Finis Germaniae: The End of Germany

The following essay about the current dénouement of German multicultural madness was published earlier this month at
Michael Mannheimer’s website. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Finis Germaniae: The End of Germany

by Max Erdinger
September 11, 2015

Finis Germaniae

As Giovanni Trapattoni[1] might have said, Germany is finished. In England, Germany is apparently thought to have flipped out, to be a hippie nation, where wishing and wanting are everything and reality is just an annoying detail. Hungarians, Slovaks, Russians and Czechs have their doubts about the mental condition of the Germans.

Quite right. An interview the chancellor gave in Switzerland confirms that. Angela Merkel does not consider fear to be a good adviser. The German, she says, will best confront the fear of the Islamization of Germany by diligently going to church and declaring his faith in Christianity. As if that would prevent a Muslim from doing anything.

In the Bundestag, Katrin Göring-Eckardt chatters happily about the fact that already 30% of all children in Germany have an immigration background, and that is “without even counting the Ossis.”[2] The notorious Oppermann and his colleague, Gabriel, of the SPD are going on about the half million mostly Islamic new citizens the country can absorb annually. Heiko Maas, also SPD, calls for the censoring of undesirable “asylum criticism” in the social networks, as though one of those who has protested against the invasion of Europe by young, vigorous men unaccompanied by women or children or old people — preferably from the Balkans — had spoken out against the right of asylum.

Whether we want to keep or discard the right of asylum no longer plays a role. Anyone who does not see every refugee as a potential asylum seeker is part of the rightist pack. Who may be one of the rightist pack and who may be an upstanding citizen — that is decided by the wackos in politics and their media lackeys. The parties have claimed the state itself as their booty, as noted two decades ago by the legal expert Hans Herbert von Arnim. The Germans are not bothered by that today.

The federal press conference no longer even resembles satirical performance so much as a seminar in situation comedy and grotesque embarrassments of all kinds. The only consolation, at least for the totally hardened, is that the madness of the federal press conference is at least optically very appealing because of the Palestinian Sawsan Chebli, a spokeswoman for the foreign office. But, despite the presence of a Sawsan Chebli, any sexual desire evaporates for the more sensitive viewer, when faced with the assembled “Heap of Fools.” Considering the demographic crisis for the Germans, this is, so to speak, the finishing touch. The whole of Germany is an isolated madhouse, spied on and told on by its big ally, which — in comparison to the refugee invasion — seems like the snows of yesteryear. The NSA has lost its place in the hit parade of headlines. Recent, more recent, most recent — nothing is as old as yesterday’s newspaper.


Germans work for the state. In the year 2015, taxpayer memorial day — that is, the day after which the German taxpayer begins to make money for himself — was postponed until July. In plain language, that means he delivers more than 50% of his income to the state. The state’s total income for 2015 will be in the area of €650 billion. The German bears it without grumbling.

And because he does, there is a further demand from the ranks of those he chooses to consider his representatives for newer tax hikes to support the invasion. The German is being plastered over with ever newer regulations, bans, performance conditions and laws. He puts up with the raising of fines for offenses against nonsense of all sorts with a stoic phlegm and, in moments of alleged clarity, discovers that, in consideration of the existing bans, something is unjustifiably not yet forbidden — and promptly demands another ban. For the sake of equality of all things are forbidden before the Lord.

Largely without complaint, the German accepts his political sex-change by way of gender mainstreaming. And even though this totalitarian re-education program is driven yearly by €1.3 billion of their own money, most Germans have no idea what gender mainstreaming is.

The sovereign citizen — which is what he should be — has made the sovereign decision to continue to be what he has been since time out of mind: an obedient subject. As such, he accepts the fact that his infrastructure is disintegrating, even though he is delivering record sums to the state. But he has an opinion about everything, especially when it has to do with a universally accepted — ergo allowable — opinion. Otherwise, it’s: Anything goes, just don’t get caught — and — Don’t approach your ruler, unless you have been summoned.


In his book, “The German Sickness,” Johannes Willms, former cultural correspondent of the Süddeutsche Zeitung in Paris, conducted an investigation into the roots of the mentality of the German people.

He considers essential the time between the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 and the founding of the German empire under Bismarck in 1870-71 — i.e., the time of origin of the poet and thinker and the expansion of spiritual internality to the general psychological condition. For many generations, Germans were subject to a feeling of powerlessness, facing the many and varied authorities in power in the many small states — and internationally, the great powers France and Great Britain. Thus, perforce, the withdrawal into private felicity.[3]

This attitude was cultivated. The “behind the times” nation was almost necessarily revanchist. In the First World War it went belly up, so the withdrawal into the unpolitical and the private was exemplified in the sentimental “down-home” films of the Fifties, and the concentration on the increase of personal affluence during the years of the Economic Miracle approached a basic attitude, the origin of which lay 300 years in the past.

