Germany: The New Rape Capital of Europe?

Concerning the current European “migration crisis”, the only public figures making sensible statements are from Central Europe, the former East Bloc. Yesterday we reported on the remarks by the Polish MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke. Today it’s worth noting the words of a Hungarian Bishop, as reported by The Washington Post (hat tip Fjordman):

Hungarian Bishop Says Pope is Wrong About Refugees

BUDAPEST — Pope Francis’s message Sunday couldn’t have been clearer: With hundreds of thousands of refugees flowing into Europe, Catholics across the continent had a moral duty to help by opening their churches, monasteries and homes as sanctuaries.

On Monday, the church’s spiritual leader for southern Hungary — scene of some of the heaviest migrant flows anywhere in Europe — had a message just as clear: His Holiness is wrong.

“They’re not refugees. This is an invasion,” said Bishop Laszlo Kiss-Rigo, whose dominion stretches across the southern reaches of this predominantly Catholic nation. “They come here with cries of ‘Allahu Akbar.’ They want to take over.”

The bishop’s stark language reflects a broader spiritual struggle in Europe over how to respond to a burgeoning flow of predominantly Muslim men, women and children onto a largely Christian continent.

Nash Montana, who was raised in Switzerland and now helps us with German translations, sent an email yesterday with an addendum to Bishop Kiss-Rigó’s words concerning the pope and immigration:

One thing Hungarian Bishop László Kiss-Rigó didn’t mention, of course, is that Germany will become, in my opinion, the new epicenter of European jihad and the Hochburg, the high castle, of rape.

Expect about 800,000 male “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East through the end of 2015. Germany will see a rape epidemic of proportions that have never been witnessed before.

The bishop is completely correct when he calls these refugees invaders. He said, “They come here and they scream ‘Allahu akhbar’. Because they want to conquer.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened Pandora’s box. After the mass ‘immigration’ of Syrians, she now announces a mass immigration of Iraqis into Germany. Germany will therefore undoubtedly become the European center of Islamic jihad.

In just a few years we will see conditions similar to those in Lebanon: war between the Islamic jihad and the German kuffar.

And as far as the African “refugees” are concerned, all we need to do is look to Scandinavia to know what is in store for Germany.

We will see a rape epidemic of unseen proportions that will endanger the lives of women, girls, even the youngest of girls, and boys, and will make their existence a living hell. Do authorities know what is going to come? Of course they do! Why else would they have already started to demand of Bavarian schoolgirls to cover up so as not to provoke their African and Middle Eastern ‘guests’ housed in gymnasiums and refugee centers next to schools and community facilities.

In Sweden and in Norway statistics prove that almost every rape can be accounted to have been perpetrated by an Islamic enriched ‘immigrant’. Sweden, which was once considered as the worlds’ safest country, is now taking second place in the world wide rape statistic. Only in South Africa do men rape more than in this northernmost socialist EU country.

By the end of the year, 800,000 more young men will have arrived in Germany. I am convinced they will find the means to quench their sexual urges, one way or another…

And this afterthought, sent a day later:

I notice the rape epidemic in Germany has already begun.

You know, growing up in Italy and then Switzerland, I remember whenever something outrageous happened, it was all over the news not just in the country where it happened, but in neighboring countries as well.

Rapes, especially the rape of children, spread through the news like wildfire, and within 24 hours every country in Original Europe, pre-EU, would know about it.

We cared about our neighbors. If a 7-year-old girl in Germany was raped, we empathized with the victim and her family. We prayed. We cried. We even wrote letters to the schools of the victims, and we made phone calls.

When I was twelve years old, going to school in Switzerland, there was a young woman who was brutally raped and murdered by her date in Bremen, Germany. The case made European headlines. Our whole class did a project for the young woman’s funeral, and we all wrote letters of condolences to her family. It was the normal thing to do.

Now, unless the perpetrator is a white indigenous male, we don’t even hear about these crimes anymore.

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  1. Europe will be over this year or the next. I said 2023 that Islam takes over but now this will be over in a year or two at the latest. Invasion it most certainly is and our end.

      • Where?

        I don’t see millions of Europeans in the streets and muslims running for their lives—anywhere.

