An Ugly Ominous Silence

Most of us know why the “Presidential” “election” to be held in 2016 is corrupt at its core and this is the crux of the problem:

Not one candidate, not even shoot-from-the mouth Donald Trump, will address our main problem. The rest of us can plainly see that exigencies facing all of us due to the elephant in the room — yeah, that big grey pachyderm whose back is covered with a myriad of venomous snakes. Those of us who are willing to watch are kept sufficiently entranced by the complicated moves of The Writhe to be mostly unaware of the damage being done by the rampaging elephant. We stare in fascination: will the snakes fall/jump off the elephant and come after us? Or will we feel relieved that the only thing we have to clean up is wreckage and elephant dung?

We mutter among ourselves, asking if the room is somehow shrinking, making it more difficult to avoid being gored by one of those tusks. Or… is the elephant being fed steroids so that it is outgrowing the once huge quarters we’d built for it? Either way: smaller room or larger elephant, we can even now smell the elephant’s breath as we dodge being gored, crushed by huge feet, or drowned in dung. Given those distractions, our more likely fate will be to suffer the fatal venomous bites from the snakes on his back.

Whoever is tasked with cleaning up after the elephant gets extra duty pay for stacking our bloated bodies like cordwood outside the door. Eventually the carters will make their rounds, picking up our remains and taking them to the pyre.

Not a pretty series of metaphors, is it? But surely no worse than the reality for those unfortunates run through — and worse — by the “junior varsity” sadists in ISIS. We breathe in relief: at least we can be sure they’re not here.

So what is “here” instead of ISIS? Well, given the heavy cement of our ramparts what would it take to bring us down? We’d come out swinging against the lobotomized freaks in ISIS, but Islam has been at its work here for a long time and it knows when to puff up like a steroid-infested adolescent killer and when it’s more important to put on a coat and tie and tunnel through the West’s infrastructure. It even wrote out the plan, complete with dates, and so far the Islam train is running on time. See Europe. See America’s seeded enclaves. See what is left of the Middle East.

The Brotherhood has our number, written in triplicate. Knowledgeable people such as Steve Coughlin and Bill Warner and Geert Wilders are talking and writing and presenting clear historical truths, but the cordon sanitaire erected around the truth has had a century to grow into an impenetrable wall. Islam is good at walls, at tunnels, at costumes and subterfuge. The imperialism of Islam is death with a thousand faces. Even Prince Charming with his mighty sword cannot cut through the briar patch that was planted at the turn of the 20th century and has been growing ever since: healthy, robust, and fed on the rendered remains of any who dared to speak out against the ugly reality.

Notice I didn’t say “Truth” here. The latter is one of the verities which include Goodness and Beauty. The deliberate murder of all three has cost us our civilization.

“Why?” you say. “How could this happen?” you ask. Just look behind you. Have you ever seen such a bloody trail as was left across the breadth and width of human history by the evil events of the 20th century? The world was — and is still — covered in blood. Whole swathes of peoples were obliterated while we watched or while we turned away. The Armenian Genocide was merely the prelude to even greater mass murders — Stalin’s deliberate starvation of the Ukraine, which we denied from the top down (take a bow New York Times), or Mao’s horrific butcheries in China, and its snuffing out of Tibet, its ever vigilant eye on Taiwan. Haven’t heard about Taiwan lately? Not to worry: just because we’re not paying attention doesn’t mean China is sleeping. Sooner or later, Taiwan will be theirs. Makes you wonder why they haven’t moved in during the feckless reign of Obama. He certainly wouldn’t fight it; the man is up to his prodigious ears in his own junior varsity cluster messes.

Besides, the Chinese have indeed moved into the North American continent: after they gained ownership of the Panama Canal as their lower boundary, they began buying huge chunks of American real estate on both coasts. Not to mention the purchase of American debt.

It’s hard to contemplate now what were mostly silent screams (actually, the victims were screaming loudly; we just weren’t listening. There was a football game on somewhere, distracting us. Or a tennis match. Or a World Cup. Or the Great Mindlessness every nation vies to sponsor: the Olympics. There were sexual scandals, fiscal shenanigans, highways and railways to be built — bridges to Nowhere).