So that was more or less the mindset which the very political ‘68ers came across, which enabled them to drive their agenda without encountering noteworthy resistance, The German was not particularly interested in the opinions and plans of these “weirdos.” He just didn’t take them seriously.

And that is proving to be fatal today. Dutschke[4] spoke of a “revolutionary revolution” — of a plan for social transformation which had hitherto not been foreseen, because of the length of time of the upcoming transformation. Dutschke estimated not less than thirty years, that is, a full generation. At the time, Günter Gaus interviewed him for hours. If any appreciable number of the apolitical bourgeoisie had taken an interest at that time, general alarms would have sounded. There was no alarm.

Anyone nowadays who focuses on the publications of the Frankfurt School at that time — Horkheimer, Habermas, Marcuse — instantly recognizes our present in them. And recognizes where the reality has diverged from the original plan — and furthermore, why it had to diverge. Compare the call in the social networks by Heiko Maas, SPD, Minister for Justice, for the censorship of “asylum-critical statements” to Marcuse’s call for “repressive tolerance.”

All of the symptoms shown by the German people, described at the outset, are attributable to the circumstance that an inherently unpolitical people has been taken hostage by a very political minority, which is now dictating the totality of its thinking. In his own apolitical complacency, the German absorbs this thinking uncritically, and explains it laconically as the spirit of the times, as progress, as the course of events that cannot be resisted, or — to lend the whole thing an aura of a reasoned, individual opinion — should not be resisted.


In a political sense, Germans are actually non compos mentis — not to make use of the term “insane.” Without even noticing it, they have allowed themselves to be transformed — by a very goal-oriented minority, working toward the goal of the New Human — into an illusion of the new democracy. As Franz Josef Strauss aptly remarked in the election campaign of 1980, concepts were being filled up with different content and then — not without some success — used as ammunition against the existing order. Strauss warned at the time that the battle over language was an essential one for spiritual self-assertion. We can see today how right he was.

The German language has been reshaped and regulated bit by bit in such a way that it is now more difficult to use it for independent thinking than ever before. Discrimination, that is, differentiation, has in common understanding come to be the same as disparagement. Chauvinism,which is actually nothing other than the conviction of belonging to a group that is superior in some respect, has in common understanding come to be a general thought crime, since — according to the accepted doctrine of equality — there can be no superior groups, even if they exist to the tenth power.

The National Socialist became the Right — and so, in speech and thought, as evil incarnate — became the extreme opposite of the consequently “good” Left. That is why Leftists always talk about Nazis and never about National Socialists. On this field, the Socialist disappears in the National Socialist. Absolutes such as justice and freedom are relativized and divided into social justice, sexual justice, racial justice, etc., etc. — or pluralized. But “freedoms” have nothing to do with freedom, because they are permissions, and because permissions presume someone who has the power to grant them. Whoever accepts freedoms as existing consequently accepts a ruler.

Democracy itself was linguistically discarded, by speaking of democratic-more democratic-most democratic, as if “democratic” had gradations. There are hundreds of examples, as Manfred Kleine-Hartlage impressively demonstrates in his splendid book “The Language of the BRD.”

The German — thus intellectually amputated — is simply no longer able to defend himself. Not intellectually — he does not have the concepts. Not morally — he does not have the morality. Not militarily — he does not have the army. That is the condition of the Germans and their land. This completely whacked-out folk can be seen at present in train stations, with stuffed animals, signs with hearts painted on them and, balloons, welcoming those who will handle the last act of this drama. They no longer know what they are doing. They are, in the truest sense of the words, no longer of this world.


1.   Legendary soccer player and coach.
2.   Once again, the incredible, elitist arrogance of the politically corrected, multi-cultured “West” of Germany versus its poor relations in the East is on display — this time revealing the attitude that the Ossis are not really native Germans.
3.   A withdrawal from an impossible situation exemplified during the Nazi era in some German writers who remained behind, instead of fleeing from a developing Nazi regime, and were castigated by Thomas Mann. Called “inner emigration” by Frank Thiess, who countered that some of those who remained behind to live with the situation showed more, rather than less, courage.
4.   “Red Rudi” Dutschke, Marxist sociologist and activist, spokesman for the West German and West Berlin student movements of the 1960s, assassinated in Berlin 1979 at age 39.

