Angela Merkel Lectures Germans About Being Good Christians

The following video shows German Chancellor Angela Merkel responding to citizens during a Q&A session. Nash Montana, who translated the clip, has this to say about it:

“Angela Merkel Tells the Truth About Islamization Through Refugees and Islam”

This is the title of the video, suggesting that Merkel really stuck it to the person asking her the question about what Merkel is going to do to keep German culture safe and protect it. The title more aptly should be ‘Merkel accuses Germans of not being good Christians and it’s their fault that the country is being Islamized.’ I find her whole speech infuriating.”

I’m disgusted by it, too, for that and other reasons. The Chancellor’s cynicism and — dare I say it? — chutzpah are astonishing, given the relationship between the German state and the Church over the past century and a half.

When Otto von Bismarck became chancellor of the new German Empire in 1871, his policy remit now extended to numerous formerly independent German states. Some of those states, for example Bavaria, were largely Catholic. Bismarck considered the Catholic Church and the Vatican to be a rival source of power, and rightly so. As a result, throughout the 1870s the German government under the leadership of Chancellor Bismarck waged a Kulturkampf, or culture struggle, against the Catholic Church. The goal was to reduce the influence of Rome, marginalize the Church, and weaken the Christian religion.

The effort to cleanse the German state of Christianity did not end with the accession of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the retirement of Bismarck in 1890. The process continued and intensified between 1933 and 1945 under Chancellor Adolf Hitler, who detested Christianity and hoped eventually to eradicate it from public life.

During the rebuilding of Europe after the war, Germany, like other European countries, followed the progressive “social democrat” model, which insisted that religion be relegated to the sidelines. People who held sincere religious beliefs —in those halcyon days almost entirely Christians — were ridiculed for their atavistic superstitions. Political parties such as the Christian Democrats (Chancellor Merkel’s party) became Christian in name only. For the past sixty years or so, Christianity in the public sphere has been at best vestigial.

We Americans have a relevant saying that applies to Angela Merkel’s cynical complaint about her fellow citizens’ ignorance of Christianity: “Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.”

Frau Merkel: Your compatriots are ignorant about Christianity because you and your predecessors deliberately fostered and enforced such ignorance.

That woman has a nerve!

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Madame Chancellor, thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak.
00:06   A minute ago you were mentioning the responsibility we all have,
00:10   in terms of how we should all deal with all this refugee chaos.
00:13   But one of our responsibilities is also to protect our own citizens in Europe,
00:19   and I am speaking especially about refugees from Syria and similar countries from where now
00:24   even more people with an Islamic background come into our country.
00:29   And I believe what the gentleman addressed earlier is legitimate, that there is a great fear
00:35   here in Europe because Islamization seems to proceed and grow stronger.
00:42   So I am asking you, how do you want to protect Europe, and in that regard,
00:46   how do you propose to protect our own culture from this?
00:50   Uh… I think, first and foremost, that Islamism and Islamic terror are unfortunately
00:57   a phenomenon operating predominantly in Syria and Libya and in Northern Iraq,
01:04   and to which, unfortunately, the European Union has contributed a myriad of fighters as well.
01:10   And therefore we can’t just sit here and say this is a phenomenon that has nothing to do with us,
01:15   because those are people, sometimes very young people, who grew up
01:19   in our countries, and this is where we bear also a responsibility.
01:25   Secondly… uh… fear has never been a good adviser, neither in our personal lives nor in our society.
01:34   Cultures and societies that are shaped by fear, will without doubt not get a grip on the future.
01:40   And third, of course we have this debate that a lot of Muslims also have,
01:46   in which we debate whether Islam even belongs to Germany or not.
01:50   But I’m finding that when we have four million Muslims in this country, it’s really not debatable
01:54   whether Muslims belong to Germany but Islam doesn’t, or whether Islam also belongs to Germany.
02:01   I see there are these worries, but I have to say to that, we all have these chances and all these liberties
02:13   to practice our own religion as well, insofar as we are practicing it and believe in it.
02:17   So if I am lacking in something in that, I am not suggesting that someone who practices Islam is at fault for that.
02:24   We should have the courage as Christians to enter a dialogue then,
02:32   and while we are talking about tradition, maybe please go to church every once in a while,
02:37   or become a tad more versed in the Bible and maybe be able to just explain a painting in the church,
02:44   or at least be able to explain what the meaning of Pentecost is. So there I just have to say
02:49   that a lot of people’s knowledge about the Christian Occident leaves a lot to be desired.
02:53   But then to come back and complain about how Muslims know more about the Koran
02:57   than they do about the bible, I find that very curious.
03:00   Maybe this debate will make us want to go back, and encourage us to gain more knowledge about our roots.
03:08   So far I find this debate extremely defensively-minded. Sure one has to prepare against the terrorist danger,
03:14   but let us all also not forget just how rich European history is of dramatic and gruesome conflict and war.
03:20   We should be really careful when we complain if somewhere else something bad is happening.
03:26   Sure, we have to stand up against that, but we have absolutely no ground to stand on,
03:31   to show haughty arrogance towards others, and I have to say that as the Chancellor of Germany.

