Don’t Like the Food? Here, Have Some Money!

In the following video you’ll see the reaction of an ungrateful culture-enricher to the high sugar content of the fruit drink that was given to him in his foot parcel.

The Bavarian government has responded to complaints about the food by giving the refugees a cash allowance in lieu of food packages. As of the new year, each asylum seeker will receive €140 per month.

When do you think these petulant migrants will start to complain that “no one can live on a paltry €140 per month”? January 2nd, maybe?

Germany is expecting a million refugees to arrive on its soil this year. If the Bavarian policy were to be applied to the entire country, that would mean 140 × 12 × 1,000,000 = €1,680,000,000 per year. That’s $1.87 billion annually, just for the new arrivals, and just for food.

Manfred Schmidt, the head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, recently stated that there is no limit to the number of refugees that Germany can take in. What kind of calculation did he make that allowed him to arrive at that conclusion? Does the Bundesbank have a secret vault of gold bars it can tap into? Is Germany going to crank up the printing presses and flood the Eurozone with brand new banknotes clutched in the fists of importunate culture-enrichers?

This will not end well…

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   JUICE WITH 15 % SUGAR! So complains this “Syrian” (?) asylum seeker
0:04   about the content of the food parcels.
0:08   That’s all over now. Again and again, all over the country,
0:12   asylum seekers had complained about content and freshness of the food parcels.
0:16   Starting in January, Lower Bavaria is the first state that will
0:20   hand out cash instead. Government president: For us
0:24   the main reason was that we can no longer afford the necessary staff
0:28   to assemble the food parcels.
0:32   these are individual parcels, so that to provide each asylum seeker with exactly
0:36   what he ordered on the list, we need ten full-time workers,
0:40   and those I can use more meaningfully. At the moment
0:44   the government evaluates the exact conversion in consultation with the relevant Social Services
0:48   in the different states. Around €140
0:52   will be handed to the asylum seekers every month starting in the new year.
0:56   Then they can buy the food of their choice.
1:01   The main complaint from the asylum seekers was always the same: The food parcels
1:05   were not matched with their respective cultural food preferences. (Halal?)
1:09   For us it was not the complaints.
1:13   We know of course that some asylum seekers, but even more so some
1:17   aid organisations, have always complained about the food parcels.
1:21   These complaints were not justified,
1:25   but if they wish, and it is also in our interest,
1:29   then we do it and change the method.
1:33   If it is really easier for the asylum seekers to
1:37   find the food and spices they want,
1:41   we will see; however, we have
1:45   done what refugee aid organisations have wanted for years.
1:49   But the government president still refutes the critique
1:53   about the food parcels. Well, we have assembled
1:57   these food parcels very carefully.
2:01   They came from reputable companies.
2:05   We always checked; we have also investigated every complaint.
2:09   Of course, it may have happened in the rare case that
2:14   he did not get his exact order, but that was the exception.
2:18   In principle this was an absolutely reliable, respectful, and reasonable
2:22   kind of food delivery, but as I said,
2:26   we cannot afford the staff any longer in view of the high number of asylum seekers,
2:30   and since most asylum seekers (if not all)
2:34   prefer cash, we will do it
2:38   with cash. Freedom and responsibility for the food
2:42   will belong to the asylum seekers from January,
2:46   at least for those in Lower Bavaria. €140/month for adequate victuals.
2:50   And then, hopefully, the food will no longer be thrown into the waste bins
2:54   because the sugar content is too high.

27 thoughts on “Don’t Like the Food? Here, Have Some Money!

  1. CSPI: Islamic Supremacy Begins With Immigration (2 minute Bill Warner video)

    It’s called the hijrah.

    ALL ISLAMIC IMMIGRATION has a hidden political agenda. We see this in the very calendar that Islam uses. The Islamic calendar does not begin with the revelation of the qur’an, nor the birth of Mohammad. Instead, the Islamic calendar begins when Mohammad migrated from Mecca to Medina.

    Why pick this date out? Because it was the beginning of the success of Islam. It marked the beginning of political Islam.

    Mohammad preached the religion Islam for thirteen years in Mecca and persuaded only 150 Arabs to become Muslims. However, when he left Mecca and went to Medina, he ‘migrated’ from one to the other, he became a politician and jihadist and, ten years later, when he died, EVERY Arab was a Muslim. That is to say, migration began the process of becoming political. And with politics and jihad, came success to Islam.

    Every Muslim is commanded in ninety-one verses in the qur’an to emulate Mohammad in everything that he said and everything that he did. So this means that the Muslim is to imitate Mohammad and therefore, when he enters into a new host country, a political process begins.