        • There are many brainwashed millions of Maoist Liberal crazies with their little Red Left Book screeching with bloodshot eyes that the white male is the cause of all the problems in the world. ‘Stop generalizing and lying about Islam’ is the whine. All I see in Europe is costumed and bearded Muslims pushing past, through and over the locals who maintain emotionally blank or blind. The west, (all except for perhaps the United States) seems to be well and truly occupied.

      • If this were true, there wouldn’t be a single streetlight in a single European capital that didn’t have some traitorous bureaucrat dangling from it.

        • I imagine in the end it will be something like that eventually. Every patriot
          taking at least one traitor with them.

    • You will fight and you will win. Whence do you, Westerners, get this whole defeatism, huh? Have pride and faith, as true men should do.

    • I wish our D-Day was that soon so we can put an end to this charade that Islam is a religion of peace and force the Lefties to reckon with what they’ve created. Until then, the narrative is controlled by the culturally Marxist media and our feckless politicians.

      Unless Muslims show their true colours to such an extent that the Left cannot pretend otherwise, we’ll be stuck with this oppressive narrative and continue to have our views marginalised. So how can we, other than in typing in comments sections on MSM websites, get our views on to a platform that will be respected and widely published?

  2. I’m not getting that graph either???
    What is the 0 – 25 across the bottom for? It seems to somehow correspond to the 21yr period graphed. Also- the last 5yr increment is disproportionately bigger- or longer. If it were equal to the others- the spike would be steeper- no?

    • I thnk all the graph axis is missing is ” * base 1985 ”
      so the axis represents (year – 1985)

      Such a rereferencing shows rates but does not make it easy to correlate with historic events unless they are also marked on the chart.

      I don’t think there is any distortion though since the data appears to be annual data.

  3. The first thing when someone got raped and it was in the local papers, here or there or anywhere, as soon as possible the perpetrator was publicly identified, and written about.

    This was done as a psychological aid to help people feel assured, I think. It was to help people understand that the perpetrator has been caught. And to actually ‘see’ the perpetrators face or even just name, it helped to assure us that we don’t know him, that we have nothing to do with him, and that our world is ok.

    Now, media will not give us any information if the perpetrator is non-white, non-christian. I guess that tells us everything we need to know.

    It’s the new normal.

  4. “Expect about 800,000 male “refugees” from Africa and the Middle East through the end of 2015. Germany will see a rape epidemic of proportions that have never been witnessed before.”

    Such proportions have happened before – around 70 years ago to this day… although back then, the Red Army troops that were the perpetrators were, more often than not, “Mongols”, “Tatars” or from the “Stans” which made up the rest of the USSR – rather than being from Russia itself. Just like some of the most savage rapists of the SS were from the Dirlewanger brigades sent to put down the Warsaw Rising, and similarly recruited from among Soviet prisoners, coming from the “Stans”. And just like, on the Allied side, rapes were rampant wherever the Moroccan Goumiers, serving with the French forces, set foot. First in Italy, while “liberating” the Italians (hence the film Marocchinate), then in Stuttgart. And probably a lot of other places along the way…

    And nowadays, wherever the followers of the Religion of Peace arrive, in large enough numbers, we see a similar occurrence… will anyone in officialdom join the dots? Although sounds like one Bavarian school already has (and has told its female pupils to “cover up”!):

  5. The fathers of all rape victims ought to send every Muslim male to their virgins in the sky immediately.

    • Muslim behavior is extremely predictable and seemingly Muslims see our dhimmi behavior as very predictable. A win-win for someone?

  6. “The fathers of all rape victims ought to send every Muslim male to their virgins in the sky immediately.”
    How do the fathers do that in a largely disarmed Europe?

    • The only way it can be done. Turn their rules against them. A crime against one German is a crime against all. Gang up on the degenerates. That’s what they do. (same in America, even among non-Muslim “youth”)

    • With your bare hands:

      Unfortunately, these assaults aren’t always one-on-one.
      And for starters, they can enact Texas law.

      “A Saudi preacher accused of raping, torturing and killing his five-year-old daughter, has reportedly been released from custody after agreeing to pay “blood money”.” Sharia accepts that, and it was only half what it would have been had his daughter been his son. “[He] had suspected his daughter had lost her virginity and had tortured her accordingly.” Yes, that’s a 5 YEAR OLD girl!