14 thoughts on “Finis Germaniae: The End of Germany

  1. It’s all true – I’ve said for some time now that the liberal DNA is weak and will be replaced by a stronger strain. Let them eat halal cake.

  2. “”The Germans had to pay a terrible price for Hitler”, Leo Strauss once said. The quote has come to haunt me in recent weeks. Strauss was not referring to loss of life or destruction of cities suffered by Germans. No, he was subtly referring to the nihilism of our age. What defines our age, with ever greater transparency since WWII, is the eclipse of the political — I mean “the political” as a noun, as philosophers speak of the beautiful, the noble or the good. The main intellectual objective of Strauss’s career (unbeknownst to the overwhelming majority of his acolytes) was to recover the grounds of the political, so that we *know* we have grounds for what we are doing. His objective was to see how to be political without being nihilistic, willful, or fascistic.*

    Moralism — the extreme moral vanity of the Jean-Paul Junkers of the Western world — has almost completely overwhelmed the political. And the Junckers are far closer to fascism than the Nigel Farages whom the Junckers impugn.

    And so, very sadly, we see the lights going down in one of Europe’s great cultures.

    But what really hits home in that quote, combined with recent events, is that Germany died much longer ago- it essentially died in 1933.

    * People may want to compare this to Strauss’s lecture, “On German Nihilism.” I know of no finer discussion of the essence of Nazism and how they came to power, other than his student Harry Neumann’s “Politics or Nothing! Nazism’s Origin in Scientific Contempt for Politics”.

    • Quite shocking now all of this is hitting home. I just can’t fathom how sane Germans, of which there must still be a significant number, are accepting what is happening. Perhaps Germany will set the example in sacrifice of itself, which will give most of Europe a chance to reverse these effects in other countries.

  3. This is not a uniquely German phenomena, it is happening throughout the West and it is, perhaps a uniqueness of German culture that allows them to recognize it and write so cogently about it. What is problematic though is what they(we) can do about it. The last time this happened it cost us all dear.

    There is no doubt that Merkel has put the lid on the coffin of European peace and culture, we must now assume that she remains a Stasie/marxist agent of influence with a death wish for Germany/Europe as it has existed for the last few hundred years.

    When one’s mind is obsessed with ‘utopia’ one’s eyes only see relative to that utopia, thus the huge benefits that Western Civilization has brought to the world become shrouded in mind mist, but the ‘faults’ stand out in day-glow color.

    Thus the small mind believes it must deal with the faults at all costs, not realizing that this will neutralize the benefits and return us all to a state of bestiality. In this sense, Merkel is no different to that socialist politician, the one from Linz in Austria, and indeed, if she is a communist stooge, then she is much worse because of the deception.

    Even in 1945 most Germans did not wake up to their danger, they expected a miracle from their leader even as the Russians were crossing the Oder. He, the leader, left them to carry the can; the rape of Berlin, the starvation years, the DEF/DEPs.

    We can all expect no less this time either, all the time we continue to vote for useful idiots (or don’t vote at all) we deserve exactly what we get.

    • I like your analysis, enlightening. I wish I could see it as clearly as you do to explain to others, but somewhere the haze I become confused with all the double speak.

  4. Sehr gut!
    The language manipulation is obvious in France as well. A few days ago, in an hour-plus long interview broadcasted on national television (France 2), a former member of the government from the French right (Sarkozy’s Les Républicains, formerly know as UMP), blurted the words “race blanche”, while paraphrasing De Gaulle. On a purely intellectual level, her quote was inaccurate and a bit awkward. Nothing to be blamed of. But she’s just been removed from her being the head of a list of candidates for the regional elections that are going to take place in December.
    In France, one ought to pronounce the word “race” using a great deal of caution. Some “intellectuals” and politicians are even talking about terminating that word for good by eliminating it from the preamble of our constitution. And yet, our universal human rights and republic were conceived by the same men that penned the word race on the document that encapsulates it. One part of those ideas is sacred; the rest is evil. Go figure. Well, two centuries of socializing fermentation have actually brewed our peoples into a subpar race, I guess, because we may be the only ones not to be equipped to survive the Deluge that we sent upon ourselves. I mean, as a cultural body.

  5. It’s like all of us in the West are being dragged onto the stage where this psychotic play is being performed. And it is almost impossible to leave the theater. And, as the pressure mounts on each of us to leave our seats and ascend the stairs leading to the stage, an ominous fear comes over us that maybe we are doomed to forever be separated from our real world.

