Czechs and Slovaks Against Refugees and Merkel

The member states of the European Union that are behind the former Iron Curtain are mounting the strongest resistance against the push to accept refugees, which is being led by Germany. They may eventually face EU fines for their stubbornness, and may even be willing to exit Schengen and/or the EU to avoid having to take their share of migrants. The big question is: could their economies withstand the damage in the event of such an outcome?

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from Die Welt:

Tough Stance: Czechs and Slovaks Against Refugees and Merkel

Czechia is scaring refugees off with brutal deportation camps. The Prime minister of Slovakia considers the acceptance of immigrants a “crazy idea.” Their goal: stop distribution quotas.

by Hans-Jörg Schmidt in Prague

During the night between Monday and Tuesday, thousands of refugees traveled unhindered from Budapest, through Vienna to Germany. 200 others chose the wrong route. They wanted to go to Germany by way of Slovakia and Czechia. But it ended in the Slovak-Czech border train station Breclav. Units of the Czech police were already waiting for the trains, and took the immigrants off, including 61 children.

They put handcuffs on some of them and shipped them to gyms nearby, Later, they went from these to refugee- or deportation camps. “All we did was uphold our laws and the Dublin Treaty, independently of whatever other countries are doing,” was how the government defended their approach.

The follow-up procedure: If an asylum seeker can be directed to another EU country, he is sent there. The others are interned in deportation camps behind high walls topped by razor wire. They have to surrender all their worldly goods and cell phones and have to pay for the food they receive.

Practically No One Applies for Asylum in Czechia

After about four weeks they are shown the next train station on the way to Germany, and it is determined whether they have money for the ticket. The idea is to get rid of these people as fast as possible. And, as they depart, it would be best if they used their re-possessed cell phones to warn their relatives at home not to set foot on Czech soil. Next to no one who has gone through this kind of camp seeks asylum in Czechia.

The hard line of those in power is supported by the population. 81% of Czechs are strictly against acceptance of refugees. That is tops in the EU. This disinclination is stoked by many politicians. Former president, Vaclav Klaus said online: “If Europe wants to commit suicide by accepting an unlimited number of immigrants, then it should do that. But without our agreement.” Immigration, he says, is “not a human right.” So long as the EU does not say that, he says, the situation becomes ever more dangerous.

The present president, Milos Zeman, compared the flow of refugees to a tsunami. The people, according to him, are largely economic refugees, who should be immediately deported. The Muslim immigrants are especially dangerous, because there are terrorists among them. Czechia did not “invite” these people. And, facing the immigrants themselves, he added, bluntly and harshly: “If you do not want to adhere to the rules we have, then go away.”

Hardened Fronts Before the Summit Meeting

The rhetoric in neighboring Slovakia is similar: “We will not be a part of this crazy idea, accepting everyone with open arms,” protests Prime Minister Robert Fico, reacting against expostulations from the West that Eastern Europe is not showing solidarity. Others are responsible for this misery. Slovakia did not participate with military detachments in the homelands of these people, and therefore did not unleash the streams of refugees.

So his country has no responsibility for the people from there. And, Fico says, the immigrants cannot really be offered a homeland. “There are no mosques here; people would hardly be comfortable with that.” Slovakia, he says, has not even successfully integrated its resident Roma.

The Czechs and Slovaks also intend to strengthen this tough attitude on Friday in Prague at a summit meeting of the leaders of the so-called Visegrád Group, which will also include the prime ministers of Poland and Hungary. They categorically reject quotas for the distribution of refugees, such as the EU is demanding. “My attitude has not changed and will not change,” said Czech chief executive Bohuslav Sobotka.

This is increasingly criticized in the country’s media. Peter Honzejk, commentator of “Hospodafske noviny,” told Die Welt that Czechia and Slovakia could show solidarity and should take more refugees. “Czechia has put aside all of 200 million Kroner (7.5 million euros) toward a solidarity solution to the crisis. That is a ludicrous sum.”

