Camp of the Saints, German Style

The following two videos are state propaganda designed to buttress the ideological underpinnings of mass immigration into Europe, and suppress any criticism of or opposition to it. They represent the carrot-and-stick approach — one dangles a carrot, and the other brandishes a stick.

The first clip is a carrot. Watch all these wonderful refugees arriving in Munich. None is ugly or abusive. Nobody is caught picking someone’s pocket or beating his wife. No burkas or Salafist beards are in evidence.

And the good burghers of Munich are so genial and kind to the “New Germans” who arrive at the station! So eager to help. So ready to welcome and aid the invading hordes that are flooding in to supplant them in their homeland…

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The second video wields a big stick against racists, xenophobes, neo-Nazis, and any other “haters” who demonstrate their opposition to the population replacement project that is now proceeding apace. German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivers a stern lecture to Germany and the rest of Europe, with a little help from her diminutive sidekick, French President François Hollande. Both leaders want to make sure that their fellow Eloi citizens continue to welcome the Morlocks refugees into their collective home.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Transcript video 1:

0:03   They arrive every hour here at Munich’s main train station. Many have
0:07   lost everything and have no idea what the future holds ready for them,
0:11   but after what they’ve all experienced, it doesn’t seem to bother many.
0:19   ”I am hoping that I can continue to study here and then find a job.
0:23   There’s nothing left in Syria, but here I will have a chance.”
0:31   the number of refugees arriving in Munich is a
0:34   test of endurance.
0:36   The train station is full; there is no more room left,
0:39   so the police blocked off the front courtyard of the station for the refugees,
0:42   but within a short time it too was helplessly crowded.
0:47   This is where people can get first aid for injuries or sickness, and for the
0:51   many who are severely weakened by thirst and exhaustion, everything is purely makeshift, but the police are absolutely satisfied.
0:57   Together with the fire department, the police
1:00   take care of drinking water and better nutrition, and we are also looking to organize
1:05   further transportation, so yeah, things are going okay.
1:08   Many Munich citizens also show commitment and have spontaneously created a
1:12   citizens’ initiative to organize and delegate help.
1:17   We want to hang in there until the government says they’ll take over,
1:21   and even then we still want to help until the situation has normalized,
1:25   until humane conditions are established.
1:28   From the train station the refugees eventually get dispersed all over Bavaria,
1:33   so that for the first time they will have a roof over their heads,
1:36   and so that they can make room for all the future refugees that are still expected.

Transcript video 2:

00:04   Regarding the first subject:
00:08   having seen shocking pictures from Heidenau in Saxony,
00:12   I wish to repeat again that I condemn
00:16   the violent riots there
00:20   in the strongest terms. The atmosphere there
00:24   was aggressive and xenophobic: completely unacceptable. It is
00:28   repulsive the way right-wing extremists and neo-Nazis try to spread
00:32   stupid messages of hatred. But it is equally
00:36   shameful to see citizens and even families with children
00:40   support these things by walking alongside.
00:44   Therefore I can only repeat that Germany
00:48   is a country that respects the dignity of every human being.
00:52   This is in our constitution and applies to everyone
00:56   residing in our country.
01:01   Today we have an extraordinary
01:05   situation. But a situation which will last
01:09   as long as the conflicts that we know of are not resolved. So
01:13   rather than wait and manage these situations
01:17   from day to day, we must organise ourselves
01:21   and reinforce our politics, and that is what Germany and France are proposing.
01:29   We will be back later.
01:33   [Translator’s note: back after a little private hanky panky?]

23 thoughts on “Camp of the Saints, German Style

  1. Europe is now in the process of self-destructing itself. Let’s watch and see what happens next.

    If the Muslims actually do integrate that will be fine. However I doubt it very much. Wherever they go, they do want to dominate — it is their religion. If only people will wake up, but why should they, right? Apres moi, le deluge.

  2. A lot of genuine suffering as an artifice for demographic redistribution.

    Muslim life is cheap. If millions die, but the Vatican becomes a mosque, then they are martyrs. Allah has provided fertile wombs for this purpose.

    The trick is to find people foolish enough to fall for it.

    What we’re seeing is the perfect confidence scam: the mark actually believes he’s calling the decisions.

    • It seems so obvious. Yet apparently not. The sly lying old Muslim coward with the insincere smarmy cheapness. It’s incredible to see the massive dhimmi catering business especially in England and France. As if half the population were spying for the Nazis during WW2. Strange bizarre times indeed?

  3. What’s with the Germans? Two world wars centered in Germany and now the suicide of Europe centered where? Yeah,Germany.

  4. Iran achieves two victories at one go! – Drive the hated Sunnis out of Iran’s proxy territory (Syria) and dump them on the West to further stuff up and weaken their enemy – us.

    The answer would be to drone the Ayatollah and wipe the smug sneer off his face and pack all the refugees off to Saudi Arabia and Qatar!