51 thoughts on “Angela Merkel Lectures Germans About Being Good Christians

  1. “Maybe this debate will make us want to go back, and encourage us to gain more knowledge about our roots.”

    Looks like Chancellor Angela Merkel is contemptuously throwing down the gauntlet challenging Europeans to undertake a cultural awakening.

    • WACKY WACKY Germany is really planning ANOTHER war and stocking their country with SOLDIERS.

      Remember the NAZIS liked the muslims and there was a high advisor to Hitler known as the mufti of Jersusalem.

      • The Waffen SS despised the Muslims as hopelessly unreliable and impossible to discipline. Useless fighters who were only up to rape and plunder. They disbanded the lot. The Nazis hated the Muslims. Mercurial however is still in a Soviet daze.

        • I’ve worked with a Muslim military for nearly three years, and my experience concurs with the SS’ – completely disorganized, unreliable, and undisciplined. Arms and equipment are poorly maintained at the best of times. 90% are also in terrible physical condition.

        • That is not entirely true.

          Heinrich Himmler admired islam (he was also fascinated by the occult and mysticism) and thought muslims would make for excellent soldiers. Perhaps because of the anti-semitism, In reality the exclusively muslim Bosnian SS volunteer division “handschar” performed rather poorly in battle and many of it’s members deserted during Balkan campaigns against partisans.

          • Whatever ‘admiration’ HH may have had for Islam he in particular looked down on Muslims and their pathetic attempt at being SS soldiers. Muslims were lowlife scum that he felt he could use for a while. Which he did and dumped. Read a good bio. AH and the Imunomam from Jerusalem was another relationship.

        • A bit like the Red Army Muslim fighters, then. From what I’ve read, they were the ones who for the most part gave the Red Army its reputation, as being an army of rapists. (also, similar to the Moroccan Goumiers in the Free French Army).

      • The Grand Mufti clearly saw an opportunity of common cause and attempted to link up with the Nazis. They both hated Jews and he wanted to see the same solutions Hitler was using applied back home.

        Indeed, he got an office and staff handsomely funded by Hitler throughout the war because the Germans also saw a common cause. As they had done in WW1, they attempted to leverage the enmity of muslim ‘subjects’ of his enemies (the French and British). And they found a helpful Muslim tool to conduct a lot of dirty work behind the lines for them. The alliance seems more a case of “the enemy of my enemy” rather than love at first sight.

        Excellent point on kulturkampf!

  2. “Secondly… uh… fear has never been a good adviser, neither in our personal lives nor in our society.”

    Fear is essential for the survival of the individual and society.

    How is this woman still in office?

    • I am sure if you rearrange her name long and hard enough in your head, you’ll eventually come out with the name ‘Obama’.

    • Because she is a politician and that is one job which requires the same skills no matter what the language. The ability to talk for a long time and not say a thing of importance.

    • Exactly! What is this traitor talking about???? Fear is a very useful survival mechanism. She said nothing meaningful or wise. She just uttered nonsense after nonsense. Why were those wimps applauding?

      • Show me any human without fear (fearless if you will) and I will show you an idiot who only presents the question : “This creature can be eliminated ten different ways – which to choose”. I imagine.