Comments from Austria to the effect that EU funds to the fractious Eastern Europeans should be cut are “stupid and counterproductive.” “They are just spurring on the Czechs who are interested in the destruction of the EU.” His colleague from “Mlada front Dnes,” Lubos Palata, fears that Czechia and Slovakia will bowl themselves out of core Europe and contribute to “Schengen at least being suspended.” For both countries, which are closely tied economically to Germany and Western Europe, this would be “clearly more expensive than the acceptance of refugees.”

Photo: Czech policewoman marks a refugee. 200 immigrants, mostly Syrians, were taken off trains in Breclav.

Photo: Two children at the train station in Breclav.

Photo: Anti-Islam protest in Prague in January. Nowhere in the EU is the rejection of fugitives greater than in Czechia.

36 thoughts on “Czechs and Slovaks Against Refugees and Merkel

  1. Re the Austrian economic fear-mongering in the last paragraph: The single reason the former Eastern bloc stands firm against the multi-culti lie of the EU is that they ARE the former Eastern bloc and know full well what it means to be controlled by totalitarians; their radar is finely tuned — and they know what it is to live in economic deprivation, and are all the stronger and more unified as a people because of it. I dare say, going out on a limb here, that they are also more religious; I know Poland is largely Catholic, at least.

    I’m thrilled to hear the Czechs get it about the EU and want its “destruction.”

    I only wish the Austrians were not so confused, shall we say. They had it easier after WW2, and prosperity misdirects the people’s hearts to earthly pleasures at the expense of eternal ones. In contrast, suffering, as in the Eastern bloc, tends to properly orient the heart to things of lasting value.

    • Any “economic pain” they may feel now will be preferable to the cultural suicide mass muslim migration will cause.
      These countries remember the last “muslim migration”.
      Germany has yet to feel it, but soon will.

  2. Good on you Czechs and Slovaks.
    Keep at it as the EU and other main players look to pressure in so many ways.

    Make a rousing song, which all of you can sing, in the 1000’s that will unite you and give the message of what all these protests are about. This will bring a powerful commonality to not only your country, but other supportive countries and other groups where there is much debate. It will help you to keep on guard against the EU agenda, and that strong will and resistance will make it much more difficult for the EU to pressure (blackmail) you.
    After all it can just be freely spontaneously flashed (sung) at a sports event, showing a glimpse of your fortitude….. It just cannot be censored or policed and retribution is difficult.

    It will also allow your politicians always wanting numbers for votes, know which way their support is, and they know you will keep them on the straight and narrow

    A beacon for Europe. Learn more about Islam the koran hadiths and sira and the history of islamic invasion just south of your country and the flow on effects. This time they are a bit more closer and still carrying that ideology.

  3. As a Czech-born male I must say: consistent with what we Czechs has stood for, centuries on end. Not surprising, perhaps some innate xenophobia plays certain role as well. I am slightly surprised by the non-compromised stance of the Czech police; although there are leftist abound in various “civil rights” NG groups singing the same tune with Frau Merkel. Defeatism and surrendering to the invasion are definitely not so prevalent as in other European governments, Bruxelles being the primary and shameful example …

    • Merkel’s demand that all EU countries take a quota is a red herring, once the invaders get the paperwork they are free to move inside the EU, guess where they are going to end up, they are well informed they know where the better benefits are to be found and it is not southern or eastern EU countries. Merkel has been a pure disaster for Germany and hence Europe, she blinked and believed German could accept 800000 3rd world people with no consequences . This is not the first time she fumbled, after the Japanese tsunami brought nuclear power safety to the worlds attention at the stroke 0f a pen she cancelled Germany’s future nuclear energy programme. So not only has she left her country with future energy shortages but a million more people using up the countries resources, great leader-not.