    • You may enjoy comedian Dennis Miller’s solution. He said we should drop the big Portobello on them. And as another comedian, Andrew Klaven, pointed out about half of the population would be better off. The half he was referring to was female, but children, gays, etc. would be better off if we did it than they currently are.

  5. I find this all so very, very infuriating. The attitude with which Merkel stands there, the Matron of the Castle… I want to punch her in the face. I just really, really do…

    Baron you mentioned the Morlocks. You said, “that their fellow Eloi citizens continue to welcome the Morlocks refugees into their collective home.” You might as well add, “so that the Morlocks are then free to eat their host later on.”

    I weep for Europe. It is done. Every single day we see these videos now. Even the ones’ that don’t try to be propaganda-ish, are propaganda.

    I’ve watched a four part documentary about the plight of these poor huddled refugees in one refugee home in a small town in Germany. The conditions under which they live in these Asylheimen, and the tent cities, are not good. It is also very hard for these people to find work IF n’ when they WANT to work, because a lot of the smaller towns the good Deutsche Bürger really rather hires a trustworthy german to work for them. Gee wonder why.

    Yes some of them try really hard. And yes, there are young women who may have been nurses in Eritrea or Somalia and now they are forced to live in shame among a bunch of over sexed muslims in the same refugee homes, who harass them to no end, when all they want is to live in dignity again and work again.

    Watching all of this, one thing that is so prevalent and that hardly nobody even talks about anymore, is that the biggest losers in all of this are the women. Increasingly, all we see are clips that show a bunch of angry muslim males. The women don’t matter. They don’t even matter to Germany. They don’t matter to Europe at all.

    If these arrogant sons of you know what really wanted to help the refugees and not just bring them in to implode their own countries from the inside out so they can instate their global world order, they would help the women. First they would let women live in homes that keep the filthy muslim males out at the gates. Then they would help these women find jobs. They would help these women build confidence, and teach them how to read and write and how to say NO, and how to become a person of dignity and worth.

    I am angry now. I better quit.

    • Of course, one feels pity for Europe. But Europe has done a lot to create this problem for itself. Let us remember Kosovo. Back in 1999, all western Europe was on the side of (Muslim) Albanians who were presented by the media and politicians as innocent victims of horrible subhuman Serbs.

      Today, Europe is becoming one big Kosovo with migrants cast in the part of Albanians and Europeans – in the part of Serbs. In the 19th century, Serbs were the majority in Kosovo, today they are just a few per cent of its population, surviving only under armed guard, their property taken away from them.

      That what expects indigenous Europeans in a generation or two. Let us pray that Arabs and Africans will be less cruel to them than Albanians are to Serbs.

      • Yes. Kosovo. How easily we believed the Muslim liars and murdered and bombed our old allies the Serbs. It was disgusting to watch. Blair and half-a-man Bush destroyed a former aly and secular state that had smashed the Iranians on the battlefield. whst goes around…….

      • One cannot feel sorry for the man in the European street however remember these words from Genesis: “I will bless thee (the Jews ) and curse those that curse thee.” It is pretty clear that the Europeans, especially the left have done of lot of cursing of the Jews and of Israel.

        I’m just point it all – let those who have ears hear.

        • What Europeans (and White people in general) can expect from the “counterjihad”, exhibit #132332.

    • You want to help the women and scuttle the men.

      Women are just as supportive of Islam as males. They are the ones pushing their sons to become suicide bombers and the ones mutilating their daughters.

      The regions and peoples will have to fend for themselves. It is not the duty of the West to rescue deserving Muslims and bring them in. Any and all immigration should be for the benefit of the host country. Do we need nurses and do the nurses from Eritrea meet the standards? Fine. But, if we don’t need nurses, in addition to the nurses who are already citizens, we don’t let them in, regardless of how deserving they are.

    • I proposed something like this a month or so ago for Germany; send the women to a secluded site and assess their talents and ability to learn. Hammer them with German language. After 6 mos. or so, place them in appropriate jobs or, send them back to their environs if they don’t want to participate.
      I was met with the idea of Nazi camps which, quite honestly, I had not considered.

  6. HERE IS THE THIRD and missing VIDEO:

    TV4-NEWS-SWEDEN has tonight run a BBC feature about a 19 year old girl from Syria, Nour Ammar. Or is she from Turkey?
    See the feature

    If Swedish link works not – here the whole BBC story with map etc:

    TV4-NEWS leaves out an important detail. Something that is not done in the article at the BBC.

    “Nour and her mother, Islam, fled Deir al-Zour in Syria three years ago. Her father, who stayed behind, was killed shortly afterwards. She and her mother eventually moved to exile in Turkey.

    For two years in Istanbul, she enjoyed a comfortable life. Nour found work in a hair transplant salon, and later with Turkish state TV. She learnt Turkish, went horse-riding and dyed her hair blonde for the summer.

    But she wanted to start a new life away from the region. She aimed to make it to the Swedish city of Gothenburg where her brother lives with his young family. There, she would apply for political asylum.”