Throughout the whole mess, we alternated between doing nothing — e.g., Rwanda — and muddling things up — see Kosovo with NATO as our puppet. After the destruction of Libya, knocking it back to a kind of stone age, we’re not likely to see any more NATO incursions in our lifetimes.

So what are these “candidates” for the 2016 Presidency talking about? Certainly not the important items outlined here. Or even the secondary line items, again taking place “somewhere else”. The unprecedented massive movements of foreigners into once sovereign nations. Theses new arrivals do not come with hat in hand but with their hands aggressively stretched into the faces of their chumps benefactors. In how many languages can you say “Gimme”?. Only it’s more than merely a request for food: “give us your women, your land, your wealth.”

The West now views Egypt as a basket case instead of the breadbasket it once was for the Mediterranean. That memory has been erased as Egypt’s culture was slowly erased and replaced by poverty, scarcity, and ignorance once the incursions of Islam began. Where Egypt supplied the papyrus for widespread literacy throughout the Mediterranean, its own literacy has shrunk through the years and will continue to do so as it wipes out its educated Christian population, just as it did the Jews.

How long till Germany, the powerhouse of Europe, begins to resemble Egypt?

North African universities flourished for centuries before Islam exterminated them. Augustine was the learned bishop of Hippo who wrote the world’s first autobiography. He saved the remnants of the Greek and Roman philosophers for the Christian Patristic philosophers and theologians to amend and use for their own scholarship. But all that is rubble now, buried under the horrific destruction of Islam’s imperialist hordes.

How long till Italy begins to resemble Libya?

The ages-old traditions of scientific research at the Sorbonne or Oxford or the universities of Northern Europe are not immune. With the hordes now entrenched in Sweden, how long till Uppsala erodes into quaint ruins for lack of funding, its history mostly forgotten? How long till the traditions of scientific inquiry become the hoarded knowledge of an endangered few?

How long till Europe begins to resemble a desert continent?

The genius of the Muslim Brotherhood lies in its ability to help us destroy ourselves. The process is especially noticeable in academia, where language is twisted and turned into stilettos to be used against those who speak plainly. Victims of “microaggressions” lie bleeding and their inevitably “white” aggressors are driven from the public square by the admirers of Che and Mao. The deliberate fissioning of gender identity into ever-smaller factions has left confusion, drug abuse, and growing ignorance in its wake.

So where are our champions of liberty, our defenders of sovereignty, our leaders in free speech? They’re all out to lunch, talking about that mean, stupid man, Donald Trump. And they have the full backing of the predictably treasonous media, all those jornolists who brought Obama to power and got zilch for their efforts.

27 thoughts on “An Ugly Ominous Silence

  1. I return again to my observation that leftists multiculturalism or multicultural leftism is an intolerant secular religion. And it has allowed what Dymphna has so eloquently described to transpire.

    I look forward to reading Rembrant Clancy’s article for more insight into this.

  2. Well, when all is said and done, the leftists, just before their heads are cut off, will all blame Bush.

    • I just noticed this comment, tedh754. You are absolutely right. We could do an antiphonal song, each line mentioning some great wrong, and the response would be, “Blame Bush”.

      Did those 19 Bridegrooms attack American on 9/11/2001?
      Blame Bush.

      Did 60,000 Iraqi Kurds die when Saddam used them for practice with his WMD?
      Blame Bush.

      Did the Religious Police send those girls in Saudi Arabia back into their burning school to die bec they neglected to don their niqab?
      Blame Bush.

      Did Iran and Iraq use their young boys to clear minefields by walking through them, blowing themselves up?
      Blame Bush.

      Did Hillary Clinton lie to Congress about the events of 9/11/12 in Benghazi?
      Blame Bush.

      Did America elect an incompetent to replace GWB?
      Blame Bush.

      Gosh…suddenly the answers to complex questions just got easier. Thanks.

