Convert to Islam… Or Else!

The following news report is very interesting, but not because of the incident it describes. The stickers that appeared on those cars in Quebec may have been left there by “radicals”, or they may be a false flag operation by someone who wants Islam to get the blame — who can tell?

Vlad Tepes originally uploaded a slightly different copy of this video. After I watched it, I pointed out to him that the sticker featured in the story included a Muslim Brotherhood logo. Vlad then created a revised version highlighting that fact.

The presence of the Ikhwan logo prompts some interesting conclusion. First, we’ll watch the news video:

You heard the TV reporter say, “The Muslim community doesn’t discount that this could be the work of an extreme radical…” He doesn’t mention which organizations made such a statement, but one must presume they included CAIR-CAN, ICNA, ISNA, or some other Muslim Brotherhood affiliate.

By saying that “extremists” may indeed have distributed those stickers, they admit by implication that the Muslim Brotherhood is in fact an extremist organization.

That was probably not their intention…

Another interesting fact is that the only Muslim quoted for the report was Haroun Bouazzi, the president of the Association of Muslims and Arabs for a Secular Quebec. As it happens, Mr. Bouazzi is on record in support of Bill 59, which would effectively empower the Quebec Human Rights Commission to implement UN Resolution 16/18, allowing it to enforce sharia rules against Islamic blasphemy.

From the Counterjihad Report:

Ironically, [Marc] Lebuis says, supporters justify the bill by suggesting it will protect democracy against terrorism. They reason that “terrorism is a reaction towards people who criticize their religion,” he explains, “so by banning the criticism of Islam, we would end terrorism.” Such arguments have been made both by Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard and by Muslim groups such as the Association of Muslims and Arabs for a Secular Quebec (AMAL). “Hate and Islamophobia drive certain people in groups subject to discrimination toward another form of extremism and violence,” said AMAL President Haroun Bouazzi in a recent presentation to the National Assembly during a debate over the bill. [bolding added]

There’s more than meets the eye in news stories such as this one. I’ll leave it up to our readers to draw additional conclusions about these fascinating tidbits of information from Quebec.

5 thoughts on “Convert to Islam… Or Else!

  1. Well I guess it doesn’t really matter who put those stickers on those vehicles because the message is Truth itself. I also picked up in that video police actually have a back up charge (back up charge being a charge to bolster any charges of vandalism not able to be proven) of ‘promoting propaganda’.

    I find that charge to be unrealistic as propaganda is open to all kinds of interpretation, but if the police persist in laying charges on the perp/s who distributed those stickers, then why are they not laying the same charge against their government who have openly brought this kind of problem into their country?

  2. False Flag? Were those stickers left by someone so that islam would get the blame? And for goodness sake who will expect islam to be blamed for anything, any crime, any violation? Who will dare? All western democracies are sacrificing themselves and their women for islam.

    From the trend in the western world and the muslim narrative adopted by the islam-preoccupied west, I can swear by all Pirates (Pi b on h) that the boldness of muslims has reached this level in the abjectly cowardly west. They are already behaving as if the occupation and invasion of the west is complete.

    No kings or governments have acted thus since eternity colluding with their deadly enemy except in the Post logic, Post Reason Crappy west.

    Merkel of Germany said that it must accept half a million muslim invaders for the next 100 years or it will be extinct. How did Germany survive when it was 8, 4, 2, million people. One can sense from Traitor’s puerile babble that they are bent on destroying what is left of these blessed democracies and we cannot stop them.

    Garibaldi reincarnate.

  3. “This is a pretty multicultural community so I really don’t understand why this is happening” – Priceless!

  4. “it will protect democracy against terrorism”

    Yea, and sharia law will protect dhimmis from Muslim terrorists. And Jim Crow laws and moving to the back of the bus will protect Rosa Parks from running afoul of racists.

    That’s exactly how these Muslim spokespeople should be regarded: as racists claiming that Jim Crow laws will “protect” minorities.

    “Convert, submit, or be killed”:
    These are the choices they give.
    When you convert you join the gang:
    Leave, and they won’t let you live.

    When you submit you become second class,
    With a tax that you’re forced to pay.
    Refusal to pay or refusal to join
    Will simply condemn you to death that day.

    Islam’s Mission:
    Inflict Sharia Law on All Mankind – I.S.L.A.M.

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