    Anyone with a bit of insight understand why TV4 omitted this information. Nour Ammar is not a refugee. She had a comfortable life in Turkey with a good job and horse riding.

    She has, in other words. NO grounds for asylum! However, the Almighty Demented Swedish Migration Board will most likely give her as ALL other syriams asylum and let the Swedish taxpayer pay for her (them) for the rest of her (their) life(s), if
    she (they) so chos/es(e).

    Sweden is TOP GOOD & ditto STUPID on the planet.

    • To be honest, Ms Ammar doesn’t seem like the typical potential Isis-type who might cause trouble! And I imagine she may end up being the glamorous presenter for some Swedish TV channel, rather than content herself with sponging off welfare alongside her bearded compatriots…

      Still – not exactly a “refugee”, I agree!


      A woman and her son were murdered by a refugee in a Swedish IKEA store last month. Rumor says the woman got her head cut off. It’s the latest in an immigrant crime wave that’s seen that nation’s rape rate increase 1400 percent.

      Ezra Levant of is joined by Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist to talk about the situation. She calls her country “Absurdistan,” saying it all started in 1975 when the Swedish parliament secretly mandated multiculturalism.

      “Sweden wants to be the humanitarian superpower of the world,” Carlqvist says. But now ordinary Swedes — if not the major parties or the media — perhaps…are…”waking up.”

    • Don’t worry – they would have some beautiful texts ready for her, about “peace”, “tolerance” and “coexistence”, and explain how there are no fanatics attending that mosque…

      Perhaps though, she has already heard these texts, and hence is now eager to welcome every single “Syrian” arriving in her jurisdiction!

  7. Let forgot every thing and let think as human who care about other human,
    Most of you trying to find hid or her accuses to make his case and start filamentary comments here in regards to religion.

    “We will tell our children that Syrian migrants fled their country to come to Europe when Mecca and Muslim lands were closer to them”,

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel according to the BBC
    These people they are under the war and killing for the last 4 years, did any one of you asked himself/herself why this massive flux of people turned in few weeks to Europe or Germany?
    Who is behind all this case? Who are benefits form this refugees smuggling? Where is western collation fighting Syrian regime or fighting ISIS there for last four years?

    Now the proof is there, it’s the civilians they suffering and humiliated, those with or against the regime nothing happen to them.

    Here I would like to bring your attentions all; Syria’s civil war has been a humanitarian and political tragedy for that country. … Sunni-Shiite regional power struggle between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, The Islamic Republic of Iran and other gulf states who starting this Syrian regime war? Who paid billions of dollars to western powers to fight the regime?
    Many Arabs and Muslims see Qatar continued support of Islamic radical groups across the Middle East, including Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip. Also The Islamic Republic of Iran has helped Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Hezbollah by exporting the technology that it has for the production of missiles and other equipment,” Revolutionary Guard Air Force commander Brig. Gen. Amir Ali Hajizadeh was quoted recently.
    Regime Change lead by Qatar & How Qatar seized control of the Syrian revolution

    Wher all those wealty gulf stste from this sufferings

    Under Hamad bin Jassim’s tenure as chief executive, the QIA accumulated assets of $100 billion, investing surpluses from Qatar’s vast oil and gas wealth in ventures. The QIA bought big stakes in companies such as German automakers Volkswagen and Porsche, Anglo-Swiss mining giant Xstrata,and French football team Paris Saint-Germain. The fund also made large investments in former colonial power Britain, acquiring stakes in Harrods, the London StockExchange, and the Shard, the tallest building in the EU.

    (Pdf Link)

    The Qatar News Agency quoted Hamad bin Jassim saying as stating explosively that “what is happening in Syria is not a civil war but a genocide, a war of extermination with a license to kill by the Syrian government and the international community.”43 Yet, as responsibility for Syria devolved to the United Nations and its special envoys, Qatar, along with SaudiArabia and Kuwait, increasingly began to identify and “pick winners” among the myriad rebel groups operating in Syria. In Qatar’s case, these forces were aligned closely with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood, which caused mounting tensions with Saudi Arabia.

    Who is killing civilians an innocents people, who responsible doing a genocide, a war of extermination with a license to kill?
    For the Saudi Arabia you can also find the devil driven by petro-dollar for terrorists all around the world. That

    The Prince’s contribution marks a $32 billion pledge to help build a “better world of tolerance, acceptance, equality and opportunity for all,” Alwaleed said in a statement on his website and to reporters in an announcement in Riyadh.

    where he is from these flux of humans? Where his humanity and where his billions why not showering them to help these in need?

    As western countries and people you should stand and call those Gulf regimes and The Islamic Republic of Iran to take their share of this human tragedy, they created and they should hold account for their consequences and their billions wasting for it doing a genocide, a war of extermination with a license to kill.

  8. From some WW2 literature, many jews left Germany and other Eu countries as they foresaw Nazis gaining strength. Years in advance. I wonder if such trend is at inception now as well.

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