Czechs and Slovaks: No More “About Us, Without Us”!

The strongest resistance to the European Union’s recent mandatory migrant quotas comes from five Central European nations, former members of the “East Bloc” that overthrew totalitarian Communist rule.

Five countries originally stood up to Brussels: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Romania. Poland recently succumbed to the multiculti zeitgeist, and switched its position to support the migrant quotas. The other four countries continue to resist; Slovakia is taking the strongest stance, refusing to accept the EU-imposed quotas.

Czechs and Slovaks have a saying that dates back to their betrayal at Munich by the Western allies in 1938: “About us, without us”. It refers to decisions made about the two countries without their consent and without consultation, and has a resonance with them that is roughly equivalent to that of “Never again!” for the Jews.

The following report from Czech Independent TV was broadcast several days ago. The “defenestration” mentioned in this clip is a reference to the Defenestrations of Prague, the most famous of which involved Catholic noblemen being thrown out the window of the Bohemian Chancellery by Protestants in 1618. An earlier defenestration, the murder of city councilmen by Hussites, occurred in 1419. The death of Jan Masaryk in 1948 is commonly known as the “third defenestration of Prague”, although the Communist government claimed that he had committed suicide by jumping out a window.

Many thanks to Xanthippa for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:10   CN TV
00:13   Czech Independent TV
00:24   I welcome viewers of Czech Independent TV. Today, finally, we reach Friday.
00:31   So we have arrived at a somewhat longer weekend ahead of us, and the news of today’s events
00:36   for the 25th of September, 2015 is just about to start. Welcome!
00:41   Sign: ‘Events around us’
00:49   Slovakia will press charges at the European Council, protesting
00:54   the decision to redistribute migrants on the basis of quotas.
01:01   “We shall not respect the quotas,” stated Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico at the heart-felt and exceptional EU conference.
01:05   The Czechs are not planning a similar step, though the quotas do not appeal to them either.
01:11   They wish to continue to escalate pressure, though the ruling is, according to the Prime Minister, binding.
01:20   Sign: ‘Gathered from elsewhere’
01:24   Speaking in Slovak: English newspapers brought the shocking information that out of 5 migrants, 4 are economic ones.
01:34   Just one out of 5 is from Syria. I personally think that it is necessary to help
01:38   all those escaping from Syria, There is a major conflict there, there is a war.
01:42   Only they need to be helped. But, that is – that is, out of 5,
01:48   there is 1 out of 5 that is Syrian, and that we could justly and easily manage.
01:55   But what is happening here now is as if it had been planned!
01:59   They will first deprive us of all our regions, they will then strip us of all our absolute rights, the rights to make decisions.
02:05   Now, it is being seen in decision-making, they will out-vote us, they will deprive us totally and completely and absolutely of our rights.
02:11   And we will be powerless regarding our own nation, our own functionality, of our living and being in our Slovak nation.
02:18   Regarding our own territory, we will be unable to make decisions in Bratislava,
02:21   such as about governance…
02:28   Precisely, we will not be able to make decisions for ourselves. That is what matters to me.
02:32   Now, they also have to suppress ‘nationality’. How do you suppress nationality? Very simply:
02:38   [strong language] usher in multitudes, millions of other cultures, mix it up,
02:43   mix us all about, and you find out your neighbour is a Pakistani, an Afghan, or whatever.
02:49   Our culture will quickly depart;
02:53   it will be mixed up into one gray, non-homogeneous, strange material.
02:57   It will be the end of one law for all.
02:59   This totally seems to me like the prelude to some New World Order.
03:04   Just, it is just a catastrophe!
03:06   Only now did I grasp why it is that we so very much need all those Muslims.
03:12   Now I see it.
03:16   That was the opinion of one citizen, as I have found him on Facebook.
03:21   And now, another point of view, which was posted on
03:25   The atmosphere in the Czech Republic thickens. The culprit is primarily the EU-mandated migrant quota.
03:32   While Slovakia is bringing a case against the EU, the Czech Republic tucked in its tail and submitted.
03:38   The citizens of the Czech Republic do not like this,
03:41   and they are beginning tough negotiations.
03:43   Tomio Okamura and his movement Freedom and Direct Democracy, SPD, started a petition
03:49   for a referendum to leave the EU, which has already been signed by 53,000 citizens.
03:55   It asks the Parliament of the Czech Republic to adopt a binding referendum law permitting the citizens
03:58   of the Czech Republic to decide, through referendum, the Czech Republic’s exit from membership in the EU.
04:01   The wording of the referendum is as follows: “Government of the Czech Republic,
04:05   please support the Slovaks in their attempt to preserve their national independence.
04:10   Attempt to unify into The Group of Four and persist in such a position as to ensure that the governance of this region
04:18   remains in the hands of the indigenous peoples.”
04:21   The singer and competitor Daniel Alanda also openly called on the Government.
04:25   Also, the Part of Free Citizens is not being left behind, and is calling for a giant
04:28   demonstration that thousands of people are planning to attend.
04:32   It will take place on the 28th of September from 14:00 hours at Jungman’s Square in Prague.
04:36   “This is a dictate from the EU. We must not have quotas imposed on us.
04:42   The government must bring a complaint to the European Court to vacate this decision
04:46   If, despite this, the EU insists on quotas, another solution is for our country
04:50   to exit the EU,” Peter Mach, MEP and Director of the Party explains
04:53   the purpose and significance of this gathering.
04:56   The people also are losing their patience, and they are, en masse,
04:59   threatening their elected representatives, mostly through Facebook.
05:02   They are getting tired of the Czech [colourful expression for] cowardly mentality without a shred of pride.
05:07   “Submitting to the order made ‘about us without us’ is here.
05:11   This has already happened once before, that is, it has been done to us before.
05:15   It had started with Sudetenland. So, where will this lead to today?”
05:18   Complains Frajdrejch (?) on the profile (Facebook page) of Representative Sobotka.
05:22   Threats are also being made, as in ‘defenestration’…
05:26   “This is the year 2015 and the people are pissed off. Perhaps there will be the next defenestration,
05:30   which always occurs in years ending with ‘18’.
05:34   Perhaps the justice of the people is coming, because a year ending in ‘18’ is approaching.
05:39   You have betrayed the Czech Republic. Between Munich in 1938
05:43   and Brussels 2015, there is no difference.
05:46   One dictated is just as the other is dictated. This is not democracy.
06:49   You fear a referendum, don’t you? The ‘Divine Mill’ (of justice) grinds slowly, but unstoppably.
05:53   And our beer-loving nation also knows how to stop yakking over a pint and take to the streets!”
05:59   Wrote Mr. Nugat to Rep. Sobotka.
06:05   Robert Fico maintained that this was a bad decision which will uncommonly alter the future of the EU.
06:13   While the President of European Council, Donald Tusk,
06:16   along with the President of European Commission, [Jean-Claude] Juncker, following the summit, maintained
06:21   that the extraordinary summit held to solve the migrant crisis was held in an excellent atmosphere
06:26   and in the spirit of good cooperation. The reality, according to observers,
06:32   is in fact different. Judge for yourselves how the
06:36   Western politicians treated their Eastern counterparts, who were there representing sovereign states.
06:42   According to Swedish sources, German Chancellor Merkel laid in to Hungarian
06:46   Prime Minister Orbán, perhaps because, in accordance with international
06:50   treaties, as the lone European State, he is protecting the external border of Schengen.
06:54   French President Hollande took exception to the Slovak Prime Minister and to the AP agency:
07:01   “Those who do not share our values, those who do not wish to respect these principles,
07:06   have to start asking themselves questions about their place in the EU.”
07:10   His words are clearly addressed to all four Eastern European countries
07:14   that rejected the migrant quotas.
07:17   The head of the Social Democrats Party in the EU Parliament, [Gianni] Pittella,
07:22   even prior to the summit proposed suspending the membership of the SMD Party
07:26   of Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico from the European Socialist Party.
07:31   The position of Mr. Robert Fico is that mass immigration of Muslim settlers,
07:36   who will start building mosques, will not be suffered,
07:40   nor will be opinions that limit freedom of speech in Europe.
07:44   The opinion that Slovakia was created for Slovaks, not for minorities,
07:47   causes problems in the whole progressive family
07:50   who seem to consider their family to be multicultural Western Europe.
07:55   At the start of the summit, Chancellor Merkel addressed herself primarily to Germans:
07:59   “Germany, forgive me,” and she admitted that even she, personally,
08:02   underestimated the dramatic situation in the refugee camps in Turkey and other countries
08:07   bordering Syria.
08:10   Before midnight, however, Merkel was no longer so level-headed
08:14   and said, at the summit: “I don’t care if I am at fault for the migrant crisis.
08:18   They are now here!”