  3. Interestingly, didn’t Mr Obama, not too long ago, tell Christians to get off their high horse? Are all the leaders in the West being coordinated from a central briefing room?

  4. Houseabout the courage to stand up (to the muzzies) and say “we will eat what we want, drink what we want, walk where we want to, wear what we please, WORSHIP OUR ( own) GOD, listen to our music–and iffen you don’t like it, better STFU or (better still) GO HOME!

      • What in Hades are you talking about?
        The Germans are not atheists, nor are the muslims: I, however, qualify. Been one all my life and don’t consider myself high and mighty or lacking in morals!

  5. Well, she grew up in a Communist country as an atheist/Communist and we are surprised she absorbed a whole ton of drivel and mush. Then she speaks mush and we are shocked.

    I remember when I was in the US Army in Germany in the 1960’s and 1970’s I married a German girl and went back every Summer) sitting with young people my age and learning what dunces most Germans were: “Communism isn’t so bad”, “You Americans are jerks”, “Our German types of Socialism and Education are better than your capitalism and education.” I gave up.

    Not much has changed. There are some smart Germans I met and there still are but they are hugely outnumbered.

    • “Communism” didn’t import hordes of third worlders. As bad as it was, mass immigration is a hallmark of free market, globalized capitalism.
      And its main enforcer is the US.

      • You know nothing or remember nothing. The Soviets set the entire Third World against us from 1945 to 1990, educated their leaders, spent billions on propaganda that indoctrinated our youth engendering crazy self-defeating western guilt and now they are getting their payoff.

        Look it up, [disparaging epithet].

      • One other thing. Exactly which parties in the West are:

        1) Most in favor of Islam
        2) Most in favor of Muslim Immirgation
        3) Most in favor of speech codes
        4) Most in favor “Human Rights Commission”

        You getting this, [disparaging epithet].

    • Yup. Having spent a year studying there a decade ago, I can say that there’s still a similar sentiment. Graffiti such as “Down with Capitalism!”, “No nations, no borders!” and “Down with reactionaries!”, as well as Che Guevara shirts, is all still very chic… and strangely, this is in the most Western part – the one from where the “Wessis” can feel happy they were in so much a better situation than the “Ossis”…

  6. Trying hard to remember my mother’s advice that “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit” I find myself unable to refrain entirely from its use.

    Merkel’s line is similar to that taken by Obama when he discusses Christianity: “You guys aren’t following your religion sincerely enough. If you were you would be 100% behind everything I’m proposing.” Like opening the borders, no-accountability government funded abortions and promoting homosexual marriages.

    Both leaders continue to uncritically extol the peaceful religion of Islam while criticising Christians for applying critical thought to massive and looming issues of concern. Of course, how un-Christian it must be to think ahead or even pay attention :/

    Wasn’t Merkel the youth leader of the Communist Party in East Germany before the wall came down? She who despises Christianity (except when it suits her to use it as a rod to beat people with) is now apparently a high ranking theologian just as she and Obama like to style themselves as Ulema?

    Isn’t it marvelous: in ‘sand other Western leaders worldview the whole of Christianity can be distilled into the phrase “imagine a boot stomping on your face forever – now shut up and love your enemy”. Two thousand years of Christian intellectual endeavour wasted! If only Merkel & Obama had been around during the Reformation, how happy all Christians would be now…

    Sorry Mum.

  7. Isn’t it marvelous: in ‘sand other Western leaders worldview the whole of Christianity can be distilled into the phrase “imagine a boot stomping on your face forever – now shut up and love your enemy”.

    Should read: “in Merkel’s and other Western leaders…”

  8. Frau Bundeskanzlerin certainly has a lot of nerve coming to this press conference, playing up to the ignorant prejudices of her audience, aside from simply not addressing the much more direct question from the participant. Most of the Chancellor’s answer was incomprehensible, with the added, loaded remarks that were clearly crafted to resonate with the ignorance not of Christians but of non-Christians, especially those who know enough about Christianity to make them truly ignorant. Pentecost? Paintings? Hints about Christian roots to the Nazis, even hints that Islam is a superior way of life, and that somehow the West is responsible for this invasion… all without saying such nonsense directly. She is definitely a expert apologist for the Bureaucrat Class.