    This political process starts with, “Well, we’re Muslims and our religion means that we need to have special rooms for prayer, have special food, halal, whatever. Their demands that our clothing be different.”

    Islam begins the process of pulling away from the host country, and saying, We must be different because we are Muslims.”

    You need to know that every Muslim is not an individual, but actually is part of an Ummah, a larger body; the community of Islam. Within this community there are leaders who are the activists. Every member of the Ummah is commanded to obey his leaders. This makes Islam a very powerful political block.

    Islam starts immigration, it starts a political process and Islamizing the host country. This is what makes it very different from any other form of immigration.

    • Essential to understanding islam

      “You need to know that every Muslim is not an individual, but actually is part of an Ummah, a larger body; the community of Islam.

      This is essential to understanding the fundamental difference between our civilisation and islam’s system of society. Our civilization is based on each individual’s value and efforts to contributing to the benefit of the whole society.

      The hordes that, as we speak, are invading Europe’s – formerly rich and succesful – states, are based on the sharia teachings of muslims’ sharia rights – AKA “human rights” – to reap the fruits of our carefully cultivated trees.

      The European individual will have to watch as his hard earned money is going to the ummah, and NOT to himself and his family. This is the EVIL socialist Redistribution of Wealth, where the Europeans works and the muslims reaps the fruits, AKA jizya.

      History repeats itself as we watch. Syria once was a Christian land, 1 400 years ago. Then came islam…

      Europe once was Christian. Then comes islam…!!!

      • Edit

        This is the EVIL socialist Redistribution of Wealth, where the Europeans work and the muslims reap the fruits, AKA jizya.

  2. Merkel has just lit the fuse for the drstruction of thr E.U. and the genocide of the German people .
    Gotterdamerung 1945 has become Gotterdamerung 2015 ,is this woman sane Hitler may have sacrificed many millions lives to protect his own regime but he did not ally himdrlf with the inavders.

  3. So the savages are to receive 140 euros a month; and are the Germans really naïve enough to believe that will appease their conquerors? The money will be gone very quickly, in a few days, and the muslims will DEMAND more–and get it!

    Twenty years ago in Oslo, Norway, a large crowd of Bosnian muslims (ostensibly starving and traumatized) was treated to a banquet in a leading hotel. They promptly threw food, cups and plates on to the floor, (hell of a mess) ‘not halal!’

    They could have just said politely “no thanks, not halal”, but that’s not the way of the savage. A mob of starving baboons would be more appreciative. But then none of the so-called “refugees’ appear to be starving; quite the opposite.

    Is there anyone in the world as mindlessly naïve and criminally stupid as a western leftist? They never learn, and it’s killing us.

  4. “Manfred Schmidt, the head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, recently stated that there is no limit to the number of refugees that Germany can take in.” What kind of calculation did he make that allowed him to arrive at that conclusion?” That’s the question. It reminds me of the one I’ve asked my ‘Conservative’ MP (UK) over and over again… what cost-benefit analysis did you employ in arriving at your conclusion that, “…taking everything into consideration, Britain has benefited from immigration.” And over and over again, he refused to reply.

    • That is because he can’t mate. His “benefitted” statement is just a soundbite which most politicians now spout when challenged. If I recall one of the major think tanks came to the conclusion that immigration had landed us witha major cost when everything is taken into account.

  5. Shocking. And that was not a Syrian invader (I can’t call them migrants or refugees anymore) but an African one. Such entitlement! My grandparents were refugees in France during WWI, they would not have dreamt of refusing any food which was still fresh. In any case, since when are fruit or fruit juice not halal? And the casual way with which he throws it away. Why did he not just give it back, I am sure some German family would have liked it.
    I hope I am wrong but this is going to end in a disaster. The European people will turn against these invaders with their arrogant attitudes. I hope that wherever elections are held in the near future, people will vote the current political leaders into unemployment.

    • Sadly, I predict that the voters will vote for the same parties as before.

      They simply will not use the ballot as an instrument of change. So long as the government provides them with their benefits, they will support that government, no matter what other insanities it engages in.

      I have the same hope you do but the majority of Europeans are immovable in their determination to be destroyed.

      • I have given this scenario much thought Colonel, and you are probably right in your assessment. But, there will come a time when the ‘benefits’ run out and law and order ceases to be effective to the point of collapse.

        Whether those two scenarios will occur simultaneously or one precede the other, is anyone’s guess.