  6. “The German, thus intellectually amputated…..”
    What a summing up, devastatingly, frighteningly correct!

    Years ago a friend asked me which European people I thought would be the first to rebel against the invasion; I replied: “The Germans”.
    Despite this brilliant article, I still believe it’s possible.

  7. Very well written–so well, that it cannot be understood and is therefore a symptom of the problem. Aren’t we smart?

    My family pretty much was annihilated by the Germans in Auschwitz–what were they thinking? My Grandfather, decorated with the Iron Cross, just couldn’t believe that these civilized people that he fought with could do what they did. He didn’t survive the triage on the platform.

    The problem remains that there is NO spiritual center or value in Germany. What is the difference between a secular ‘left’ and a secular ‘right’. These are people with no G-d. There is no moral imperative whatsoever. My Mother described how they were when they entered Kosice (Slavakia): “They marched like Martians”. Zoombies. No feeling.

    Yet, at home, my daughter sings Schubert Lieder, and I play Beethoven’s Eroica in a symphony orchestra. What a culture. The depth. The beauty. My beloved Goethe…I get it, and I don’t even live their. Why don’t they?

    Somehow, the instinct to be anti-Jewish remains. You can get 10,000 on the street in Europe to protest Israel. They have been asking the Jews to sacrifice their state to the Muslims for decades. Now they are demonstrating that they are consistent in their worldview and sacrificing theirs. Somehow, these new immigrants will not be Goethe lovers, eh?

    Tomorrow, when they wake up to their plight, they will blame us once again.

  8. Well, as usual — I feel dumb reading all this. There is something that I am missing but I do not know what it is. PC will kill us all, is my usual conclusion. If we fail to think logically and follow (and connect) the dots, we are going to go down. I don’t want to go down.

    So. . . how to think logically. In theory I can do it because I have a computer science and math degree — but that doesn’t come to my aid. The muslims are on the march, Angela Merkel is still a communist, and doesn’t care about Germany but seemingly does care about destroying it. And the West has failed to contain the Muslim hordes in their own area of the world. We might start there and deport them back to their countries of origin. Our feckless president is not going to touch this with a 6-foot spoon although he might make useless speeches.

    Everyone has a country of origin, right? So maybe that’s the place to start, but where will we find more Victor Orbans who actually have the “manly equipment” to do the job? That is the Million-dollar question.

    aiee, my brain hurts.

  9. Yes, as I wrote in another post here recently, Germany has become effectively defenseless against this immigration-invasion, though some awareness and resistance is building, but too little and too slow. By the time it gains enough strength to amount to anything it will be too late, millions of “New Germans” will have been accepted and fast-tracked for “integration”, with the result that, as Merkel said, “It will change our politics radically and shift the emphasis once more”. That’s why there needs to maximum external pressure on this rotten regime and sheepish people, all concerned actors and powers have to speak in the strongest possible terms against this suicidal madness that will tip the balance in Europe towards Islam forever, just as it is achieving new heights of militancy and destructive capacity, and fatally weaken the entire West in the process. Anyone that thinks that this doesn’t matter that much is utterly deluded, this is the most critical moment in the history and fate of the West and world since the initial explosion of Islamic conquest in the wake of Muhammad.

  10. Steve, you are probably right.

    However, most problems can be solved with intelligent (and very clear) thinking. But do we have it? Our prez doesn’t seem to have much to say, he’s more interested in gun control because a nutcase killed people in Oregon. History shows that nutcases surface and have done so throughout history. He should be more interested in Europa and the Muslims because. . . it will affect us here. But all he has said is he’ll be bringing in 200,000 (if that’s the right number) of “refugees” to America. Gee, thanks. Where will he put them?

    As the saying goes: people who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  11. My heart is heavy and full of fear for all of Europe. I cannot imagine the horror of the German people as their beautiful towns are overrun with men of different nationalities that are to be feared.and very dangerous..Germany and all of Europe is under attack right now and they seem to be oblivious that a real army is in place and ready to destroy their lives…when people are desperate they will resort to murder and will take whatever they want including homes, food, cars and the women of Europe. I believe that there are many ISIS hiding in plain site in huge numbers. When they decide to takeover these towns there will be nothing to stop them….that will be the beginning of the end as Europe falls into WWIII. If the European people do not start demanding these people be sent back they will soon be overrun and civil war will begin..after that its going to be war all over Europe. Send these people somewhere in their own countries and help them rebuild but get them out of Europe. This is a threat to the entire civilized world. If I lived in Germany I would be moving out immediately. Merkel is INSANE. Worried for you from the US

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