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  1. Good on the Czechs and Slovaks for not backing down – and truly ashamed of the Polish government’s stance in all this. Hopefully next month, another government will replace it – which realises that Poland’s true friends are in Central Europe, not in Brussels or Berlin.

  2. The dissolution of national identity is one of the main goals of the bureaucratic elites in Brussels. The resistance we’re seeing from ethnically-distinct sovereign people, such as the Slovaks, is the very reason they must be subsumed into the “collective.” Any allegiance other than to the state must be eliminated in order to transform the EU from a supranational entity into a superstate ruled by (and for) the technocrats, the self-anointed Philosopher Kings. The indigenous population doesn’t benefit from this mass wave of Third Worlders, but rather will have to deal the deluge and manage with the damage of this onslaught; the elites will be well-protected in their walled-off enclaves of privilege, safe from the frothing of their policies.

    • I think the Americans also have a say in what the Poles given our military presence there and our supplying their military with American weapons and training.

      It’s not to say the Poles can’t say no, they just have to find some leaders who aren’t total wimps looking for payolla.

  3. On a good note, the Saudis had to pull in 700 BILLION DOLLARS from foreign banks and investments due to the “LOW” price of oil.

    Just to cover their playboy prince’s FILTY antics all over the world, I bet.

    tee-hee chuckle!

    • Oops… it was 70 billion dollars.. that extra 0 went unnoticed till after I posted the remark. SORRY.

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