    • Not to mention more than just a hint about Germans being responsible for ISIS atrocities because some of the earlier Muslim immigrants’ children who grew up in Germany have gone to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS!!!

      “Hear in Germany? Your hands are not clean with regards to ISIS! Some guys named Muhammed who were carrying a German passport are fighting for ISIS, so you are guilty and totally responsible and have to take all Syrians refugees in so that in the future more Muhammeds carrying German passport would join terrorist groups around the world and kill people, so that more refugees named Muhamed would come here,….. ad nauseam ad infinitum…..!”

  9. In the discussion, Angela Merkel talks like some disinterested observer of the takeover of her society by aliens. She appears like a rootless tree?

  10. [1] At the beginning of the video, Merkel is addressed as “Frau Bundeskanzlerin” (Mrs. Federal Chancellor), with the feminine “-in” suffix, but at the very end, Merkel says, “das sage ich als deutsche Bundeskanzler”, with feminine adjective and masculine noun (or did I mishear?). That’s a curious discrepancy.

    [2] I too have heard the American (not British?) expression “Butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth”, but I never found out what it means. So what does it mean? That she is so cold and cruel as to not have a normal intrabuccal body temperature? Let’s try an online lookup…
    says it’s British (it’s in Dickens) and means “maintaining a cool demeanor”, “emotional coldness”, but also “a quiet meekness and sweetness of temper”. Other opinions are found at
    “somebody who appears gentle or innocent while typically being the opposite”
    “somebody who appears to be all nice and sweet and kind, and is actually a horrible rotten person”

    • I noticed that too, first she uses Bundeskanzlerin, and then she uses the feminine masculine. I think she sounded out of breath or something and just swallowed up those last couple of letters ‘in’.

      • Who cares about the feminine ending, fps? The question was clear: Was werden sie machen, um Europa zu schuetzen (what will you do to protect Europe?), or words to that effect, and Merkel flatly ignored it. She did not even go near it. Instead, she gave a weary, sanctimonious lecture on not offending Muslims. The question might just as well have been, Do you reckon Bayern Muenchen will get relegated this season, Frau Bundeskanzlerin?

  11. Gee, sounds so familiar now…:

    ‘It’s been our misfortune to have the wrong religion. Why did it have to be Christianity, with its meekness and flabbiness?” – Hitler

    Islam was a Männerreligion—a “religion of men”—and hygienic too.

    The “soldiers of Islam” received a warrior’s heaven, “a real earthly paradise” with “houris” and “wine flowing.” This, Hitler argued, was much more suited to the “Germanic temperament” than the “Jewish filth and priestly twaddle” of Christianity.

    • And your point is? When Germans let in millions of third world immigrants it proves once more that they are all Nazis?

  12. The Germans need to force Merkel to answer the question, “What benefits do these people bring to Germans and Germany that we should allow them into our country?”

    And they need to keep hammering on her for an answer to that question.

    “Compassion” is not a valid answer. Why should the security of German citizens be compromised and treasure of German taxpayers be poured for these people, who destroyed their own nation, for “compassion?”

    • Keep in mind that there is a MASSIVE onlsaught of one-sided, pro mass-migration media propaganda going on in ALL Western European countries as we speak.

      Even the notoriously sensationalist, formerly “right-wing” German tabloid BILD chimes in, “debunking resilient myths about immigrants” with some downright laughable “arguments”.

      What’s going on right now is absolutely jaw-dropping.

  13. Angela Merkel asks the German people to visit their local church as penance while Merkel’s morally superior others burn the church down. Have I got the gist of this dirty little speech?

  14. To be a good Christian means saying that islam is a Satanic, false, anti Christ religion, and every individual who submits to it and follows its false prophet will burn in hell for eternity, right beside Angela Merkel, Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin.

  15. Why aren’t all these spewing angry young Muslim males back in Syria fighting for their country? They are a bunch of chicken wimps and cowards! They want us to not only feed them but do their fighting for them. Toss them OUT!