  4. Meanwhile in Poland, the government is there just to implement Brussels’ orders (while pretending to show some “resistance”), while wailing on about Poland “needing to accept migrants”, and bringing up the image of Aylan Kurdi, as if that’s the “killer blow” in any discussions. After next month’s elections, hopefully, that will all change…

  5. After living in Slovakia I cannot see the people accepting Muslim refugees. They have to decide whether to live life economically in the past ……skint but fed and a nation, or, future…..temporary wealth followed by national disintergration.

  6. The EU-countries who oppose the illegal mass immigration rock. And I am sure that they are willing to pay the price if the EU decides to punish them. These guys have lived under communism so they are resilient.

    • The number of states resisting Merkel and the EU will continue to grow. Eventually they’ll realize the EU and Merkel have no real means of bullying them. All they have to do to really hurt both is leave the EU and watch Merkel have a heart attack.

  7. The current migrant/refugee crisis was accurately predicted in ‘Britain’s Great Immigration Disaster’ (available Amazon) as were the consequences for Europe.

  8. “Czechia”. That’s a perfect name for the Czecho- part of the country formerly known as Czechoslovakia. I hope “Czechia” takes hold in English. Czechia is one of those countries whose people don’t have a proper name, in their own language, for their own country, but foreigners do. The Czech name for the country is “Česká republika”, but this designation, like its English version “Czech Republic”, is not the name of a country, but of a form of government.

    Another example is Japan. In non-Japanese languages, the name of this country is perfectly unambiguous: “Japan”. But in Japanese itself, the name of the country is indeterminate; it can be called either “Nihon” or “Nippon”.

    “The United States of America” likewise is not a proper country-name, as “YooEssAy” would be. “America” serves the purpose, but is geographically more encompassing than “USA”.

    Changing the subject, in the last paragraph of this article, I was puzzled by the verb in “that Czechia and Slovakia will bowl themselves out of core Europe”. A look at the original text (“dass sich [themselves] Tschechen und Slowaken [Czechs and Slovaks] selbst [on their own] aus Kerneuropa ‘rauskegeln'”) confirms that this is not a reference to soup bowls or cricket, but to tenpins. But I still can’t figure out what this metaphor means.

    • Mark, being a first generation Australian of Czech parents I think what they mean with the word “bowl” is that they are willing to exit the EU so that they preserve their ethnicity. They have fought the muslim scourge before and they are willing to fight again. I am proud of them.

    • and what about ‘Česko’? The region of Bohemia (western part of the country) is called ‘Čechy’. Not a Czech here, but I think you might be wrong, although I definitely agree on the usage of Czechia – it sounds nice.

  9. The Czechs and Slovaks should not succumb to EU bullying. Don’t waste a minute on the financial aspects of it. States that accept open-ended illegal immigration flows are putting in place decades of terrorist subversion. The cost of dealing with decades of terrorism will far outstrip any savings by not being penalized by the EU now. Moreover they’re also putting in place the means of their own eventual destruction. They’ll be looking at an existential crisis as the Islamic rioting pandemic takes hold. Don’t succumb. Don’t let the vile EU bamboozle you into ‘solidarity’ with their suicide.

    • Part of the plan.

      Incite chaos and suspend everybody’s freedom to protect everybody from everybody.

      Those movies where the future is a massive slum with a cop on every corner sporting full body armour and an assault rifle? Dead on the money.

  10. Long live the Czech Republic, a great nation and a marvelous people!
    They are the true modern day Europeans, as they love their country and respect their values, and will not surrender to the barbarian at the gate.

    I am currently revisiting their beautiful Capital, and my heart is full of love and admiration to their great achievements!

