Another Day, Another Brawl in the Asylum Center

The following news report provides an overview of the problems at “refugee” reception centers in German (some of the source footage has been posted here previously).

Note the solution: separate the inmates based on their religion. After all, the trouble starts with Muslims vs. non-Muslims. Or Sunnis vs. Shi’ites. Or Sunnis vs. Ahmadis, or Sunnis vs. Ismailis. Or maybe it’s because of Lutherans vs. Calvinists.

Whatever happened to the idea of “integration”?

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   In the canteen of the tent city Kassel-Calden the situation escalates.
00:04   Hundreds of ‘refugees’ attack each other with tear gas and sticks.
00:08   Fifty police arrive.
00:12   Three of them will get hurt. (Police Speaker) “On one side
00:16   about 700 ‘refugees’ and on the other side 300 ‘refugees’
00:20   who had already had fights during the day.”
00:24   Twenty different nations are accommodated in Calden,
00:28   a large potential for violence. Religious conflicts were the cause for the brawls in
00:32   August. The interventions in refugee camps multiply.
00:36   The police force is at its absolute limits. (Deputy of Police Union)
00:40   ”When there are 4,000 people are in a camp which has only 750 places
00:44   then this overcrowding leads to aggressions where even small things like
00:48   going to the bathroom cause violence.” To avoid further
00:52   violence, the Police Union demands separate accommodations
00:56   according to religions. So far this has happened only in Thüringen.
01:00   It is an illusion to believe that these people do not bring
01:04   their conflicts, their mentality, their ideologies,
01:08   their religions into our country. Whoever believes that
01:12   they cross the border and then suddenly obey our laws
01:16   is very much mistaken. The tide of ‘refugees’
01:20   does not let up, and the question where and how to accommodate the ‘refugees’ is becoming increasingly urgent.
01:24   Special times call for special measures, and so the police are
01:28   considering, in view of the tense situation, calling already retired
01:32   officers back into active service.

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  1. In some Christian teaching this kind of behavior is called a mortal sin. When it becomes habitual there are very negative outcomes. A nation living in its head will not be accessing the wise government departments needed to survive now and in the future. When they do it will be in retrospect “Coulda woulda shoulda if only”. No borders? Ha ha. Pass the bottle.

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