  16. This hectoring female, like all the leaders across Europe, has actively undermined Christianity by the appointment of socialists rather than true Christians to Church office. England’s current and previous Archbishop of Canterbury are proof of that. Go to church these days and you get woolly waffle, hand clapping and Kumbaya. What you don’t get is Christ’s teaching. Hardly surprising that our fellow European’s knowledge of Christianity leaves much to be desired.

    Note also that she regards the current third world Moslem invasion as Europeans’ fault.

  17. Germans have a history of compliance with leaders who promise the earth, and Merkel strikes me as a prime candidate for KGB ‘Agent of influence’ status; early left wing belief, supposed change of heart to conservatism, destructive politics and virulently anti-Christian rhetoric.

  18. Merkel must feel, down deep in her soul, some fear for her comments were, at best, defensive. Moving along the lines of the best defense is a good offense, she attacked Christians for not knowing anything about their own religion when the question was, how to protect western culture from such a mass influx of adherents of a religion that has proven, time and again, to be radical and uncompromising. Perhaps the question Merkel should be asked in view of recent (and past)Muslim behavior in Europe is: who are you going to believe, us or your lyin’ eyes?

  19. In this context it is important to realize that Western European christians, unlike christians in the US, are NOT commonly associated with (extreme) conservative views.

    European christians do not demonstrate against (much less attack) abortion clinics, do not neccessairily oppose gay rights or gay marriage, do not demand prayer in school nor do they demand teaching evolution be taken from the curriculum in class. Etc. etc.

    Some political parties, such as the CU (Christian Union) in the Netherlands actually
    lean towards the left of the political spectrum and would certainly be considered “liberal” in the US.

    Similarly, many if not most of the “refugee aid” programs are initiated and organised by churches and local christian groups or communities.

    These people believe in the Biblical “love thy neighbor” paradigm above all, think hat “man is basically good”, want to “show that they care” and feel it is their duty as christians “to do something to help a fellow man in need”.

    And this is the mindset that explains the bizarre video of Dutch christians serenading newly arrived, bewildered, selfie-taking Syrian and Eritrean refugees with their “welcome in my country, I want to know you, I want to learn from you” song.

    This may be the mindset Merkel referred to. Merkel wants to see more well-meaning, but hopelessly deluded and naive christians accepting, and helping islamic ‘refugees’.

  20. There’s another way to look at Merkel’s actions. Rather than as an atonement for the sins of the Nazis, perhaps the goal is the fulfillment of the Nazi dream- a Judenfrie Europe. At current and future stated rates of Muslim immigration, Germany will have 800,000 this year and 500,000 every year after that. In 8 years this is almost 5 million. Children, family reunification, chain migration, etc. could easily mean an additional 20-30 million more in 20 years time. Things would quickly be Charlie Hebdo bad for the Jews all over Europe, as Shenzhen allows open border movements across the EU. Net result- Frau Merkel channeling Adolph Hitler. Perhaps not with that intention, but with identical results.

  21. American armed forces occupied Germany for a few decades after WW2. When we finally left, Germany was in much better shape than when we went in – thanks mostly to the Marshall Plan.

    I don’t think Germany is going to be the same, after this new occupation.

  22. Hitler praised Islam as a religion of men? Ha ha f-ing ha! Yeah, suicide bombing your own innocents, what could be more manly? Raping 8 year olds, the pinnacle of manliness. Treating women like cattle,? Well actually worse than cattle. Like, uhh, I can’t really use the words I want, because I’m not from a religion of men, I happen to love women, and innocence and life. And would die for those things, as opposed to 72 virgins. I’m not a real man I guess. I should be ashamed when comparing myself to an Islamic Jihadi. Yeah, right. Didn’t Hitler lack a testicle? Islam is pushing toward lacking both of them, forever. The advancement of civilization requires Islam to perish once and for all. What perplexes me the most, is, what is going on in the mind of the abject fools who cannot realize this?

  23. Merkel was brought up in East Germany and she was taught to hate and destroy Christianity by her Comrades. She was also a member of the Free German Youth which was a Youth Movement supported by the Socialist Unity Party.

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