  3. Will the Donald open Pandora’s Box by attacking the accelerating Islamization of the West since 9/11 or will he stick to the narrative and continue to be mum?

    I’m waiting Donald!

    • What makes you think the Donald might possibly be the one to confront Islam, or even be honest about it? The same Donald who said it’s wrong to draw a cartoon and label it “Muhammad” because it upsets Muslims?

  4. It’s not too late. People are so ticked off now – which is why in the USA they are backing Trump and Ben Carson who are NOT politicians. The people of Poland were demonstrating today. Hungary is building its wall. The middle classes and the working classes (which have borne the brunt of Islam as it is their suburbs which have been invaded) will join together. Anti-immigration parties in the EU are growing in support. There are enough of us born before Post-Modernism took root that we have escaped the indoctrination of the young.


    • Perhaps, perhaps not; but what they’re doing with their hordes of cretinous muslim thugs, while controlling ‘our’ police, (and thereby us) pretty well amounts to killing us….

      Don’t you think?

      Time to think of [intemperate suggestion redacted], surely? As we all know they’re the root of most of our troubles.

      • A redacted and intemperate course of action is probably the least worst course of action – but it is a question of whether the cost of this, personally and socially is worth paying? And this would need to be led by Senior Military or Police – at least.

    • Trump became a “politician” when he started running for office. He would certainly be a “politician” if he were (heaven forbid) elected to the presidency. Or would he magically escape the “politician” taint?

      I’ve seen no evidence that he even understands the Islam threat. Ted Cruz is a better bet in that area, but he’s been a “politician” for a couple of years now, so I guess he’s unacceptable to the “down with politicians” crowd.

      As for the “politicians” who have actually stuck to their principles against considerable opposition in the role of governor, the “down with politicians” crowd finds them less trustworthy than someone whose vague, inconsistent pledges have not been tested, and who likes to boast about his own greatness.

      It’s very bizarre, and not much different from the “Hope ‘n’ Change” cult.

    • Europeans are now the planet’s Kulaks. We can be exterminated in our millions. I daresay the wretched Kulaks thought there were enough of them to render extermination impossible. They were wrong. Starvation is the easiest method. You just go away and leave your victims to await death while the imported hordes seize the few food resources. Europeans are now a mere 9% of the planet’s population. In 1900 we were over 30%. Our annihilation is doable.

      • This alone should prod the Europeans to form up in ranks, find their weapons and push Islam out.

    • Here we have this beautiful blue planet with 7.3 billion dominant animals on it and a third of them are running about carrying ideas that are extremely damaging to themselves and others. A very ill planet indeed.

      But the ideas pander to the very worst instincts of these creatures, instincts that helped them survive in the precambrian muck–the death wish, dominance, cruelty, power–such that their survival advantage in modern times is an iffy negative….but just barely…by a wee. Thus they are almost like a neutral mutation; and it is accordingly taking a long time for natural selection to remove these memes from the population.

      But, it will happen. They will disappear, along with our appendices :-). Have faith in Darwin.

  5. Egypt’s transformation from a food exporter to a food importer was directly linked with the Aswan High Dam, built from 1960 to 1970. Egypt wanted to harness the waters of Mother Nile to generate electricity and to regulate her flooding, so…a dam. An earlier vision, at the turn of the 20th century, had resulted in the Aswan (Low) Dam, which didn’t have such a devastating effect on the waters (see

    However, those floods brought minerals and nutrient-rich silt from the uplands down to what was historically called Lower Egypt (due to elevation changes) and allowed the people to grow more grain than they themselves could eat. The Roman Empire depended on Egyptian grain, in quantity and regularly, to eat. The Egyptians had no problem growing enough food until the ’60s of the 20th century.

    This one single disaster was in fact not due to Islamization. It was due to the false god of Progress and its twin, Industrialization. In a country with such low literacy and no real education plan for the children (boys *and* girls) who would, in future, staff the Industrialized country, this was bound to fail.

    And guess what…Egypt now is highly dependent on food largesse from the outer world. Very sad.