        As that time arrives though, which in MHO does not seem to be too far away, civil unrest between those who should not be in European countries and the native populations will explode to the point of possibly turning into one great war on the European continent.

        I just hope that when that happens that those who have assisted in bringing this problem about are brought to justice and severely dealt with upon conviction for Treason.

      • Syrian passports are being sold illegally. They are Afghans, or Africans. As long as the muslim invaders can spell the magic word ‘SYRIAN’ the European door will open!

  6. Let me see if I understand this. You Muslims are starving and in danger in your own country, so you invade Europe, crying poor us and then you throw away the food that you are given?

    This sounds like insanity to me. You want halal food? Go back to Syria or whatever hell-hole you came from.

    Of course, Merkel, like the good dhimmi that she is, will comply one way or another. It staggers the imagination.

  7. I wonder if those who enable the coming trouble have considered where it is that they will hide out once the turmoil begins because when the mass of those who elect these traitors finally realize the enormity of the problem their representatives have created – without the voters permission and while denigrating and persecuting those who can see what is happening and who out of concern choose to protest – their names will be remembered for the very undermining of the countries in a cultural genocide that they have willingly and knowingly participated in while aiding and abetting our natural enemy.

    • Hi Nemesis,

      Always enjoy your comments, thanks.

      I myself wonder in stunned astonishment that those currently holding the levers of power actually feel that what they are doing is going to end with us all being in the bright, sunlit uplands?

      Truly fascinating.

  8. If they don’t like the food given them, let them go hungry, the ungrateful wretches! Better still, tell them to LEAVE and go back to the hell-hole they came from!

  9. By the way, before anyone is melting in pity for the poor, hard-done by “refugeeees” and the paltry 140 Euros per month: that is for food only: they also get everything else, accommodation, medical treatment, toothpaste etc. etc. compliments of Germany’s enslaved Milk-Cows, euphemistically referred to as Taxpayers.

      • That’s been Islam’s position all along. For their entire existence they have depended on slaves, and now we see it happening before our eyes—and STILL the brain-dead leftists refuse to believe it!

        I have nothing against leftist dhimmis being slaves to muslims as long as they leave us conservatives out of the picture.
        Typo–‘conservatives?’ That should be ‘far right extreme radical nutcases’.

    • In the UK it is £35 a week =about 50 euros. Supposed to be for some food , toiletries, clothing. In practice many of them get free clothes from charities along with free food parcels from charities. No doubt those are more acceptable than government provided ones. Having said that our own benefit claimants have the nerve to complain about the free food parcels donated by taxpayers.
      The money more likely goes on mobile phone credits, fags and booze.

  10. A few weeks before this immigration crisis became fashionable in the news I was staying in a hotel in between Manchester and Liverpool. It was a shock to see around ten Somali looking people hanging around the car park when I arrived.

    The following day a coach with more had arrived. There must have been around forty Somali / North East Africans hanging around the hotel; full board. I found out they were “immigrants”. All males, healthy looking.

    As usual the information we are being fed by the media is plain wrong and most likely contrived to distract the general population. Those “immigrants” heading on masse for Europe are not Syrian refugees but parasitic freeloaders from anywhere close enough to Europe that they can get here.

    It won’t be long now before either our Police or Armed Forces turn against our establishment politicians acceptance of this invasion. It would only take one reasonably high ranking member of either.

    The No1 requirement of our government is the security of our national integrity. We do not have national integrity when our own British population is being usurped and replaced with “immigrants” and their culture. Financial well being is secondary to this as lacking the first is very likely to cause a civil war, not just in Britain either, but Pan-European.

  11. Let me say this. I am a catholic and there was a time when we were not supposed to eat meat on Friday. But as most catholics I am not really practising and with a stressful job I am happy if I find any time to have lunch, and have no time to think about whether I eat right according to my religion.
    My conviction is the following. Religion is not about what food your eat, what music your listen to, what clothes you wear. It’s about how you treat yourself and others. As long as there are people in the world who are starving it is extremely trivial to be picky about food just because it is pork or not halal or kasher. A lot of these prescriptions have their source in habits and practices of centuries ago and are no longer relevant in the modern world of today. The fact of being so uptight about them reflects a very rigid attitude about life and religion.

  12. Personal sacrifices

    When are we going to see the first daughters and sons of politicians being sacrificed on the altar of multicult? Will they even care, if their daughter is being raped, or their son is killed by the invading hordes, as long as the politicians themselves can benefit by getting protected obeying to the islamic forces?

  13. Looks like the muslim hordes are creating their caliphate through Europe. No one said they needed a gun to do so, just call it “killing you softly”.

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