    • I agree, long live the Czech Republic — a great people and a great nation. I just returned from living in CZ for three months. I worry, however, about certain bad signs there: I was horrified by the graffiti in Old and New Towns of Prague. It’s everywhere, covering many great and beautiful baroque and medieval buildings. This was not the case twenty years ago. This may seem a superficial complaint, but I take it as a sign of a certain sickness in a society. Moreover, their birth replacement rate is extremely low…

  11. Mark, I am sure that StraightShooter’s interpretation is correct. I was not familiar with this use of “kegeln” but the image I get is of the old game (nine-pins?) as it was played outside, on the green, when a powerfully bowled ball smashes through the set of pins and keeps right on, rolling away.

  12. I used to resent East Europeans for denying to others what they have profited from so richly themselves–open borders. But I’m beginning to change my mind. The peoples of the west are lazy cowards and brainwashed idiots; why blame Poles for exploiting their weakness? Meanwhile, the Czech republic is a pretty decent place to live in. Let’s face it, if it keeps this defiance up, refugee westerners will eventually begin to flow in, escaping from their useless and treacherous governments. I’d do it if I had the means.

    • Hej– will it reach the point that others will consider the situation as you do, and then decide they can’t afford not to move there? Or at least attempt to do so. Imagine a brain drain towards Eastern Europe! Stalin will rage from the depths of whatever Hell to which he’s been assigned. And the laughter of History will echo through the cosmos…

      …the mills of God grind slowly, etc.

      • I see my Polish compatriots in various cities (and also CZ/SL/HU) doing pretty neat job of actually getting off their derriere out in the open, in their thousands and be heard. After 10 years of paying taxes in UK we touched up on moving to Slovakia. Interestingly enough she came up with curious indicator of when to move out (apart from anti-white racism, dhimmitude, enemedia etc.), still thinking about it: when cheap flights become less cheap and less frequent. Hmm, armed conflict that top banksters hope for (since funding Napoleon) would mean more oil consumption and would drive fuel costs up. Btw can anyone recommend reliable source (a book?) on current macroeconomy of Europe that doesn’t demonise the Jews?

    • And the profits are:
      1) ageing country
      2) crumbling pension system
      3) demoralization

      Besides, ‘open’ borders’ weren’t – as far as I know at least – an agreement made between us and the whole wide world … Nobody would mind letting in a million of Westerners that much. Wanna come, then get in. Actually, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, very un-PC libertarian MEP, already cracks jokes that we all should welcome with open arms … White refugees from Western Europe, the inflow of which will turn our country into Switzerland :D.

  13. Individual Eastern Europeans may have profited from open borders – their nations didn’t… millions of people left, with the money spent educating them counting for nothing. And now – Eastern Europeans face sky-high fees for building, medical care etc, with wages (almost) as bad as they were before… meanwhile, Western companies profit from the abundant cheap labour coming over… bad deal for the West? I think not!

  14. Wow, what a no brainer. Economic hardship or the extinction of your nation, your people, your way of life.

  15. It could help the cause of those against immigration if they studied the koran and found the quotes in there that are mean spirited exaggerations and publicly proclaimed these exaggerations. These statements in the koran are opinions that could get a person fired from their job in western cultures if you publicly supported these comments. One such statement in the koran says not to complain when polytheists kill their own offspring, that Allah agrees with the practice. Other comments say the Jews are the greediest people on earth and that most Jews are treacherous and there are only a few good ones. This is just a small sample of the exaggeration problem in the koran. I can’t blame anyone for being upset over the immigration to their country of people who aren’t offended by these comments in the koran.

  16. Hmmmm…

    Russia is there for ethnic Russians in the Ukraine after the US destabilized their democratically elected govt.

    Russia is backing Syria. The US has provided weapons to ISIS.

    Russia is backing Egypt. The US backs the Muslim brotherhood.

    Qaddafi played nice with the US and we overthrew his govt and he ended up with his head on a pike.

    The US turned Iraq into a hellhole.

    If the EU craps on the Czechs and Slovaks the Russians will be willing to play nice. Yeah the Russians were the most recent occupiers but the Russians left willingly and both they and the Russians were massacred by the Germans.

    Is the US trying to piss off every country in the world?

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