long and bloody fight ahead of them. This isn’t going to be resolved by a vote or niceties, but by [intemperate descriptions redacted].

    It’s time for whites to fight, and to refuse to do so will only bring about a certain death of a life of servitude to those who follow Islam’s wicked pedophile prophet.

    [intemperate exhortation redacted]!

  4. The woman who asked is Swiss and this was recorded on Merkel’s recent visit to Switzerland. Most of the surrounding countries are rather miffed about having to stem the flood that Merkel has caused. In breach of just about every contract and agreement that has been made in Europe, which can’t be emphasized enough. Now everybody is happily bashing Hungary, which is the only one left sticking to the rules. I am so sick of it.

  5. It’s curious that Mr Obama also said something similar about Christians not getting on their high horse about islam. Are these people being briefed from some central source? Mrs Merkel would appear to need psychiatric help and I’m surprised the normal German people don’t recognise that.

    • Drawing the comparison between Europe’s past religious strife and Islam is facile even on it’s own terms. Europe’s religious religious and political ended when Europeans… simply stopped believing in God/der fürher/Marxism, etc, yielding the obvious rhetorical question: will “Islamic extremism” stop when Muslims, like Europeans, simply stop believing in God?

      Such questions are never asked. That would require joined up thinking. What we see in Merkel isn’t even gnostic delusion, it’s more like senility.

  6. As they have in the past Merkel is doing now – allowing and even encouraging a totalitarian system of governance to gain hold of her fellow Germans.

    If she, like many of her fellow Germans feel the need for penance and self abasement she needs to look at a safer option than giving her nation and its inhabitants over to a group of people whose beliefs are even more intolerant than Nazism ever could be.

    It is the same scenario that led to WW2. Germany was punished after losing WW1, leading to self loathing and Nazism taking over. If she desires peace Merkel needs to take her head out of (sand or something) and wake up to the future she is creating – more of the same that caused WW2.

  7. Merkel’s statements demonstrate an absence of familiarity with the very subjects she accuses her countrymen’s ignorance. As chancellor, she is inflicting and enforcing upon the German population a national/cultural suicide –a mortal sin.

    ….. Merkel: “become a tad more versed in the Bible and maybe be able to just explain a painting in the church, or at least be able to explain what the meaning of Pentecost is.

    Genesis 9:5…. a prohibition against taking one’s own life: “But for your own [life]blood I will require a reckoning.”

    Pentacost– feast celebrating the giving of the Law to Moses at Sinai
    Ten commandments which include “thou shalt not kill”
    (others or oneself unless in self defense)

    Daring to contrast Bible 9:5 to Koran 9:5……..

    koran 9:5…..”Then when the Sacred Months (the 1st, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islamic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikun {unbelievers} wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat {the Islamic ritual prayers}), and give Zakat {alms}, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

    ……Merkel: “I am not suggesting that someone who practices Islam is at fault for that.

    Yes, follower of Islam are at fault for ALL of that and it’s time Merkel get off her own arrogant ‘chancellorship’ high horse and do some real examination of the doctrines she is so perplexed about.

    • She is. Her Islamic propaganda has woken her country up. Hopefully she will be rushed off the stage soon.

  8. Ezra Levant is wrong on one count, about Angela Merkel’s admonition that the questioner (and presumably others who think similarly) go to church and know what the paintings mean. Merkel didn’t have the will to follow the point to its conclusion, as Pope Benedict XVI did repeatedly during his pontificate (to be dismissed by Brussels bureaucrats), that Europe is only Europe when it is Christian. In fact she quickly lost the plot and, being a politician, later genuflected to multiculturalism with her “Islam is a part of Germany” nonsense. But she was on to it, however briefly.

    The root cause of all this pain is that supernature abhors a vacuum. Europe has deliberately cast aside the Church and the Faith, and Islam is rushing in to fill the void because the Europeans believe in nothing but live-for-today while the migrants believe in Islam. Only tourists and Polish or African immigrants ever bother to enter, much less pray and worship in, the churches built by the ancestors of Europeans; native European elites (usually with the help of treasonous clergy) get much more excitement from converting spaces built to honor God into shock-art galleries, migrant shelters, or nightclubs. They won’t know what they’ve lost until it’s gone, because Christianity has such a profound residual influence on the culture that as Christian practice vacates the scene, so will Christian assumptions about morality, law, intellectual inquiry, aesthetics, social customs, and what constitutes good living. (The recent petition to cancel Oktoberfest because it offends Moslems is but a preview of coming attractions.)

    Foolish cardinals of the Church deliberately undermined the efforts of two popes to reawaken faith within Europe, and crowned their efforts by electing a pope whose sympathies (like theirs) are with secular elite causes: battling imaginary global warming, redistributing wealth from those who work to those who don’t, and normalizing sodomy and the abolition of marriage and family. These people apparently care little for halting the loss to God of a whole continent and half a billion souls.

    In thirty years there will be no European bourgeoisie left to epater; Europeans don’t even care enough to reproduce themselves. Stamp out the sense of duty to God and duty to country, and then watch as how no-one cares what is bound to happen to other people’s children.

    • Perfectly stated.
      Your concluding paragraph is the desired outcome of the elite who wish to crush Christendom, in both Europe and America, and whose policies have worked to perfection (redundant, sorry) to achieve that goal.

    • religion is one thing,just wander what people on earth thought before jesus x thousand years earlier and no politics was necessary on earth

  9. When Germany joins the Ummah, Frau Merkel will be arrested as a former Agitprop secretary and therefore atheist. There is no need to describe her predicament afterwards.

  10. The main issue with the diseased progressive mind and its media is that they truly believe the Ummah are people, “just like us.”

    The sad fact is that they aren’t. At best they are a separate subspecies of human. At worst…well, if I wrote that description here, the good Baron would certainly need to redact it!

  11. Now this is interesting: here, Merkel is saying that Europeans in general and Germans in particular have “absolutely no ground to stand on” due to their historical sins. No ground to point out evil people who do evil deeds today (if they are foreign, mind you). But this is yet another example of hypocrisy – why not extend this type of “policy” to all groups of people? Islamic Jihad against the Kafir has been ongoing since the 7th Century; 14 centuries of bloodshed, oppression, and supremacism. Internecine wars between Arabs (such as what we see in Syria today) have always been a feature of the Middle East. Yet somehow, Muslims today represent the meek and humble of the earth, and it is not our place to point out the crimes committed (daily) by Muslims in the name of Allah and his Messenger? Wishing to preserve one’s own culture, religion, and civilization while keeping Islamic terror at bay is haughty arrogance, Ms. Merkel? This intellectually deficient soapbox lecture is reminiscent of Obama when he reminded Christians not to “get on their high horse” by calling out Islamic terror (never forget the Crusades and the Inquisition!).

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