  6. Back in 2003, Fjordman linked to a story at the BBC…
    link referencing BBC Jan. 2003: UN MIGRATION CHIEF ADMITS THEIR GOAL IS DESTROYING NATIONAL IDENTITIES WITHIN EUROPE, this report was reposted at BBC several times since 2012 according to wayback machine

    All according to plan….

    The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe.

    “To achieve One World Government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, their loyalty to family traditions and national identification.” – Brock Chisholm, when director of the UN World Health Organization.”

    (Of Note, Vienna, Online link dated 16Nov2012 : Acceptance speech on the occasion of the Award of the European Prize Coudenhove-Kalergi 2012 “Peace and the European idea”given to President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy

    Here is the wiki entry on Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi
    Select Quotes:

    “Coudenhove-Kalergi is recognized as the founder of the first popular movement for a united Europe.” “In politics, he was an enthusiastic supporter of “fourteen points” made by Woodrow Wilson on 8 January 1918 and pacifist initiatives of Kurt Hiller.”


    “His original vision was for a world divided into only five
    states”…”Pan-Europe would encompass and extend a more flexible and more competitive Austria-Hungary, with English serving as world language, spoken by everyone in addition to his native tongue.”

    “His wartime politics and peripeties served as the real life basis for fictional Resistance hero Victor Laszlo, the Paul Henreid character in Casablanca.”

    “Speaking at the first EPU conference, Coudenhove-Kalergi argued that the constitution of a wide market with a stable currency was the vehicle for Europe to reconstruct its potential and take the place it deserves within the concert of Nations.”
    …”In 1955, he proposed the Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” as the music
    for the European Anthem,[37] a suggestion that the Council of Europe took up 16 years later.”

  7. Lemmings be we. Or perhaps zombies? Well in any case, I’ve always found it strange that people can read a newspaper article and take it as ‘written in stone’, when in fact it (usually) represents one person’s opinion.

    Same with Coudenhove-Kalergi. So, he had an opinion and a goal of uniting Europeans, who have warred and slaughtered each other for a thousand years.
    This earlier ‘elitist’ preaches brotherly love and kumbaya and people who could have been expected to know better, actually believe his nutty theories?

    CK was certainly no rocket scientist or he would have realized, as no doubt the average man in the street would have, that people are very different, i.e. Swedes and Germans are very different from the Mediterranean people, e.g..

    Now people are pushing his ruinous theories, and Europe is falling apart, needlessly, for even a child could see the utter stupidity of what is happening in Eurabia–and will happen in N. America if we don’t wake up soon.

  8. I am struck by the message of the illustration, which just has to be from Kipling’s ”How The Elephant Got His Trunk” which tells the story of a young elephant who does not heed the advice of his elders and ventures too close to the waters of “the great grey green greasy Limpopo River” (a metaphor for politics?) where his little nose is caught by a crocodile, and the ensuing struggle extends it to the well-known trunk, which he uses to chastise his elders when he returns home.

    Moral: Our best, if unlikely, hope–as Dymphna implies–is someone who will absorb Trump’s “in-your-face-PC” attitude and expand it to include a forthright, if not downright rude, discussion of our real peril–Leftism and Islam. In other words, ignore their “elders and betters,” go face the crocodile and come away stronger. How about, say, Bobby Jindal with a re-made Hoover motto: “A chicken in every pot, a car in every garage, an illegal in every bus over the southern border and a jihadist on every ship out of the country”?

  9. There is widespread unease in our country. We know the enemy is among us. We know something is wrong with Obama, in that he is too cozy, too facilitating of radical Islam. What we do is ready ourselves for self defense. We wait and wait for leaders like Mitch McConnell and others in government to sound the alarm and to sweep the country of these subversives, but they don’t and they won’t. Instead a Somali community of 100,000 is in Minnesota. Thousands of Syrians are set to arrive. Arab enclaves are emerging, We know they are here. The only reliable source of some comfort is that Americans are armed, that among them are thousands upon thousands of retired military and thousands of experts in technology, communications, and survival. We will have to do it ourselves. We may not have the luxury of trusting that our leaders have it all under control.

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