      He got no real punishment. That’s sharia. Maybe this guy was nuts and this is a big exception. YET, Islamic law doesn’t feel the need to punish him. And that’s what we can expect if we drop our shield of western civilization and give way to the barbarian.

    • Oh common now! Get some guns. Don’t tell anybody you have them. When you finally need them, everyone will be too busy fighting to arrest you.

      • Europe is just another market place. When it opens up everything imaginable will be delivered to everyone everywhere on an as-needed just-in-time basis. State of the art planning, preparation and ice cold execution. Survival of the fittest I imagine.

        • I have to chuckle, generally speaking, at those who think that one day the left will have to “admit” they were wrong or the Islamic problem will get so bad that it will “force the Lefties to reckon with what they’ve created” or that Muslim aggression will be so obvious that the “Left cannot pretend otherwise.” You see, left-wing ideologues have an endless supply of talking points and pseudo-explanations as to why the perpetrators and aggressors are not at fault, why “numbers lie,” and why “the problem at hand” is really the fault of white Christians. Were this not true, the left would have had to long ago explain American black crime and incarceration rates, black violence, black unemployment, black welfare rates, etc. But the left doesn’t explain it or admit any failure – they turn these demerits on their head and use them as Exhibit A of how the subtle, pernicious and invidious discrimination by white people has held the black person back and prevented him from advancing. Black crime and inter-generational welfare dependency is not an indictment against blacks, but evidence of how evil whites are. The left-winger has many deceptive arrows in his argumentative quiver to explain why problems among blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, etc., are really the fault of white people. White privilege is just the latest explanation in a long chain of explanations for the failings of non-whites. The leftist will argue that the Muslim is not the aggressor but that European colonial powers in Muslims lands were the cause of the problem. The leftist will argue “we stole their oil,” and that Europeans are racists, etc. They’ll argue that old canard of the “Crusades” (which, in Islamic lands, was never mentioned negatively until the 1950s because, as Islamic history books stated, Muslims won the Crusades (which is true, they did)). Anyway, the point is, there will NEVER be a day when the leftist admits that their approach is wrong or has backfired. After all, I don’t know of any Communist who doesn’t argue that the only reason communism failed was because “it wasn’t done right.” Even “vast right wing conspiracies” are to blame for liberalism’s failures, but not liberalism itself. As such, you’ll never have an honest dialogue or debate with a liberal, and don’t ever expect a liberal to admit that letting all these migrants into Europe was a mistake. Indeed, the liberal’s hatred for Christianity is so intense, that if Islam can destroy Christianity, the liberal will see no “mistake” in the triumph of Islam and the eradication of Christianity, even if it puts liberals under the yoke of Sharia law. You can take that to the bank.

    • Axes, knives, pitchforks, steel bars, crowbars, e.g., to name just a few, will kill just as well as any firearm, just a bit slower…..

      However, there are who knows how many unregistered firearms in all western countries, or to put it another way, not only criminals have unregistered firearms.

  7. If incidence of rape gets beyond normal variation:
    1. Put anti-androgens in water supply of culturally enriched residences.
    2. Install castration as a routine penalty.
    3. If the female victim is killed use inverted stoning (perpetrator buried head down up to navel) conducted by relatives and friends of victim as a capital punishment.

  8. One more time hopefully Muslim freeloaders will learn that ‘Grass, gas and **s. Nobody rides free’.There will be no trains, boats or planes to help you to escape the Euro quicksand. I imagine.

  9. The Euros are only increasing the stock of US, Russian and Chinese citizenship. Let me stew in their own mess.

  10. Daily proof that neither the god of Jews and Christians nor the the Allah of Muslims exists. It is all happening horribly because, as de Sade wrote, “Nature se permettre”. Just think, these barbarians will trample and burn the vineyards of France. They are animals that have no sense of relaxed coviviality. Their cold monstrous pleasures seem to be only that of [unpleasant and explicit descriptions redacted].
    Refugees are welcome here
    Refugees are welcome here
    Refugees are…

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